The character of the Lieutenant Kotler is presented in this novel as a young soldier who we met when Bruno was about to move

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1. How is Lieutenant Kotler presented in the novel and to what purpose?Comment on • -what Kotler's words and action reveal about him as a character and about 'Outwith' • -how you, as a reader, respond to Kotler’s attitude Include: Physical descriptions, words and actions, Kotler’s opinions, and say why Kotler is important in this book. The character of the Lieutenant Kotler is presented in this novel as a young soldier who we met when Bruno was about to move to Out-With. From my point of view, Kotler is the character that make us be aware of the Nazi cruelty . Kotler´s physical descriptions are a strong and blondy young man who wears an spotless uniform and a black boots always sparkled with polish. Also that he always takes with him lot of perfume. It was like he was one of the soldiers that Bruno´s father really liked. But Bruno doesn.t like Kotler at all because he has an attitude and he calls him “little man” beacause Bruno is small. He makes Bruno feel cold. Like at one part of the book Bruno asked Kotler a favour for a spare tyre to make a swing. Bruno´s sister, Gretel, liked kotler so she flirterd with him a lot. So Gretel was with Kotler in the garden and when Bruno asked the favour from Kotler was very sarcastic and said and he carries it on him. Kotler is also a mean man. He likes to hurt the people like Pavel. He accidentally spilled wine over his lap and he got very mad and he hurt him. He also shot a dog for barking and bite Shmuel up when he was in the As a matter of fact. it is a racist ideology that builds on a fundamental idea of the superiority of the Aryan (German) race. that builds more on criticism than suggestions for improvement. and for this reason the Lieutenant is transferred away from Out-With. I think Kotler and the Holocaust simbolize the irrational and therefore incomprenhesible period of human history. . and it is. He is only 19 years old an he is flirting with Brunos´s mother. I think she´s got an affair with him. The Holocaust defeats all comprenhesion. where the Jews (in an absurd combination with communism) are used as an explanation for all kinds of problems. The Nazism. an aggressively nationalistic ideology that puts the nation over the individual. it was madnes devoted to the level of a political system which nobody even today can makes sense of. finally. Kotler represents in his own the ideology of the Nazism and the madness in wich Nazi Germany is involved even not being a pure german because his father was Swiss. and demands that the nation be extended to its “natural” territorial cleaning the glasses because he thought that the boy had been stealing food. it is an ideology. I think you can feel so lonely because there aren´t other boys to play with. but your sister is there. laughing with his friends so also I feel so lonely. I wish you could have stayed in Berlin with me and Grandad instead of going there. we will perform for Mother. I thuoght the main stars sang and danced brilliantly and the costumes were superb.2. Father and Grandad. This musical took me to the days when I was a young singer and I . Gretel and your mother here. sitting at the bar in the afternoon talking to the customers. he should have gone by himself to the middle of no where and leave you. eating his meals there in the evening and staying until closing time. You two could invented a new small play for us and the next time that we are together. with you. Bruno tells many stories about his Grandmother and even sends her a letter. Imagine you are Bruno’s grandmother and received his letter. I have been missing you very much. So I hope in your next letter have news about your production because I have to make the lovely costumes for you and Gretel. so you two can play together and see her as your new friend. Here in Berlin the things are the same. But the other nigth I went to a musical with my friend Irene. Write a letter back to Bruno Dear Bruno. Grandad is still spending his days in the restaurant. The story was very moving and there were some wonderful songs. I do not agree with your father´s job. I would love to be one of them. I´m sure that she feels as lonely as you. to Out-with. As you know. travelled around Germany showing my lovely voice and my brilliant dresses. Suddenly. Hello. . How strange is your name. I have ever heard about your name. Consider how he would feel and make specific references to his meetings with Bruno. - Hi! My named is Bruno. 3. as every evening since he arrived to the horrible camp. I´m missing you a lot and I wish you could come back to Berlin as soon as possible. it sounds great. that made me feel like the most lucky girl in the whole world. Your loving grandma. really closed to him. next to the freedom. Pick a part of the story to tell from the point of view of Shmuel. in an attempt of being closer to the other side. he turns very surprised because it is the first time he see someone walking on the other side. This story is told through Bruno’s view of the world. Shmuel has nothing to do. This evening. Shmuel realise he is a boy a bit older than him who is dressed as a current person. - Thank. as every evening since he arrived to the camp. However. Hope to see you again soon. Some evenings he could hear the birds singing outside or a plane flying up through the sky. coming around the fence. he decides to go and seat next to the fence. He fell so tired that he thought walking and walking all over the camp would not be a good idea. my name is Shmuel. outside that awful camp. .He thought it was very strange to be talking in German with a boy called Bruno. But. NOEMI CAMPILLO MARTINEZ 74005901C GRUPO A. He thought also about asking Bruno for food. he decided to wait and to be sure he could trust Bruno. anyway. because it seemed he was well fed and he was not hungry like he did. A crowd of questions came into his little mind but he thought it would be better to be patient and not making a false moving.
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