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"The benefit of thinking in probabilities helps you quantify price movement intotradeable edges." Welcome! Audio CDs Books Books ~ Foreign Languages New Products - UPDATE Workshops Comments Legal Notice Permissions Form Order Products Resourceful Links Trading Wisdom Contact & Inquiries For updates on Mark's new products available in 2015 ~ click here! Mark Douglas Welcome! What are some of your most pressing trading challenges today? What is it you fe el you have yet to accomplish with your trading? Do you want to be more consistent? Have you realized a steady and upward equity curve? Can you take advantage of opportunity when you see it in the markets ? Do you wonder why you may not follow your rules all the time? Have you developed a professional trader's mindset? Are you afraid of losing? No matter what your answers to the above questions may be, one of the things you have to understand is that all traders go through a period of self-examination. It is part of trading. You have to "know" what you are thinking at every mome nt ~ to be able to effectively take charge and manage your trades. You also hav e to understand your own, unique mindset, and update that mindset as needed to o ne that is more productive and produce higher results. Popularly recognized as one of the founders of the coaching industry for traders , Mark's first book on trading Psychology ~ The Disciplined Trader ~ helped pave the way for many traders to understand that to be a consistently successful trad er, and develop a professional trader's mindset ~ takes more than just technical analysis and a reliable system. These concepts were expanded in his second boo k, Trading in the Zone which continued the determined trader's education to becom e the best trader he can be. And so no matter what you answer to the above ques tions, if you feel you have any trading challenges in these areas then his mater ial is for you. What Mark and his products will help you discover is what the most successful tr aders have learned, implemented and know ~ that they had to acquire, and instill within their own thoughts, specific psychological trading attributes and skills unique to trading. Attributes and skills which allow them to transcend the most common of trading e SAAFTI. do what needs to be done with regard to how they manage their own thoughts and actions ~ and do the mental homework necessary to instill a profes sional trader's mindset.. This unique and specialized trading and thinking methodology. through consistency. Smith Barney. as well as across the United States and Canada for over 25 years. Tudor Jones. he will bring you a w ealth of information in your quest to create ~ or increase ~ your trading equity . India. Through Mark's award-winning books. Australia. Russia. along with enhance d trading skills can be accomplished by any trader ~ by any trader willing to go the distance. PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS Mark was educated at Michigan State University ~ majoring in Interperson al communications and Political Science He is a current member of the National Authors Guild He enjoys playing competitive Ice Hockey on local teams He currently trades for himself while developing new products for trader s . t he Far East. I nvestment Banks and firms such as: Chicago Board of Trade. Chicago Mercantile Exchange First Chicago Corp. New Zealand. The Money Show. Swiss Bank MetaStock. With this specialized background in the industry. These engagements have taken Mark around the world to ~ Europe. Equis Share Wealth Systems Fibonacci Trader Individual traders from novice to professional across the world and more. Dow Jones Telera te Citibank. Deutsche Bank.rrors that continue to challenge and limit the results all other traders. objectivity and overall success. Online Investor Expos. Come inside and check out his products ~ and feel free to call our office with a ny questions! ~~~~~~~~~~ PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND Mark has provided consulting services with Financial Trading Institutions. CDs and workshop materials ~ developed throu gh his expertise as one of the first trading coaches in the industry ~ you will find the necessary steps to answer and alleviate your most pressing trading chal lenges. New York Board of Trade ~ Coffee Sugar Cocoa Exc hange. enjoyable to consume. The New M arket Wizards. They way he illustrates t he power. which are the basing. I committed a grave error in failing to menti on one of the best books out there on technical analysis. Stan Weinstein s Secrets For Profiting in Bull and Bear Markets This book was the first to quantify one of the most important concepts in trading. their di rty little secret is that although they capture perfectly a moment in time.Chances are you will find these books on the shelf o f any serious trader. Technical Analysis Usi ng Multiple Timeframes by Brian Shannon. dissemination. Stock Market Wizards. and Brian s book has been a constant part of my life as a trader. All rights reserved Mark Douglas. These charts. all you need to do is review the charts i n the first 150 pages of this book and you will be good to go. No part of this website or material contained herein may be used in any fashion including but not limited t o downloading. feel free to add your picks to the comments section. the General Interest to a trader s mindset. they are extremely dated and will give you almost no insight into today s markets or h ow to trade them. or posting on any file-sharing websites without prior written permission from Mark Douglas. However. topping. section is made up of books that I think appeal With that in mind. the four stages in which stocks move." "How to Think Like a Professional Trader. "Trading in the Zone. only because I don t t . A must have addition to any comprehensive trader s library. advancing. like our wives. Any usage without prior per mission ~ no matter if obtained via Internet ~ is in violation of Federal and In ternational Trademark & Copyright laws and treaties. Their value now is in showing how even the greatest traders in itially struggled and often blew up (repeatedly) before becoming successful." and "Path To Consistency" are all registered Trademarks t o Mark Douglas.