The Kissing Booth

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~*~ The Kissing Booth ~*~By Karen . She smiled grimly. He was inching nearer and nearer each time she checked. of course. left thinking after that whole incident occurred. It’s not that she didn’t care for the less fortunate kids in third-world countries. she wouldn’t have been dragged into this out of guilt! ‘Oh think of the children. it was a disastrous matter… especially when he paid five bucks to kiss her and she was left thinking that she would have done it for free. about his girlfriend offering herself for five dollars a kiss on the lips. After Paris. He had joked about it. so ever caring boyfriend he seemed to be. but she was supposed to be over this kind of thing. She had already helped them years ago. just because he knew that she had to kiss him for charity. he gave in. However. Lana gently grabbed the five dollar note off the next guy as he smiled awkwardly. She hated how tempting he looked. “Yeah. she had changed and returning to offering five dollar kisses in kissing booths for charity wasn’t exactly the change she had in mind. He had some nerve to make her still hold these feelings for him. “It’s a good idea for charity don’t you think?” Simon asked casually as he kissed the next redhead in line.” Lana lied once again.. And mind you. a walking piece of popularity.” She lied through gritted teeth. She couldn’t handle this! God did he have the nerve to even be lining up! He had better not be doing it for revenge. Damn kissing booth. She gulped. He was there.. the children who have no families and no homes to live in. Oh if only heaven wasn’t so hard on her. You have to help them! It’s senior year too. “Senior year right? It’s our last chance to give to those in need.--Part 1— Lana Lang sighed. She hated how he made her almost swoon every time he was near. Lana. being the sweet. kind. God she hated that she still loved him. during the time when she was a cheerleader. Lana shut her eyes tightly for a moment. She nervously bit her lip as she tilted her head subtly to the left to get a better look. it’s your last chance. Jason had been against this. She had a boyfriend for crying out loud! She just wished she could move on. it’s just great. who was offering his kisses to girls for five dollars too. “Enjoying yourself?” Lana turned her attention to the hot guy sitting next to her. At least he had to pay. She hated how he cared about her so much. But now there was this! And he was in the line! Ready to kiss her. Lana nodded.’ Help them indeed. Well. who then trotted off with a dreamy smile on her face. Lana tilted her head to the left again. He leaned in and she gave him a quick kiss on the lips. She didn’t need to be reminded of the façade she used to hide behind. “Thank you Lana. It was highly unlikely the same err… incident would occur this time round. tempted to yell at him for being in the line. She had to. She had no idea what would happen if she did… and she would. before suddenly realising who was next in line. She almost screamed as she felt the blood drain from her face.” She replied confidently. She couldn’t believe he would do such a thing as this! The next guy in line wore huge.” Clark commented. a beautiful smile worn on her face. talk about déjà-vu. *************************************************** --Part 2-Lana kissed the next good-looking guy on the lips. “Hey Lana. He was allowed. but he figured if he could get a kiss. Whatever.” Lana shrugged in response. barely touching his lips and left him to trot off with that smile stuck to his face. Clark Kent. on the other hand. He was drawing closer. Damn this world.” Simon paused for a moment. not wanting to kiss him at all. “I’m fine Clark. Talk about déjà-vu. In fact. But still. What she hadn’t counted on was Clark Kent. His shirt was tucked tightly into his too-high pants as he wore a too-dopey grin on his face. She gave him the quickest kiss ever. of course. thick glasses. are you alright? You look a little pale. Now we just need a volunteer from the male gender in the room. she had volunteered to be a part of the kissing booth charity for the less fortunate children in poorer countries. that’s very nice of you to offer. Lana faked a smile as the guy placed a five dollar note into her hand. He had better be paying more than five dollars. was pretty giddy about the whole matter. She sneaked a look to the left again. Just two more guys and then her worst nightmare: Clark Kent. but it wasn’t illegal.” Lana raised her hand. Mrs Jenkins smiled warmly. then why not? He remembered doing the exact same thing in the early years of high school. Lana gulped. I remember. The early years of high school were perhaps the best and worst of her life. Flashback “I’ll do it.