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This is not fiction.The names of the people involved, including mine, have been changed for obvious reasons. But believe me, it is all true, though it happened a long time ago, when I was just a kid. Although I am a rich businessman now, I come from a very poor family. I was the only child of my parents. My father owned a tea-shop in a suburban area of tamilnadu. We lived in a small house behind the tea-shop. My parents worked hard to make both ends meet. Since they were fairly educated people and understood the value of education well, they had high ambitions regarding my own education. I was not bad at studies. Though I was an only child, I was not a spoiled one. I was very obedient to my parents. Looking back, I think that we were a happy family, despite our poverty. Then things began to change for us. My father fell ill seriously and, after remaining bedridden for nearly a year, he died. I was only twelve then. After his death, my mother tried to run our tea-shop alone. But she soon found out that she could not do it on her own. I suggested to her that I could stop going to school and help her in the tea-shop. But she would not allow that, even though our financial condition was fast becoming from bad to worse. During my father's long illness, we had to borrow a lot of money from our friends and relatives. They were now coming to our house almost everyday and demanding their money back. It was during this time that a woman in our neighborhood told my mother that an old couple in our locality was looking for a servant-woman who could do all the household work and take care of them by staying with them in their house. My mother and I went to see this old couple. We found that they were in their sixties. The old man, who was called Vasanth, was a retired school-teacher. His wife's name was Parvathiamma. They had a son and a daughter who were now married and were living abroad with their respective families. Vasanth and Parvathiamma wanted to know if my mother had any previous experience of working as a servant-woman. When my mother told them that she had the experience of running a tea-shop for more than ten years, they were more than satisfied and were ready to take my mother in as the servant-woman of their house. They warned her that she would have to do all the work alone without any complaints. My mother agreed. Thus we started a new life. To clear all our debts, my mother sold the tea-shop and our house and we moved into the house of the old couple. It was not a big house. It was a rather old-fashioned house. We were given a small room behind the kitchen to live in. The old couple seemed to be good people. Parvathiamma was initially a little reserved when she talked with my mother. But when she saw that my mother was a good and hard-working woman, she became quite attached to her. The old woman was a very talkative type. But she was ill most of the time. So my mother had to take good care of her. Vasanth, on the other hand, was a quiet man. He hardly opened his mouth in the house. But he seemed to be kind hearted. Since he had been a school-teacher, I would often take his help with my lessons. He was always eager to help. My mother was thankful to him for that. The old couple did not have many visitors in their house, therefore they valued our company very much. Most of what my mother earned as salary was spent on my education. Often it was not enough. Sometimes when I asked for money to buy books or other things she would borrow from Parvathiamma. Parvathiamma would tell her that the borrowed amount would be cut from her next month's salary. But often my mother would get the full salary itself; the old woman would ask her to forget the money she had borrowed. The old woman was kind to my mother in many other ways also. Often, when her children sent her presents from abroad, she would give something or the other to my mother. I used to wonder why she was being so kind to us. But soon Parvathiamma was to ask something from my mother in return for all the kindness she was showering on us. One day I was in my room studying for my exams. My mother was in the kitchen. Parvathiamma came to the kitchen and struck a conversation with my mother. At first I was not paying any attention to what she was talking. Then when I realized that she was discussing Vasanth's sex life, I naturally began to listen attentively. The old woman was saying that in his youth her husband had been rather shy. He had not taken much interest in sexual activities. It was only after their children had grown up that he began to show a keen desire for sex. And now, even in his old age he was showing a wild interest in sex which, she said, was very embarrassing. She said that she felt pity for the poor man because he had failed to enjoy himself fully during his "best times”. “What can I do?" she told my mother. “At my age I cannot satisfy his hunger. Moreover, he does no desire me at all. I feel sorry for him." Here she paused. Then she said to my mother, “You can help him." There was another pause. Then she told my mother in very plain words that she could help him by having sex with him. My heart was beating wildly when heard this. I was waiting with abated breath to see how my mother was going to react. She was undoubtedly shocked to hear this, just like me. There was silence for a few moments from her part. Then she told Parvathiamma that she could not even think of doing it, that it was a sin and the gods would never forgive her. To my amazement the old woman became quite angry. She reminded my mother of the many times she had helped her. She called my mother A thankless woman. Then she suddenly started to cry. She told my mother that she was ready to fall on her feet. "I can't bear to see him suffer", she said, weeping. “That’s why I'm begging you. He cannot do it with an outside woman, because then somehow people will know. You live in our house. You are not an outsider. So there is no danger of anybody finding out. Besides, at his age do you think that he will be very demanding? Just let him hold you once in a while. That's all." She kept on talking like this obstinately and eventually my mother was forced to say yes to her strange request. Parvathiamma was overjoyed. She thanked my mother again and again. Then she said, “I will send him to your room tonight, after Hari is asleep." I was fourteen when this happened. At that time I had already started experimenting with sex. I used to talk a lot about sex with my friends and we also used to watch a lot of adult movies in the local theatres. But none of us - at least, not me - had ever seen a blue film. It was my greatest desire to see a blue film. My mother was in her late thirties at that time. She was a very beautiful woman with a wheat complexion and a body which was the dream of every man. At my age I was very much aware of the sensuality of her body. We shared a single room and it was impossible for me to turn a blind eye to her voluptuous figure. I used to feel very guilty when I found myself eying at her large breasts, her midriff, and her deep navel. But she was not at all aware of my feelings. She thought that I was still a small kid. Sometimes she would change her sari standing right in front of me. And I already knew that Vasanth had an eye on her. Although he hardly talked with my mother, I had so many times seen him gazing at her body longingly. That night mother was very silent. She was very thoughtful while we were having our dinner in the kitchen. After eating, we entered our room. There were two cots in the room, put close together. I slept on one - on the one next to the wall - and my mother slept on the other. The room was very small. Most of the floor area was taken up by the cots. I laid down. She also laid down after switching off the light. "Hari, have you studied everything for your exam tomorrow?" she asked me now. "Yes, amma," I replied. Then silence fell in our room. The window was open and silvery moonlight was flooding into the room. I was not going to sleep. My young mind was almost bursting with anticipation and excitement. The clock in the drawing room of the house struck ten. A moment later Vasanth knocked at the door and called my mother's name softly. My mother sat up. She looked at me. I did not move a muscle. I was lying wide awake with one arm placed on my forehead. She could not see my eyes. But I was afraid that she might hear my rapid heartbeats. When she felt sure that I was asleep, she got up and opened the door. Vasanth looked at her briefly and stepped in. "Hari is sleeping?" he asked. "Yes," my mother replied. He looked nervous.” I am not able to sleep”, he said. He slowly paced up to window. Then he said, in a slightly shaking voice, "I have a slight headache. Can I lie down here for a while?" She did not reply. Nevertheless, he sat down and slowly laid down on her cot. He was wearing only his mundu. His torso was bare. Though Vasanth was old he had a fairly healthy body. He was a stout man with a large belly. His chest was very hairy. He looked at my mother who was standing near the door not knowing what to do.” Come," he said,” you also lie down." My mother hesitated. Then she stepped closer to the cot. He shifted his position to the edge of the cot. "Lie here", he said, patting gently to indicate that he wanted her to lie between him and me. For some reason he wanted to lie at the edge. This position suited me also, because if he was to lie between me and my mother then I would not be able to see what he was going to do to her. My mother climbed on the cot at the foot and moved on all fours to reach him. Her sari slid off her shoulder, revealing her big, round tits, packed tightly in her white blouse. The sight of the two breasts seemed to freeze Vasanth with excitement for a brief moment. My mother covered herself again and reclined gently, resting her head on the pillow, a little away from him. I was sure that she was hardly touching him. But he could not keep from touching her. He lay unmoving for a while. Then he raised himself on his elbow and continued to gaze at her lips, her neck, her breasts…her whole body for a long time, as if he was seeing a woman for the first time. Then, completely overcome by the passion, he grasped her shoulder and bent down to kiss her face. She turned her face away from him. He lowered his head further and managed to plant kisses on her cheeks, chin and lips. He kissed her a number of times, all noisy, wet kisses that reflected