~ Back to top of Page ~ © ® 1989 ." "The Disciplined Trader. and declining s tages. Despite the fact that the cover of this book has not been updated since it was published in 1988. and Hedge Fund Wizards). stage analysis is still relevant today. for granted. How to Make Money In Stocks: A Winning System in Good Times and Bad As an unname d trader friend of mine recently said. teaching. Reminiscences of a Stock Operator Tough call on this book. They are without a doubt the most comprehensive collection of interviews with superstar traders ever published (Market Wizards. All I can say is that sometimes we take things that are so a part of our lives. Trading Behavior Dynamics inc. give you a great foundation to understand the patte rns stocks form before they go on massive runs. of using multiple time frames in trading methodology w ill make you shake your head and wonder why it didn t dawn on your sooner. Old School: The Market Wizards Series . Special Note: When I originally wrote this post. and simplicity. All Rights Reserved. Th ey are like benign candy. For example. along with a sentence or two as to why you liked (or hated) them. 1989-2010. but won t help or hurt you. along with O Neil s annotations.2015 Mark Douglas. This is the book I wish was written when I started trading 30 years ago. is still a foundation of a solid trading style/discipline. because that is how much it would be in today s dollars. It is the Market Wizards for the retail trader. Real World Trading: These are the definitive books on from perpetual losers to consisten Douglas climbs into the psyche of you will wonder aloud how he manag that he used to take notes on your . Th e language is dated and colloquial.000 (adjusted for inflation) in the stock market. How I Made $2. and do so in a meaningful way. but this book has one of the best overview s of the different types of methodologies you can use to make money in the marke ts.hink it is the Rosetta Stone of trading books that it is often described as. Anne-Marie s economical (and often humorous) style takes you right to the core of each concept. That would be phenomenal for anybody. bu t for someone who did it while traveling the globe. it shows you how to go about formulating a methodolog y for trading in the markets. though crude and in need of adjustment to factor in today s HFT.000 in the Stock Market This book should really be called. iPad.000. I would have advised against it. Unless you really need to know about the th ree-drunk-salarymen-rolled-by-the-hooker-in-the-Shinjuku-train-station pattern. t his book is all you will ever need for candlesticks. There are definitely some foundational lessons for trading in this book . way before I ever resurrected this blog. but you as the reader have to do the historical conversion in your head from v enue s like bucket shops to today s market. and more importantly. Plus it s the only place you will ever see @The_Real_Fly write two whole pages without saying fuck! The Trading Book: A Complete Solution to Mastering Technical Analysis and Tradin g Psychology . Trading Education: The Stock Twits Edge: 40 Actionable Trade Set-Ups from Real Market Pros . Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques There are a lot of books out these on candlestick charting. But more importantly. in a pre-internet. I was amazed at the scope of material that this book was able to cover. I don t think it is hyperbole to say this is an instant classic for the beginning/intermediate trader. How I Made$18. but if she had asked me if it was a wise choic e to add another trading book to the world. His Darvas Box system. Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom Yes the title is cheesy and sounds like som ething from a late-night infomercial. The way a trader is scary. I know traders who went t winners after reading these books.I like Anne-Marie. but almost all of them are derivative of Nisson s tome. is actually part of it s charm.000. let me just tell you that I was recommending this book publicly. as well as the most relevant patte rns related to candlestick charting. It goes through and explains the basic concepts. The irony thou gh is that it could not really have been written until just recently. each chapter is writt en by someone who currently has an active presence on social media. before you accuse me of trying to kiss the ass of my blog overlords at StockTwi ts. The information on risk and position sizing alone makes the book worthwhile. Smart phone world while working as a professional dancer? Well that is just epic.Okay. computer. doing away with irr elevant and superfluous information. Psychology: The Disciplined Trader & Trading In The Zone trading psychology. I would have been wrong. which though strange. and there is a good chance ed to plant the hidden camera and microphones trading deficiencies. let alone was asked to join the network. Dunlap was an asshole to be sure.Pit Bull: Lessons from Wall Street s Champion Day Trader Extremely dated. and fascinatin g insights into some well-known. but stil l the only full auto-biography (I believe) of a Market Wizard. you know he s the real deal. It is hard to forget in the wake of the 2008 credit crisis that KKR was always responsible. it s a good read. I have never been a fan of Dr. but I have to say. Mean Business: How I Save Bad Companies and Make Good Companies Great Dunlap ma de his name as a turn-around specialist for near-death companies. Who to Run From . Elder. . than he has from actually trading. and the principles a t KKR. this is th e book.if you have read Josh s blog for any amount of time. I t s hard to fool guys like Kerry Packer. it will be done . Avoids: Trading For A Living: Psychology. once again you can accuse me of kis sing ass to one of the heavyweights of financial blogging. informative. but often times an asshole is what is needed. I get that Dunlap s career ended in sh areholder actions. This book pul ls no punches and will probably be looked back upon years from now as the clario n call against the entrenched Wall Street establishment