“Yeah.” . “You used to do this thing all the time. He still liked Lana. his eyebrows raised in that cute manner. He had the slight feeling that she wouldn’t appreciate him being in line for this kissing thing. Memories flooded back through her mind. Lana gulped. Naturally. he still loved her. “Well you better start saving up for that five bucks.Lana put her hand down as her best friend Michelle nudged her. “Getting paid to kiss hot guys?” Michelle sniggered. I guess I will find another way to get that money. it was a chance.” She eventually added with a grin on her face.” Pete suggested. “Yeah I know. She had forgotten his name however… Quentin or something. Clark Kent gulped. are you only doing this in hopes that a certain hot guy will be lining up in the line?” Michelle asked in a snazzy tone. Michelle rolled her eyes. “The fact that it’s Lana is just a bonus.” He replied simply. Pete sighed heartily. His best friend. “It’s fate man. “You know I don’t like anyone at the moment. Lana simply smiled in return. I’ll do someone a favour or something. It was such a beautiful. that’s what it was.” He eventually added with a smile he couldn’t suppress.” “Well maybe you will after this. It’s like you have an excuse to kiss her now. “No. and he loved that. “You are going to donate to that charity though. “Pete. She’s always doing charity and stuff. it’d be kind of ironic wouldn’t it? ‘Can I mow your lawn for five bucks to kiss your niece?’” Pete mocked. Lana is my next door neighbour.” “It’s not like I’m the one getting paid. . be sure to get the phone number. It was the truth after all. instantly grabbed him when the bell rang for lunch. caring quality in her. Lana was completely unaware of a pair of eyes practically glued to her. Or was it Whitney? Well it didn’t matter. They say it’s all in the kiss Lana. right?” Pete grinned. maybe you can mow your next door neighbour’s lawn. It’s for the children in those third-world countries.” She paused for a moment. He couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Perhaps this was fate.” Pete declared.” Clark frowned. “I’ll just ask my dad and if he says no then… yeah. because she didn’t feel the same.” she replied with truth. “It’s not like I’m going to do it just for her. As if Clark didn’t already know that! Clark pretended as if he didn’t care. “This is it man. this is the once in a life time opportunity. No. “Yeah. So if you’re feeling any chemistry. “It’s no surprise you volunteered.” Yes she was.” Clark shrugged as he raised his eyebrows. She knew she didn’t have a crush on anyone at the moment.” “Yeah.” Clark replied as-a-matter-of-factly.” Michelle suggested nonchalantly. It’s for charity. This whole idea for charity I mean. nudging his friend. “Wait a minute. The girl of his dreams was offering herself for five dollars at a kissing booth. Pete Ross. As the class went on. Lana laughed. it wasn’t fate.” Lana replied casually. “The fact that there will be hot guys is just a bonus. as well as the kiss. She had heard that the quarterback of the football team had a crush on her though. The girl you have a massive crush on is offering herself at a kissing booth for five dollars. “It’s genius really. Clark gulped. “What?” Jonathan asked loudly. Clark questioned his dad on the whole matter. Clark grinned. doubling his chores just so that he could kiss a girl. “Suit yourself man. “Okay fine.” He insisted. . The week passed by faster than expected and Lana helped organise the whole kissing booth.” Clark sighed.” Clark explained slowly. He knew it! “I see…” Jonathan rubbed his chin. something like that. He wasn’t Prince Charming. before replying with a cough. it’s not as if Clark enjoyed his chores all that much. and you never took them then.” Jonathan nodded.” Clark added very quickly on the end of his sentence.