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Switchword explanation and how to useThank you Ricarte Rivera COUNT- This is the switchword for MAKING MONEY. COUNT triggers in our mind everything related to making money, and therefore this single word can be used in applying the Law of Attraction for generating more income and more wealth. It can do much for increasing your income, business, home business, or any other money transactions. People have reported results within days, when they had rapid business growth soon after they affirmed the word COUNT. FIND- This word works similarly as the word COUNT, although slightly different. It also has to do with prosperity, but the essence of this word is TO BUILD WEALTH. This differs only slightly from the word above, and has been used by people who unexpectedly find or receive large sums of money. These are not always related to business dealings, people have won the lottery, received large settlements, and had other unexpected money come into their lives. REACH- This is one of the most commonly used switchwords. REACH can be used to find misplaced items, remember forgotten information, and come up with creative new ideas. This can be great for anyone who has a hard time remembering names, losing their keys, or is looking for creative ways to build their home business or other business venture. If you are looking for something or trying to remember something, just say it a few times aloud or in your head, and very soon you will find/remember whatever it is. DIVINE- This is a great switchword for applying the Law of Attraction to any extraordinary accomplishment. If you are seeking some divine assistance or attempting something that seems like it would take a miracle to accomplish, try repeating DIVINE several times, or all throughout the day. This word can be added to any of the other switchwords for added power, like DIVINE-COUNT, DIVINE-FIND, DIVINE-REACH, or any of the other switchwords that we are going to cover. CANCEL- Anyone who is actively applying the Law of Attraction knows about the need of positive thoughts, and the need to keep far away from negative thoughts. The word CANCEL can instantly rid you of any unwanted thought. This can be very useful in keeping your thoughts positive and creative. Common places for using CANCEL are in eliminating worry, doubt, and fear. NEXT- This is a great switchword that can be used whenever you have a lot of work to accomplish. Often starting a business, a home business included, requires a lot of daily duties before real progress begins to be made. Using NEXT before starting your daily activities, no matter what they may be, will help you do effective work in the least amount of time. As you know, action is a necessary component of applying the Law of Attraction. Action is the bridge between the thought world and the physical world. By using this switchword, you will be able to work in harmony and therefore secure faster results. GIVE- This is the switchword for selling and helping others. You may be aware that the two are related. When you sell something you are helping out the buyer, as well as yourself. If you are selling anything, a home, a car, or anything else, try repeating the word GIVE. This will greatly enhance your results when applying the Law of Attraction in order to sell something. HOLE- This is the switchword for creating appeal and attractiveness. This can be a great way for applying the Law of Attraction in regards to your love life. By repeating the word HOLE you will create an attraction to yourself from the opposite sex. This can be great to enhance your love life, or start one if you are lacking in that area. CHUCKLE- CHUCKLE is the word that stimulates your personality. Whenever you feel the need to make a great impression, you can use this switchword to instantly turn on your charm and people skills. This has great uses for just about anyone. It can be used in business dealings, personal relationships, as well as any other situation that requires you show your best qualities. UP- Applying the Law of Attraction requires that you feel positive, happy, and in an overall good mood. This attracts more great things into your life. The word UP is a great way to eliminate negative emotions if you are ever feeling a little down. You will instantly create positive feelings inside yourself, allowing you to give off positive energy. BE- This is the word that represents good health and peace of mind. If you know anything about applying the Law of Attraction, than you understand how a healthy mind manifest itself in a healthy body. This word will allow you to create a state of peacefulness and health and maintain it for long term benefits. BLUFF- Whenever you are feeling nervous or having any fear, this switchword can quickly relieve you of these negative thoughts. Whether it be starting a home business, taking an exam, or anything else that may create nervous feelings, the word BLUFF can instantly eliminate your worry, fear, or doubt. This can be used in many situations ON- for creating new ideas LEARN- to stay looking and feeling young FIGHT-to win a game or contest MOVE- for an increase in energy and vitality CARE- to remember needed information WATCH- to gain a wanted skill or ability TINY- to be a kinder person THANKS- to stop regretting the past ON- to get a ride somewhere ADJUST- to handle an unwanted experience NOW- to take action on an impulse DONE- to