the great lust he was having for her. Then he straightened and looked at her briefly. He then slowly pulled away her sari from her shoulder, uncovering her breasts and belly. My mother impulsively crossed her hands in front of her bosom to cover her boobs. He brushed away her hands impatiently and placed his palm on her somewhat large belly, on the smooth, warm area just below her navel and started to move his hand up. When he reached the navel, he dug his middle finger into it and circled it around a number of times. Then his hand moved to her midriff. A sudden moan escaped her when he squeezed the soft milk white flesh there which had doubled up deliciously with age. Then his hand began to journey to her breasts. His palm gently cupped one breast and moved in a circle all over it, as if to feel its size and rotundity. Finally his palm rested at its tip and he squeezed the tit five times, pressing down as he squeezed. I counted as he squeezed. He did the same with the other breast. Though my mother tried to stop him by holding his hand a couple of times, she was in reality enjoying it all. But she was frightened. Frightened that I may wake up, frightened to reveal her passion to this old man who until now she had respected as she would respect a father, frightened because she knew that what they were doing was naked sin. She kept on breathing fast and she gulped a number of times between her moans, as if her mouth was watering. Vasanth now sat up excitedly. He proceeded to undo the hooks of her blouse one by one. My mother whispered to him,"Aiyo, please, not now! What if Hari wakes up?" The old man ignored her protests completely. She glanced at me timidly, then she looked at his hands which were patiently undoing one hook after another as the thin material of her blouse began to strain because her breasts seemed to be growing bigger and bigger every second. Finally, as the last hook was undone, my mother's big boobs seemed to jump out to their freedom. They were big, as big as ripe coconuts, with dark nipples that were fully erect. I was quite taken aback by the length of the nipples. Each nipple was almost as long as my little finger. Vasanth was trying unsuccessfully to grab one boob in each of his palm. He would hold both boobs in a firm grip and try to lift them up. First he would seem to succeed, then the smooth tits would just slither out of his hand. He then ran the flat of his palms all over the boobs greedily and kneaded them, first gently and then, as his passion grew, a little roughly. He took the nipples between each thumb and forefinger and pulled them up vigorously. My mother moaned, "Umm aahhh" I almost ejaculated when I heard that moan. Of course, I was not masturbating. I was not even holding my penis which, naturally, was very much erect. I was simply longing to jerk off, though. But my situation was such that I could not move a muscle. The old man lowered his head and started licking the nipple and the surrounding area of one breast. He opened his mouth wide and took the nipple and also a large portion of the breast itself into his mouth. Then he slowly lifted his head, letting the breast and the nipple slither out. He repeated this several times. Then he suddenly asked my mother to take off her blouse completely. She hesitated and threw a glance at me. Then, raising her torso , she peeled off her blouse. She looked like a sex goddess now. She had fleshy shoulders and arms and a slightly bulging belly. Her long, straight hair hung loose and seemed to cover her back completely. Age had only made her body nothing but juicy. Yes, I was thinking that she looked like a ripe and juicy mango. She raised her arms to tie her hair and I watched in delight how her big bobs joggled from side to side with her movements. Now Vasanth couldn't hold himself any longer. With his free hand he pulled away his mundu and dropped it on the floor. Underneath he had nothing else on. He was stark naked! I saw his penis. It was a large organ, nearly six inches long. It was not yet fully erect. Grabbing my mother by her shoulders he climbed over her. "No," she said, trying to push him off her,” not now. Hari will wake up." But the old man was not to be stopped.” We will not make much noise," he whispered to her and started kissing her cheeks and lips noisily as before, but now with double the passion. My mother glanced at me nervously once or twice. I was hardly breathing. The bright moonlight flooding into the room through the window fell straight upon Vasanth's back. I watched as he caught the fat lower lip of my mother between his teeth and pulled at it gently. Finally, she let the hold on herself slip. She let herself be overcome by passion, completely. She threw her fleshy arms around the old man and began to rub her cheeks with his, her eyes shut, her mind completely relishing the pleasure he was giving her. She began to moan in abandon, not caring at all whether her son lying on the adjoining cot was awake or sleeping. The flat of her palms continuously traveled up and down his back, speaking the message that now she was completely with him in this game, that he was not to stop, not until they both had had enough. Vasanth, too, was breathing hard and softly moaning like her. As they moved wildly, the cot was creaking noisily, as if it too was aroused. I watched as twice my mother put her hand between their writhing bodies to hold his erect penis, to squeeze it, to feel its hardness. They continued in this manner for about five minutes. Now they were sweating a little because the night was hot, hot and calm. In the dreamy moonlight, sweat shone on my mother's breasts and belly and on Vasanth's back. They stopped moving. "Take off your sari", said Vasanth, climbing down from her body. "Um", said she. She tied up her hair again; it had got untied and completely disheveled during their long "wrestle". She gently stood up on the cot and began to unfasten her sari. I watched with abated breath as she dropped her sari onto the floor and started undoing the string of her petticoat. The petticoat came down, revealing her fat, round thighs and her hairy cunt. The thighs were milk white. Sweat shone on them, like the rest of her. She lifted her legs to step out of her petticoat. She dropped it and stood on the cot stark naked. Vasanth had been watching her all the time, his back resting against the wall, his hand holding his big cock. Moonlight fell on my mother's naked body, showing every curve. She was every inch a sex goddess. Her long hair fell down loose again. But this time she let it be and came down on her knees. Vasanth rose from his position to take her into his arms. She received him with open arms. With both of them on their knees, they hugged each other in a loving embrace, feeling for each other's body with hands that were restless. I saw Vasanth's hand come to rest on my mother's ample buttocks, hold them firmly and knead their fleshy round bulk. My mother kissed Vasanth on the cheeks and neck. She stroked her cheeks on the hair on his chest. Now Vasanth held her shoulders and made her lie down as she had been lying before. He was going to fuck her. She moaned and looked at him in anticipation. She spread her fat thighs and he kneeled down between them, holding his penis. With his fingers he gently stroked and pulled at the hair on her pussy. She lifted her pussy up to him. Here, take it all, she seemed to be saying. Now he touched the tip of his cock to her cunt. She froze, waiting. He pushed and I almost sat up on my cot just to have a closer look at things. He let his cock completely disappear into my mother's cunt. She moaned, a long moan of simply unbearable pleasure. He caught hold of her shoulders to balance himself and started to move his pelvis back and forth, back and forth, the cot creaking with his motion."Ummmmm…ahhhh…uummmmm", my mother moaned. She did not know what to do with her hands for they were moving in all directions, touching whatever they felt like touching. They seemed to have a life of their own. The old man, because of his age was moving rather slowly. My impatient mother was again and again raising her hips, urging him to move faster. He kept moving for about five minutes and then he began to pant vigorously. Soon he was totally drenched in sweat. He stopped suddenly. "i’ll lie down. You move.”, he said to my mother. So they repositioned themselves. Vasanth lay down with his head resting on the pillow. Mother stood with her knees planted on either sides of his body. She guided his equipment into her wet cunt once again and started moving. Oh, how she moved! The cot creaked wildly and I was wondering if it would give away. Oh, how her breasts were jumping up and down with her. She would pause occasionally to brush away a strand of her loose hair from her face. She was softly moaning as she moved, giving Vasanth the thrill of his life. Vasanth lay relaxed. His hands occasionally rose to touch her lovely breasts, or to hold her sweating buttocks. Sometimes she would hold Vasanth's shoulder and lean forward as she moved, her oversized breasts hanging flaccidly over his face. Oh, how the twin coconuts would dance. I looked without even blinking, so as not to miss anything. They fucked for ten minutes. Then when their passion was spent, they lay down exhausted in each other's arms. But, in another ten minutes, they were ready for one more go. This was the first of my mother's nights with Vasanth......mail at [email protected] I truly believe every single person has their own story as I have, but some of us are shy enough to share those stories (or you may call real incidents).I can only request all of them to share your real life incidents or fantasies as I’m doing right now. And special thanks to ISS to give us such nice platform. I am Vicky, a small town boy having lovely parents. My mom Shikha is a house wife with average height (5’4”). She is very good looking in her middle age (38 years old) with fair complex but her main assets are her big firm boobs and heavy buttock (easily comparable with J LO’s).Her stat is 38-30-42. Our male relatives always praised her beauty and she also like their complements but she is conservative enough and has no extramarital affair with any guys. But what I found is that she is always sexually depressed. Both of my parents are very caring couple, but something is missing in their sex life. What makes me embarrassed most is mom’s dressing at home. As other Bengali house wives she also wear saris most of the time at home but without