Tarot Symbols in Alphabetical Order

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tarot symbols in alphabetical orderABOVE: ABSINTHE: ABYSS: ACE: ACORN: ADAM: ADAM KADMON: AGATE: Pineal gland Heaven, God A liqueur containing wormwood Pitfall, womb of the earth, subconscious Gift, impetus, new consciousness Fertility, fecundity, spiritual growth Humanity, earth life Primal energy, first man and woman The world soul A protective stone against: Red - Spiders and Scorpions Green - Disease in the Eye Brown - Evil Eye The Brown Agate additionally makes a warrior victorious, protects against all poisonous reptiles, wins love, gives riches, happiness, health and long life Spirit, mind Masculine element Ranked highest in the elemental cosmology Breath of life, speach Record of experiences, karma A geomantic sign meaning White Head, Wisdom, Sagacity or Clear Thought, related to the Astrological Sign of Mercury, watery, Cancer, 12 Connected with Water, Serpents, Dragons or Death Sweetness, delicacy, possibly virginity Used in spells to bring about restriction Aligned with the Sun Protection against evil fortune and attacks from witches A protection against sorcery if the names of the Sun and Moon were inscribed on it. The amulet was then tied to the neck with the hairs of a peacock and the feathers of a swallow A Geomantic Sign meaning Loss or That which is taken away A bad figure It corresponds to Venus, Fire, Libra and 8 AIR: AKASHA: ALBUS: ALLIGATOR: ALMOND TREE: ALOE: AMBER: AMETHYST: AMISSIO: ANDROGYNY: ANGEL: Union of the strongest and most striking opposites Hidden forces, heavenly power or wrath, messages from heaven, sublimation of earthly desires Messengers Raphael - key #6, super conscious, angel of air, God as healer, charity Michael - key#14, angel of fire and sun, Son of God, Holiness Gabriel - key #20, angel of water, calls to God, strength Five senses, emotions, desires (note their actions) A symbol of life, associated with the Phallus Also known as the Crux Ansata Formed from the male (Osiris) and female (Isis) symbols Union of heaven and earth, masculine and feminine A key for unlocking the mysteries of life and death With eagle - freedom from bondage The Celtic Horned God Fertility A Shaman Earthly desires, fruitfulness, fecundity, ripeness, desirable The temptation, taken from the Garden of Eden Related to a happy marriage A Zodiacal sign which reigns over legs, ankles, lameness, fractures, gout, cramp, rheumatism, foul blood Denotes questions concerning any form of mining or ballooning. Geomantic sign meaning success, obtaining or absorbing It is a good figure, corresponding to Jupiter, Air, Aries, and the number, 7 A shelter constructed from nature Means secret or hidden A new life or beginning, fresh insights, a birth portal A Zodiacal sign governing small pox, measles, pasture grounds, ceilings, warrens or hiding places and land recently ploughed Protection, defensiveness Direct will, phallic, vengeance, the rays of the Sun and divine light and fire The weapon of Apollo, Diana, Artemis Identified with Odin, the World Tree, Yggdrasil, was an ash Rebirth and the Seat of Justice ANIMALS: ANKH: ANTLERS: APPLE: APPLE TREE: AQUAMARINE: AQUARIUS: AQUISITIO: ARBOR: ARCANA: ARCH: ARIES: ARMOR: ARROW: ASH: ASPEN: Tree of the Autumnal Equinox, old age and shield makers, associated with Hercules The measuring rod used in Ancient Ireland to gauge corpses for their coffins Electricity, colors designate health, force field around the body Enlightenment, purity of thought, promise of peace Light and its power House built on words, lost word of God, language White banner with red cross - innocence and blood Red banner - action and vibration With Red Five Petaled Rose - symbol of Mars and the life force Held in right hand - conscious awareness, self-consciousness Held in left hand - automatic reactions, sub-consciousness, has become automatic Betokens freedom from material bonds, vibration, action Not the final boundary, gateway to beyond A lunar animal, symbolic of the lowest instincts May represent the autumn/winter months Masculinity, strength White Beard - age and wisdom In four corners, the fixed signs of the zodiac, the four elements Order, sociability, industry, royalty, wealth, the soul, diligence and eloquence Things unclean or horrid, An ingredient in some spells The lowest level of economic or social status An impoverished soul A sign of mortality, flesh, human or animal intelligence as distinct from spiritual or divine intelligence Cosmic harmonies The connection between heaven and earth Limitation, time A vow, initiation When slanted suggesting the slanting circle of the elliptic representing the influence of stellar forces Girding the Loins - preparation of a task or journey Messengers, telepathy, freedom, the element of air Ideas, messages The void before there was light Unknown, shadow, mysterious, protection Not focused on materialism, inner vision at the expense of outer AURA: AURABORA: AXE: BABEL: BANNER: BATTLEMENTS: BEAR: BEARD: BEASTS: BEES: BEETLE: BEGGAR: BELOW: BELLS: BELT: BIRD: BLACK: BLINDFOLD: BLOOD: BLUE: BOAT: Life or vital power As wine is a symbol for blood, so blood is symbolic of wine Faith, peace, serenity, patience The color of the fifth (throat) chakra The transition from life to death A personal journey or progress through life The relationship of conscious to unconscious Pillars which according to tradition stood at either end of the Temple Veil in Jerusalem before the destruction of the Temple and the Jewish captivity in Babylon They represent according to different