develop willpower DO- to stop procrastinating FOR- for promoting something SCHEME- to advertise something STRETCH- to feel good and have well being GUARD- to promote personal safety PRAISE- to make yourself attractive OFF- to fall asleep TAKE- to become a leader SWING- to develop courage TOGETHER-the master switchword for all occasions To create new ideas-ON. To reduce smoking-COUNT. To get in mood for writing-GIGGLE. To stay young and to look young immediately-LEARN. To be a good mechanic-CONSIDER. To break a bad habit-OFF. To meet a deadline-DONE. To sigh-HO. To win in a competitive game-FIGHT. To upset an opponent in such a game-FIGHT. To achieve moderation in any field where tempted to excess-CUT. From page 168: To display pep and sudden energy-MOVE. To turn a setback into an uplift-ELATE. To remember, in the sense of memorization-CARE. To remember something forgotten-REACH. To find lost or misplaced article-REACH. To solve a problem-REACH. To prevent a person or action from annoying one-CANCEL. To obliterate a negative thought-CANCEL. To dispel a worry-CANCEL. To sell-GIVE. To aquire a skill-WATCH. To love to read-JUDGE. To maintain good health-BE. To be kind-TINY. To invent-REACH. To relieve constipation-SWIVEL. To heal a scab-ALONE. To stop drinking-SAVE. To keep a resolution-DONE. To destroy remorse-TOMORROW. To cease regretting-THANKS. To secure transportation-ON. To smile-NAME OF A KNOWN SMILER. To stand up straight-NAME OF A KNOWN STRAIGHT-UP STANDER. From page 169: To enthuse-NAME OF A FAMILIAR ENTHUSIAST. 1 To cure hypersensitivity-DUCK. To prevent pouting streak-POSTPONE. To handle anything unpleasant-ADJUST. To dispel an attack of the blues-UP. To act on good impulse-NOW. To stop faultfinding-PRAISE. To build will power-DONE. 2 To improve perspective-AROUND. To aquire good taste-COPY. To develop leadership-TAKE.To banish lonesomeness-BE. To keep a secret-FOREVER. To retain good feeling or sense of well-being-STRETCH. To eliminate procrastination-DO. To learn a secret-WAIT. produce-ON. To get rid of inertia-MOVE. . To get something out of eye-CHANGE. To dispel nervousness-BLUFF. From page 171: To build. To assume or carry a burden-ADJUST. To withstand impatience-SLOW. To develop or increase endurance-CONTINUE. To handle success-SUFFER. To turn on politeness or courtesy-TINY. To build character-HOLD. To turn on personality-CHUCKLE. To convert another-TAP. To achieve peace of conscience-BE. To call forth extra personal ability-DIVINE. To be wise-SLOW. To make yourself beautiful or handsome-PRAISE. To secure publicity-RIDICULOUS. To promote-FOR. To subdue inner excitement-COVER. To avoid poverty or debt-CANCEL. To ward off apartness of the personality just as negative factor is entering-UNCLE. To improve your mental telepathy-BETWEEN. To preserve personal safety-GUARD. To find percentage-ADD. To swim-CONTINUE. To handle prosperity-SUFFER. To build-PUT. To avoid carelessness-ATTENTION. To build a fortune-FIND. To dress better-SPEND. To nourish ambition-ON. To advertise-SCHEME. From page 170: To dispel conscious fear-BLUFF. To get to sleep-OFF. To dispel ache or pain in any part of body-CHANGE. To create appeal-HOLE. To become an orator-ACT. To publish a successful newspaper-PERSONAL. To lose inferiority complex-UP. To lose pettiness-MAGNANIMITY.To make money-COUNT. To banish lonesomeness. -BOW To end arrogance. -CHUCKLE To turn on personality. To get something out of eye. . -ADD To find percentage. and the Master Switchword: TOGETHER. From page 172: To reduce your bragging-DOWN. -CIRCULATE To end feeling of loneliness -CLASSIC To appear cultured. To design-SCHEME. -ALONE To heal a scab. -ATTENTION To avoid carelessness. -BETWEEN To improve your mental telepathy. -ADJUST To handle anything unpleasant. To obliterate a negative thought. To complete a lot of detailed work-NEXT. To work miracles-DIVINE. -AROUND To improve perspective. Alphabetical order of switchwords. in the sense of memorization. To create. To dispel a worry. To make your children obedient-CROWD. To be pious-SHOW. To bury your grudges-REVERSE. To appear rich-WASTE. To avoid poverty or debt. To develop courage-SWING. To dispel nervousness. To balance. -CHANGE To dispel ache or pain in any part of body. To assume or carry a burden. -ACT To become an orator. -CARE To remember. To achieve peace of conscience. To publish a successful magazine-SOPHISTICATE.with a glossary of uses and notes. To do anything-TOGETHER. To be compatible with others-WITH. -BE To maintain good health. -BLUFF To dispel conscious fear. To create beauty-CURVE. To be soothing to others-SWEET. To read the future-LISTEN. To appear cultured-CLASSIC. -CANCEL To prevent a person or action from annoying one. -CLEAR To dis-create anger. To help others-GIVE. -CONTINUE To swim. -PRAISE To stop faultfinding. -NAME OF A KNOWN SMILER To smile. -ELATE To turn a setback into an uplift. -LISTEN To read the future. -LEARN To stay young and to look young immediately. -NAME OF A KNOWN STRAIGHT-UP STANDER To stand up straight. -DOWN To reduce your bragging. -ON To create new ideas. To develop or increase endurance. -PERSONAL To publish a successful newspaper. -FOREVER To keep a secret. -JUDGE To love to read. -COPY To aquire good taste. -CROWD To make your children obedient. To upset an opponent in such a game. -DO To eliminate procrastination. To make money. -HOLD To build character. -OFF To get to sleep. -QUIET To solve selfishness . -FIND To