USMLE SCHEDULEThings to do prior to studying for your USMLE: 1. Download the 2007 ECFMG/USMLE Information Booklet at 2. There are two parts in the INTERACTIVE WEB APPLICATION (IWA) Process:  On-Line Part – this is the part where you’ll get your USMLE/ECFMG number  Certification of Identification Part – these are the papers you’ll send to ECFMG through a courier service 3. You must get an USMLE/ECFMG IDENTIFICATION NUMBER at the ECFMG website. You must go to their INTERACTIVE WEB APPLICATION (IWA) area  The IWA is the On-line part of the ECFMG  Make sure that before you get your IWA, you must have these with you: i. Clerkship Rotations and dates (if you don’t have these, request from Ma’am Liway, it takes more than a week to get it. She says 1 week but in reality, it takes her more than that) ii. Official Name on your medical school diploma 4. You must also accomplish these forms:  Certification of Identification (Form 186) – signed by Dr. Lopez  EMG Medical Education Submission (Form 3444)  Medical School Release Request Form (Form 345)  IWA Document submission (Form 187) 5. Request at the Registrar’s Office Main Building Window 5 for a Official Transcript of Records in White Paper (Fee: P165/copy + P70 for mailing) 6. Photocopy/Reduce your Medical School Diploma into short bond paper and then have it certified at the Main Building Window 15 or 16 7. Have your passport picture taken – white background, in long sleeves  8. Once you’ve accomplished these, mail your documents to  IWA ECFMG 3624 Market Street Philadelphia, PA 19104-2685 USA Phone number: (215) 386-5900  Make sure you have these in the envelope: i. Certification of Identification (Form 186) – signed by Dr. Lopez ii. ECFMG Medical Education Submission (Form 344) iii. Medical School Release Request Form (Form 345) iv. IWA Document submission (Form 187) v. 2 certified photocopies of your UST Diploma vi. 2 colored passport photograph  You should mail it through DHL or LBC so it would only take 3 days. Remember that once you start your on-line application, you have ten days to complete your 2nd part of the application (which are these forms). I personally chose LBC, its cheaper than DHL. Both takes 3 days. You could also track your documents through the LBC website, so you’ll know if it reached ECFMG. Since the mail is by weight, both Carlo and Marco can send in their applications in a separate brown envelope and in 1 LBC package.  If you’re wondering why you requested for a transcript of records, once ECFMG receives your documents, they would verify it with UST by sending in your Medical School Release Request Form (Form 345). UST then would be sending in your transcript of records (that’s why they asked for P70 for mailing). My 2 friends and I shared the 1-month subscription fee of $199. I scheduled mine online… its faster. you should apply before these dates: ELIGIBILITY PERIOD DEADLINE OF APPLICATION January 1. you’re not yet ready to take the there’s the overview of the application process for the Steps. Some have taken their CK first before step 1 since they’ve just finished internship. provided you reschedule it 5 days before the exam. You have more time to choose. I got copy of the questions as well on DVD :D . Practice Questions at night. 2007  February 1. video in afternoon. I can lend you my CD. Once you’re period has elapsed. We each had 8 hours to use the QBANK. 2007 December 28. 2007 – April 30. I personally enrolled at Kaplan QBANK. I found after I took the exam. When you choose an eligibility period. I will try to look for the print-out of the equivalent pages for each part of the video)… Study during the time of the exam… the exam is at 8:00 to 4:00 pm… You should practice your mind in being active during this period. You will be asked to choose a specific date within your eligibility period. free of charge. schedule your exam at Prometric. You may schedule/re-schedule your exam as long as you’re in that period. Here’s my suggested schedule. After 2 weeks or so from application and payment of the exam. So. you pay a certain fee to have it extended in case you’re not yet ready to take the exam. 2007 November 30. the other one was shut down. 2006 February 1. If by February. you could reschedule it anytime until April 30. use Kaplan QBANK. 2007  Eligibility Period is the period that you could take the exam. (I learned this in the Kaplan Seminar). You may now apply for your Step 1 or CK or CS through the IWA. (Sorry. We tried using it simultaneously. use USMLEWorld. I didn’t know I had a copy of the KAPLAN Qbank. you need not take these in chronological order. I read the book per chapter and then watched the video equivalent of or call 892-0383 at the Ateneo Professional School in Makati. :D I didn’t enroll at the USMLE World anymore. you’ll be getting your ORANGE PERMIT. Remember. For USMLE Step 2 CK. If you intend to take your exam in February 2007. No naps in between. 