Swirlax Burner

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Single machinesSwirlax® kiln burner 10. an inner radial. As the adjustment of the flame shape is completely independent of the coal feed. gas. the amount of primary air can be kept down to about 7%. however. Primary air is divided into two flows. The burner is suspended from a carriage and designed so that the burner nozzle is adjustable both vertically and horizontally. When burning two or three fuels a minimum of 10% of any fuel is recommended. design and operation The Swirlax burner offers the following advantages : - Improved heat economy - Low amount of primary air - Coal conveyance air independent of air used for flame shaping - Widely adjustable flame shape - Various fuel combinations - Easy change-over between fuels - Use of low-grade coal Position of Swirlax kiln burner in a production line 1. The above illustration shows a Swirlax coal-cum-oil burner.5-8 kg coal meal/M3 air. 8. viz. With a coal/conveyance air ratio in the range of 3. to 120 m/sec. narrow flame.Application. The air velocity in the burner nozzle can be regulated in the range of 35 m/sec. The burner nozzle cross-section can easily be adjusted by means of eye bolts at the rear of the burner. The primary air fan. 4. the oil burner is simply replaced by a gas burner or a combined gas/oil burner. 5. It can be used for firing pulverised coal. 7. . each fitted with a scale. whereas an increased axial flow gives a long. In the case of coallgas or coal/oil/gas firing. is designed for 10% primary air and a total pressure of Pt = 120-130 mbar to allow for adverse operational conditions. The distribution of primary air into radial and axial air flows is regulated by two manually-operated dampers. 3. An increased radial air volume at high injection rate results in a short. the conveyance air plus primary air will account for only about 10% of the combustion air theoretically required. The Swirlax combined fuel burner has three annular cross-sections with the oil or gas burner and its protective tube placed in the centre. axial flow. The coal is injected axially through the intermediate annular crosssection. The possibility of varying the burner nozzle settings as well as the ratio between axial and radial primary air. Burner pipe External coal pipe Internal coal pipe Protective pipe Oil burner Guide vanes Axial air Coal meal Radial air Geared motor for travelling movement Swirlax coal-cum-oil burner Swirlax burner installed at plant in Greece Swirlax is a combined fuel burner for rotary kilns. oil or combinations of these fuels in any proportion. swirling flow and an outer. wide flame. 9. makes the flame shape fully adjustable. 6. 2. Madras 600105. Ballygunge Circular Road. Scarborough..Thornmount Drive.1-66020 S. USA: FULLER COMPANY.SMIDTH& CIA ESPAÑOLA. SOUTH KOREA: FULLER INTERNATIONAL.L. Independent Sales Office.3300 Cavendish Boulevard.Dimensioning Fuel consumption Burner Type Trolley Lt mm Kiln burner pipe Castable Diameter Length Diameter Kg with insul. Postal address: Kyobashi P. ITALY: F.Smidth & Co.Tsuldji 4. L. l-l. Choong-Ku. No. Giovanni Teatino (CH). Pennsylvania.. lO..P..SMIDTH.80090 Gümüssuyu. 2065.4000 Düsseldorf 11. L.SMIDTH & FULLER SUBSIDIARIES: AUSTRALIA: FULLER F. 10-E.SMIDTH .. DENMARK: F. Total Coal Kg/h Oil Kg/h 1000-3000 550-1700 CO-1 2500 5000 270 390 925 1150 3000-5000 1700-2850 CO-2 2500 6000 300 420 1225 1660 5000-7500 2850-4300 CO-3 2500 6000 330 450 1325 1965 7500-9500 4300-5450 co-4 2500 6000 350 470 1375 2120 9500-11500 5450-6600 co-5 3000 6000 380 500 1550 2605 11500-13500 6600-7750 co-6 3000 6000 430 550 1650 2780 13500-17000 7750-9750 co-7 3000 6000 450 570 1725 2900 17000-22000 9750-12600 co-8 3000 6000 500 620 1900 3050 22000-28000 12600-16050 co-9 3000 6000 520 640 1950 3150 28000-34000 16050-19500 co-10 3000 6000 550 670 2050 3375 Kg Data in this brochure is intented forpreliminary project planning only. Lansdowne Road.W.A/S. 17. FULLER K. A/S. Scite Tower.Traktröe MakineTicaret Ltd. Box 78. SPAIN: F. Calcutta 700 019. 11560 Mexico City. 92-94.C. Chapultepec Polanco. 1009.K.SMIDTH. Mithat Pasa Han..F.Togeki Building. 2. DK-2500 Valby Copenhagen. 0. Arun Chambers. Box 8901.156 Pacific Highway.. SA.S. 2/4 rue Vincent van Gogh. Beijing Representative Office. L. L.O. FULLER K.C. Primer Piso. FULLER -F. Caixa Postal 3506.. L. LTD. Independent Sales Office.01051 Sao Paulo.. Dadaji Road.. L. N.SMIDTH SA. Ontario M1B3J4. Istanbul.chome. Chuo-ku. Rivonia. 26. LTD.Tokyo 104. C. Hwa-Shin Building.SMIDTH & C. Quebec H4B 2M8. Carretera de La Coruña. CANADA: FULLER..r. FRANCE: FULLER-F. P. Brooklin Paulista. 68. New Delhi 110001. Seoul. Box 2016.SMIDTH FULLER MEXICO.O.. Ternac SA. L.Torre “B”.L. Montreal. Tokyo 104-91. L.SMIDTH CANADA LIMITED. L.22 Jianguo MenWai Dajie. 15 Tolstoy Marg. . 220. MEXICO: F. FULLER .C. INC. D.. 93364 Neuilly-Plaisance Cédex. P. TURKEY: F. L. c/o Trakmak.FULLER GMBH. Beijing 100004.CEP 04560. Bombay 400 034. UNITED KINGDOM: F. A/S.FULLER LTD. LICENSEES/JOINT VENTURES: INDIA: Larsen &Toubro Ltd.P. INC. FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY: F. LTD..F.Smidth & Co. Bombay 400072. Emanuel Leutze Strasse 17.28230 Las Rozas (Madrid).}.SMIDTH (PACIFIC) PTY. CHINA: F. F. Annapurna Apartments. L. Ismet Inödü Cad. Rivonia 2128. LTD. COMÉRCIO E INDÚSTRIA LTDA. Ave. Campos Eliseos 385. JAPAN: FLS Japan Ltd. Level 4.SP. 0. L. Room 1307. P. 443. DE C. BRAZIL : F. Manufacturer reserves the right to modify equipment details and/or specifications without notice.P. FULLER ..SMIDTH CANADA LIMITED.F.K.P.C. SA. Victoria Crescent.. SOUTH AFRICA: FULLER . CHILE: FULLER-TRAYLOR.L. L.R. 3rd Floor. Rua Nebraska. 18017-2188. Sirketi. FanorVelasso “12. CR9 2JT.Vigerslev Allé 77. Greenwich. km. 363 Rivonia Boulevard. Liaison Office. 82 1-KA Bongrae-Dong. ITALIANA S.SMIDTH (PTY) LTD.Smidth & Co. Cement Machinery Division.Via Aterno. Bethlehem.8.P. Santiago.Tardeo. Powai Works. 17. Tolstoy House. Box 1537.. Ramakrishna Building. 2040 Avenue C. Croydon.V. Rheinstern Haus. LTD.
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