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SEMESTER 1 2015/2016 Co-cu No : _________ LOG BOOK CO-CURRICULUM SWIMMING Personal Information Name : Goh Eileen Student’s Reg. No : 14 PBR 12162 I.C No : 930801-07-5944 Telephone No : 016-3325510 E-mail : [email protected] phot o Course of study : Bachelor of business (Honours) Accounting and Finance Current address : 1, Lorong Murni 13, Taman Desa Murni, 13800 Butterworth, Pulau Pinang. 1 Rules and Regulations of Swimming Pool & Water Safety (4 marks) (130 - 150 words) To abstract the important rules and regulations.  No one will be allowed in the swimming area unless the pool is officially open and a lifeguard is on duty.  Guards have authority to enforce all pool rules.  A driver’s license or other ID is required at the admission counter for non-pass holders.  Proper swim attire is required. No street clothes, cut offs, denim shorts, or thong bathing suits are permitted in the pool area, unless deemed appropriate for religious purposes.  A group of children (6 or more, 6-17 years of age) entering the pool must be directly supervised at poolside by an adult in swim attire. There must be one adult for every five children. Groups MUST contact the pool management before coming to the complex. Groups with children under 6 years of age must provide one adult per child in the water, due to the high risk nature of the activity. (144 words) Current Issues of Aquatics Activities (4 marks) (130 - 150 words) Choose an article on any current issue (any media) Write your personal opinion regarding the issue in not more than 150 words. Article KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia will have a smaller group of swimmers compared to their main 2 rivals at the Singapore SEA Games in June. The Amateur Swimming Union of Malaysia (Asum) have named 17 participants – nine men and eight women – for the Games. Multiple SEA Games gold medallist Daniel Bego will lead the men’s squad. The others are Welson Sim, Wong Fu Kang, Lim Ching Hwang, Kevin Yeap, Tern Jian Han, Shaun Yap, Vernon Lee and Alywn Tan. Christina Loh, the United States-based breaststroke specialist, will head the women’s team. Khoo Cai Lin, Erika Kong, Yap Siew Hui, Chui Lai Kwan, Phee Jinq En, Angela Chieng and Carolyn Chan are the others selected. Four swimmers – Alwyn, Angela, Carolyn and Jinq En – will be making their debuts. Seasoned campaigners Yap See Tuan, Ian James Barr, Asmalia Filzati Redzuan and Nadia Adrianna Redza all failed to make the squad. Asum acting secretary Mae Chen said they would be happy to maintain the four-gold haul from the 2013 Myanmar Games. “All those going are capable of bringing home medals. I believe there could be some surprises as some of them did pretty fast times at the recent Malaysian Open. “But we do not want to be over confident at this point as we don’t know how our rivals are doing,” said Mae. At the Myanmar Games, Christina won the 100m and 200m breaststroke golds. Daniel (400m freestyle) and Cai Lin (800m freestyle) contributed one gold each. In its most undiluted form, swimming is the most primitive of sports. Essentially it comes down to a simple equation. Men’s squad will lead by pass Sea Games gold medalist holder , this will bring men’s squad team to more successful ways. But at some stage they broke it down into the disciplines of freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and breaststroke mostly. Well training breaststroke by professional will lead women’s team doing better in competition, while breaststroke is as not easy skills because breaststroke is swum in a prone position. Both arms move synchronously and execute short, half-circular movements underwater. The legs also move synchronously and 3 execute a whip kick . With our Malaysian team preparation and experience of this coming competition, I believe Malaysia will score a better result and win more medals and win honor for the country. (132 words) Log Entry (1) – Individual Activity 1 (1 mark) (80 - 100 words) Date : 12/4/2015 Time : 5:00pm Venue: Georgetown, Penang Participants: 1 Log in 3 individual and 2 group of swimming practices that you carry out during your leisure time. Information such as date/time/venue/number of participants must be included. Write about the type of activity/skills and some learning principles. During my leisure time, I have cycling to new place that I haven’t cycling there before. Cycling is one of the easier activity for me. Furthermore, the skills of cycling is just you need to keep the balance when you cycle, move direction correctly, use your legs to ride the bicycle move forward and know your gears. For example, when you approach a hill and need to get into an easy gear fast. You may have two or three chain rings to choose from, with the smallest ring providing the easiest turnover. 