“Very funny. “Well… not really. what can I do?” “Double your chores and I’ll give you your five dollars. but he needed the work done and anyway. His son was unbelievable sometimes. There was an ulterior motive after all. but you’ve had many opportunities to give to those poor children. yet had that cute quality in him too. “It’s different this time. Lana’s offering herself for five dollars at a kissing booth as a means to collect money for charity. I do think those children need our help. Clark sighed and gave in. “Yeah.” Clark said sardonically.” Jonathan stared at his son for a long moment. he could see it in his eyes.” Clark interrupted suddenly. “That’s a deal. “Alright son. but he was hot. pausing for a moment. “By the way. “Um yes. I don’t have anything against charity. “You want to donate five dollars to charity?” Jonathan Kent raised his eyebrows curiously. There was an ulterior motive to this. I’ll make you a deal.” Jonathan frowned. A guy in the grade above named Adam offered to be the kissable guy at the booth.” That afternoon. “Clark. “I’m really beginning to realise why we should donate. He sighed. as if in thought. “I’ll find my own ways of getting that money thanks. “and you want to donate to this charity so that you can kiss Lana?” Clark didn’t say anything for a moment.” Jonathan raised his eyebrows.” Pete shrugged. “Lana is what?” “She’s collecting money for charity by offering her kisses to guys for five dollars a kiss. If you want that money for your own purposes -” “But it’s not for my own purposes. Jonathan Kent couldn’t hide the smile that crept up his face.” Clark repeated slowly and rather reluctantly.” Jonathan knew that doubling his chores didn’t mean any extra work for his son. Lana laughed. This was actually kind of fun.” With that. I’ll see you round. leaning in.” Lana smiled grimly and nodded. This was a genius idea! Because you get to give to a good cause as well as kiss someone like Adam.” “So am I going to get that kiss?” Whitney asked nicely. Clark nervously shuffled forwards as the line moved yet again. Adam grinned. “This is a pretty good idea.” She laughed slightly out of nerves. a good deed. I was going to give some other guy a chance this year. “For charity.“I can’t believe I’m doing this. Michelle waved a five dollar note in the air as she grinned wildly in return at Lana. but because no one volunteered I thought… like you said. yes. you know. “I did it last year. before diverting her attention to the entrance as students began flooding in. Whitney walked off to join his friends. “Um yes. “Hey Lana. so why not?” Adam nodded his head in agreement. “Thanks Lana.” He joked. “Don’t worry. Lana laughed a little as she spotted her best friend in the line of girls. Lana gave him a quick peck on the lips. Some guys try to get away with it. *************************************** --Part 3-Lana smiled as she willingly gave the next good-looking guy a peck on the lips. He couldn’t believe he was actually going to go through with it.” Lana looked up as a five dollar note slid towards her on the smooth surface of the desk. Michelle was right. why not?” Lana raised her eyebrows in amusement. She wasn’t quite sure of his name. nothing heavy. She looked over at Adam’s long line of girls. Here goes nothing. “I’ve never done this before. “I just hope it doesn’t get too slobbery. “Whitney.” He insisted. Forget it. Not that it mattered. “Whitn -” she paused abruptly. “Let’s see who can raise the most money. It’s no surprise they all want to kiss him. This was like a job. Maybe she should do it next year too.” Lana smiled in response. Lana raised her eyebrows and laughed slightly. Just make sure they actually pay you the five bucks.” Lana laughed slightly as she settled down on her seat at the kissing booth. . No chemistry there. “It’s for charity. he was sure Lana didn’t even know of his existence. but it sounded like fun and a good way to give to charity. She had to.” Adam laughed. They’re just quick pecks on the lips.” The guy confirmed. So she was going to kiss him after all.” She leaned in and quickly smooched Adam on the lips.He tried to back out a couple of times. how are you?” Lana smiled at Clark. He was a loser! ‘Oh the injustice that is my life!!’ he yelled in his mind. two more guys and then it would be his turn. staring after Michelle with much interest. Clark’s eyes widened. blond guy.” She then walked off towards their other friends. She did look rather pale. “Uh…” She figured she may as well just get it over with. “Thanks. Lana shook her head as she smiled. “Lana!” Michelle squealed as she plopped the five dollar note on the table in front of her. it was that guy who was in a few of her classes. He was tall and had the most incredible eyes she’d ever seen.” Lana suggested. “How’s it going? Anything yet?” Lana laughed and rolled her eyes. pecking the following guy on the lips. only a couple more guys before it was his turn to kiss Lana Lang. She was feeling quite cheery all of a sudden.” Adam simply grinned in return. The butterflies in his stomach were going crazy. He wore a lot of plaid. Already?! “Hi. “Your friend’s a funny character. He knew it. She then turned to smile at the next one. standing in line. What was going on?! She felt . Clark gulped.” She muttered. Lana swallowed. “Hey. She loved helping out. “No. ‘Holy cow!’ Clark thought. you should try it next year. just to let you know. Just two more. before adding. “Hi. but Pete insisted he give it a go. how’re you doing?” Lana grinned. that’s Michelle. a sensation ran through her… one that had never been experienced in her entire life. “Enjoy Lana. “Oh please I -” Michelle stopped abruptly at a cough heard behind her. Lana couldn’t believe what was happening. “I better hurry. accepting the five dollar note Clark placed in her hand.” Adam commented. Perhaps charity always had this effect on her. giggling wildly. Oh she remembered. He was surprised he hadn’t passed out already out of nerves. He figured he could die now and be happy about it. so she closed her eyes and leaned in. ‘Whew!’ He gratefully leaned in and suddenly felt warm. before kissing the next girl in line. pecking the next guy on the lips. She didn’t want to kiss him. suddenly feeling a little self-conscious.” Lana raised her shoulders. She didn’t lean in to kiss him though. It was his turn. She didn’t understand why she couldn’t just kiss the guy. how are you?” Lana smiled at the next. As soon as her lips touched his. It was just another guy! Clark gulped. soft lips pressed against his own. So here he was. ‘What’s wrong with you Lana Lang?!’ Lana thought frantically in her head. “Yup. out of humiliation. “She’s single. She must be feeling too disgusted by him to kiss him. She coughed as a distraction. but this is kind of fun. He couldn’t just lean in and kiss her. “Why are you doing this?” Clark stared at her for a moment. a problem. he had already paid. The last thing she wanted was for him to realise that she was afraid. Her knees were feeling rather weak as it was. Each moment that passed made her wish more and more that she hadn’t been dragged into such a situation. Lana stared intensely at him for a moment. When Clark finally parted his lips from hers. his eyebrows raised. She sighed heavily. “Kiss me.” Lana repeated. “Clark. Her knees felt very weak.” He explained honestly. “For charity.” He declared. “Wh -” Clark paused abruptly for a second. Yet she had to kiss him. “I mean no. “Lana!” Clark blurted out. she finally blurted out. Thus was the beginning of Clark and Lana’s everlasting friendship. “Are you sure you’re okay?” he asked to make sure. her world turned to complete black as she fainted on the table.” Lana insisted once again. placing it firmly on the table. her voice squeaky. wouldn’t it? He hadn’t expected this at all. “Kiss me Clark. After all. “I’m just doing my part in donating to a good cause. unable to hold back her cries of protest of him being in the line. God knows what would happen next. her earrings dangling about. staring back with much curiosity. “Is… that a problem?” he asked hesitantly and rather meekly. “why can’t you kiss me?” He found himself asking. it wasn’t right! It would be rude of him. half in anticipation and half understanding. End Flashback ******************************************* --Part 4-Clark held up the five dollar note in his hands. Then. eyes widened from the overwhelming stir of the kiss and before she could realise it. hoping dearly that she hadn’t died. and it would go on for a very long time. and so did her heart as her mind seemed to fuzz into nothing. her eyebrows slightly raised as she attempted to avoid his gaze. I’m fine. She couldn’t kiss him! What if the same thing happened again?! She’d never live it down! Clark raised his eyebrows.” She added in a clearer tone. She continued to stare at him without speaking.a rush of tingles run up and down her whole body as sparks seemed to be flying in every direction.” “What?” Clark whispered. .” Lana whispered. of course it’s not a uh. not his. He hadn’t meant to… what happened… what had he done?! People