build a fortune. -GIVE To help others. To make yourself beautiful or handsome. -MAGNANIMITY To lose pettiness. produce. To nourish ambition. To break a bad habit. -COVER To subdue inner excitement. -CUT To achieve moderation in any field where tempted to excess. -NAME OF A FAMILIAR ENTHUSIAST To enthuse. -GIGGLE To get in mood for writing. -HELP To rid uncertainty -HO To sigh. -NEXT To complete a lot of detailed work. -NOW To act on good impulse. -COUNT To reduce smoking. To relieve procrastination. -PUT To build. -HALF/HALFWAY To increase endurance. To get rid of inertia. -CONFESS To end aggression. -FOR To promote. To build will power. -FIGHT To win in a competitive game. To secure transportation. -MOVE To display pep and sudden energy. -DONE To meet a deadline. -DOWN To stop bragging. To sell. -POSTPONE To prevent pouting streak. To work miracles. -DUCK To cure hypersensitivity. to end revenge. To keep a resolution. For extraordinay accomplishment. -CONSIDER To be a good mechanic. -GUARD To preserve personal safety. -OVER To dissipate frustration. -DIVINE To call forth extra personal ability. To build.-CONCEDE To stop arguing. -CURVE To create beauty. -SHUT To banish complaining -SLOW To withstand impatience. To turn on politeness or courtesy. -SUFFER To handle success. -COUNT To reduce smoking. -REDICULOUS To secure publicity.. To make money. -SWING To develop courage. To solve a problem. -UP To dispel an attack of the blues. -FIND To build a fortune. To get something out of eye. -WATCH To aquire a skill. -TOMORROW To destroy remorse. -TAP To convert another. -WHOLE To create appeal. By key category Wealth / Acquire Prosperity -ADD To find percentage. -RIDICULOUS To secure publicity. -WASTE To appear rich. To achieve peace of conscience. -SWEET To be soothing to others. -WASTE To appear rich. -SCHEME To advertise. Health / Wellness -ALONE To heal a scab. -UNCLE To ward off apartness of the personality just as negative factor is entering. To be attractive. -TINY To be kind. -SWIVEL To relieve constipation. To design.To handle prosperity. -WAIT To learn a secret. -RESTORE To restore fairness and honesty -REVERSE To bury your grudges. To design. -FOR To promote. -SOPHISTICATE To publish a successful magazine. -TOGETHER To do anything. -CHANGE To dispel ache or pain in any part of body. -SPEND To dress better. -SHOW To be pious. -SCHEME To advertise. -STRETCH To retain good feeling or sense of well-being. To be wise. -THANKS To cease regretting.-REACH To remember something forgotten. To banish lonesomeness. -SAVE To stop drinking. To lose inferiority complex. -BE To maintain good health. -TAKE To develop leadership. To invent. . To find lost or misplaced article. -WITH To be compatible with others. -SHUT To banish complaining -STRETCH To retain good feeling or sense of well-being. -JUDGE To love to read. -OVER To dissipate frustration. -SAVE To stop drinking. -MOVE To display pep and sudden energy. -BOW To end arrogance. To make money. -COUNT To reduce smoking. -FOREVER To keep a secret. -DIVINE To call forth extra personal ability. -SWING To develop courage. -POSTPONE To prevent pouting streak. To work miracles. To get rid of inertia. -BETWEEN To improve your mental telepathy. -TOMORROW To destroy remorse.-CLEAR To dis-create anger. -SWIVEL To relieve body irregularities. To make yourself beautiful or handsome. -THANKS To cease regretting. -COPY To aquire good taste. -ATTENTION To avoid carelessness. -UNCLE To ward off apartness of the personality just as negative factor is entering. For extraordinay accomplishment. -HO To sigh. -COVER To subdue inner excitement. . -SWEET To be soothing to others. Well-Being / Ability -AROUND To improve perspective. -PRAISE To stop faultfinding. -CONSIDER To be a good mechanic. in the sense of memorization. -QUIET To solve selfishness -RESTORE To restore fairness and honesty -REVERSE To bury your grudges. -DOWN To reduce your bragging. -CURVE To create beauty. -CLASSIC To appear cultured. -TINY To be kind. -CARE To remember. -LEARN To stay young and to look young immediately. To turn on politeness or courtesy. -HELP To rid uncertainty -HOLD To build character. -GUARD To preserve personal safety. To break a bad habit. -CIRCULATE To end feeling of loneliness -CHUCKLE To turn on personality. -BLUFF To dispel conscious fear. To develop or increase endurance. -OFF To get to sleep. -CONTINUE To swim. -DUCK To cure hypersensitivity. To dispel nervousness. -NAME OF A KNOWN SMILER To smile. -CROWD To make your children obedient. To be attractive. To avoid poverty or debt. -CONCEDE To stop arguing. -SUFFER To handle success. To obliterate a negative thought. -WATCH To aquire a skill. -GIVE To help others. -CUT To achieve moderation in any field where tempted to excess. To dispel a worry. To invent. -LISTEN To read the future.