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To Kill a MockingbirdPractice Test I. Multiple Choice 1. Miss Maudie moved in with Stephanie Crawford because: a) They were sisters b) Miss Maudie’s house burned c) the critical remarks of the foot-washing Baptists d) threats of people who called her racist 2. The jury found Tom Robinson: a) Guilty of rape b) guilty of murder c) guilty of embezzlement d) not guilty 3. Scout’s mother: a) Is very strict with children, especially during Tom Robinson’s trial b) Disappeared c) Is away visiting relatives d) Died of a heart attack 4. When Scout and Jem meet Dill Harris, they a) Challenge him to an air rifle match b) Have a spitting contest c) Become angry and leave him immediately d) Are not very impressed because he can read 5. The setting of this novel is a) Arkansas: 1880s b) Indiana: 1960s c) California: 1955-59 d) Alabama: 1930s 6. Atticus Finch’s occupation is a) Lawyer b) Farmer c) City mayor d) Doctor 7. Which two characters represent “mockingbirds”? a) Boo Radley and Tom Robinson b) Scout Finch and Dill Harris c) Calpurnia and Aunt Alexandra d) Atticus Finch and Heck Tate 8. Why is it a sin to kill a mockingbird? a) The mockingbird is a sacred animal b) It’s a sin to kill any bird c) They’re so much like humans d) They don’t harm anyone; they just sing their hearts out. 9. The novel is narrated first person from whose point of view? a) Harper Lee’s b) Jem’s c) Atticus’s d) Scout’s 1 b) Stood against the wall. d) Sat in the front row right behind their father. Dubose was a morphine addict and in some strange way Mrs. Dubose had to say about his defending Tom Robinson. 13. he hears mine too. Dubose used the distraction of reading to break the habit d) Mr. When Jem and I fuss Atticus doesn’t ever just listen to Jem’s side of it. Dubose. above all. d) The tooth fairy is actually an undercover secret service agent assigned to monitor tooth decay in the United States of America. b) “This. an’ in the second place you told me never to use words like that except in extreme provocation … “ This conversation took place between a) Calpurnia and Scout about Aunt Alexandra b) Miss Caroline and Scout about Walter Cunningham c) Uncle Jack and Scout about Francis d) Scout and Dill about Miss Maudie 14. After the big discussion between Aunt Alexandra and Atticus about how the children were being raised. Scout and Jem had a fight and Atticus broke it up sending Scout to her room. in the first place you never stopped to give me a chance to tell you my side of it – you just lit right in to me. cheating d) Generous. 16. Dubose c) Mrs. c) He was basically a good man. What reason did Atticus give Scout and Jem for Mr.10. Atticus said that if Jem hadn’t fallen into Mrs. Cunningham’s actions at the jail? a) He was drunk and the liquor made him talk. d) He thought by killing Tom Robinson. During the trial in the courtroom. Which words best describe Tom Robinson? a) Honest. b) He hated Atticus and was out to get even with him. good-for-nothing c) Lying. 17. Jem and Scout a) Sat with the blacks in the balcony. Scout was shocked – a) To find a snake in her room b) That Atticus could be so cruel c) When she learned that Dill was in her room d) That Jem was not sufficiently punished 15. to thine own self be true. When Jem and Atticus were discussing Mrs. hardworking b) Lazy. you must consider the fact that he may actually be better than everyone else. An important lesson Atticus teaches Scout is a) That you never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view --- until you climb into his skin and walk around in it. he would become a hero in town. Dubose’s hands he would have sent Jem there to read to her anyway. “Well. wealthy 11.” c) That when you get the notion that another person thinks he’s better than everyone else. On Christmas Day at Finch’s Landing a) Scout beat up Cousin Francis b) Dill arrived for a surprise visit c) Jem received a basketball from Uncle Jack d) Jem cut down Aunt Alexandra’s flowers in a fit of rage 12. The reason for this was a) Atticus was holding a grudge against Jem for pestering Boo Radley b) Atticus really felt that it was educational for Scout and Jem to read to Mrs. c) Weren’t allowed in because they were too young. 