began crowding around Lana’s fainted self as Clark gently held onto her hand. It was her duty after all. Lana simply could not bring herself to lean in and kiss him. He was in shock. no. “No. “Forget it. she planted a long. Oh the humiliation! But oh how she had missed his soft. he better do it. you kiss me. The point is that you’re here.” Lana mumbled in return. he had another thing coming! Lana firmly stood up from her seat. she collapsed into Clark’s arms.” With her eyes fluttering somewhat. slight fury building up inside of her. . She wasn’t going to allow him to have the final word. She marched right over to Clark Kent and gave him exactly what he deserved! She tapped him on the shoulder and before he could get a word in. “Who?” Clark raised his eyebrows curiously. How dare him.“No. a look of fury on her slightly red face as the chair made a screeching noise. what are you doing?” Clark eventually asked. the rage twisting into passion for only a moment as the kiss went on.” He repeated to himself in a whisper as he turned away. “You’re the one in the line.” Clark threw back at her. he walked off.” She finally whispered. With that. No. “Jason. still in a haze and only slightly aware of the words coming out of her mouth. So he sighed heavily. Couldn’t he just listen to her and get it over and done with?! “But why?” Clark gulped. Clark couldn’t conceal the smile he was trying to hide as he let it go and looked down at Lana.” Clark debated. Everyone stopped to stare. So this time. disregarding all stares. after a moment of staring into each other’s globes. and she most certainly wasn’t about to just let him walk off like that! Away from her! How dare he! Did he really think he could get away with acting so contemptuous?! And so… so calm about the whole matter?! Hah! Well. She stared at the five dollar note in front of her for what seemed a long while. “Like I had a choice!” Lana retorted. She was left making a slight kissing movement with her lips as they parted. “Lana. sure that he was probably turning very red. “Why not?” Lana threw her hands slightly up into the air. inviting lips! With that final thought. shaking her head slightly and mumbling. the five dollar note remaining on the desk in front of Lana. but she didn’t care. “You know what Lana? Just forget it. “It doesn’t make a difference whether it was your choice or not. “I don’t love him Clark. He wasn’t about to just lean in and kiss her. It was as if his kisses were a drug and she was so very high on them. Oh what was she saying? Damn his kisses.” “Well you’re the one volunteering. desirable kiss on his unaware lips. She was absolutely sure she was going to faint now.” Lana insisted yet again. She knew perfectly well what had happened last time she leant in to kiss him. “I’m not going to faint.” He concluded quietly. It took Lana about ten seconds to come to her senses. Clark stopped and looked at her. What he also didn’t know was that tonight. At least he knew this time from experience that she hadn’t died. The second time round. He didn’t know that he would get kissed again and he most definitely had no idea that he and Lana would be creating memories together as they each opened up to the other. and he wasn’t sure what it was. much surprise in his eyes. Lana would visit him in his loft and they would talk and then do a lot more than that. He didn’t know that they would always love each other and that their love would forever be remembered. but it was a wonderful sensation. But he didn’t have to know… at least not right now. making room for something special in their hearts. he would find out soon enough. Something felt different right at this moment. She was somehow drawn to do it. Lana smiled dopily and leaned in once again to kiss Clark softly on the lips. “Wait. her lips still slightly moving. she and Jason would become something of the past. Clark raised his eyebrows as his smile faded.Clark wasn’t too sure how to respond to that. She did look rather pale and she was somewhat ‘drunk’ in a way. What he didn’t know was that when Lana woke up.” Lana said softly.” Clark suggested. After all. . “I think you need to lie down for a bit. before beginning to move. but she stopped him with a hand on his chest. It was like a magnetic situation. Lana really did faint as she completely blacked out and collapsed once more into Clark’s waiting arms.
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