4 (93 words) Log Entry (2) – Individual Activity 2 (1 mark) (80 - 100 words) Date : 5/5/2015 Time : 6:30pm Venue : Tanjong Bungah, Penang Participants: 1 When I feel free I will go for a jogging nearly to my hostel. Jogging meant slowly or relaxed running some distance. Jogging are forms of aerobic exercise. A beginner to exercise should start with brisk walking, progress to jogging and work up to running. Avoid eating directly before going for a run, should eat 2 hours before or after jogging. Allow at least two complete rest days per week to avoid overtraining, which may cause injury. Jogging can help to build strong bones, as it is a weight bearing exercise. 5 (91 words) Log Entry (3) – Individual Activity 3 (1 mark) (80 - 100 words) Date : 30/6/2015 Time : 6:00pm Venue : TARUC, Penang Participants: 1 Swimming is my favorite activity, swimming offers tremendous fitness benefits. An often overlooked basic skill in swimming is the ability to time your breaths. The basic idea involves breathing out through both nose and mouth when your head is underwater, then lift your head to the side, taking a full breath before plunging your face back down under the surface. Gliding through the water is a basic skill to master before you even consider kicking and paddling. After that, you need to learn kicking and paddling. Make sure you know the basic technique you only consider that you can swimming. 6 7 (100 words) Log Entry (4) – Group Activity 1 (1 mark) (80 - 100 words) Date : 14/7/2015 Time : 5:00pm Venue :Gym Room Participants: 5 Last week, due to we have enough time for healthy activities. So me and my group member decided planning for training our body at gym room. One of the reason we choosing gym training is because of raining season, much activities cannot be done at outdoor. At the early morning, we going to register for afternoon session gym class. After class, we meet at gym room then after change proper sport attire we going to start our first game. As the senior told us before workout must do a few steps of warm up to prevent injury. ( 96 words) Log Entry (5) – Group Activity 2 (1 mark) (80 - 100 words) 8 Date : 14/7/2015 Time : 5:30pm Venue : TARUC Participants: 5 To improving our swimming skills, my group member and I were decided to training swimming independent without Sir and senior teaching. Tuesday is the best choice for us to practice at Taruc swimming pool. We are facing the same problem, that is we are weak in freestyle skills. After warm up for 3 minutes, we start our group practicing. The best thing for us learn at that day is team work towards a common goal as we have share our opinion about this skills. End of the day, we have improve our kicking power for all the strokes. (100 words) My Personal Activity Log (3 marks) Date Time Activity Goal Confirmed by 9 Staff / Student 9/6/15 5.30 pm- Swimming Train freestyle skills 7.30pm with teammate 10/6/15 5 pm- GYM Train stamina with 7pm teammate 15/6/15 7am- Jogging Diet 9am 16/6/15 5.30 pm- Swimming Train freestyle skills 7.30pm with teammate 19/6/15 4pm- Cycling Train stamina 7pm 22/6/15 7am- Jogging Diet 9am 30/6/15 5.30 pm- Swimming Train freestyle skills 7.30pm with teammate Total 15 hours Hours: Students are required to log their own learning time of not less than 14 hours (any activity related to skills and physical fitness) 10 Reflections What did I learn from this course? (2 marks) Before attend this class, I just learn basic skills of swimming, which is Breast Stroke. From this class, I know how to swim with breast stroke in the correct way. I also learn new things in this swimming class which is freestyle, when I know can learn freestyle I was very excited because I can learn the different swimming style. Freestyle is not very easy to learn but I will put effort to learn it. What should I do to further develop my soft skills and technical skills? (2 marks) I will always practice the swim skill as need to improve time to time. In order to gain my soft skill, I will try to take part in any swimming competition when I can develop well my technical skills. In the other hand, I will find some friend or family members that interested in swimming go practice together with me. I will also sharing some opinion of swimming to my friend and family members to let them know the correct swimming technical skills and help to improve their skills. Comments : (by staff) 11
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