-UP To dispel an attack of the blues.To handle prosperity. -SHOW To be pious. -WITH To be compatible with others. -DONE To meet a deadline. -DO To eliminate procrastination. To balance. -TAKE To develop leadership. -NAME OF A KNOWN STRAIGHT-UP STANDER To stand up straight. To upset an opponent in such a game.. -SPEND To dress better. -SLOW To withstand impatience. produce. To solve a problem. To nourish ambition. -WHOLE To create appeal. -NAME OF A FAMILIAR ENTHUSIAST To enthuse. -ELATE To turn a setback into an uplift. -HALF/HALFWAY To increase endurance. -CANCEL To prevent a person or action from annoying one. -CONFESS To end aggression. -PUT To build. -PERSONAL To publish a successful newspaper. -ON To create new ideas. Chant "together" 28 times in a rhythm: . To build will power. -FIGHT To win in a competitive game. Success -ACT To become an orator. To assume or carry a burden. To build. -MAGNANIMITY To lose pettiness. -WAIT To learn a secret. -REACH To remember something forgotten. To secure transportation. -GIGGLE To get in mood for writing. To be wise. To sell. -SOPHISTICATE To publish a successful magazine. -NEXT To complete a lot of detailed work. To lose inferiority complex. How to find new switchwords: 1. To keep a resolution. To find lost or misplaced article. -ADJUST To handle anything unpleasant. To create. -TAP To convert another. -NOW To act on good impulse. -TOGETHER To do anything. These steps: Decide what you want. DIVINE. Through this. with the largest positive feeling you can muster. TOGETHER. The subconscious is also very powerful (it runs your body. not to mention Troward's lectures. TOGETHER.TOGETHER". but doesn't know what to do with all that power. TOGETHER. TOGETHER. An object can act like a switch. Use REACH. It will show you images and feelings when it thinks that these are appropriate to what you are doing. TOGETHER. TOGETHER. Huna explains a great deal of how this works. or will appear when doing something else. You will learn. 2. TOGETHER. you can also look at why an old image was brought up and what associations are still connected with that image.TOGETHER. TOGETHER. TOGETHER. Believe that it is already yours. TOGETHER. Kim's lectures in Huna provide a very good base to understand this relationship between God. TOGETHER. TOGETHER. Also can be REACH in combination with TOGETHER and NOW. TOGETHER. you and your subconscious. The subconscious is your link to the rest of the universe and all of God's power. Your job is to evaluate these and sort through them for the lessons underneath. So you have the delicate proposition of helping it to understand things. Having the "want" for this to appear will make it so. The trick through all this is to do and pursue those things in life which bring you peace. You are the coordination point. TOGETHER. A switch can be an action. TOGETHER. Chant the "Together Song" above and follow your intuition on what to DO. Visualize the complete concept of having it. as well as Haanel's Master Key System. for instance). TOGETHER. TOGETHER. 4. When you being . plus any switchword for a particular ailment (if exists). "REACH . as you teach the subconscious with your learning. Then relax and let the body do the action. The object should appear shortly. TOGETHER. Repeat chant as fast as possible until the switchword appears. TOGETHER. Relax and follow your instinct. TOGETHER. TOGETHER. Notes on "The Secret of Perfect Living": Mangan's key point is to get the conscious coordinating with the subconscious in order to get anything done. TOGETHER. TOGETHER. you can get all that you want done in life. TOGETHER. TOGETHER. TOGETHER. He also mentions that you have to submit to God. TOGETHER. However. Certainly the switchword "CANCEL" is useful here as a quick way of getting some of this stuff out of your way. or "TOGETHER .REACH" And then let go. The switchword will appear intuitively 3. TOGETHER. then asking the sub/proconscious to deliver it. You have to let go when done.which are an intense shortcut to the subconscious. the more effective the prayer or meditation. Use DIVINE in combination with REACH and TOGETHER. Note that three of these switchwords are the names of people who set a good example in the field.or combinations of them .or hum to yourself while driving instead of turning on the radio. especially when using combinations of switchwords.so it then sets up on "automatic" in your mind and rolls on as you do other actions. Languages other than English would have their own switchwords.and what you want.operating from the point of constant peace. Switchwords can be a breakthrough if used as Mangan laid out. you will have achieved what Mangan calls "Perfect Living". then applying the switchword . The other method of applying them would be to use them as a constant chant. The switchword "DIVINE" is barely mentioned in this book. The switchwords from ancient languages might even be more powerful than those Mangan found in English. Older languages had more meanings available. Do this when doing mundane activities such as cleaning. a mantra of sorts. "Sherlock" for deductive activities. None of the books and studies above developed switchwords . getting the feeling of it. Anyone you know and respect might be a switchword for some trait you wish to emulate. sweeping . However.will get the most horsepower into this. Additional Notes on Use and Function of Switchwords . Max Freedom Long found new meanings by translating phrases from the Bible into Huna and then back into English. Finding these would be through the above methods .chiefly would be in getting the "want" figured out exactly. bypassing necessary meditation or prayer. which may or may not be translations of these. Then you will achieve and acquire everything you want in life. This could be expanded . Another switchword -GRATEFUL To bring you peace. given no illustrative example of use. Switchwords manifest more quickly as they go directly to the sub/pro-conscious and bypass the "objective" (conscious) mind and its rationalizations. using fewer words. you can see that this will connect