sources mercy and severity or spirit and matter Tabernacle, temple or kingdom of God Record of truth, measure of time, memories, akasha, Torah Knowledge, wisdom Flesh, the body, life substance Ego, solar and lunar energies, inspiration, spirit, life The threshold between two realms The ability to overcome what is within the gap Grounded, potential for growth Barrenness, stagnation Sign of Taurus, the element of Earth Symbolic of the Sky, Sun, Moon, and Earth The heavenly sperm that fertilized the earth Masculinity Soul, rebirth, immortality, element of air, happiness, freedom A transformative journey Keeping one's own counsel, surviving where nothing else can, and also (because of the thorns) self-protection, virginity Moral balance, healing energies, two entwined serpents indicate sickness and health, Kundalini Zodiacal sign of the Crab ruling asthmas, lung diseases, cancer, insanity, seas and watery places, hydraulic machines, and aquatic experiments Seven candles, chakras, spine Protection, mind, celestial influence Zodiacal sign of the Goat which governs sprains and broken limbs, barns, hot-houses, storage rooms, barren fields, tombs, mausoleums etc. BOAZ & JACHIN: BODY: BOOK: BREAD: BREATH: BRIDGE: BROWN: BULL: BUTTERFLY: CACTUS: CADUCEUS: CANCER: CANDLESTICK: CANOPY: CAPRICORN: CAPUT DRACONIS: Geomantic sign meaning the Dragon's head, a very good sign indicating natural, steady progression towards serenity and being in touch with peaceful energies CARCER: Geomantic sign meaning prison or to be bound, it is either good or bad according to the nature of the question It has the nature of Saturn, it is earthy, its zodiacal sign is Pisces and its number is 10 Power of darkness, astral world, nine lives, good eyesight, the sinister aspect of Venus Black Cat Associated with misfortune, death and witchcraft, related to the waning moon CAT: CAUDA DRACONIS: Geomantic sign meaning the Dragon's tail, a very bad sign indicatingbetrayal, lies, obscene and cruel behavior, hypocrisy an perfidy, hidden watchful enemies, dangerous seduction and lethal partners CAVE: CENTAUR: Dante's journey into the underworld, the Mystic’s dark night of the soul Half man and half horse, symbolic of the spiritual nature unable to control the animal, also symbolic of wisdom Centaurs were known to have the twin gifts of prophecy and divination, and a reputation for intemperance The three-headed dog who guards the Greek Tartarus or Hades, associated with death Largely self-imposed, restriction Union of desires so strong that the wild unconscious forces bow before it The Cup of Life, the Grail A female symbol, the holy vessel human personality, which can be a vehicle for the expression of self Chinese trigram representing moving or exciting power, northeast, inciting movement Sacred wisdom, innocence An I Ching Hexagram formed from the two trigrams, Li (below) meaning the clinging fire, and K'an (above) meaning the abysmal of water The figure of perfection and the pause for thinking that perfection brings, things can only get worse The trigram from the I Ching, its significance is untiring strength CERBERUS: CHAIN: CHAIN OF ROSES: CHALICE: CHARIOT: CHEN: CHERUBIM: CHI CHI: CH'IEN: and power, its direction is South CHILD: CHOSEN PEOPLE: CHRIST: CIRCLE: The regenerated personality Humanity, spiritually enlightened Higher self, cosmic truth, spirit, the heart Spirit, eternity, circles of manifestation, perfection, retention of power, heaven, Sun, Moon, imprisonment or enclosure, protection, exclusion, division, control In its numerical sense it makes as zero the entire number system after nine The unity within the Quaternary of elements, the Freemasonry concept of "Squaring the Circle." Thought centers The mantel of discretion. Storm clouds indicate unwise thinking, human thoughts in discord Domestic virtue and good luck for women, trinity A weapon associated with giants or heroes of gigantic strength Purity or chastity The tombs of world belief Black - negative, ignorance, passive, female Blue - peace, life, intuition Gold - enlightenment, soul power Green - healing, growth, desire Grey - balance of opposites, harmony Indigo - peace, devotion Red - courage, vitality, passion, action, energy Silver - magnetic, mystical White - truth, perfection, purity Yellow - knowledge, intellect Bat Wings, Goat Legs, Horns, Bird Feet An animalistic, instinctive nature Geomantic sign meaning reunion, the union of two elements that naturally complement and attract each other, pulled by a magnetic, cosmic force, yin and yang coming together, a sacred marriage, an unbreakable bond Plenty, fertility, resurrection A symbol of eternal life and dominion Harmonious interaction of the conscious and subconscious, idea and feeling, desire and emotion CIRCLE in a SQUARE: CITY: CLOAK: CLOUDS: CLOVER: CLUB: COCONUT: COFFIN: COLORS: COMBINED ANIMAL PARTS: CONJONCTIO: CORN: COSMIC LEMNISCATE: CRAB: CRANE: CRAYFISH: CRESCENT: CROSS: The sign of Cancer, sacred to Diana The fertilizing power of water Justice, wisdom, longevity and the good and diligent soul Unconscious mind, the early stages of unfolding, primordial and primitive Soul Solar cross - with equal arms indicates union of male (positive) and female (negative), union with God, balanced energy Triple cross - intellectual and physical worlds, divine, generative power The Golden Dawn used the crossed circle to represent CHOKMAH Silver and gold representing the lunar and solar currents of energy Fighting Mastery, attainment, royal status, divinity, priesthood, creativity, the formative and material word, may be set against the