any blouse and bra. If any one came in our house she only put a towel over her breasts and that make the situation more hotter. The lucky visitor can easily identify her breast lining and surely dying to screw her. I think she gets the enjoyment to tease the strangers in this way, even at outside she don’t miss an opportunity to give strangers a good view of her cleavage. As I love my mom very much I always feel that I should do something to fulfill her sexual thirst. Whenever I am at my home I rarely miss any opportunity to observe her assets. I make a small hole at the bathroom door to see her nude. Day by day my sexual addiction towards her increasing rapidly and I can’t satisfy myself only by masturbating. I am looking for an opportunity to bang her and fulfill her thirst at any cost. Now come to the F day. My father is always busy with his group theatre activities. Some members of a local club come to our home to make an agreement about a call show with my father’s drama group. They are six well built worker class persons. Ali the leader of the team is a promoter by profession, Mustaq and Ravi works under him. Hubba a local taxi driver and Dinesh-Manish two brothers are yet unemployed. Dad calls mom to give them some cup of teas. My mom is wearing a black sleeveless nightie and usually without any blouse or bra. I observe the reactions of these guys when they first time see my mom Shikha. There eyes just pops out by seeing her beauty and their cocks certainly grow harder. Mom also enjoys their attention to her and becomes flirtier. She unhooked top two buttons of her nightie and that makes an full access of 75% of her breast; Brown nipples are also visible. Ali can’t control his emotions and press her right boob while mom serves tea to him. Mom returns a smile; Dad makes his full attention on paper works and completely unaware of the sluty nature of his wife. After some time they leave our house and I decide to follow them secretly. As I get closer to them I hear they are discussing about my mom. One of them, may be Hubba say that “salli randi ko kuttia ki tarah chudna chahie.” Dinesh reply him “uski pure ki pure dudh nikalke mujhe pina hay.” Surprisingly I’m not feeling angry but I like their conversations. Suddenly Ravi turns around and sees that I’m following them. He surprised little bit and ask me “What are you doing here?” I decide quickly that I should tell them the truth. We enter into club and start our discussions. They are looking shocked to hear my words, after some poses Ali say cleverly “Itni chikna maal ko to kisi ko v chudne ka man korta hoga aur ye to uski bete hay”. After that he asks me “Bol tu keya korna chahata hay?” Aap sob maa ko chodna, may aaplogo ko help korunga par mujhe pehla mouka chahie, aur kuch aisa kore taki uss baqt o mujhe pehchan na sake. Mustaq calls 3 more guys – Chumka, Kanu and Imran, the local gangsters. All of we make a solid plan to screw my mom Shikha. The Encounter At that encounter day my father was out of station. Actually he had to perform at Bengali club in Elahabad. At 9 pm I got an miss call from Mustaq. As our plan I mixed some drugs (Hubba gave me these drugs to make Shikha sexually turn on) in a glass of water which she drunk after some time. 20 minutes later door bell ranged. I opened the door and welcome Ali and his battalion in my house. Shikha covered herself with a transparent off white colored nightie and usually without any blouse and bra. Her black panty, sexy legs and big round boobs were clearly visible under tube light. Ali & Co. Entered into house and called Shikha by her name. Shikha came in front of them and asked why they were in her house at late night. As our plan Ravi replied that the agreement paper they want right now. Shikha told them that it was in my father’s rehearsal room, 12 km away from our home. After their successive arguments she ordered me to go there in the rehearsal room and returned the papers to them. I quickly agreed and leaved the house but returned within few minutes from backdoor & hide myself under a table from where I could see entire scenario. Nearly 10 minutes later Imran ferociously moved towards kitchen room where Shikha was and grabbed her waist from back. Shikha shouted angrily “what the hell you are doing here?!” All doors and windows were closed and I played Rock songs with full sounds in my MP3 player. So her voice made no noise to outer world. All of them were laughing and in the mean time Chumka came to her and slaped on her cheek and marked reddish spot of his five fingers. Ali said in a commanding voice “dekh Sali aishei hum log tujhe chodne bala hay, jada nakra mat kar,sab milke aish korenge aur tera pati v ghar par nehi .” Mom was looking terrified hearing his words and that hard slap made her cry. She started crying loudly and asked for mercy-“Mujhe chor dijie,meye ak gharki bahu hun,mera beta hay pati hay…” Dinesh kicked on her belly and said”chup chap man ja aur ghar ka baat ghar par rahne de nehito tujhe kothe pe le ja kar chodenge aur ohi par chor denge.” I was enjoying every moment of this real rape and instead of feeling pity for my mom I liked the way they behaved to my mom Shikha. Now all of them encircled her and touched every portion of her body. Within few seconds her nightie pulled off and she was looked like sex goddess or a B.F heroin. Her massive boobs came out and she was only in her black panty. I started enjoying what they were doing to my mom as the thought that the woman who was being raped was my mom with some one touching forbidden parts of her body filled me with excitement. My cock became rock solid and I started masturbating. She tried to run but Chumka caught her hair. Manish came with a rope in his hand and banged her hands tightly. Kanu put a piece of her nightie in between the lips of Shikha. They opened the bottles of Ram and started drinking while mom had lain on the bed. Imran brought the bottle of Ram which was 3/4 full and forced mom to drink it completely .He forcedly poured the entire bottle down her throat. Mom coughed and held her throat as if someone was choking her and she wanted to loosen the grip. One can understand what a burning sensation she had felt. The stupor of Ram had started to show its color on mom .Ali came near her and ogled her naked body for a minute, he was maddened by mom’s well shaped and hairless body then he raised her legs and removed her panty and threw it on floor. Now for the first time I could see mom’s pussy clearly. It was brown pussy with long slit in middle and thick puffy lips. She must have shaved it few days before for her pussy had no hairs. Ali told ”dekh kutia to pura taiar hay hamare lund k liye.” Ali hugged mom and started kissing her full on her face. His hands were on her butts and were caressing her ass. Mom was resisting but it was of no use, how a weak woman could stand against a strong man. All other guys undressed quickly. They had large & thick cocks at least 8” to 12” long. Meanwhile I also undressed myself. Ali started to remove his clothes. First his shirt went off then his pants and finally his underwear. He had a huge black cock about 10 inches in length and very thick .He moved towards the bed With her massive cock swaying between his long legs. He laid down on the bed and lifted mom on his body and trying to place his huge cock into her ass hole. Mom was crying for mercy-“please mera gand mat maro, o to kavi kisine chua tak nehi.” Ali laughed again and threatened mom that he would kill her and me if she didn’t behave well. It seemed that mom was very much afraid for she didn'tsay anything. Now Mustaq came between her thick luscious thighs and bent down to bring his nose on her pussy .I could see him inhaling the sweet smell of her pussy. He then spread the pussy lips with his coarse fingers and started licking the clitoris of her pussy. As he did it mom gave a gasp and her body shivered. Mustaq took a small pause lifted his face and looked into face of mom, He was licking the most precious and secret juices of her body. He tasted her and was definitely relishing her taste for I heard fairly loud slurps he made; I could see her reddish tongue working deep in her pussy. Meanwhile mom had given all resistance been lying on bed quiet and only occasionally she quivered or gasped. Then Alii tried to insert his forefinger into her ass hole. Since the hole was unstressed and small his finger couldn’t go inside. He withdrew his finger, changed the angle and tried again, and this time the finger went in He started pistoning his finger in & out of ass hole and mom started shivering with some indescribable feeling. This pistoning widened the ass hole and when Ali saw it he inserted his middle finger too in her ass hole. Now mom’s ass was completely in his grip. After fingering her about a minute he withdrew both of his fingers from ass hole. Now mom’s ass was ready to be used and Ali entered his giant cock inside ass hole without any mercy. Tears came out from Shikhas eyes due to massive pain but she could not shout as Mustaq & Hubba put their man tools into her mouth. She could not take easy breaths while Imran and chumka were busy to suck both of her boobs which are massive in size with brown nipple. There were multiple hands around her tits and nipples, around her waist, simultaneously the mouths on her tits squeezed and bit into her breasts and nipples. Ravi was trying to enter his cock into her dip naval and managed to vanish 3” or 4” into it. Dinesh and Manish put their tools within her two hands and Shikha could only obey their instructions to give them good masturbations. Now I got the signal from Ali and stand in between two legs of my mom. I licked her pussy lips and slowly pressed her boobs, Oh dear! They were so soft; then I sucked her nipples slowly and placed the top of my cock at her pussy hole .At this moment I paused with hesitation; was it a sin?; my inner conscience was chiding me, my heart was beating hard.I raised my head and looked into face of my mom , it looked so sweet and innocent while her eyes were closed in pain, mouth was filled with two massive cocks that I became more horny and killing my conscience I gave a slow forward stroke with my 8” long and very thick manhood. Since the mom’s pussy hole was slippery due to the licking, the cock’s head easily penetrated her vagina. What the feeling it was, absolutely indescribable, I stayed there for a moment and then pushed forward till the whole length of my cock was submerged in mom‘s vagina. I started pistoning her vagina but slowly so that she didn’t hurt. Mom became hotter and started responding. I increased my speed; since the pussy walls were well lubricated by the juice my cock was moving without any friction though I could feel pussy wall grasping my cock. Within 10-15 minutes I came and discharged my load. At that time mom also got her first orgasm. Hubba quickly filled up my place while Ali pistoning as there was no tomorrow. Mom also became enjoy this gang rape and a strange sound like uuuuuummmmmmmmm,,,,,,,ffffffff ,,kkkkkkkkk,,,,hhhhhssssss……. , came out and responding by up-downing waist. Dinesh, Manish and Ravi jerked off their load and filled her naval boobs and face with entire cum while Imran and Chumka were busy to mouth fucking. Within few minutes they filled her mouth with their cum and Shikha drunk every single drop of their cum. I covered my face with a monkey cap while Kanu was recording the entire fucking sessions in a handycam. After few minutes Ali unloaded within her ass hole and at the same time Hubba discharged into her pussy. 