you directly through the subconscious to the Universal. Perhaps the most powerful switchwords would come from the most ancient languages. where all your wants are fulfilled. would be to set them to a popular tune . your concept . Applying the New Thought method (also found in "The Secret" DVD) of naming what you want. Use of switchwords merely simplify and speed up the process. "Einstein" for advanced thought or mathematics. One suggestion on this line. vacuuming."Edison" might be used for invention. Occam's razor applies in this case. as the fewer words you apply to a scene. plus any particular switchword for the ability or talent you are working to acquire. Great use for this is when doing chores and don't have to use all your faculties. It's what you feel. or until you get intuitive insight of something to do.Switchwords can be used as an assist in meditation. And you'll gain greater peace in your life and for those around you. Switchpairs are quick and easy to use. (And wealth. Use of switchwords as a mantra help in this. in keeping thoughts controlled enough so we can concentrate. help protect from: GUARD-LIMIT . The trick is to instantly get into action. a short version of a Switchphrase.they enable inspiration into what action you should be taking.) Switchword Pairs Thank you Sandra van der Heide --What are Switchpairs? A Switchpair is two Switchwords combined to bring a new focus and increased power. health. personal power. Trust your inner vision and your intuition will improve. following your inspiration/intuition. Keep your attention on the the concept of what you want to solve or improve and then repeat the switchword which could help you most (or combination) and keep this up for 15 minutes or longer . Most of us have a great deal of problem in keeping our mind focused. That is the key point of switchwords . --Current list of Switchpairs and their applications --Accept and love something as it is: MAGNANIMITY-FORGIVE --Accept money: LOVE-COUNT --Acidity (to help clear): CHANGE-HO --Align your vibration with ongoing abundance: SUFFER-HORSESHOE --Allergies. etc. much as some Eastern religious studies use them. keep them off your back: WITH-LIMIT --Back off and obey (won’t work on anyone considered equal to or above you such as sibling. stop: CHANGE-NOW --Breathe easier: CRYSTAL-CLEAR --Breathe fresher: CRYSTAL-CLEAR --Bronchitis: MAGNANIMITY-REVERSE --Burn pain: GUARD-WOMB . parent or boss): LIMIT-CROWD --Balance the negative and the positive (of the yin and yang) and Master it: DIPOLE-TOGETHER --Be bold and fearless when talking to people: SWING-ACT --Be confident in the path. direction in which you are traveling: ANCHOR-POINT --Be in touch (with self and the universe) and in high spirits: LISTEN-UP --Bleeding.--Anal fissures (to help clear): OPEN-LIGHT --Avoid someone. --Calm down & reset boundaries: EASE-LIMIT --Calmness and stability. reduce: TINY-GO --Chakra balancing: DivineORDER-WOMB --Claustrophobia: FOREVER-BLUFF --Claustrophobia: UNCLE-TOGETHER --Clear your mind & relax (especially for meditation): QUIET-CRYSTAL --Close this segment & stop causing trouble: END-SHUT --Cold or flu (help clear faster): LIMIT-GUARD --- . maintain: BENEVOLENT-PEACE --Caring. help dissolve: CLEAR-CHANGE --Cataracts. help stop from increasing in size: OPEN-CLEAR --Cellulite. soothing and loving (be or feel): SWEET-LOVE --Cataracts. release: QUIET-DOWN --Dilemma. increase comprehension of: LISTEN-BETWEEN --Conversationalist. let it roll off your back: REJOICE-DUCK --Criticism. help clear: DIVINE-HELP --Dizzy spell: DEDICATE-FIFTY THREE . be an amazing: DIVINE-ACT --Cook tasty food: CHARM-LIGHT --Create beauty and attraction: CURVE-HOLE --Create miracles and integrate them into your life: PRAISE-DIVINE --Critical and jealous (stop being): PRAISE-REJOICE --Criticism.Come together in mind. spirit and soul: GATHER-TOGETHER --Complete a transition (or anything) faster: HALFWAY-DONE --Conversation. not be affected by: DUCK-ACT --Curiosity. body. radiating and experiencing love and acceptance: GIGGLE-LOVE --Enjoy writing and express yourself well: GIGGLE-ACT --Exaltation: FOR-UP --Expand a blissful time: DIVINE-STRETCH --Expel those negative and unwanted thoughts: PURGE-CANCEL --- . retrieve (remember): CRYSTAL-NOW --Dry lips (help relieve): POSTPONE-MAGNANIMITY --Enhance intimacy: BUBBLE-UP --Enjoy generating.--Doubting Thomas (clear the negative ifs & buts): GO-DEDICATE --Draw more fortune to you: FIND-HOLE --Draw more money to you: COUNT-HOLE --Dread: LOVE-WOMB --Dreams. stop: OFF-WASTE --Focus. attain: PERSONAL-WATCH .Faintish hunger: CLIMB-LIMIT --False accusations (stop being on receiving end of): CRYSTAL-UNMASK --Feel good physically: DIVINE-CHANGE --Find relaxation and calmness: REACH-HO --Find something that seems hopelessly lost: CRYSTAL-REACH --Flatulence. find and maintain: REACH-POINT --Food cravings. release: DEDICATE-FORGIVE --Forced to do something against your will: HORSE-GUARD --Forgiveness and love are the two greatest solvents: FORGIVE-LOVE --Get energized and move: UP-MOVE --Go to sleep even if not feeling tired: QUIET-SHUT --Goals. --Goals. stop: HO-SLOW --Grow rapidly & safely (spiritually. reduce: TINY-LIGHT --Hiccups: HO-WITH --Hopeless. be: PERSONAL-BE --Hemorrhoids. helpless feeling (help clear): ELATE-GIGGLE --Hot flashes (help clear): TAP-CHANGE --Humiliation (stop feeling): BOW-ELATE --Improve perspective and adapt: AROUND-TAP --Improve relationship