UAF Entry Test Sample Paper 2015

June 11, 2018 | Author: Shawn Parker | Category: Physical Sciences, Science, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Earth & Life Sciences



Univerrsity of AAgricultu ure, Faisaalabad E Entry test for Ad dmission n to the F First Deggree proggrams ________, 20015 at _________ aam   Tim me: 90 m minutes Maxiimum Maarks: 1000 IIMPOR RTAN NT INS STRUC CTION NS FOR R THE E CAND DIDAT TES Thee candidaates are ggiven thee question n paper ssheets of their choosen subjjects com mbination n alon ng with aan answeer sheet (bubble sheet) caarrying 100 bubblles in fou ur group ps i.e., 255 bub bbles (squ uares) forr each sub bject. They are reequired too DARK SHADE tthe correect choicee CAR REFULL LY within n the boun ndary of bubble P Please DO O NOT DE ETACH tthe Bubble Sheet ffrom the Question n Paper S Samplee Quesstion P Paper Sub bject 1 Q. 1 Q. 2   Q. 3 .  .  .    Q. 225 Misss McCutchheon wanteed to quit aand go bacck home A Earn m money B C Teachh D Give up Be quite I meet a traveleer from an antique lannd A Uniquue C Part tiime Professor Ancient Visiting M Meritoriouus Professoor B D How w were the people off Hurbert’s village destroyed? A.. By warr B. By illnesss C.. By floood D. By plaguee Whoo __________________ a noise ooutside? A.. Make C.. Makingg B. D. Had madee Would maake B. D. Galvanom meter Avometerr   Sub bject 2 Q. 226 Q. 227   Q. 228 Whiich is opticcal instrum ment? A.. Telescoope C.. Ammetter Thee theory of wave natuure of light was propoosed by: A.. Thomaas young B. C.. Marweelf D. Huygen Fresnel Withh the rise oof temperaature, the velocity of sound: A.. Decreaases B. C.. Remainns constantt D. Increases Becomes zero . . . Q. 550   Maxximum kinnetic energyy of photoeelectrons ddepends uppon __________ of inccident lighht. A.. Frequeency B. Intensity C.. Brightnness D. Power Subject 3 Q. 51 The chemical analysis in which all the elements present in a compound identified is called: A Quantitative analysis B Qualitative analysis C Gravimetric analysis D None of these Q. 52 Octet rule is not obeyed by during its formation A NF3 B C PCl5 D CF4 CCl4 Standard enthalpy change is measured at A 298oK C 273oK 273oC 373oK   Q. 53 . .  .    Q. 75 B D In modern periodic table, elements are arranged in ascending order of: A Atomic masses B Valency C Valence elements D Atomic number     Subject 4 Q. 76 The branch of biology which deals with the use of living organisms, systems or process in manufacturing and service industries is: A Parasitology B Human biology C Biotechnology D Social biology Q. 77 Non-protein part of an enzyme is called: A Co-factor C Prosthetic group   Q. 78 .  .  .    Q. 100 Activator Vitamins The cellular respiration is directly involved in the production of: A Glucose B Protein C Energy D Amino acids In humans, the pairs of cranial nerves are: A 12 C 14     B. D.   B D 16 18 Sam mple An nswer (B Bubble) Sheet   
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