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INTRODUCTION TO SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT human elements. and national political context.WHAT IS THE DEFINITIONS?? “Creating and operating a healthy built environment based on resource efficiency and ecological design.” Ronald Rovers ..” Charles J. Kibert “The balanced uses of resources on a global scale including physical elements. 2000 .WHAT IS THE DEFINITIONS?? “The development which meets the needs of present without compromising the ability of future generation to meet their own need” Bourdeau.  Has been the buzzword since 1980s.  . and NGO‟s work together to develop plans to make sure Sustainable Development can be achieved by 21st century. government related agencies. institution experts.THE HISTORY IN MALAYSIA??? Has been applied in Malaysian Developed‟ Plan since 1970s.  Years by years.  Logically sustainable and balance being the main focus to improve Malaysian economic (1991 – 2000). in close cooperation with central agencies. the Department of Environment. One of the basic visions that emerged is for the country to be ecologically sustainable. According to the plan. 2001). waste and environmental management. During that period. the government gave high priority to research and development as one of their strategy for sustainable development (Eight Malaysia Plan. Section 19 of the plan was devoted to integrate environmental consideration into development planning. The issue of sustainable development has emerged as one of the top issues in the Eight Malaysia Plan (2001–2005). forestry. concerted efforts were expected to intensify in order to improve energy efficiency.DEVELOPMENT BACKGROUND??? The book „Malaysia‟s Vision 2020‟ published in 1993 defined national ambitions and future opportunities for researchers and to consider long-term strategies to assist the achievement of national goals. This basic vision has become an impetus toward sustainability agenda in the country. . Tanarimba is a sustainable housing project that blends man-made and natural elements in an exciting concept of ecologically sensitive community development and also introduces the world to eco-tourism opportunities in Malaysian highlands. 2006) . The project has been dubbed as the forefront of the ecological movement in construction (Tanarimba. Pahang. One of the examples is project Tanarimba at Janda Baik. there are several sustainable projects that are being or have been constructed in Malaysia.EXAMPLE OF THE DEVELOPMENT??? o At present. . Sky gardens that serve as villages  .Single core service on hot side .Recessed and shaded windows on the  East and West  .Curtain wall glazing on the North and  South  .Naturally ventilated and sunlit toilets. stair  ways and lift lobbies  .Spiraling vertical landscape  .EXAMPLE OF THE DEVELOPMENT??? Main Ideas and Concepts for the Menara Mesiniaga:  .East  .Spiral balconies on the exterior walls with  full height sliding doors to interior offices . . projects on sustainability in Malaysia are mostly at the pioneering stage.NOWADAYS DEVELOPMENT???  However. indicating that Malaysia construction industry is still at infancy when dealing with sustainability matters. . .THE DEVELOPMENT.TARGET??? . WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AND SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION??? . TARGET?? . BENEFIT??? Use natural resources efficiently  Creating healthier building that improve human health  Built a better environment  Provide cost saving  Protecting occupant health  Improving employee productivity  Reducing he overall impact to environment  . Not every project manage to get back their overall net increase cost in a short period Solution?? Life cycle cost should be conducted to account for reduction of operating cost & increase the productivity Lack of relevant skills & knowledge .SO. WHAT IS THE DISADVANTAGES??? Higher initial cost than ordinary building.  . non-toxic environment (nontoxic)  Apply life cycle cost analysis and true cost (economics)  Pursue quality in creating the built environment (quality)  Etc..PRINCIPLES OF SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION Minimize resource consumption (conserve)  Maximize resource reuse (reuse)  Use renewable and recyclable resources(recycle/renew)  Protect the natural environment (protect nature)  Create a healthy. .THE CONCEPT. . PAM – Just provide Green Building Index and the accompanying Panel for certification and accreditation of Green-rated buildings in Malaysia. . and even Malaysian agency ( Persatuan Arkitek Malaysia).WHAT TO BE CONSIDERED WHEN WE WANT TO START MANAGING SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION???   There are some references provided by responsible agency such as Santa Monica Office of sustainability and Environment (LEED). Demolition Plan Salvage and Recycle in Demolition Protect Topsoil and Vegetation Stormwater Control Site Waste-Management Safety Procedures Concrete and Masonry Reuse Material Conservation Safe Materials Pesticides Efficient.CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o Construction Management Intro. Low Pollution Equipment Protect Occupants Reduce Exposure to Pollution Flush Air Before Occupancy Cleaning .
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