cosmic purpose Kether Triple Crown - the Three Worlds: Heaven, Hell and Earth The ankh Healing and protection, a tool for seeing, sometimes as a substitute for the more highly valued Scrying Tools: Diamond or polished Coal The square in three dimensions, Earth, order and measurement, that which was, is and shall be, material manifestation, physical world Half Cube - only the visual sensory side of reality is being seen Choice Symbol of knowledge and preservation, love, pleasure and enjoyment, associated with water Silver - the subconscious Gold - the conscious The protective power of creative imagination Sacred to Venus, wisdom Chokmah Weapon of treachery Rhythm, attainment, victory over the elements A ten-pointed star CROSSED CIRCLES: CROSSED KEYS: CROSSED SWORDS: CROWN: CRUX ANSATA: CRYSTAL: CUBE: CUPID: CUPS: CUIRASS: CYPRESS TREE: DAGGER: DANCER: DECAGRAM: Unity, spiritual achievement, death, perfection, or totality (of the self, the Universe) DESERT: DESOLATE PEAK: DEVIL: Lack of substance or life, barren thoughts the Rosicrucian mystical journey Sensation divorced from understanding by spiritual blindness, false concepts of the physical world, bound by material, slave to necessity and blind chance Dominion Great power and wealth Guardian, fidelity, companion to man, helper, friend, all non human forms of life are elevated and improved by the advance of human consciousness, domestication, the superconscious Ancient friend of man Stubbornness Portal, entrance to the temple, threshold Peace, Holy Spirit, bird of Venus Evil, wisdom, the celestial kingdom, celestial order established upon earth, the waters of the earth, air, the guardian of esoteric wisdom or of great wealth Higher thought power, aspiration, hope, denoting the four seasons or four suits of the Minor Acrana, associated with the Scorpion sign of the Zodiac, symbol of power Freedom, majesty, strength Omnipotence One of the four Greek elements Concrete physical manifestation, feminine and frequently maternal Within, hidden, interior Paradise, solar plexus Immortality and resurrection, the cosmic egg is the world egg, containing all levels of creation, ideas, seed forms The Egg with the Serpent around it - wisdom producing or nursing life With wings - spiritual life or life ascending A Gnostic symbol The intermediary between terrestrial order (the square) and eternal order (the circle), associated with the Serpents of the Caduceus, with infinity, with the balancing of forces or with the DIADEM: DIAMOND: DOG: DOLPHIN: DONKEY EARS: DOOR: DOVE: DRAGON: EAGLE: EAGLE (Two Headed): EARTH: EAST: EDEN: EGG: EIGHT: equilibrium of different forms of power The number of regeneration, genius, strength, inspiration, evolution, justice ELEMENTS: ELLIPSE: EMERALD: ETHER: EVE: EYE: EVIL: FALCON: FAN: FEATHER: FEET: Fire, air, earth and water Super conscious Fidelity, unchanging love, aid in the forecasting of events Fifth element, quintessence, life substance Feminine principle, receptivity, soul, feeling Meaning third, organ of true spiritual vision Errors in thinking, missing the mark Swiftness, strength, wisdom, cruelty Related to the Moon, a symbol of power or authority as well as of air, wind and the celestial kingdoms Eagle, scorpio Wind, air and freedom Support, progress, comprehension One in water, the other on land - equally at home in the conscious or subconscious The subconscious mind Limitation Substance, body Fertility Cosmic lemniscates, harmonious interaction between conscious and subconscious, between life and feeling, desire and emotion, dominion over the material, eternal life One of the four elements of the Greeks Associated with the Sun, lightning, light, gold, volcanoes Some volcano myths tell that man first obtained fire from the volcano (or earth) Symbol of ordination of dedication to spiritual service, creativity, pregnancy, virgin birth, increase, ideas King of Cups - the fish comes from the sea of universal subconscious Page of Cups - arising from one's own subconscious, idea or thought The most holy or lucky number, or the number of uncertainty or discouragement The Pentagram, man, the five senses, the four cardinal points plus the centre, the four Alchemical elements together with that which encompasses them all FEMALE: FENCE: FIELD: FIG: FIGURE EIGHT ON ITS SIDE: FIRE: FISH: FIVE: Five frequently occurs in nature and is associated with an erotic meaning, as most odd numbers it is a male number FIXED SIGNS: FLAME: FLOWERS: Fixed conditions in the mind or on earth Spirit Vegetable kingdom, reproductive organs White - spiritual thoughts, love, happiness Red - human desires Telepathy, messengers, mental thoughts FLYING CREATURES: FORTUNA MAJOR: Geomantic Sign meaning Great Fortune, Success, Interior Aid and Protection A very good sign which equates to Sun, Earth, Aquarius, and the number 12 FORTUNA MINOR: Geomantic Sign meaning Lesser Fortune or External Aid and Protection Not a very good figure, it equates to Sun, Fire, Taurus and the number 10 FOUNTAIN: Peace, rest, spiritual strength or nourishment, the Water of Life (Inner Life, Celestial Life or Eternal Life) coming forth in abundance to give strength The world, the earth, the establishment, rational thinking, The number of the elements, the winds A totally 'safe' number, the square, and by implication the cube and thetesseract, a feminine number Consecration, spirituality, love Fertility Testing, trial, purification, sacrifice by Fire, renewal by Fire Strength of God The archangel of water (spirit and emotions) Solar plexus, substance, Earth, sub-consciousness Festivities, fruitfulness