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Pre-feasibility Report On Multi Speciality Hospital (200 Bed) April 2008 Cygnus Business Consulting & Research 4th & 5th Floors, Astral Heights, Road No. 1, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad-500034, India Tel: +91-40-23430202-07, Fax: +91-40-23430201/ 208, E-mail: [email protected] Website: Disclaimer: All information contained in this report has been obtained from sources believed to be accurate by Cygnus Business Consulting & Research (Cygnus). While reasonable care has been taken in its preparation, Cygnus makes no representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy, timeliness or completeness of any such information. The information contained herein may be changed without notice. All information should be considered solely as statements of opinion and Cygnus will not be liable for any loss incurred by users from any use of the publication or Page 1 of 6 contents PREFACE The growth in the healthcare services in the country is driven by the 350million strong middle class aspiring for quality health care services and increased international confidence on India as a potential. This report provides an overview of Indian healthcare industry structure. This report will be useful to entrepreneurs/ businessmen interested in setting up hospitals. Project Details and Conclusion. type of machinery & floors space required. Industry Analysis. given This on has setting been up further of intensified where by India’s been recent budget declarations. high quality & low cost medical tourism destination. profitability. Project Concept. High quality talent pool. According to the WHO report. This report is structured into 5 chapters consisting of Executive Summary. proven track record. It also gives insight into the procedure for setting up a hospital. No of Pages: 80 No of Figures: 15 No of Tables: 23 Page 2 of 6 .000 hospital beds each year for the next five years to meet the demands of its growing population. market information and growth drivers. Indian healthcare delivery Industry is upbeat about the future of hospitals in the country. enough delivery healthcare infrastructure mainly in Tier – I & Tire – II cities. hospital administration & management students etc. payback period. India needs to add 80. In view of the above. favourable government policies. ability to deliver healthcare services at low cost and high quality infrastructure has put India into global map for outsourcing various healthcare Government emphasis related of has services. banks offering healthcare products. requirement of permissions & clearances. management consultants. capital outlay. internal rate of return and other project related analysis. 2 Medical Information & Telemedicine 3.5 Increasing Health Awareness 3.4 4 4.3 3 © Cygnus Business Consulting & Research 2008 .2 4.3 Outsourcing 3.2.1 Medical Tourism 3.4 List of Major Machinery & Utility 4.2.3 Permissions & Clearances Classification Based on System of Medicine Allopath Ayurvedic Unani Homeopathic Market Size & Growth Rate Growth Drivers 3.2.1 Classification of Hospitals based on Objective General Hospital Speciality & Super speciality Hospital Teaching cum Research Hospital 3.CONTENTS 1 2 3 3.6 Medical Insurance Project Details Steps involved in setting up a hospital Technical Aspects 4.5 List of major Suppliers 4.4.1 Classification of Hospital Based on Ownership Government Hospital • Primary Healthcare • District Hospitals • General Hospitals & Medical Colleges Semi-government Hospital Voluntary Agency Hospital Private & Charitable Hospital • Corporate Hospitals • General Hospitals • Speciality Hospitals • Rehabilitation Centres • Nursing Homes • Private Clinic • Diagnostic Centres • Charitable Hospitals o Not for Profit Hospitals o Free hospitals 3.2.2 Floor Planning 4.2.1 Locational Details 4.3 Executive Summary Project Concept Industry Analysis Overview of Indian Healthcare Industry Industry Structure & Segmentation 3.4 Enhancement in Planned Layout & Public Expenditure 3.4.6 Project Implementation Schedule Management & Commercial Details Pre-feasiability Report on Multi Speciality Hospital (200 Bed) 3. 3.4.4: Loan Repayment Schedule & Interest Calculation Annexure.4.2 Requirement of Manpower Marketing & Promotional planning 4.4.7: Working Capital Annexure.4.4.4 Revenue & Profitability Projection 4.1 Brief Introduction About Hospital Management 4.2 Sources of Fund 4.8 Ratio Analysis (Current Ratio.9: Operating Cost Annexure.4. D/E) 4.4.15: Sensitivity Analysis 4 © Cygnus Business Consulting & Research 2008 .12: Cash Flow Statement & IRR Annexure.1: Bibliography Annexure.3.4 Advice / Tips on mobilising loan from bank Financial Details 4.13: DSCR in the base Case Annexure.8: Manpower cost Annexure.5: Income Projection Annexure.10: Projected P & L Statement Annexure.1 Project Cost 4.9 Sensitivity Analysis 5 Conclusion Annexure.6: Depreciation Schedule Annexure.4.3 Moratorium & Repayment Period 4.4 Pre-feasiability Report on Multi Speciality Hospital (200 Bed) 4.4.3: Financing Pattern Annexure.14: Ratio Analysis Annexure.6 Break Even Point & Internal Rate of Return 4.5 Working Capital Requirement 4.2: Details of Project Cost Annexure.7 Balance Sheet Analysis 4.3.11: Projected Balance Sheet Annexure. 7: Manpower Requirement Table 4.2: Indian hospital statistics (2005) Table 3.8: Cost of the Project Table 4. 2007 Table 3.11: Calculation of average bed charges Table 4.1: Total Number of Hospitals in India.14: Revenue & Profitability Projection Table 4.13: Estimated Manpower & Cost Table 4.3: Details of major service offerings Table 4.4: List of Permissions & Clearances Table 4.16: Working Capital Calculation Table 4.2: Floor Planning Table 4.3: Public healthcare physical infrastructure (2004) Table 4.10: Tentative Loan Disbursement Schedule Pre-feasiability Report on Multi Speciality Hospital (200 Bed) Table 4.19: DSCR in different scenarios 5 © Cygnus Business Consulting & Research 2008 .17: Break even point Table 4.1: Project at a Glance Table 3.5: List of Major Machinery Table 4.15: Level of Capacity utilization Table 4.1: Major Hospitals in Hyderabad Table 4.18: Ratio Analysis Table 4.9: Financing pattern Table 4.12: Schedule of Income Table 4.6: List of Utility Table 4.LIST OF TABLES Table 1. 9: Brachytherapy Pre-feasiability Report on Multi Speciality Hospital (200 Bed) Table 4.5: Bone Densitometer Figure 4.3: Indian Healthcare market size Figure 3.LIST OF FIGURES Figure 3.4: Pattern of health care expenditure Figure 3.2: CT Scanner Figure 4.2: Structure of Hospital Industry Figure 3.4: Mammograph Figure 4.3: Colour Doppler Figure 4.5: Expenditure on healthcare (2005-06) Figure 4.6: Hemodialysis Machin Figure 4.8: LINAC System Figure 4.1: Health Care Industry Structure Figure 3.7: Gamma Camera Figure 4.1: MRI Machine Figure 4.10: Revenue Model & Income Calculation 6 © Cygnus Business Consulting & Research 2008 .
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