between two or more parties: DIVINE-TOGETHER . set: LISTEN-CARE --Grinding teeth in sleep. emotionally and/or physically): ROOT-HORSESHOE --Have to use the toilet & no place suitable (control that feeling of nervousness or anticipation): ADJUSTSHUT --Healthy. --Improve relationship with yourself: TOGETHER-DIVINE --Improve study habits and retention: DIVINE-CARE --Improve team sports performance: TOGETHER-FIGHT --Increase ability to maintain emotional stability: DIVINE-PEACE --Increase energy: LIGHT-MOVE --Increase money (enlarge amount of money you make): ADD-COUNT --Increase money (transition money made from smaller to larger amounts): ACT-COUNT --Increase personal ability to make money: DIVINE-COUNT --.Increase self-confidence & self-worth: CRYSTAL-HORSE --Inflammatory pain: CHANGE-ADJUST --Insomnia: END-SHUT --Insomnia (especially if you wake up too soon and want to get back into deep sleep): HO-SLOW --Insomnia (to relax. induce sleep and stop the mind chatter): HO-OFF . untogetherness or apartness: POSTPONE-UNCLE . like water beading off a duck’s back or Gortex jacket): ELATE ACT --Irritability. decrease: HO-LIGHT --Itching all over your body: FORGIVE-ADJUST --Itching eyes or eyelids: CHANGE-MOVE --Keep someone off your back: WITH-LIMIT --Keep the secret of health and peace with you: FOREVER-BE --Let go of aggression: POSTPONE-CONFESS --Let go of alcohol: POSTPONE-SAVE --Let go of anger & resentment: POSTPONE-CLEAR --Let go of being separated.--Inspire lucid dreaming (gain control of situations and characters while dreaming): GO-CRYSTAL --Inspire lucid dreaming (make dreams more vivid. symbolic & memorable): CRYSTAL-WAIT --Insult from someone (be unaffected by it. --Let go of blues & inferiority complex: POSTPONE-UP --Let go of bragging: POSTPONE-DOWN --Let go of clinging: POSTPONE-DEDICATE --Let go of constipation: POSTPONE-SWIVEL --Let go of desire for revenge: POSTPONE-FORGIVE --Let go of diarrhea: POSTPONE-SWIVEL --Let go of disobedience: POSTPONE-CROWD --Let go of emotional & physical pain: POSTPONE-CHANGE --Let go of emotional distress: POSTPONE-CANCER --Let go of evil: POSTPONE-SAGE Let go of fear or nervousness: POSTPONE-BLUFF --Let go of frustration: POSTPONE-OVER --Let go of greed: POSTPONE-OFFER . --Let go of grudges: POSTPONE-REVERSE --Let go of hate & envy: POSTPONE-MONA LISA --Let go of hypersensitivity: POSTPONE-DUCK --Let go of indecision or uncertainty: POSTPONE-HELP --Let go of inhibitions: POSTPONE-OPEN --Let go of jealousy: POSTPONE-REJOICE --Let go of laziness: POSTPONE-GO --Let go of looking for trouble: POSTPONE-SHUT --Let go of negativity or unwanted conditions: POSTPONE-CANCEL --Let go of nervousness or inner excitement: POSTPONE-COVER --Let go of pettiness: POSTPONE-MAGNANIMITY --Let go of procrastination: POSTPONE-DO --- . Let go of regrets and guilt: POSTPONE-THANKS --Let go of remorse: POSTPONE-FORGIVE --Let go of remorse and sorrow: POSTPONE-TOMORROW --Let go of tension & resistance: POSTPONE-OIL --Let go of unwanted habits: POSTPONE-SAVE --Let go of your ego: POSTPONE-QUIET --Lighten mood and be in high spirits (helps you to be willing to let go of depression): LIGHT-UP --Lockjaw (relax it): ADJUST-HO --Look to the future & maintain protection: CRYSTAL-GUARD --Make a transformation with extraordinary ability: DIVINE-ACT --Make immediate clear decision & act on it: CRYSTAL-NOW --Make imperfections not noticed by others: DIVINE-MASK --Make the first move with boldness & courage: GO-SWING . release: QUIET-OFF --Nurture innocence and childlike nature inside oneself: CHUCKLE-LEARN --Obsessing over pain: POINT-OFF --Obsessing over something: POINT-OFF --Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: QUIET-GUARD --- .--Make yourself handsome & dispel hypersensitivity over your looks: PRAISE-DUCK --Meditation (improve): BE-SLOW --Meditation (improve concentration during): HO-SLOW --Mosquitoes (leave you alone): CROWD-LIMIT --Motivation. to get: GO-MOVE --Muscle cramp: UNCLE-ADJUST --Muscle pulled: POSTPONE-UNCLE --Need to know. relax to clear: CHANGE-HO --Pain relief: POINT-OFF --Pain. help clear): CLIMB-HELP --Pain. help relieve (from detoxing or other sources) : ELATE-NOW --Quiet your ego & allow yourself to become a success: QUIET-PERSONAL . stop obsessing over: POINT-OFF --Peristalsis movement (move bowels now)): SWIVEL-NOW --Photo (relax & allow to be taken): CURVE-HO --Premature Ejaculation: FIGHT-FOREVER --Produce extraordinary results: DIVINE-ON --Produce sleep: ON-OFF --Protect from exploitation: BUFFER-GUARD --Put love energy & protection into food: LOVE-GUARD --Queasiness. etc.Obstructions in path (of life.. emotional or spiritual): QUIET-MOVE --Quiet your mind & regain control: QUIET-LIMIT --Quiet your mind & sleep: QUIET-OFF --Quiet your mind so you can see true facts: QUIET-UNMASK --Reconnect with your inner begin and clear inertia (get moving): LISTEN-MOVE --Reduce cravings for sugar and other substances: CUT-OFF --Regain control & change focus to caring: LIMIT-SWEET --Rejuvenate and increase energy: LEARN-MOVE --Release fear & be peacefully accepting of the situation: BENEVOLENT-BLUFF --- .