2006 I would personally choose the Feb-April eligibility period. Once you get your ORANGE PERMIT. 2007 – April 30. It works!!! KAPLAN QBANK/ USMLE World – For practice questions you may enroll on-line at kaptest.USMLE SCHEDULE APPLYING FOR THE EXAMS After all these Identification/Verification Process. 2007 – March 31. you must choose an Eligibility Period either:  January 1. You could reschedule your exam endlessly within your eligibility period free of charge. I usually read in the AM. Only one user at a time. They said that for the USMLE Step 1. My upper classmen (batch 2003) have advised these as well. 2007 – March 31. HV Dela Costa  Know how far it is… Makati is traffic… (my friend was 15 minutes late. Histology.  Do maximize your break. 2006 – August 31.2006  You may also apply and pay for your USMLE Step 2 CS Exam if you want. You have a total of 1 hour break which you will budget in between the 7 blocks. 2007 – July 31.USMLE SCHEDULE SEPTEMBER ‘06  Rest / PARTY / Rest :D (We all need to rest and be energized!!!!)  Accomplish your forms and get your ECFMG/USMLE #  Apply for your USMLE Step 1 Exam  $ 815  Gather all you materials for the Step 1 exam OCTOBER ‘06 WEEK 1 Read your USMLE First Aid for the USMLE: cover to cover to get an overview WEEK 2 Anatomy. he wasn’t allowed to take the exam anymore) On the EXAM:  I was there around 7:30 AM  I started my exam at 8:00 AM  Bring snacks – you may take a break after answering a block (which is 50 questions). your eligibility period could either be:  May 1. 2007 or June 1. The USMLE is not just a . ($1200) WEEK 4 CHRISTMAS BREAK JANUARY ‘07 WEEK 1 Qbank / Qbook / Practice Exams / First Aid  Pharmacology WEEK 2 Qbank / Qbook / Practice Exams / First Aid  Micro / Beh sci WEEK 3 Qbank / Qbook / Practice Exams / First Aid  Pathology WEEK 4 COMPREHENSIVE EXAMS  Answer the Questions in the CD they will be sending you to be familiar with the format of the FRED (format of the computer based exam) FEBRUARY ‘07 WEEK 1 USMLE STEP 1 EXAM  Days before the exam: go to the test site in Ateneo. Its very tiring. Neuroscience WEEK 3 Physiology WEEK 4 Biochemistry and Genetics NOVEMBER ‘06 WEEK 1 Pharmacology WEEK 2 Behavioral Science WEEK 3 Pathology WEEK 4 Microbiology and Immunology DECEMBER ‘06 WEEK 1 Qbank / Qbook / Practice Exams / First Aid  Anatomy WEEK 2 Qbank / Qbook / Practice Exams / First Aid  Physiology WEEK 3 Qbank / Qbook / Practice Exams / First Aid  Biochemistry  Apply and Pay for your USMLE Step 2 CK Exam ($850)  If you intend to take it in June. Neuroanatomy. USMLE SCHEDULE test of your knowledge base.  No jackets.  Do NOT bring reading materials. Lopez – Give it to Ma’am Gigette in a diskette and print-out (P20/copy) . sandwich/candy. Empty your pockets of anything… they will check everything :D  I wore long sleeves. I did a 10 minute rest in between blocks  Bathroom break. it’s futile to do so…. just in case it got cold in the room….  You will be provided with a locker to put in your things. REST in between blocks. caffeine blast!!!  Block 1Blk 210min restBlk 310 min restBlk 410 min rest Blk 510min restBlk 610 min restBlk 7Survey PARTY!!!!! WEEK 2 REST / Gather materials for the USMLE Step 2 WEEK 3 REST WEEK 4 Internal Medicine – First Aid for the USMLE Step 2 CK 1st reading MARCH ‘07 WEEK 1 Internal Medicine WEEK 2 Internal Medicine WEEK 3 Pediatrics WEEK 4 Pediatrics APRIL ‘07 WEEK 1 Surgery WEEK 2 Surgery WEEK 3 OB-Gyne WEEK 4 Psychiatry MAY ‘07 WEEK 1 Qbank / Qbook / Practice Exams / First Aid / Clinical Vignettes WEEK 2 Qbank / Qbook / Practice Exams / First Aid / Clinical Vignettes WEEK 3 Qbank / Qbook / Practice Exams / First Aid / Clinical Vignettes WEEK 4 Qbank / Qbook / Practice Exams / First Aid / Clinical Vignettes JUNE ‘07 WEEK 1 FIRST AID FOR THE USMLE STEP 2 CK ---. cellphone in the area.more than 5 times if you can WEEK 2 USMLE STEP 2 CK EXAM WEEK 3 PRACTICE / PRACTICE / PRACTICE WEEK 4 PRACTICE / PRACTICE / PRACTICE JULY ‘07 WEEK 1 USMLE STEP 2 CS EXAM in the US WEEK 2 US Tour :D WEEK 3 US Tour :D WEEK 4 US Tour :D AUGUST ‘07  Get your AAMC ID by getting a token at the ERAS  Go back to Manila and get your papers ready for the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS): Here’s your TO GET IN UST LIST:  Clerkship of Grades c/o Ma’am Liway (P20/copy) – took her 2 weeks to do this  Class Ranking (P20/copy)  Dean’s Letter of Recommendation c/o Ma’am Aida (P20/copy)  Medical School Performance Evaluation (MSPE) – compose this and have it signed by Dr. its also a test of STRENGTH…  Bring Eye drops… eye straining to look at the computer the whole time. jewelry. Dr. search for the programs you wish to join.  