The meanings of Door or Window with the additional connotation of keeping the wild and unfamiliar out and the tame and known in It is a symbol of ingress of any kind, but equally of egress, things or forces let out Zodiacal Sign of the Twins, duality of all things FOUR: FRANKINCENSE: FRUIT: FURNACE: GABRIEL: GARDEN: GARLAND: GATE: GEMINI: GENTILES: Worldly thoughts GEOMANCY: GIRDLE: GLOBE: Literally divining by Earth, a system of divination in which marks are made upon the ground or upon a piece of paper Spiritual force, time Cosmic egg, universe Winged Globe - transcendence, knowledge, exultation, symbol of dominion Spirits of Earth Knowledge Bestiality and overindulgence in sex, depicted as fertility when in the arms of the Queen of Pentacles, the Devil Metal of the sun Pleasure, abundance, life, fertility, sacrifice Growth and continuation in abundance and pleasure, nervous system Balance, harmony, healing, prosperity Reconciliation of opposites, neutral, uncertainty Auric egg, spiritual force, the path of the saint The soul, solar transfiguration, mind of the evil doer, victory over sin Right - positive, masculine Left - negative, feminine Crown, place of intellect Any symbol in the shape of a heart represents sub conscious, emotions and seat of judgment Pierced with an Arrow - conjunction, pain, wounded love Spiritual ascendancy Geometrical figure derived from a Heptagram or 7-pointed start Dual meaning of Seven and Star GNOMES: GNOSIS: GOAT: GOLD: GRAPES: GRAPEVINES: GREEN: GREY: HALO: HAWK: HAND: HEAD: HEART: HEIGHTS: HEPTAGON: HERMAPHRODITE: Union of opposites, complete Inner teacher, higher self HERMIT: HEXAGON: HEXAGRAM: Six-sided geometrical figure Six-pointed Star, the Shield of Solomon Magical power, witchcraft, union of the triangles of water and fire, a hermaphroditic symbol, the human soul perfected A composite mythological animal formed from a Gryphon (Head of an Eagle, body and hind quarters of a Lion) and a Horse Union of Fire (Lion) Earth (Horse) and Air (Eagle Christmas, birth HIPPOGRIFF: HOLLY: HORNS: HORSE: Penetrating, strength Vitality, five senses, fertility, controlled, subdued life force, solar energy Winged - Solar power, intellect Time passing, but also relates to the lemniscate, an hourglass on its side, which is a symbol of infinite time An I Ching Hexagram, increase HOURGLASS: I: IBIS: ICE: IDEAS: IRIS: JACHIN & BOAZ : Vigilance, immortal life, thought, the mind Frozen mental attitude Love, healing Greek goddess of the rainbow A flower sacred to the sun Pillars which according to tradition stood at either end of the Temple Veil in Jerusalem before the destruction of the Temple and the Jewish captivity in Babylon They represent according to different sources severity and mercy or matter and spirit Sharp eyes, keen sense of smell, animal kingdom The Court Fool Love and wisdom Religious thoughts Chinese Trigram meaning Peril, Difficulty, Danger, West JACKAL: JESTER: JEWELS: JEW: K'AN: KEN: Chinese Trigram meaning Resting, the act of arresting or keeping still, Northwest The Scarabaeus Beetle, a dung beetle which pushes a ball of dung around all day, the rising Sun and the transformations of life That which opens, frees, allows and (conversely) closes, imprisons and forbids, open of the mysteries Crossed Keys - A symbol of the Pope and of Papal Authority, Keys of St. Peter, hidden doctrine, one silver and one gold meaning solar and lunar current in radiant energy Will Chivalry KEPHRA: KEYS: KING: KNIGHT: K'UN: Chinese Trigram, meaning capaciousness, submission, yielding quality, North Seven chakras rising up the spine, serpent fire Climbing ropes, beanstalks or pine trees the variants are many and the meaning usually the same: a vertical bridge between Heaven and Earth,leading to perfection, kundalini, roadway to the gods Intellect, loving, obedience Geomantic sign meaning Joy, of joyful energy, the dynamic whirl of a happy, life-celebrating relationship,giving, convivial and festive occasions. Lacking understanding or progress, disabled thoughts Intelligence, spiritual light, light center in the heart Light of intellect, search for truth, a seeker, a lost one KUNDALINI: LADDER: LAMB: LAETITIA: LAME: LAMP: LANTERN: LAUREL WREATH: Symbol of Victory, the journey is circular, the Fool begins again after completing a previous cycle LEAD: LEAFLESS TREE: LEAVES: LEFT: Labour, responsibility, metal of Saturn Trefoil flames of the 12 sings of the zodiac, each divided into three decans, The tree of life Vitality, growth Sinister (Latin for left) and sneakiness LEFT SIDE OF THE Female, receptive, past, subconscious mind BODY: LEMNISCATE: LEO: A Figure 8 on its side, Infinity in Mathematics and Eternity or Infinity in occult studies Zodiacal Sign of the Lion, governs fevers, convulsions, pestilence, small-pox, measles, jaundice, explosions, accidents by fire, fire, wild beasts, wild places, ovens associated with Dionysus Masculine, positive I Ching Trigram, brightness, elegance, lightgiving, East LEOPARD: LIGHTING: LI: LIBRA: The Zodiacal Sign of the Scales, Equilibrium LIGHTING FLASH: The voice of God, the right manifesting itself, just punishment, truth, reality, inspiration, life power descends down the Kabalistic Tree of Life LILY: Purified thoughts and spiritual unfoldment LINGAM and YONI: Male/female, sexual symbol, procreation, delight Fire element, the Sun, Mars, royal power, heraldry, action, desire LION: body, Leo sign of the Zodiac, all powerful sub human force, One of the four Cherubic Animals Green Lion - Animal nature, impure Red Lion - Force, passion, animal reproduction LOBSTER: LOTUS: The unconscious mind Divine knowledge, mystic centre, crown chakra, purity, birth, evolution, the Mystic Center, the last Revelation, the intersection of Heaven and Earth, the Universe, bisexuality and the completion of a created being into a single unified whole (as on the Chariot card) Cancer which is ruled by the moon. (Golden Dawn) The conscious mind The coming together of different forces Circular symbol, simple order in creation, all thing move to or from the center Illusion regarding the world Gold, silver, mercury, lead, copper, tin, iron, also refers to the planets Judgment, reflection LUNAR CRESCENTS: MALE: MALTESE CROSS: MANDALA: MAYA: METALS: MIRROR: MIRROR of VENUS: Solar cross surmounted by a circle, symbol of planet Venus, indicates fertility MITERED HAT: MONKEY: MOON: The Piscean age (when shaped like a fish) Simple mischief Feminine astrological symbol of personality, subconscious mind, reflected light of subconscious All three phases at once - Body, Mind and Spirit Full - Fruitfulness, generosity Moon in Glory - Pictorial representation of the Full moon (around the disc are rays), the Triple Goddess New - The Maiden aspect of the Triple Goddess Waning - The Crone aspect of the Triple Goddess Waxing - The Maiden aspect of the Triple Goddess Attainment, realization, path leading to the heights, abstract thought, the long mystical journey is through the stark mountains MOUNTAINS: The aspirations of man Snow Capped - Abstract principles of mathematics behind and above all warm, colorful and vital activities of cosmic manifestation, indicates cold, God's ambitions for man MOUTH: MYRTLE: NATURAL MAN: NINE: Communication, consciousness expressed, receptive and generative Tree of death Seeds of what man can become spiritually Consciousness and psychism, efficiency, renewed energy The triad of triads and therefore a number of great power, associated with the occult and with the triple synthesis or disposition on the corporal, intellectual and spiritual levels simultaneously, a male number Darkness, unknown, ignorance, hidden The direction of the unknown Truth, free of dogma, innocence The tree of Zeus, Jupiter, Hercules, Thor, and all other Thunder Gods, a royal tree, the Midsummer Fire is built with Oak A symbol of regeneration, it is mid-way between the square and the circle (Terrestial and celestial order) As a geometric figure it is derived from the octagram, it is symbolic of totality An eight-pointed Star, frequently employs a pair of implied Greek Crosses in its structure, therefore combines the meanings of Cross and Star The Cross is symbolic of balance between opposites and a Fire symbol The Star is significant of the forces of the Spirit fighting against darkness and of the Collective Unconscious Equlibrium of opposing forces of destruction Love, vital fluid, illumination, prana Peace, plenty, mercy Peace, love, Holy Spirit The final letter of the Greek Alphabet. In its shape it resembles that of the Egyptian Sky-Goddess, Nuit The Prime number, the number of Genesis, of consciousness, unity, light, Ego, Creation, Being, the Active Principle, eccentricity or egoism. God/Man, Adam or the Paradise state, the Prime Masculine number NORTH: NORTHEAST: NUDE: OAK: OCTAGON: OCTAGRAM: OIL: OLIVE: OLIVE OIL: OMEGA: ONE: ORANGE: ORB: OVAL: OWL: OX: PALM: Strength, energy, social Royalty, the World and dominion over it Cross surmounting an Orb - worldly dominion under the Lord Horizontal - A halo, symbol of Godhood on Earth Vertical - The Egg, Creation A familiar of Merlin the magician, associated with Hecate (Goddess of Death or Hell), Athena and Kore Strong, patient, self-sacrificing, forever toiling, generative force Victory over death and the male aspect of life, active force shown on the veil behind the High Priestess Easter, resurrection, severity The lower trefoil design represents the lower material world. The middle represents the formative world. The top tier represents the creative world States of becoming, steps to the heights, spiritual attainments, esoteric knowledge Immortality, the immortal soul, twilight, the night stars, psychic duality nurtured by unity Wisdom, of great price, the soul, combination of fire and water, associated with the Moon Mother love, sacrifice The suit Pentacles in the Tarot is made up of three elements: the Circle, Pentagram, and Coin, symbolically they total: Sun (Solar Power and Fire) + Pentagram (figure of Power, the Erotic Use of Power, the four cardinal points with Centre) + Money (Gold. physical wealth, tangible power) In the form of an amulet, protects against evil spirits The Geometric figure derived from the Pentagram, the significance of the Star but is directly 'physical' in its effects, the binding or confining of a kind of physical power The prime symbol for power confined or constrained, Earth and Heaven combined The seal of Solomon, five pointed star, symbol of the world made flesh, expressing mind's domination over the elements, represents order or confusion depending on the direction of its points, figure of man, relates to Hierophant, mental dominion Inverted - earth, the material Grace, rising from the ashes of experience, highest state of Scorpio An I Ching Hexagram indicating standstill or a time of confusion and disorder PAPAL TRIPLE CROWN: PATH: PEACOCK: PEARLS: PELICAN: PENTACLE: PENTAGON: PENTAGRAM: PHOENIX: P'I: PILLAR: Support, a phallic figure, firm and Earth connecting Men and everything below with Gods and all that is above White - positive aspect of life, light, Jachin, principle inherent in all things, mercy Black - inertia, darkness, Boaz, negation of activity, severity Fruitfulness, particularly associated with Dionysus and Attis The Zodiacal Sign of the Fish, fruitful and luxuriantly productive sign, symbolic of all places having to do with water: Seas, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, marshes, wells, etc. Interior chakras or stars Female seeds, death/resurrection, fertility, passive aspect of life, fecundity Womb, substance, receptivity, female symbol A death flower, associated with sleep A Geomantic figure meaning people and which is neither good nor bad Corresponds to the Moon, Capricorn and to the number 16 as well as Water Stepping down from spiritual heights to physical manifestation A Geomantic Sign meaning Girl or pretty face, corresponds to Venus, water, Libra, the number 2 PINE CONE: PISCES: PLANETS: POMEGRANATE: POOL: POPPY: POPULUS: PRECIPICE: PUELLA: PUER: A Geomantic Sign meaning Boy, rash and inconsiderate, corresponds to Mars, Fire, Taurus and the number 3. PURPLE: PYRAMID: Spirituality, penitence, and forgiveness Earth in the material aspect, triangular shaped face of the pyramid suggests the threefold principle of creation That which is eternal Fertility, associated with the Moon Sign of good fortune from God, perfection, seven rays, protection Assertive, noble beast, physically strong, planet Mars, power, leadership, first sign of the Zodiac Desire, energy, aggression RABBIT: RAINBOW: RAM: RED: REPTILES: RHOMBUS: RIGHT: RIGHT SIDE OF THE BODY: RING: RIVER: Action, kundalini, sexual will Communication between inferior and superior That which is just or good Male, out going, future, aware, conscious mind The Sun, an enclosure of safety or trust The blood, currents of thought or vital forces The constant circulation of the life force into materialization and out again Mastery, phallus, discipline Virility White - freedom from lower forms of desire and passion, purity and peace within Red - Venus, nature, physical desires, cultural activities, desire Royal road, wheel, karma Geomantic Sign meaning passion, redhead, vice or fiery temper, corresponding to Mars, Fire, Gemini and to the number 13 ROD: ROD (Flowering): ROSE: ROTA: RUBEUS: SAGITTARIUS: The Zodiacal Sign of the Archer, or Centaur, fruitfulness, fireplaces, hills, high lands, military weapons Fire element, able to live in midst of fire Preservative, inertia, resurrection, Earth element Balanced judgment, equilibrium, the symbol of Libra Self-existent being, immortality Related to all of the following: Cross, wand, club, thunderbolt, sword, phallus, Thor's hammer and the arrow Straightforward Earthly power is its main implication, fertility or implied physical force Zodiacal Sign, the Scorpion or the Eagle, extremely fruitful sign of long ascension. It is an unfortunate sign which takes much of its nature from the two animals which represent it. Treachery, danger, immortality, the Hangman Akasha, hidden mysteries, divine law, past events impressed upon the subconscious The implement of Death, connected with Father Time All potentials, universal principles Symbol of wisdom, tempts man for knowledge of self, subtlety, SALAMANDER: SALT: SCALES: SCARAB: SCEPTER: SCORPIO: SCORPION: SCROLL: SCYTHE: SEA: SERPENT: secrecy, serpent biting its tail represents the law of endless transformation, radiant energy descending into manifestation, sense consciousness, desire, tempter Coiled/Uplifted - Salvation, regeneration SEVEN: SHEEP: SHELL: SHELLFISH: An indivisible number and therefore compared to God, Cycles of time, periods of growth, planets, chakras Purity, innocence 'Good luck' scallops that were carried on pilgrimages Protective, ideas, insulated, early stages of conscious unfoldment, sign of Cancer in the Zodiac, may invade the territory of waking consciousness and give rise to fears Body, activity, sanctuary, material treasures, that which is beyond our control, lessons in faith, voyage across darkness, across terror, life, as expressed by the Solar Boat, as the ship of death it is the means by which the body is carried from one life to the next. One's understanding The implement of Death, connected with Father Time Limitation and inertia, Capricorn Metal of the moon Symbolic of the union between Fire and Water and therefore of the human soul, ambivalence and effort, the cessation of effort. When divided into eight parts, each decorated with geomantic symbols (as in the Chariot) it represent dominion over terrestrial forces Wisdom, knowledge, magical power, treachery, cruelty, death and evil,connected with the Lemniscate and with Ouroboros, the serpent which swallows its own tail Two Headed Snake - conflict between equals Solar symbol of balance of forces A solar weapon, solar sacrifice, crucifixion Rotation, cyclic, creative motion, perfection, Sun, Moon Ancient wisdom holds the riddle of human existence, guardian of the temple, combinations of human and animal attributes White - Betokens mercy Black - Severity Creation, aggression, convergence Kundalini force, rising in consciousness Universal radiant energy Limitation, solidity of Earth, foundation, materiality, foursquare SHIP: SHOES: SICKLE: SIGN OF SATURN: SILVER: SIX: SKIRT: SNAKE: SOLAR CROSS: SPEAR: SPHERE: SPHINX: SPIDER: SPIRAL: SPOKES: SQUARE: ST. ANDREW'S CROSS: STAFF: STAFF (Raised): STAIRS: STARS: A cross in the form of the Greek Letter 'X', the union of the upper and lower worlds Sign of power, implement of the magician Creative power of the mind Rising to a higher state of consciousness Sixth sign of the Zodiac, spirit, truth, guiding light Five-pointed - star of the Magi, symbol of