--Quiet your ego & release remorse & regrets: QUIET-FORGIVE --Quiet your mind & find what you have lost: QUIET-REACH --Quiet your mind & lighten your load: QUIET-LIGHT --Quiet your mind & move beyond an impasse (physical. mental. --Respond rather than react (take time to get beyond the initial emotional reaction before responding): QUIET-SLOW --Retain in memory & increase comprehension: CARE-JUDGE --Save information for emergency recall: CARE-REACH --Scratch some place you cannot in public (feeling the need to scratch): MOVE-ROOT --Sell things and/or services & make money: GIVE-COU NT --Sever ties and stop looking for trouble: CUT-SHUT --Shield from bad luck: ELATE-MASK --Snoring. decrease/stop: QUIET-CHANGE --Stop a fight: LIMIT-QUIET --Stop escalation of an argument: LIMIT-QUIET --- .) Click here to learn more about Energy Circles.Release tension & relax: OIL-HO --Remove people/things from your experience: LIMIT-GUARD (Put Switchpair and your name inside an Energy Circle and the person or thing to remove from your experience outside the Energy Circle. Stop listening to other people’s desires for you: LIMIT-SHUT --Stop obsessing about something: POINT-OFF --Stop panicking: QUIET-HO --Stop panicking(allows you to clear your mind to think): QUIET-SLOW --Stop worrying about what others think of you: QUIET-MASK --Strengthen teeth & anchor into gums: ANCHOR-GUARD --Stretch your budget: DIVINE-STRETCH --Substantially increase endurance: DIVINE-CONTINUE --Sudden constriction in throat: CHUCKLE-ADJUST --Take responsibility for mastering your world: FIFTY THREE-TOGETHER --Take responsibility for your own safety: FIFTY THREE-GUARD --Tears welling up: ELATE-GIGGLE --Teeth. strengthen the root in the gums: HORSE-ANCHOR . stop: HO-SLOW --Wake up bright and energized: BUBBLE-MOVE --Wake up easy and restored (if you have to wake up sooner than you should or want to): CRISP-MOVE --Wart. increase (tolerate some one around you): REACH-LIGHT --Transportation. decrease: RESCIND-BUBBLE . get immediate: DIVINE-ON --Tummy tuck (get stomach to appear and grow smaller): TINY-LIGHT --Unwanted thoughts about someone (John Doe): TOGETHER-DIVINE-(name) --Uplift & enjoy the task at hand: ELATE-GIGGLE Urinary Incontinence: FIGHT-FOREVER --Vomiting. help stop: DIVINE-LOVE --Thumb sucking. help stop: LOVE-WOMB --Tolerance.--Terrorized by someone: UNMASK-FORGIVE --Thumb sucking. effiles. 14 Categories: Freedom. Love. Money. chant. the life of action. Wisdom. James T. or even just mentally "intend" the Switchword. For additional Switchword articles. condition. Service to humanity. expressed as a single word.ehdef." Declare. the desired result reliably appears.aboutsw. and like turning on an electric lamp with a switch.com Switchword is the essence of an experience. Health. God religion spirituality and enlightenment. Happiness. or desired result. Art. Switchword is "one-word creative declaration. Security. attain: SLOW-JUDGE --- Universal Switchwords List Thank You Marilyn Holzmann See also Switch file description http://www.com ." a "one-word affirmation. affirm. attain: FIND-COUNT --Wisdom. Self-improvement. Survival. including a list of Broad Switchwords see: http://www.--Wealth. Mangan realized TOGETHER was the one-word formula on 10-March-1951 that would manifest all of them in perfect proportion. sing. TOGETHER is the Master Switchword for a life of heaven on Earth and mastery of any task at hand.ehdef. Pleasure. make it so. dispel loneliness. handle uncomfortable or unpleasant conditions 4. CANCER calm emotional distress. BOW dispel arrogance 11. manifest. increase focus on self 5. get energized. BRING unite with. increase psychic awareness 9. retain . enhance imagination and dreams 10. ATTENTION do detailed work. BLUFF dispel fear or nervousness. ADD find or increase percentage. soften (from astrology’s Cancer the Crab) 15. ADJUST create balance.Universal Switchwords in alphabetical order: 1. have good form. eliminate poverty 14. BE be at peace and in good health. skill in sports. BUBBLE expand beyond perceived limitations. dispel annoyance. ACT be a good orator. ALONE nurture or heal. BETWEEN use or enhance telepathy. or any unwanted thought or condition. CARE memorize. erase or dis-create debt or any kind of negativity. remember. eliminate. deliver the goods 12. enlarge what you have 3. assume or carry a burden. to be unaffected by ridicule 8. transition 2. CANCEL eliminate negativity or unwanted conditions. to dispel worry. get excited 13. avoid carelessness 7. AROUND gain or improve perspective 6. feel refreshed. brighten 33. CRISP dispel fatigue. COUNT make money. "kiss & make up" 26. CURVE create beauty.sw. rejuvenate. enhance. CLASSIC appear cultured. revitalize. CHLORINE mingle. CIRCULATE end loneliness. suave 23. COPY have good taste. CONSIDER be a good mechanic. COVER reduce nervousness. CLEAR dispel anger and resentment 24.com Page 2 of 4 22. things. CONCEDE stop arguing. CHARLTON HESTON stand straight and tall (or use someone you know who stands straight and tall) 18. neutralize. a fixer of things 28. access Universal Knowledge 35. improve clairvoyance. CHANGE dispel emotional or physical pain.16. blend. increase fertility 30. CHARM manifest your heart’s desires 19. make something beautiful . make a difference. CLIMB rise. CONFESS end aggression 27. become one with 20. mingle 17-Oct-09 http://www. reduce smoking 31. look to the future. subdue inner excitement 32. CHUCKLE turn on personality 21. share yourself. CONTINUE create or increase endurance.ehdef. enhance your view point 25. pets or subordinates 34. CROWD dispel disobedience in children. CRYSTAL clarify the situation. purify. continue swimming 29. get something out of the eye 17. DOWN stop bragging 45. FORGIVE eliminate remorse. CUTE think. be clever 