Street Light That Glows on Detecting Vehicle Movement Using Ir Sensor

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ELECTRONICS HUBP R O J E C T S | T U T O R I A L S  HOME » GENERAL » STREET LIGHT GLOWING ON DETECTING VEHICLE MOVEMENT USING IR SENSOR Street Light Glowing On Detecting Vehicle Movement Using IR Sensor AUGUST 30, 2017 BY ANUSHA — 6 COMMENTS Contents [hide] 1 Construction and Output Video 2 Principle of Operation 3 Circuit Diagram 4 Components 5 Microcontroller Section 6 IR Transmitter and Receiver Section 7 Load Section 8 Circuit Design 9 Working 10 Applications 11 Main Advantages of this Circuit 12 Related Articles Street lights are the major requirement in day to day life of transportation for safety purpose and avoiding accidents during night. Street lighting systems are becoming more complex with rapid growth of cities. Pro: Here is a Complete Project Guide of Street Lights Glow On Detecting Vehicles Movement along with code. To control and maintain such complex street lighting systems, various street light control systems are developed. In this project, we are going to develop a project called Street Light Control using 8051 Microcontroller, in which the street lights are automatically turned ON or OFF based on the movement of the vehicles. The important considerations in the development of street light control systems are Automation, Power consumption and Cost Effectiveness. Construction and Output Video the IR Rays are blocked by the obstacle and the IR Receiver stops detecting the IR Rays. In Transmissive IR Sensor. If there is an obstacle between the IR Transmitter and Receiver. This can be configured to turn ON or OFF the LEDs (or street lights) with the help of microcontroller. the IR transmitter and receiver are placed facing each other so that IR receiver always detects IR Rays emitted by the IR Transmitter. We are going to use a Transmissive type IR Sensor in this project. Circuit Diagram DIY Project Kit: Street Light that Glows on Detecting Vehicle Movement » Components REQUIRED COMPONENTS Microcontroller Section AT89C52 Microcontroller AT89C52 Programmer Board 11.Principle of Operation The principle behind the working of the project lies in the functioning of IR Sensor.0592 MHz Quartz Crystal . 3K Resistor 1K x 8 Resistor Pack Load Section 8 x 2N2222 NPN Transistors 8 x 100R Resistor 8 x White LEDs Circuit Design The main components of the project are AT89C52 Microcontroller. 22pF Ceramic Capacitor 2 x 10K Resistor 10uF Electrolytic Capacitor Push Button IR Transmitter and Receiver Section 8 x IR LED (IR Transmitters) 8 x 470R Resistor 8 x Photo Diode (IR Receivers) 8 x 3. the 8051 microcontroller requires an external clock. So. Anyway. In order to use the on-chip oscillator. The basic connections required for 8051 Microcontroller involve crystal. connect this pin to Vcc via a 10K resistor. 10uF capacitor and a push button. Also. External access Pin is used to access external memory when it is connected to ground. anode terminal of the photo diode to port 0 pins. we are not going to use any external memory here.e. a 3. We are going to connect the 8 IR receivers to port 0 pins of the microcontroller. connect the 8 IR transmitters with corresponding 8 current limiting resistors of 470 . This is provided by a crystal oscillator. IR transmitter is not a part of the microcontroller connections as the only job of the IR transmitter is to continuously emit infrared rays.3k Resistor is connected between the anode terminal and ground. The next part of the circuit is IR transmitter. Cathode terminals of the photo diodes are connected to supply. reset and External Access.0592MHz quartz crystal is connected to XTAL1 and XTAL2 pins with two 22pF ceramic capacitors connected to it. An 11. we need to connect external pullup resistors to the port 0 pins. s After that. The reset circuit of the microcontroller consists of a 10K resistor. connect the output of the IR receiver i. In order to use the PORT0 as I/O port. All the connections of the reset circuit are shown in the circuit diagram. Hence. The next hard ware we are going to connect is the IR Receiver. IR Sensor (IR Transmitter and IR Receiver) and LEDs. We need to connect the LED’s with the help of