man Six-pointed - shield of Solomon, magical power, union of the elements, human soul perfected, dominion over the laws of the great world Seven-pointed - mysticism, wisdom, spirituality Eight-pointed - radiant cosmic energy, power and material success In sevens - the seven main Chakra points of the body, or the seven ancient planets Fifteen-pointed - symbolic of Spirit, 15 is associated with the Devil and of a markedly erotic nature Sixteen-pointed - Stars tend to indicate their proximity to God or Heaven by the number of points which they have, this Star is closer to God than a four-pointed Star Conscious union with truth on the physical plane Thought currents, river of life, sub-consciousness, forever flowing to the sea of consciousness Desire, hell, devil, red lion, passion Trigram meaning flexibility, penetration, harmony, unison or relatedness and decrease Source of light, radiant energy, where all creatures derive their personal force, immortality Sun in Glory - sun with rays at the Cardinal and Ordinal points, symbolizes the majesty of the sun and its power Nature at its fullest, sacred to the sun Four sunflowers - the four elements Bi-polar, having to do with the Sun and the Moon Protection, knowledge, mind, constructive or destructive activity, elimination of outworn forms, bravery, freedom, phallus Upward - victory Double edged - action destroys as well as builds, and the false must be cut away from the true Broken Blade - As a symbol of manhood, the broken blade represents castration. As a symbol of bravery and freedom, the broken sword symbolizes fear and imprisonment (not necessarily STONE: STREAM: SULFUR: SUN: SUN: SUNFLOWER: SWALLOW: SWORD: imposed from without) SYLPHS: 'T' OF LIVING WOOD: T's TABERNACLE: T'AI: Spirits of the air, similar to cupid Tied to this, the hanged man is still earth bound Three Black T's (as on the Chariot) symbolize the limiting power of Saturn as well as the Hebrew letter Tav Transitory, state of consciousness, body Peace, an I Ching Hexagram, departure of the small, arrival of the great TAILS: TARES: TAU: TAU CROSS: TAURUS: Flame - wrong use of the signs of the zodiac Grapes - wrong use of the wine of life Negative error thoughts Eternal life, Hebrew, salvation Cross in the form of the letter 'T' or Tau, also called St. Anthony's Cross or the Egyptian Cross Zodiac sign of the Bull, barns, remote pastures, trees, chimneys, cellars House of God, body Perfection, beginning a new cycle, completion, over completion, decadence, death Temporary body structure, transitory building The stone, clairvoyance, golden flower Martyrdom, pain, used to ward off witches, ghosts, strangers Trinities Child, birth, life and death Beginning, Middle, End Childhood, Manhood, Old Age Heaven, Earth, Hell or Underworld the Frost World, The Earth, the Fire World Entering new way, crossing Desire, Venus centre, speech, Heirophant Executive, ability, will Jove, lighting flash, celestial fire Materiality, body Wisdom, in the Jewish religion the Law, specifically the Ten Commandments given to Moses on Sinai and written in letters of TEMPLE: TEN: TENT: THIRD EYE: THORNS: THREE: THRESHOLD: THROAT: THUMBS: THUNDERBOLT: TOMB: TORA: black fire on skins of white fire Personification of the Law, a Woman or Angel, who intercedes twice for mankind TORTOISE: TOWER: Corresponds to the Zodiacal Sign of Cancer the Crab, longevity, slowness and deliberation False ideas, speech, human thoughts, personality, misapprehension, fallacy of personal isolation, foundation built on false science Nerves, sheltering, nourishing, spine, regeneration Evergreen - everlasting Fir - elevation, nobility Oak - strength, integrity, honour Olive - passion Palm - healing, victory, help Pine - humanities Good and evil are concealed in the great Arcanum of antiquity, the great mystery of equilibrium, understanding of good and evil, discernment, free will, separation from God, femininity, represents polarity or imbalance, the secret of mortality A diagram of Creation showing the Divine manifesting itself downward to the lowest levels of existence and back upward again. In Kabbalistic interpretations of the Tarot each card is related to one of the 10 points on the Tree or to one of the 20 Paths which connect the points Nerves, spinal column, masculine, roots, centred solar plexus, absolute life principle, spiritual point of balance, secret of immortality, to ultimately attain completion and eat the fruit growing in the illusionary garden of worldly things Trinity, fool's garment The simplest geometric figure, signifies motion in the direction of its Apex Apex Upward - a sign of Fire Apex Downward - a sign for Water Apex Downward with a Line Parallel to the Base - a sign for Earth Apex Upward with a Line Parallel to the Base - a sign for Air. A combination of the Fire and Water or the Earth and Air triangles - the Hexagram or Shield of Solomon Triangle of Spirit - Points upward, often from within a square, the three of the triangle added to the four of the square add up to seven The Pope's vicarage over Heaven, Earth and Hell The Three Worlds: Heaven, Hell and Earth TREE: TREE of KNOWLEDGE: TREE of LIFE: TREFOILS: TRIANGLE: TRIPLE CROSS: TRIPLE CROWN: TRIPLE STAFF: TRISTITIA: Spirit, soul and body A Geomantic Sign meaning Sorrow, grief, perversion or condemnation, corresponding to Saturn, Earth, Aquarius and the number 14 Power of sound Trumpet blast - the creative word that liberates man from material limitations The Trigram meaning pleasure, complacent satisfaction, joyful TRUMPET: TUI: TWELVE: Important nerve centres in the body, sons