38. CUT for moderation if tempted to excess. keep a resolution. be sharp-witted. ELATE transform a setback into an uplift or benefit 47. FIND build a fortune 50. increase enlightenment. FIFTY THREE pay primary concern. GIVE sell. revamp 42. enjoy the task at hand 55. DONE create completion. GIGGLE get in the mood for writing. DEDICATE stop clinging 39. FOR promote 51. brightly focus positivity 41.36. or packing for a trip. sever ties 37. GO end laziness. expand capacity 54. put in optimum order. meet a deadline. FOREVER keep a secret 52. go beyond. FULL optimum level. clean up a mess. progress . begin. increase personal ability 40. take responsibility 48. end desire for revenge 53. help others 56. be efficient. discern. DUCK dispel hypersensitivity 46. build willpower 44. DIVINE work miracles or extraordinary accomplishment. DivineORDER anytime you have some organizing or cleaning to do. intensify intents 49. DO eliminate procrastination 43. FIGHT win a competitive game. DIVINE-LIGHT multiply intensity. lighten load. acceptance 72. LISTEN predict the future. gain power 64. strengthen the soul. dispel hate.sw. increase comprehension 67. be strong. look youthful. preserve personal safety 58. LOVE generate. stop. back off. safely move rapidly ahead. experience love. HELP eliminate indecision or uncertainty. increase sturdiness and balance 65. HOLD build character 17-Oct-09 http://www. JUDGE love to read. LIMIT set parameters. MASK save from harm.com Page 3 of 4 62. appealing 63. HORSESHOE remain steadfast. to reduce tension. HORSE be solid. mood or stress 69. JACK LALANNE enthuse (or use someone you know who is an enthusiast) 66. HOLE be attractive. in touch with nature and self 71. end pettiness 73. LIGHT be inspired. MONA LISA smile. GUARD protection of body. HALFWAY make a long distance seem short 59. HO relax. spirit or property. shield 74. to sigh 61. rejuvenate 68. increase focus 60. regain control 70.57. dispel envy (or someone who represents a smile to you) . LEARN be youthful.ehdef. to yawn. radiate. MAGNANIMITY be generous. keep others from taking advantage of you. free the mind. invent. repair things. ON get new ideas. go to sleep 79. etc. stop fault finding. OVER end frustration 84. release resistance. find what you’re looking for such as misplaced items like keys. be a success 85. smooth. solutions to problems. OFFER dispel greed 80.75. MOVE increase energy. NOW end procrastination. POSTPONE stop pouting. produce 82. dispel inhibitions. etc. breathe easier.. remember. PRAISE be beautiful. OIL clear friction. NEXT finish lots of meticulous work. release tension. information in your mind or memory like names. at this time 77. tolerate. comprehend. separate 81. reach solutions for problems. repeat. stop being critical. obtain transportation. eliminate tiredness. nourish ambition. find direction. improve situation 86. clear inertia 76. decide 87. PERSONAL publish a successful newspaper or newsletter. increase pep. forgotten ideas. routine or pattern. solve problems. POINT improve eyesight and focus. build. PHASE set goals. OPEN release. be artful. act on good impulse 78. allow 83. let it go 88. recall. PUT build. expand 90. OFF quit an unwanted habit. understand. QUIET quiet the ego 91. retrieve .. papers. REACH locate misplaced objects. numbers. make yourself handsome 89. tools. REJOICE stop being jealous 93. stop 96. grow 98. be beautiful 106. mentally. grow intellectually. design.92. SPEND dress better. REVERSE bury a grudge. RESCIND undo. moral. SHOW be devout. virtuous. SAVE stop drinking alcohol and other unwanted habits 100. create 101. give respect 102. SOPHISTICATE publish a successful magazine. spiritually or physically 107. handle prosperity . discover.com Page 4 of 4 94. SAGE dispel evil 99.sw. RIDICULOUS get publicity. center attention on you 97. have patience 104. CRYSTAL and LISTEN with RESCIND to avoid possible time loop 17-Oct-09 http://www.ehdef. ROOT dig. restore honesty 95. become a larger success 105. restart. cancel. SUFFER handle success. (similar to Control-Z on a Windows computer you undo last action) Caution: Always use BETWEEN. RESTORE restore fairness. SLOW be wise. STRETCH prolong a good feeling or event or sense of well-being. SHUT stop looking for trouble 103. redo. SCHEME advertise. finalize 124. expose.com James T. decrease importance 115. TINY be polite. reduce size. harmonize well with others. reconnect with Source The above is a blending of information from: Kat Miller & Associates http://www. WHET stimulate. release guilt 114.108. be caring 109. be secure. adapt. have it all together. relieve diarrhea 111. UP be in high spirits. WASTE appear rich. be courteous. UNMASK bring into focus. be bold 110. TAP convert. TOGETHER master any activity. WATCH learn a skill. show opulence 122. WAIT learn a secret 121. sharpen. dispel inferiority complex 120.ehdef. lay bare 119. dispel sorrow 117. SWEET be soothing to others. Mangan The Secret of Perfect Living Shunyam Nirav Switchwords – Easily Give to You Whatever You Want in Life . THANKS stop regretting. WITH be agreeable. dispel the blues. immerse in 125. be cuddly. TAKE become a good leader 112. refine. perfect a skill 123. SWIVEL relieve constipation. hone. renovate 113. be kind. compatible. UNCLE dispel untogetherness. TOMORROW eliminate remorse. SWING have courage. WOMB feel cuddled. ward off apartness 118. become single-minded 116.
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