2 . but he had a blind spot. Finch was curious about what Mrs. 26. The group of men at the jail disperse because a) Scout’s words make them feel like individuals b) Heck Tate was holding a gun on them c) Tom Robinson was no longer in the jail d) Atticus told them to go home 24. Jem is upset for all of the following reasons except one: a) He expected Atticus to win the case b) He believed in justice and personal integrity c) Tom Robinson had become a friend during the trial d) He realized that life is often harsh and unfair. Nathan Radley that the children were making fun of Mr. Arthur c) She reported that he skipped school. Jem destroys Mrs. According to the testimony given by Tom Robinson. Atticus says that there is one human institution which makes us all equal and that is a) A church b) A family c) A legislature d) A court 21. how did Mayella Ewell get Tom into the house? a) She asked him to chop up a Chifferobe b) She asked him to fix the hinge on the door c) She asked him to fix a hole in the ceiling d) She asked him to come in and talk to her for a while. 20. The author of To Kill a Mockingbird is a) Harper Lee b) Jean Louise Finch c) Sir Walter Scott d) Stephen King 23. When Tom Robinson is convicted. Dubose’s camellias because a) He learned she was a morphine addict. 3 .18. In his final argument before the jury. d) She called Atticus a nigger-lover. 19. The individual in the mob who Scout addresses is a) Heck Tate b) Zeebo c) Tim Johnson d) Walter Cunningham 25. b) She told Mr. Scout thinks that Mayella Ewell is a) A symbol of courage b) Even lonelier than Boo Radley c) A victim of rape d) Addicted to love 22. Atticus’s final plea to the jury is aimed at a) A condemnation of Mayella Ewell b) The juror’s individual consciences c) The unfairness of the prosecution d) Southern womanhood. 30. the pastor says they must collect $10 to help support the church’s ministry in Africa. The organ and hymn books at Calpurnia’s church were a gift from Atticus Finch. 33. 36. 32. Ewell saw him with Mayella.27. Dolphus Raymond implies that Dill will become insensitive toward prejudice and human degradation when he grows up. One of the prizes left in the tree for Scout and Jem is a Buzz Lightyear action figure. is an example of how one can live life with dignity in spite of circumstances. 31. 35. 29. 4 . Atticus defends Tom Robinson because: a) He is a good friend of Tom’s b) No one else will take the case c) Jem and Scout expect him to d) He has to in order to be true to his own beliefs and convictions. Before anyone can leave Calpurnia’s church. Dill runs away from home because he wants to be a clown in the circus and his parents won’t let him. The Cunningham family. True and False 28. he chased him off with a shotgun. No women were in the jury that convicted Tom Robinson. 34. in spite of their blind spots. Tom Robinson testifies that when Mr. Mayella Ewell’s brothers and sisters testify on her behalf that she was indeed raped by Tom Robinson. the night of November twenty-one I was comin’ in from the woods with a load o’ kindlin’ and just as I got to the fence I heard Mayella screamin’ like a stuck hog inside the house. suh. 54. _____ Jem 49. _____ brother of Boo 41. Did you know some of ‘em came out of the woods one Saturday and passed by this place and told me. _____ “She’d call me in. _____ “My paw’s never touched a hair o’ my head in my life. Seemed like everytime I passed by yonder she’d have somethin’ for me to do . He never touched me. _____ “ You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view. _____ “Foot-washers believe anything that’s pleasure is a sin. _____ put cement in the tree because it was “dying”. me and my flowers were going to hell?” 5 . 53. _____ newspaper editor 47. _____ neighbor and friend whose house burns 42. _____ Boo 44.Matching: match the following characters with the description or with the quote they spoke: a) Atticus Finch b) Arthur Radley c) Mayella Ewell d) Jean Louise Finch e) Maudie Atkinson ab) Jeremy Atticus Finch ac) Tom Robinson ad) Walter Cunningham ae) Calpurnia bc) Heck Tate bd) Alexandra be) Nathan Radley cd) Miss Stephanie Crawford ce) Mr. _____ left arm was crippled by a cotton gin. _____ defense lawyer 43.” 58.” 59. 55. _____ narrator of story 48. 52. _____ Atticus’s sister 39. _____ defended Tom Robinson in court. 51. Underwood de) Bob Ewell 37. _____ family cook 38. _____ sheriff of Maycomb 40.choppin’ kindlin’ totin’ water for her. _____ “Well. _____ disapproved strongly of the manner in which Atticus was bringing up his children. _____ never left the house. _____ classmate of Scout 50.” 60. _____ told Scout never to kill a mockingbird. 56. _____ accuser of Tom Robinson 46.” 57. _____ neighborhood gossip 45.
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