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Arts with Psychology Hons. Before bringing u to my sexual adventures I must introduce you with my family. We are 4 members in our family. My elder sister is married to a Marine Engineer and stays at Mumbai with her husband. My mother is a house wife. She is very innocent and family loving lady. And my father who is around 49yrs old is a retired Army Officer. He is a tall, giant man with great physique. He is almost 6’2” tall, strong body with a long huge moustache and above all he is very handsome. From his figure one can’t guess his age. He is a much disciplined man and no body had courage to oppose him. Since his child hood he was inclined towards yoga. At the age of 45 papa he took VRS and took training on yoga. After acquiring good knowledge in yoga he started giving training to others taking the out house meant for guests, initially. He invented his own art of yoga “MAHA SANYAM KRIYA” which was described as the panacea for various types of diseases. Gradually number of participants increased, so he shifted the Yoga School to our Farm House which was just 3k.m away from our home town. The farm is on 10acrs. Land surrounded with fruit bearing and other valuable trees. Due to dense big trees it gives a look of natural forest. When he started his Yaga School, I was 17 yrs. Old and reading in class 12th std. After completion of my board examination he insisted me to join his yaga class. Although I was not so much interested, I started going to his institute with him. The classes were divided into 2 groups, one for gents, and another for ladies. Morning session (6am to 8 am) was for ladies and evening session (6.30pm to 8.30pm) was for gents. For one course I took training as a student in both session and after that I used to sit beside papa. I was to demonstrate the asanas before others and at the time of practice, we both papa and I were observing the participants and rectifying as and when required. The course was for 3 months. In every session maximum 20 participants were allowed to avoid undue rush. Sunday was weekly day of rest and since his art “MAHA SANYAM KRIYA” was very tough, on that day in the morning i.e from 6am to 8am, papa used to give special training to the participants who were little weak in catching the process. In the evening time I was practicing at home with papa. Usually, I found he was selecting those participants who were young, and out of 20 only 5-6 such participants were seen given extra training in the out house. On that day I was instructed to serve fruit juice after finishing the kriya. It usually takes more than 1hr to finish the Kriya. Occasionally I used to sit with the participant and listen the helpful tips of the art but before practical session starts papa was asks me to leave the room. I often hear loud cry from female participants. I think perhaps due to some difficulties they might be crying with pain. On one Sunday a beautiful young girl named Sarita, might be aged below 20yrs. Height around 5’2” came for the special training. She was 1st girl of the batch to be offered for that training. So she was very delighted and in pleasant mood. I took her to the out house. She was very impressed with papa’s personality. I felt myself very proud of my papa. Before leaving, papa ensured me to serve fruit juice after 1 hr. I nodded yes and came back to home to help mama. After 1 hr I prepared fruit juice and took to the out house. I heard pain full cry of Sarita from that room. I thought it is already more than 1 hr. But…… perhaps they have started delayed. I again thought to come back, but felt it may be towards conclusion. So, instead of returning I went ahead. Nearer I was approaching towards the house, the louder was the cry. Curiosity developed to see the actions, so I kept the juice glasses on the veranda and moved towards the window. But it was firmly closed. I was very much upset with not finding any scope to see them. Suddenly I marked a crack on the window which was sufficient to peep at the room. Without wasting any time I peeped through the crack. Oh my goodness! What was going on in that room? That was not “MAHA SANYAM KRIYA” rather “MAHA SAMBHOG KRIYA”. Both were completely nude without a single cloth. Sarita was bent from her waist and rested her palm on the chair kept in that room. Papa was fucking her pussy from her behind very fast. Poor little girl Sarita was not able to take the huge dick of my papa and to every thrust she was crying with pain. Papa was enjoying like any thing which was experienced from his moaning. He was pushing her brutally. Sarita was screaming with pain “… aaaahhhhh…..margayeeeeeee, mujhe chhodd diiiiijiiiye….bahut dard kar raha hai”. Blood was drping from her pussy through her right leg to the floor. But to my hard luck I could not see the dick which was ramming Sarita’s virgin cunt as I was behind papa. 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Different girls were coming for the special yoga training and papa was not missing any chance to give them hard fucks. Papa’s physique and personality was so impressive that no girl was able to avoid his lustful proposals. Gradually I imagined myself in that position and wanted to be fucked by a huge monster like papa’s. In the night I became sleep less day by day and my frequency of masturbation increased. But I was helpless; I was not so open that I could invite any boy. Hence I had to wait for that moment leaving all my desires before my good luck. One day papa crossed the limit when he fucked a girl in my presence. I was dumbfounded with his daring. It was the 2nd batch (July to September) of the 2nd year. Due to rainy season the number of participants were very less than the usual. There were 12 in male group and 10 in females. Among the female group there was a girl Manashi who was very beautiful. She was young, unmarried, might be around 22 years at that time. Her height was too good, about 5’5”, fair complexioned, slim, and figure 34-26-36. But she was very weak in grasping the kriya, so papa asked her to come for special training on next Sunday. I could anticipate that “ye ladki ki to gayee”. Even I was sure that on next Sunday she will get the brutal fuck of my papa, but it was beyond my imagination that it will happen in my presence. My didi was pregnant and to look after her in her crisis period there was none at Mumbai. Neither papa nor I were free due to yoga classes as well as my studies. So finally mama went to didi and she had to stay there for about six months. In absence of mama I became heavily busy. But I had to manage myself with the routine. It was 15th Aug, Independence day. On that day from early morning it was raining heavily. Papa decided to cancel the class for that day as morning session was for ladies and there was little hope of good attendance among them in such weather. At about 7am some body knocked the door. When I opened the door I was surprised to see Manashi there. She was half wet due to rain even she was with rain suit. I asked her with surprise how could she come in such bad weather. She replied with smile “I find this yoga really beneficial to me so I do not want to miss a single day; I waited at the institute till 6.30 am. When I found no body there I came here to ask whether I can join boys group in the evening”. Papa was helping me in kitchen. Listening to the voice of Manashi he came and felt surprised to see the level of interest in her. I invited her to the house and asked change her wet salwar-suit and put on my dress. She was hesitating but when papa insisted she agreed to change. I gave her my cotton skirt-blouse to wear. She did not agree to put my panty and as her bra size was 36d and mine was 34c she could not wear that. We had not taken our morning tea. So I prepared 3 cups of tea and we three took tea together. We gossiped there for sometime. Papa was very much impressed with the interest of Manashi in yoga. He asked both of us to get prepared for practice at home. Manashi was very much pleased to hear this and immediately she got ready. We went to the 1st floor which we normally used for yoga. There was only one room, hall type, with attached bath room. Also a single bed as furniture was there in the room for emergency use. As strap was required to tie over the eyes I had also made ready two thin cotton scarf. Papa sat on the cot and we sat on the floor keeping 5-6 feet distance. After some warm up exercises papa instructed us to fasten the scarf over our eyes. I was apprehending some mischievous acts from papa. So I knowingly tied the scarf little loose so that I can see his act easily. Papa played an audio cassette in which the procedure was recorded by papa himself. We had to follow the instruction as per the audio. We started the kriya with aaaaummmmmmm. Papa was examining our action by moving around us. I was pretending to follow the instructions but my main aim was something else. After making 2/3 rounds he sat near Manashi. I, with pretension of rubbing my cheek, made the tie little loose more. As a result I could easily peep through the scarf to which other persons in the room were unaware. Papa slowly whispered some thing in her ear. She smiled but religiously following the instructions recited through audio set. He moved to her back and to make her sit straight came to her right side and kept his hands on her both back and chest and pressed. She was obeying the instruction as an obedient disciple. With this action papa’s