Re: MSPE It is a Medical School Performance Evaluation where you’ll describe yourself during the first 3 years of medical school and in each rotation of your clerkship. WEEK 2 Moonlight WEEK 3 Moonlight WEEK 4 Moonlight OCTOBER TO DECEMBER ‘07 INTERVIEW SEASON (You need to go to the US at this time) MARCH ‘08 MATCH SEASON March 15. we compose it ourselves and have it checked and signed by the dean. 2008  If you don’t get matched. I personally had as many as 12 and chose 4 from them. 2007  You could choose all the hospitals you wish to apply to. Have the consultant read and edit it.USMLE SCHEDULE  Transcript of Records in White Paper (P165/copy) – takes 1 week  Letters of Recommendation (LOR) from Consultants  While waiting. JUNE 2008  Fix your J-1 Visa (WorkingVisa) in Manila  Apartment Hunt in the US . Get as many LORs you can. Check ERAS website for details. mainly from Department Chairs – Dr. you get to SCRAMBLE (meaning. You may search through Freida Online (freida). 2008  Results of the 2008 MATCH is released at NRMP website March 16. (Sorry. They will then ask us to revise it and they’ll sign it in BLUE PEN. I can email you my MSPE and some samples I got from my friends. Last week of August: Mail all requirements of the ERAS to the ERAS. I know little of this part since I’m still preparing for it). You only get to send 4 LORs to the ERAS. deSagun and your dad. Then choose. :D SEPTEMBER ‘07 WEEK 1 September 1. The advise they said in getting LORs is get from US-trained MDs who know you well since the US Program Director may contact them. but in UST. It’s supposed to be done by the Clerkship Program Head of each department. There are consultants who’d be willing to do it for you.Go. Most of the ones I’ll be submitting had US training. you could fill in the slots of those who didn’t get the program… slots get filled within MINUTES when the scramble starts….  Re: LOR – Letter of Recommendation We also compose our own LOR. 2007  ERAS opens September 3. I have some files and their requirements esp USMLE grades that I can send. It takes one week to get one. you don’t have to worry about anything :D Another option/schedule you could do is: OCTOBER ‘07 USMLE STEP 2 CS OCTOBER TO DECEMBER ‘07 INTERVIEW SEASON (You need to go to the US at this time) MARCH ‘08 MATCH SEASON March 15. a good fight against those who only have Step 1 scores. Don’t worry. When you are ECFMG-CERTIFIED. Let’s say you wish to take this route: September to October 2007  Pre-Residency in Manila 2008 – 1st year resident 2009 – 2nd year resident 2010 – 3rd year resident 2011 – Fellowship your ECFMG Certification remains valid even if you intend to take the 5year Surgery Residency. you get to SCRAMBLE (meaning. your efforts for the 3 exams won’t be futile. 2008  Results of the 2008 MATCH is released at NRMP website March 16. they will ask you if they need to send a letter that you can show to the embassy here. you’ll be on time for the Pre-residency in September 2007. CK and CS) by the time ERAS opens in September 2007 .  Visa Issues for your CS o Once you apply and pay for the Step 2 CS. more programs. JULY 2008 FIRST YEAR RESIDENCY . Your ECFMG Certification will be valid for SEVEN YEARS and you can use it to apply for Fellowship in the US. My friends have been given a VISA – Business Visa (3 months) o If you have a tourist visa like mine. you could fill in the slots of those who didn’t get the program… slots get filled within MINUTES when the scramble starts…. 2008  If you don’t get matched. you get more interviews.  If you change your mind in pursuing your residency in the US and opt to take your residency in Manila.USMLE SCHEDULE JULY 2008 FIRST YEAR RESIDENCY IN THE US !!! :D The advantage of your schedule is that:  You are ECFMG-CERTIFIED (meaning you’ve passed Step 1. :D . just email me or call me at home. but this will all work out eventually. THEY CHOOSE: PARAMETER THEY CHOOSE USMLE scores 90 and above vs low scores High scores 90 and above ECFMG-certified vs 2 scores below 90 ECFMG certified It really depends on the program director.  Its like this. I have friends who had an 80 in both his exams and was matched. Have a good interview. The interview would be the deciding factor. Good luck!!!! Enjoy your break.  You must take it 1st week of October to get your results by November during the interview season  If both Step 1 and CK scores are 90 and above. Credentials speak for itself.USMLE SCHEDULE IN THE US !!! :D Advantage of taking your CS in October:  You go to the US for 2 purposes: CS and interviews  You get to save a trip to the US ($800). if you have questions. ITS ALL A GAME OF LUCK. Saves you money :D Disadvantage:  Most programs want that you are ECFMG-Certified during the screening process (September). you’ll be matched. this would be a good schedule. Moonlighting during your USMLE REVIEW ???? I personally would not advise you to do so… STUDY HARD … have breaks during weekends … and you’ll get good scores. I have a lot of friends who got 99 but were not matched. Its not a guarantee that if you get 90 and above. All right. We may depend on our parents for awhile. Res ipsa loquitur as they say.
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