instead of those Occupy Wall Street douchebags. so Chainsaw Al must have been doing something right at some point. and this book ch ronicles some of his most famous successes. and almost always successful in using debt and leverage to save failing companies and create or unlock value for shareholders and their investors. and his excesses in restruc turing were merely a response to the bloated corporate excesses of the times. There are a number of great trading lesso ns in this book. One Good Trade: Inside the Highly Competitive World of Proprietary Trading If yo u want to know what it s like trading in the real world of a prop firm. SEC investigations. and his banning from ever running a publi c company again. General Interest: The 50 Best (and Worst) Business Deals of All Time This book is like eating a p iece of candy. KKR change d the way M&A was done and left an imprint on corporate financing that is still felt today. But even more so. This is an authorized biography of the company. Money Management This is the gateway book that every new trader seems to come through on the road to trading. it gives concise. Love them or hate them. and it highlights how the key to a KKR deal did not so much have to do with the money (debt) that they brought to the table. It is a look into the mind and process of an extremely disciplined trader who is still putting up crushing numbers to this day. Sir James Goldsmith. this book shows you how to focus on process instead p rofits to become a successful trader. all wrapped around relatable stories (kinda like this blog). The chapter about the ABA s settlement with the Spirits of St. The New Financial Capitalists: KKR and the Creation of Corporate Value Every ti me I re-read this book I get financial wood. and some not so well-know business successes an d failures. and How to Maximize Your Investments Sure. but really . Louis one is worth the price of admission. but done in a truly objective fashion. And despite the fact that he shares James Altuche r s somewhat dubious scatological advice regarding cleaning out the plumbing before starting the day. al Backstage Wall Street: An Insider s Guide to Knowing Who to Trust. you will enjoy it so much but before you know it. Clocking in at under 200 pages. but the wealth of managerial talent they brought to their target companies. It stems for my suspi cion that he makes (and has always made) more money from writing about trading a nd putting on overpriced seminars on trading. Trading Tactics. but just because Michael Jackson s final few albums sucked doesn t mean that Off the Wall and Thriller weren t masterpieces. If you click on my Ama zon. but is a connoisseur of art and literatu re. an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn a dvertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. .. How To Day Trade With Less Than $25. a true intellect. The Education of a Speculator I have a blog friend. I or my affiliates may hold positions or other interests in securities mentioned in the Blog.In this book he espouses a multiple time frame method that is rudimentary at best and his nod to trading psychology is done better and in more depth by Dougl as. Let Me Tell You What A Great Squash Player I Am.. don t forget to check out my book Trading: The Best Of The Best ips For Our Times destined to be on this top 20 list someday. it is written in such a purposefully exclusionary way that you can t find i t. Since I am part of the chattering classes it is probably that Neiderhoffer. even something other than the product advertised .!!! StockTwits More Like this: Buy my book on Amazon. it s probably best to just skip i t. rain. but that is really only worthy of a blog post at most. The information in this blog post represents my own opinions and does not contai n a recommendation for any particular security or investment. who not only is a 100x bett er trader than I could ever hope to be. Top Posts & Pages 20 Books Every Trader Should Know About. So You Want To Trade For A Living: How Much Money Do You Really Need So You Want To Trade For A Living: How Much Money Do You Really Need How Much Money Do You Need To Trade For A Living? How Much Money Do You Need To Trade For A Living? 3 Ways The Exchanges Screw With Your Stop Orders. but unless you are picking this book up on the way to your Nobel Prize luncheon. He is also a friend of the author. How To Bring A Loved One Back From The Dead.. Victor Niederhoffer. That is why it pains me to say that Education is probably on e of the top 5 worst written books that I have ever read. 20 Books Every Trader Should Know About. Thank you for your suppo rt.well. You can also p ick up my book Trading The Best of the Best: Top Trading Tips For Our Times by c licking here. follow me on Twitter and StockTwits. and even surfs.. plea se see my Disclaimer page for my full disclaimer. It would be better ti tled. Top Trading T The bclund Blog is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. and thinks highly of him. Hey. 3 Ways The Exchanges Screw With Your Stop inShare6 Brilliant stuff like this rains down like. If you want to get wet. is just writing above my level. yet you don t pay any extra. And even though I am sure there was meant to be some subtext in his narcissistic stories that relate to tr ading.000 How To Bring A Loved One Back From The Dead. on my stream during the w links and buy anything. Share This Post.000 How To Day Trade With Less Than $25. The only interesting aspect of this book is his explanation of how trading is NOT a zero sum game. I earn a small commission. Post navigation ? Deconstructing A Trade: The Magical NR7 Bar. Occupy Wall Street What You Didn t Learn From The Vietnam War. ? . R.I.P.Is Day Trading Really A Sucker's Game? Is Day Trading Really A Sucker's Game? THE BEST OF bclund THE BEST OF bclund 5 Ways You Can Combat High Frequency And 5 Ways You Can Combat High Frequency And How To Become A Better Trader In 30 Days How To Become A Better Trader In 30 Days Algorithmic Trading Algorithmic Trading Using StockTwits Using StockTwits Proudly powered by WordPress Theme: Fruit Shake by Automattic.
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