was pressing her boobs. I was watching this stealthily and getting curious. Papa was moving his hand on her both boobs and fondling them. Then he slowly moved his fingers on her nipples and twisted them gently. Manashi slowly started enjoying to his touches. Knowing that my eyes are also closed she was bothering little and since her eyes were also closed she was not feeling any uncomforted. I was admiring to his daring and also feeling horny to this act of papa. Then he started pressing the boobs separately. To keep me engaged in yoga without looking at me he was saying from there “very good Anu, you are doing it perfectly”, but I know what I was doing! He then slowly opened the buttons of the top/blouse. As she had not wore bra her boobs came out. Wow what a good size she had. They were very attractive and that to tight and firm. Papa kneaded her both boobs to his hearts end. As they were very big in size some times papa was using his both hands for one boob to give perfect pressure to her huge melons. Now Manashi was responding to this positively by shaking her body. Papa slowly pulled out her top from her and made her top less. When papa touched her lips with her tongue she could not control her moan. Papa suddenly kept his hand on her mouth to stop her. She returned to her sense and became conscious. Papa was shocking and squeezing her white melons randomly. Now Manisha was not doing any kriya as she was totally involved in “MAHA SAMBHOG KRIYA”. Papa opened the knot of her scarf tied over her eyes as well as the knot of his salwar and pulled out his semi erected member. He knelt down in front of Manasi and guided her hands to her monster. When she saw his bulge she whispered “baap re itna lamba aur mota! Maine kabhi apni jindegi mein aisa yantra nahi dekha hai, wow, it is wonderful”. With touches his baby grew and became a big/tall boy. He guided his dick to her mouth and advised to take that in but Manashi showed reluctance. Papa forced her and inserted his dick in her mouth. I was feeling excited and juice had started dripping from my cunt. She could not manage to fit the whole of it and therefore circled her tongue around the head of his cock which went deep down towards her throat. Papa grabbed hold of her head and moved it back and forth, fucking her mouth. As her silky lips squeezed his cock trying to forcefully suck the juice out of it, she wrapped her hands around his butt pulling it from behind making his cock slip in more inside her mouth. She at first slowly then with great speed sucked his big monster. Papa had held her hair and guiding her to suck it pleasingly. I was getting out of control. But I was helpless. Then after a good oral course he sat down in front of her and took his hands down to her belly and then to her pussy over her skirt. He rubbed his fingers on the clit under the skirt. She was out of control and already ready to get banged. But papa was not hurry. He pulled down her skirt to which Manashi co-operated. Now she was completely nude and looks like a sex goddess. Papa pulled her near to him and made her lie on the floor. He started kissing all over her body. He gave a deep kiss to her lips. Then he took his hand to her pussy and put his index finger right between her cunt lips. When he started inserting the finger she screamed with pain aahhhhh….. Ohhhhhhhhh…. Then he took out his finger and whispered some thing in her ear. He then took her to the cot and she stood facing to the cot. He bent her and indicated her to rest her palms on the cot. He then inserted his cock in her tight pussy from her behind and his cock was going inside her hole. She screamed margayeeeeeee…….aaaaahhhhhhh... She groaned in pain... She was feeling pain very much. She was crying nooooooooo…. Please….leave meeeeee…….. But he was entering his dick slowly bit by bit. The pain was unbearable she screamed pleeeeeeeease……. Leeeeave meeeeeeee. I was astonished to see how huge papa’s dick was even a 22yrs old girl was not able to take it easily. He then took out his shaft and solaced her “don’t worry you can do this very well after some moment, just be patient.” To make me listened he told without even looking at me “See how Anu is doing perfectly”. I got conscious with his words and pretended doing the posture as per instruction in audio. But papa was not looking at me at all. He was busy with his play. Then he moved her and lay on the bed. Her heap was just on the edge of the bed and from heap below legs were in hanging position. Papa knelt down in front of her and kissed her thigh and pubic hairs. He then slowly put his face on her pussy and inserted his tongue inside her and started fucking her pussy by his tongue. Manashi was just getting wild and she pressed his face more on her pussy, making him enter her deeper. She was whispering “suck me more...more, yesss suck it more....lick...... Pleasessssse suck it......". Her juice was dripping from her pussy. Papa was going fast and held her tightly with tongue, inserting tongue to and fro, parting her pussy lips to wide and more wide, entering deep inside, then inserted his middle finger and givingher finger fuck. She moaned with pleasure aahhhhhhhh………yessssss……….. Ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Papa was saying “isn’t fine baby?” I know u r going to excel in this art which I want.” Papa then shifted up and holding his hard-on placed the tip at her wet pussy opening, gave a small push. As his cock entered inside her juicy cunt she screamed mmmmmnnnhhh in pain. Her cries were increasing with every stroke. Papa stopped for a while and gave a big push. A cry broke from her aaaaaaaayyyyyyyeeeeeeee. He continued making smaller strokes and after some more strokes his dick entered in her pussy completely. Papa again stopped for a while and started making to and fro movements. She was crying but papa continued to fuck her. Blood was dripping from her pussy. “Oh God, you feel so good! So tight, So hot!” He said as his cock sawed in and out of her cunt. Papa rammed his rock hard cock back and forth in her pussy. Slow at first but then harder as she screamed for him to give it to her. His hands grabbed her ass and he pounded away, fucking her with all his might. She was as hot as she met his thrusts, moaning every time his balls slapped her clit. She shivered as she came but papa did not stop. Papa was ramming his rod with a great speed. I am telling the fact that he had that capability to satisfy any lady respective of their ages. Manashi was moaning loudly, and breathing heavily. Papa was ramming her virgin cunt and squeezing her boobs like a wild tiger. Her legs were pressed his waist with passion. After half an hour continuous fuck at last papa moaned Maaaaanaaaaaashiiiiiii ……it is cumming…… cumming….. Ahhhhhhh…. Ahhhhhhhhh…. Ohhhhhhhh…… He pulled out his dick and exploded on her spreading his white juice on her navel, boobs and face. He rested on her for 5 minutes. During this time he was caressing her boobs kissing her lips. He was telling “what a body(cunt) you have, I had never seen (enjoyed) a girl like you before even your seniors can not be like u. U are definitely going to be very successful some day”. He again asked “how are you feeling now?” She didn’t tell anything just smiled. Papa kissed her lips deeply and gave a long oral kiss. Simultaneously the audio play also finished. Papa instructed me to lie down on the floor straight and rest for 5 minutes in Sabasan. Due to excitement I was breathing heavily. I was totally wet and in need of immediate pacification to my hungry cunt. They went to the bath room and got cleaned. After 10 minutes I waked up and sat and opened the scarf. They were quite normal now. I went to bath room and masturbate vigorously. In the whole day I was feeling very horny and could not resist myself from masturbating for another 2 times. On next Sunday was for Manashi. But on that Sunday it was raining heavy from the early morning she did not come. Papa was looking worried. I asked papa whether Manashi was asked properly as she was a very sincere girl and don’t want to miss any chance which she had proved on that day. Papa said he had repeatedly instructed for the same. Perhaps due to rain or some other important job or due to fear of papa’s brutal fuck she did not come! I was also feeling disheartened as another chance of watching a live show got missed. At about 5.30pm some dogs entered inside our premises. Papa said me to see and drive them away as they will pollute the area. I opened the window and saw that 2 dogs were after 1 bitch. The raining was already stopped. I saw no one there. So I stood there and watched them. Both the dogs were trying to cross the bitch. At last one dog rode over the bitch and pushed his penis from behind and started fucking. The bitch was too young and weak. She was not able to take the huge dick of the fat dog and crying with pain. But the dog was fucking the bitch unstopped. At last the dog buried his dick inside the pussy of the bitch and stacked with her. I was enjoying watching and feeling excited. Suddenly when I moved my face I found papa was also watching the dogs as well as me from another window. On seeing me he gave a smile. I felt very embarrassed and my face turned red. Immediately I left that place and went inside the kitchen. In the evening we were sitting on sofa and taking the evening tea. I was feeling very awkward in front of papa but he was normal as if nothing has happened. He said “Tum to aaj yoga nahi ki, chalo abi karo”. I also agreed as I was getting bore with watching TV only. I was in loose cotton Tshirt and Bermuda without bra and panty as I don’t prefer to wear any inner wear in home. As usual we went to the hall on the first floor. I spread the bed sheet on the floor and started doing asanas at first. Papa was guiding me. Since I was in loose top, while leaning down, my cleavage was clearly visible. In some occasion I caught papa staring at my loose portion. I was feeling very awkward. But he was quite normal and smiling at me. Since he was my father I did not think the other side of his feelings. Then the time came for “MAHA SANYAM KRIYA”. Papa himself tied the strap over my eyes tightly. When he was tying the knot the scenes from the last fucking of Manashi in front of me as well as the dog fuck in the evening were dancing in my eyes. A cold breeze passed inside my body. With unknown excitement I was shivering. He played the tape recorder and instructed me to start. That day I was feeling very much disturbed. Frequently the erotic