of Jacob, tribes of Israel, disciples of Jesus, signs in the Zodiac, man's spiritual faculties, spiritual number of fulfillment The Prime Feminine Number, duality, change, all pairs, oppositions, conflicts, supplements, complements, partners, man's awareness of his existence and therefore the number of the beginning of intellect as distinct from ego, perception The number One is fulfilled only through the number Two, producing Three Darkness, evil monster Water spirits, associated with the suit of cups Allegory of Christ, innocence, moral purity, mystery Temporary containers, life fluid Silver - soul, feminine Gold - spirit, masculine Truth, perfection, revelation, light The last letter of the Hebrew alphabet, Tav originally drawn as a cross. The combination of the male and female Field of experience, sub-consciousness, life Stealer of life, a euphemism for rape Transformation, astral fluid, womb Virginity, cover for hidden mysteries Geomantic Sign meaning Street or Way, attributes are the Moon, Water, Leo, and the number 7 TWO: TYPHON: UNDINE: UNICORN: URNS: URIM and THUMMIN: .V.T : VALLEY: VAMPIRE: VASES: VEIL: VIA: VINE: Abundance, wisdom, life VIRGIN: VIRGO: Chastity, the New Moon (The Triple Goddess as Chaste Maide, Artemis), the Virgin Mary Zodiacal Sign of the Virgin, studies or libraries, cabinets, concealed or private drawers, hot houses Logos, power of the spoken word Fire, fire worship Will and magical power, continual renewal of life, phallic significance In a pair - the powers of involution and evolution Manmade limitation Memory, abilities, talents, tools Astral fluid, universal substance, sub-consciousness, cleansing, emotions, the reservoir of cosmic mind stuff that can be stirred into vibration by meditation Reflection, receptivity and the subconscious Five rivulets - the five senses Aquarius Phallic symbol, male potency Eternal life Nerve center filled with the water of life Past, solar plexus Fertility, fruitfulness, abundance Separating truth from falsehood Cycles, motion, chakras, whole cycle of cosmic expression, the Sun and its motion and power Eight Spokes, Eight Pointed Star - the channels of universal radiant energy, spirit, a fifth element Center or Pivot - the archetypal or thought world Inner Circle - creative Middle - formative Outer - material Purity, light of perfect wisdom, light of God Kether, the Crown. In the Golden Dawn system, the Fool corresponds to a path leading downward from Kether. Belief in lack or separation, half-truths Undisciplined and uncultivated thoughts, transitory state The going in and coming out of the mind, soul and spirit Meaning affected by the number of panes and shape VOICE: VOLCANO: WAND: WALL: WALLET: WATER: WATERBEARER: WATERFALL: WATER LILIES: WATER POTS: WEST: WHEAT: WHEAT from CHAFF: WHEEL: WHITE: WHITE SUN: WIDOW: WILDERNESS: WINDOW: Square - established order WINE: WINGED DISK: WINGS: WOLF: WORLDS: WREATH: Vitality in soul and body, life, spirit, blood Inspiration Free from material limitations Destructive and untamed consciousness, the manifestations of nature before man tamed and civilized them, the conscious Archetypal - ideal, creative, formative Matter - Earth Attainment, spiritual, force of nature, praise, victory, the kingdom of growing things, success, acquired wisdom Forming an 'O', unity and eternity Three in one, three paths Mind, thought, expanded perspective Drops of light, dew from heaven, the descent of spirit, Hebrew letter symbolizing the hands, betokens power, skill, dexterity, Zodiac sign of the virgin Blessings, small sparks of fire, leaves or droplets of water Life force from above Two paths, male/female, yoga Female symbol Sudden knowledge, lighting flash Eternity, source of all infinity, absence of quality, quantity and mass, freedom from every limitation, infinite and eternal conscious energy, super-consciousness Characteristics of humanity, symbols of the cycles of existence Y: YELLOW: YOD: YOKE: YONI: Z: ZERO: ZODIAC: tarot colors in alphabetical order BLACK: The unknown, the center of the earth or situation, black shadow (anima), the darkside of the soul, new psychological territory Darkness, formality and convention. Since black is the absence of light it can symbolize ignorance and restrictions Open sky, space and clear water, spirituality, tranquility, meditation Consistency of purpose, strength and reliability Connected to nature and the earth, rooted in the soil Practicality, plainness and honesty BLUE: BROWN: DARK RED: GREEN: GREY: OLIVE GREEN: ORANGE: PINK: PURPLE: RED: More violent or passionate emotions than bright red Healing, prosperity, fresh, young, promising, inexperienced, immature Fertility, vegetation, stability and healing Unawareness or deliberate indifference Neutrality or uncertainty Envy and cunning Strength, success, joy Ambition, intelligence and earthly desires combined Emotional love, harmony, self-love, friendship Spirituality, intuition, mystic ideals, a highly developed imagination Heart, soul, willpower, vitality, love, passion, courage Passion, earthly desire, action and the need to use direction, optimism and cheerfulness Experiencing boundaries, a mixture of blue and red meanings Beginning, ending, healing, white shadow (animus), union through the mind, new intellectual frontier, purity, protection Sun, consciousness, zest for life, clairvoyance, communication Pure intellect and scientific thought REDDISH BROWN: Sensuality VIOLET: WHITE: YELLOW: https://web.archive.org/web/20110419213924/http://www.themysticeye.com/info/tarotsymbols.htm
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