transistors to the PORT2 of the microcontroller. we need to connect the LEDs. Finally. . An LED along with a series current limiting resistor of 100 ohms is connected to the each of the collector terminal of the transistor.ohms with a power supply. The base of the 8 2N2222 transistors is connected to the PORT 2 of the microcontroller while the emitters of the transistors are connected to ground. . The working of the project is explained here. Below GIF demonstrates the working of the project.Working The aim of this project is to design a street light control system using 8051 microcontroller. which automatically turns on or off the street lights by detecting the movement of vehicles. . highways.e. huge amount of energy can be saved. IR Transmitter and IR Receiver are placed on the either side of the road. The process continues this way for all the IR Sensors and LEDs. If the infrared rays are blocked by some means. 2. Once the IR receiver receives infrared rays. so that the IR receiver continuously receives infrared rays. the microcontroller will detect logic 0. which means here the street lamp. the IR receiver continuously detects IR light transmitted by the IR Transmitter.The IR transmitter is placed directly in line of sight with IR receiver. Consider the two IR sensors i. the corresponding next three LEDs will be turned ON and the first LED of the previous set is turned OFF. As the lights are automatically turned ON or OFF. when it detects Logic 1. So. express ways etc. This street light control circuit can be used in normal roads. This project can also be used in parking areas of malls. the IR receivers are connected to the PORT0 and the LEDs are connected to the PORT2 of the microcontroller. when there is no obstacle. When a car or any other vehicle blocks any of the IR sensor. industrial lighting. the cost of the maintenance can be reduced as the life span and durability of LEDs is higher than Neon based lights which are normally used as street lights. Main Advantages of this Circuit If the lighting system implements all LED lights. hotels. when it detects Logic 0 and it will turn OFF the LEDs. . the first three LEDs are turned ON by the microcontroller. As the car moves forward and blocks the second IR sensor. As per the circuit diagram. the program for the microcontroller must be written in such a way that it will turn ON the LEDs. At the beginning. the microcontroller will detect Logic 1. Applications 1. etc. the microcontroller will turn ON the immediate three LEDs. If the car blocks the first IR sensor. GENERAL. EMBEDDED.Related Articles Automatic Railway Contactless Digital Bidirectional Visitor 5 Channel IR Remote Gate Controller Tachometer using Counter using 8051 Control System using 8051 Microcontroller Microcontroller Microcontroller DTMF based Load Metal Detector Robotic Celsius Scale Water Level Controller Control System using Vehicle Thermometer using using 8051 8051 AT89C51 and LM35 Microcontroller FILED UNDER: 8051 MICROCONTROLLER. 2016 AT 2:29 PM hello anusha plzz keep the circuit diagram i cant understand properly pic is very low clarity ………… Reply . MINI PROJECTS Comments shankar says SEPTEMBER 24. You can get complete information of the project along with Thanks in advance.. 2017 AT 9:25 AM Here is the course of this project using 8051. Can you please send the working code for this project at nadar. 2017 AT 6:53 AM Hey. can you please send me the program of the above described circuit? It would be of great help. 2017 AT 6:03 AM Sir. please Reply B. Danush Ndar says FEBRUARY 27.SREEKANTH says APRIL 21.THANK YOU SO MUCH Reply shivani bairi says JULY 23. 2017 AT 8:43 AM sir could you plz send me the code of street lights that glow on detecting vehicle movement using 8051 Reply Anusha says JULY Reply . 2017 AT 12:22 AM THIS IS VERY USEFUL TO ME .. Reply Pankaj Kumar says APRIL [email protected] Required fields are marked * Comment Name * Email * Website reCAPTCHA Please upgrade to a supported browser to get a reCAPTCHA challenge.Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published. Why is this happening to me? POST COMMENT Search this website … . please check your internet connection and reload. 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