scenes of dogs and between papa and Shruti, Manashi were coming to my mind and as a result I was forgetting the steps. Papa came to me and asked what wrong with me. I remained silent. Papa held both side of my body with his two hands as done with Manashi. That action of papa refreshed my memories of that day. I felt little excited with his touches. I was breathing high. He then asked me to control my breathing and follow the voice of tape recorder. He had pressed my chest little tight. I was breathing with the rhythm of tape recorder. Since I was not in bra my breasts were well within his palm. He started lightly rubbing them which were giving erotic feelings. Slowly he withdrew his hand from my back and fondled my boobs and nipples with his two hands. I was astonished with his daring. He put his hand on my left boob. My body began to shiver. He moved his hands upon my boob. Seeing no negative reactions from me he just went on pressing. My heart was beating in high level. I don't know what to do. My pussy was oozing liquids. I was speech less to his act. I could not utter a single word against him. First I thought to resist him. But my hand was not moving. I felt that my body wants to enjoy the new feeling, even though he was my own father. He could realize that I was also enjoying his touches. So he got courage and started squeezing them hard. He put his next hand on my right boob. He massaged and pressed the boobs upon the T-shirt. A sound came out unknowingly from my mouth with pleasure aaaaahhhhhhh. He understood that I’m enjoying. He leaned forward and gently kissed on my lips. His warm breath touched on my face. I'm getting hotter. He continued kissing. At the same time he removed my T-shirt buttons. He put his hand inside and began to press my soft boobs. His hands were feeling very strong. Every hair of my body rose up. My nipples began to erect. My pussy had a great feeling. Then he kissed downward to my neck and on my boobs. He sucked my boobs one by one over the top. He squeezed boobs hardly. His right hand moved down to my thighs. He now was sitting near me on the floor. He moved my top upwards slowly. I was shivering. My hand slowly moved upon his shoulders. His hand was moving on my smooth thighs. He was squeezing and pressing it. He inserted his hand inside the Bermuda through thigh and moved to my hairy pussy. He moved his hand over the hair. He touched my pussy lips. I thrilled. It was all wet. His fingers moved there. He pressed on the clit. Ooohhhhh… what a pleasure. My hips moved up. He played with my clits and entered a finger in the pussy. His finger slipped inside easily as it was wet. He moved his finger in and out. Uuuummmm….. He raised the top up to my breast. His lips moved down. He kissed beneath the boobs, then on the stomach and the naval. His tongue moved inside the naval. My hips move up to accept it more depth. His one hand was crushing my boobs, another in my pussy and his tongue in my naval. My whole body was in a wild motion. He laid me on the floor and kneeled near my head facing towards my pussy. He then slowly pulled down my Bermuda and threw that away. He removed his lungi. His 10” long and 3” thick big cock was hanging down. He held my hand and asked me to hold that. I hold that. How hard it was! It was trembling in my hand. It was wet with its juice. Tip of the cock was very smooth. I moved my finger on it. My hand moved to and fro. It was very smooth because of wetness. He put his tongue on my clit and pussy and started licking slowly. My whole body was shivering with excitement. I wanted his tongue more deeper and deeper in the pussy. I pressed his head on the pussy while my another hand playing with his cock. I need something more hard inside my pussy. My pussy wants some deep thrust. I pushed his head. I pulled him on my top. He was breathing deep. He kissed me hard, crushed my boobs. He removed my top over my head. Now we both were fully nude, but my eyes were still tied with the strap. He moved and sat near my pussy and posed his monster on the hole of my virgin cunt. He departed my legs and slowly entered his monster into my pussy and I felt like a hot rod was drilling me. It was very tight, I screamed with pain ahhhhhhhhhhh….. Marrrrrrgayeeee…….. ……. Pllllleeeeeease…….. Papaaaaaaaaaaa……… leave meeeeeeeee……. It is hurting me……….. I cried. It was not easy to take such a huge monster for a 18yr old virgin. I tried to remove his cock. But his full body was upon me. He is a very strong man. I couldn't move. He was crushing my boobs, squieezing my nipples. I was in dual feelings, Pain, and pleasure. His playing with my boobs was making me hotter. My hips began to thrust up. He takes back his cock a little and pushed hard. Ummaaaaaaaaaaaa…I cried uuuuummaaaaaa. Half of the cock was inside. I feared that my pussy will split into pieces. What a huge cock. It will not enter, I thought so. I again tried to remove his cock, but I couldn’t. After a while he took the cock out a little and pushed hard. Aaaaahhh…. His cock was spearing my pussy. He rested a while. I felt a little relief. He began to move his cock to and fro inside my pussy. Same time he was kissing and fondling my boobs. His huge dick tore my hymen and blood came out from my little helpless pussy. Slowly he moved up and down started to ram his rock hard cock back and forth in my aching pussy. “Oh God, you feel so good! So tight, So hot!” He said as his cock sawed in and out of my cunt slow at first but then harder. He pumped his cock in my pussy I caught him tight. His speed of pumping cock was getting faster. I felt as if his cock was touching my throat. Oooohhhhh… some reactions take place inside my pussy. . His hips are working as a machine. He crushes my pussy. My pussy lips are encircling his cock. He was such a strong man and his dick was so huge and thick I was unable to control my screaming to his powereful thrusts. Every time he was pusing hard unknowingly screaming was coming out aloud. Aahh… uuhhhh….. Isssshhh….papa….dheeeere….mein… aaaahhhh….. Marrr…. Uuuhhh….. Rahi hun…. Aaahhh…..isshhhh maaaaa….ohhh…. Myyyyy goddd…. He was also making noises. Hhhhaaa…. Yes babyyy... Youuuuu are soo…. Sweeeetttt…. Ooohhh…. Uuuummmm… I was flying in the heaven of joy. My body was moving with his every stroke to my pussy. He was pushing hard. His speed of his thrust came down. He made noise and thrusts with small gaps. Inside my boobs a blast take place…ummmaaaaa….. Tears come from my eyes. Oh. What a pleasure! He pushed hard. Hhhaaa. He pumped out his juice inside me. He stroked inside my pussy. He kept his cock there a while and another thrust. His drops were filling my pussy. We both were breathing deeply as if gasping. We were wet in and out with pussy – cock juices. He fell on my top. I hugged him with my hands. What a satisfaction! It is hard to describe the great feeling. It is only enjoyable. I was fully exhausted, but papa was not satisfied. He was expecting more. We relaxed for some time. After a small rest, he woke me up and opened the strap from my eyes. I felt very ashamed to sit nude in front of my own father. I closed my hand with my hands. He pulled my hand and raised my head holding my chin and kissed my lips deep. Then he asked me to sit on the floor and he himself stood in front of me. He rubbed his dick on my face and said “Anu, please take my dick in your mouth” I couldn’t deny it hence I kissed his dick and licked the tip of his dick. I pealed his foreskin and licked for sometime and took his full dick inside my mouth and sucked his dick like an ice cream. He was moaning. He was moving his hip to and fro. I played with his balls and caressed his thigh with my hands. He said “Anu, you are really a sex goddess, your mother have never given me such a blow job. Ssssshhh aaahh he was moaning. Finally he released his sperm inside my mouth. I swallowed his sperm and sucked his dick and cleaned his dick with my tongue. I loved the experience I was getting in a single day. All those things which I was fantasying about was coming true and that too in a span of hours. I always dreamt of sucking a hard dick till it cums and I just was provided with that pleasure. Now I got up and went into bathroom and cleaned myself and then came out to see papa dressed up in a lungi and nothing on top. I got dressed and lifted the bed sheet and rolled the mat. He came behind me up to down stair and said “Anu, I want to have one round in doggy style, after that I will leave you”. Now that offer of fucking me doggy style which I had just watched the live show of dogs in the evening, made my pussy wet. I agreed. I took rest on sofa for half an hour and moved to the bedroom. He removed my dress once again and just put off his lungi. He asked me to kneel like a dog on the edge of the bed. I did so. He rubbed his dick on my ass and from the back he cupped my boobs. He massaged my boobs and played with the nipples. His dick became hard. Now he widened my legs and rubbed my pussy with his right hand. He opened my pussy lips and inserted his dick inside my pussy. He started fucking me. Both of us were moaning. He inserted his dick deep inside my pussy. His hands were playing on my boobs. My boobs were swinging due to his to and fro movement. He fucked me for about 30 minutes and released his sperm inside my pussy. He took his dick from my pussy and asked me to lick. I licked. He hugged me and kissed passionately. We both were exhausted and I lay down on bed and followed by uncle. We again went into a sweet sleep for an hour. After 1 hr. He again asked me to sit on a table. I did so. He massaged my boobs and placed my hand on his dick. I started playing with his dick. His dick got erected and ready to fuck me. He came between my legs and pressed my shoulder back. I placed my hands on the table and leaned back. He came between my legs and widened my legs. He inserted his dick inside my pussy and started moving to and fro. I leaned little back. I can see his dick going inside my pussy and coming out. He fucked me slowly and increased his speed. He lifted my right leg and came very closer to me and kept on fucking me. Both of us were moaning due to pleasure. He increased his speed and finally for the third time he released his sperm inside my pussy. While he was clearing every drop of his sperm in my love hole he said “You are really amazing. Today I remember the day when I had taken your Mama’s virginity. I am so happy to fuck a girl like you.” I did not say any thing, just smiled. I was surprised to know that he had known every thing about my watching his fuckings. I could not believe this. He said smiling “mujhe kabse maalum hai ki tum sab dekhti ho. I was imagining you on my bed and masturbating on your photos. I always wanted to make you horny and fascinated towards me. Isi liye to us din Manashi ko jan bujh kar tumhare saamne choda. Aur ye bhi mujhe maalum hai ki tum sab dekh rahi thi. Whatsoever, Anu I am really very lucky to have a daughter like you. Now I will not worry and wait for any body till Sunday?” He pulled out his limped member from my cunt. My pussy was full with his sperms. He wiped my private area softly with a cloth cleaning up his cum, my juice all mixed. Then he hugged me and kissed me. Then we both went to bath room and get ourselves cleaned. After that day we used to sleep in one bed and in almost every night he fucked me in different postures till mama returned. He satisfied me more than I was expecting. I turned into more a slut than his daughter and became addicted to his hard fuck with his huge member. After mama returned taking plea of doing yoga he was fucking me in the out house but not in the hall as mama may seize us at any moment. Really, it is a privilege for a daughter like me who enjoys such power play with her Father……The Yoga Guru!!!!!! So, readers I hope you all enjoyed reading it. Any sexy teens/virgins/gals may contact me for friendship and give their feed back on: [email protected]/ [email protected] I grew up in south India in the early seventies. My father was a mild mannered man who worked in a mill. He had one addiction, he drank heavily and many a night he would pass out and had to be helped to bed. He was good to my mother and I could see that she respected and loved him. But I sensed there was also sadness in her and at that time, I could not understand why. I helped mother out at every opportunity. I had a crush on her and this way it kept me close to her. Mother always looked up to me for help. I was constantly chatting her up; I could see that she appreciated this as it helped to break the boredom of her day. Dad would go to work in the morning and the next time we saw him was late at night when he would come home tired after which he would proceed to drink heavily.It seemed to me that the spark had gone out of their marriage. Most of the time he seemed either preoccupied in making ends meet or drinking, this I believe led to his neglecting mother. Don't get me wrong, dad stilled loved mother. They still laughed, joked and kidded each other but the romance that characterized the earlier part of the marriage was rare. I worked part time driving a taxi in order to make extra money to supplement our family income; this left me very little time to socialize. There were good days and bad days.After the rest of the family had gone to bed, mother and I would sit by the kitchen table and talk. I knew mother appreciated this gesture. As years went by, we grew very close. She would constantly hug me and remind me that I was the beacon of light in her life. I was very mature for my age, knowledgeable beyond my years. When I was sixteen, I began to notice Amma in a different light. I was growing aware sexually and with that bought, the realization that mother was very sexy. She had long dark hair, hair that reached to her hips. And even having birthed three children she had a killer figure- 36-24-36. Her eyes were very dark and twinkled in good humor. How close were we? Well we talked about every thing even personal secrets. I talked of the movie stars I liked and disliked and she talked of her past before she married father. She talked wistfully of those carefree days of her youth of things that could have been. She never regretted her marriage as it produced some of the important things in her life- her husband and her children.With my awareness of mother as a desirable woman, I began to seek out her hugs and kisses. I began to pay her compliments on her looks at which she would blush. I began to bring sweets and flowers for her every day when I come home from working at the grocery store. I began a routine where every Sunday evening I would take her to the movies and hotel. At the movies, I would innocently lean against her or hold her hands. Pretty soon, I started putting my arm around her shoulders at which she would lean back and rest her head against my shoulders. I knew that she looked forward to our weekends together because she would try to pick a movie well in advance. After the movies, we would go and sit in a park near the theater. From here, one could look at the whole town. We would talk laugh and josh one another."Sundar," she said one day, "I think we should start looking for a girl for you. You are going to be 18 soon.""Amma" I said blindly without thinking much of the consequences. “I do not want to get married. I want to be with you always." She pulled her head back in surprise looked at me and then looked away silent. "Amma, did I say something to alarm you."I think we should leave," she said after a long interval of silence. Mentally I cursed my self for saying what I had said, but knew that now the cat was out of the bag there was no turning back. I decided to go for broke. "Amma," "I am sorry if I offended you, but you know I have a good head on my shoulders and wise beyond my years. But don't hate me for saying that I am in love with you and I will do anything to make you happy." The silence continued for some time and then she looked at me sadly. "Sundar, it's not your fault but mine. I should not have let it continue but I guess I was lonely""Amma," I said "I wish it hadn't happened, but since it has I am glad to be in love with you.""My darling boy, you are my son," she retorted, "these things don't happen between a mother and son and besides I am a married woman.""Amma," I replied in desperation, "what is done is done. I can't take my love back, but will you give at least some serious consideration to what I just said." She was silent for a long time. She was crying. My heart went out to her. I pulled her to my chest and held her. "Sundar" she whispered. "I think we should be heading home"Things cooled down very much after that. Even though I pleaded with her, she would not let me take her out on Sundays, telling me instead that I should go with someone of my very own age. I could see that it was killing her as much as it was killing me. As days passed, she seemed sad and withdrawn. This went on for a month. Father noticed the change and asked her why she didn't go out to the movies with me any more. Amma shook her head and asked father why he didn't take her out."You know Kamala I work every day of the week and Sunday is my only day off. On that day I prefer to stay and relax at home," he replied. He was drunk as usual. After which a big verbal fight ensued which ended with Amma exiting to the bedroom and slamming the door shut. That Tuesday when my father, my brother and sister were out of the house, I asked her out again. To my surprise, she quietly nodded her head in assent. I went and hugged and she put her head on my shoulders. I hugged her tightly indicating to her that with her assent the tone of our relationship had changed. I silently but very gently caressed her back running my hands over her shoulders and over her behind. She continued to rest her head over my shoulders. I pulled back and looking deep into her eyes said in a quiet voice. "Amma I love you and I can't change that." I bent down kissed her cheeks, her neck, and then boldly placed my mouth against her lips. She did not draw back from my embrace. I was elated that at last it seemed she was responding back.My flowers were now accepted with a warm kiss on the cheek. When we were, alone the hugs were back but my hands now openly and gently caressed her. In the days that followed before the Sunday date, I saw Amma suddenly change back to her old self. My sister also remarked at her change to which she replied that she was going to see a movie with me. My sister smiled at me saying that she had thought that I had finally cut the apron strings. I mumbled saying something about Amma needing a break. That Sunday evening Amma looked stunning in a tight dress. Her breasts and butt cheeks molded beautifully into her dress. I was overcome looking at her beauty. She looked very young. I was, I noticed, the recipient of many an envious stares. The movie was a sentimental romance. As usual, I put my arm around my Amma while she leaned her head against my shoulders. After the movie, as usual we went to the park. It was a cool night.Amma looked into my eyes and said, "Sundar, thank you for your patience and thank you for the wonderful evening." I looked at Amma and said, "Amma you look sexy tonight." Amma blushed and laughed at the same time, "Oh Sundar if you weren't my son I would think you are trying to seduce your own mother." I looked at her And said, "Amma, I am." Amma pulled her head back and replied, "Sundar for heavens sake I am your mother and besides I am married to your father."Amma do you really care for him? I see he has been neglecting you and that you are deeply unhappy. Give me a chance, I can make you happy!" She replied quietly after a long pause, "Sundar may be we should head home before one of us does something that we may deeply regret the rest of our lives." I groaned. "Amma I am sorry but you are so beautiful you make me say and do things I have no control over. Many a times I have wished you were not my Amma maybe it would have been easier romancing you." I could see that Amma was pleased at the compliment I had paid her. I'm sure father did not do that. Amma caressed my cheek, "You poor baby, and by the way I am glad your are my son. Do you really think I am beautiful?" I smiled and replied by drawing her to my breast, "Yes Amma you are beautiful and sexy." Suddenly I bent down and kissed her.Amma did not draw back but remained passive and stiff in my arms. I continued to kiss her with more and more passion. Suddenly she responded back with equal pressure against my lips. At last, I could see a crack in her armor. I pressed my advantage and we continued necking. I was all over her face I kissed her cheeks her eyes her nose and back to her lips. I gently probed her mouth with my tongue and she opened her lips. We necked for a while. Suddenly my mother said, "Sundar It’s getting late I think we should head home."As we drove home, Amma leaned her head back on my shoulder. I could see a faint smile in the corner of her mouth. Halfway back home I pulled into a side street, to my Amma's surprise. I pulled the car to a stop, pulled her towards me, and started to kiss her. I gently put my hand on her breast she stiffened pulled away from my lips and whispered, "Sundar, I don't think we should do this." But I cut off any further protest by forcing her lips back into mine. I continued caressing her breasts. They were firm and felt wonderful in my in my hands. I knew Amma was getting excited because she began to moan as kiss back with greater intensity. Suddenly she pulled back and said, "Sundar we should go home.""Okay Amma." When we reached home, the house was quiet. Every one had gone to bed. I knew father would be fast asleep drunk. When we entered the house, I began kissing Amma again in the living room down stairs. At first, she protested saying that someone could come down stairs.I replied quietly but firmly, "Amma I love you as I have never loved anyone before. I just want to kiss you all the time. I can't help it. Besides everyone is fast asleep.""That's sweet Sundar, I love you to! But I am a married woman and whatever shortcomings your father has I am still wearing the mangal sutra he tied around my neck!""Amma," I whispered, "All we are doing is kissing and fondling. I don't see any harm in that?""But Sundar, somebody could wake up and come downstairs." Suddenly I had an idea. "Amma, how about going to my room. We can lock the door. Father I'm sure is drunk and won't miss you."Amma was silent for a few seconds. I was surprised when she nodded her head in agreement. Amma replied, "Go to room and wait for me i'll go and check on your father." In my room, I paced back and forth excitedly. Suddenly my bedroom door clicked open and Amma walked in. She pulled the door shut and locked it. She hastily came up to me and said, "fathers asleep drunk as usual." I taught I heard a note of disgust in her voice. "Kanna, I don't think we should do this as it could get out of hand," she whispered. "I am scared." "I know" I replied "But Amma trust me. We will keep this very secret. Nobody will know. "Oh Sundar" Amma said timidly and kissed me on the cheek. I sank with her on my bed and began kissing her. The kisses grew more and more heated and I could feel Amma's excitement through her cotton sari. My hands were now rowing all over her body caressing her breasts one second and rubbing her ass the next.I reached behind to undo the buttons on the front of her blouse. Amma went rigid in my arms for a few seconds but then she relaxed. I swiftly undid the buttons and removed her blouse as quickly as possible afraid she would change her mind any time. All the while, I continued kissing her. I reached back and unsnapped her bra. Again, Amma weakly protested and whispered, "Sundar think of your father." I knew we were far too gone to think of anybody else. I cut her off with another open-mouthed kiss. All of a sudden, her bare breasts were pressed against mine. I blindly reached out and began to fondle them. They felt soft and sexy. I bent down, took a nipple in my mouth, and began to lick and suck. Amma moaned in passion. Her nipples were long and thick. Her nipples were soon erect in excitement."Amma I love you, I can't help it. I know I should feel guilty of making love to my own mother but I don't care" I declared. I continued kissing all the way to her navel savoring the slightly salty taste of her body. Amma gave an audible squeak of pleasure. I reached her belly button with my tongue and began to kiss and lick it as Amma pushed her self up to me in pleasure. I began to stroke her legs up and down, all the while kissing her belly button. Her legs were firm to touch. Slowly my hand inched further and further under her sari and petticoat. Her thighs felt firm and soft.Amma stiffened as my hand reached the crotch of her petticoat. I reached up, sought her lips, and gently forced them open with my tongue. Amma moaned into my mouth. She relaxed and opened her thighs in response. I shook my head in disbelief. Amma, the woman of my dreams, the same woman who had borne my brother and sister, the woman who had birthed me was letting me make love to her. I caressed her through her petticoat. I felt her cleft and began to rub it. Amma moaned in pleasure. I could feel to moistness seep through her petticoat. I pulled my hands out from under her petticoat, quickly puller her sari off. I stood up, removed my clothes as quickly as I could. My cock was hard as an iron bar. I slid down Amma's body until my mouth was pressed against the crotch of her petticoat. Only the petticoat separated her bush from my mouth. I inhaled deeply breathing in the intoxicating aroma of her juices mixed with the faint smell of stale urine.I began to lick the crotch of her petticoat as Amma wiggled in excitement. I began to savor her juices that seeped through her petticoat. I reached and hooked my fingers under the waistband of her petticoat and began to tug them down. Suddenly Amma jerked up. "Oh, Kanna, no, we shouldn't" she said. "You are my son and I shouldn't be doing this.""Amma I love you. You are the most beautiful woman in the world. I know it's unusual for a mother and son to be sexually involved. I believe that if you love some one it’s only natural to make love.""But Sundar what if someone finds out.""Amma, we can be careful and no one needs to know our business.""But Sundar" I kissed her before she could complete her sentence. I kissed her hair her eyes and once again lowered my mouth to her full sexy lips. Suddenly Amma went limp in my arms. She began to kiss back with intensity that is more passionate. Our tongues dueled with each other. I reached down and tugged her petticoat. This time she did not resist. I pulled them off and threw them down on the floor. She instinctively reached down and covered her womanhood from my prying eyes. I gently but firmly pulled her hand away. I stared at the thick rich dark pubic hair like some one in a trance. Amma reached up, pulled me down, and began to kiss me as I began to gently caress and finger her moans. I nibbled at her teats at the same time inserted my middle finger into her womanhood. Never in my dreams did I ever think that one day Amma would let me pull her petticoat down and caress her femininity.She was very wet. I moved my mouth down her body to the inside of her thighs and then proceeded to kiss and lick it. I then moved my mouth up to her pubic hair and proceeded to nibble it. All the while Kamala, my Amma moaned in pleasure. I licked the thick pubic hair and then proceeded to pull her vagina open. I breathed in the rich feminine odor of my excited mother. I stared at the inner wall and noticed the small pink hole through which she peed. I licked it. I licked the surrounding walls savoring the rich flavor of her very wet hole. I ran my tongue over her clitoris and Amma yelped in pleasure.I placed a finger in her vagina and proceeded to run it in and out while eating her. Her breathing grew ragged. I continued to stimulate her clitoris for a long time. Amma grew very wet. My fingers were drenched with her juices. Suddenly Amma stiffened and moaned at the same time. Her body then shuddered continuously as I rapidly licked her clitoris. I knew she had just climaxed. She quickly pulled me up on top of her. "Oh Sundar, That was good." She whispered shyly. "I have never had an orgasm this good.”Amma you are sexy and beautiful. This has been my ultimate fantasy to make love to you.""You really think I'm beautiful.""Amma, yes. More than all the movie actresses" Amma reached up and pulled me down lightly kissed my lips and then forced my mouth open with her tongue. At the same time, she reached down, grabbed my penis, and began to rub it up and down her very wet slit. She grew more and ore excited."Amma" I whispered. "I love you." She spread her legs wide as if in silent assent, bought the tip of my cock, and placed it against her vaginal orifice. I looked deep into her eyes as she began to push me into her. I was big and thick for my age. Her vagina slowly opened like a petal. Amma suddenly pushed upward and my cock slid into her vagina to the hilt. Amma was surprisingly very tight for someone who had three children. I could feel her muscles clutching me like a vice. I pulled out and then slid back in one fluid motion. I then proceeded to fuck Amma with a fury that I had never experienced before. Her body shook in rhythm to the fuck strokes. My penis was soon saturated with her lubricating juices. We moved as if we were made to fuck each other. Every down stroke was met with an upstroke. I could feel the tip of my cock hit the mouth of her womb with each plunge. She began to breathe heavier and heavier.After rutting like animals for about fifteen minutes, she suddenly went rigid and clutched my ass. I could feel began rapid contractions about my cock at the same time I began to ejaculate against her womb. I must have spilt a load in her as I felt the semen running back out of her vagina. We stayed coupled for some time savoring the aftermath of our mutual orgasm, and kissing each other. I started to get excited and felt my self-hardening in her. I gently started to see saw back and forth in her vagina. This time the fuck was slow and gentle, it lasted a longer time. Amma and I came at the same time. "Sundar" she said after the last romantic fuck. "You are huge; I never had it this good with your father. I can't remember when I had my last orgasm." I beamed with pride. My first with Amma had been better than anything father had been able to deliver in all the years they had been married. "Oh Amma, that's only because I love you so much""Oh sweetheart this was the best orgasm so far" she remarked. "Sundar, honey" Amma whispered. "I should be going back to your father’s bed. We don't want to arouse any suspicion now, would we?" We kissed for some time whispering sweet nothings to each other. She then got up cleaned her self. "Amma can I keep your petticoat" I asked in a whisper. Amma was silent. "A souvenir of our first night," Amma asked mischievously. "Yes," I replied. "Only if you hide it."Amma put her clothes back on and petticoat-less she slipped out of the room. I was covered with a mixture of our fuck juices. The last thing I remember falling asleep was Amma's petticoat pressed to my cheeks. The next day Amma did not look at me when the family was seated at the breakfast table. I thought I had blown it. The family finally dispersed for the day and I was getting ready to go to school. Amma stepped into my room."Sundar" she said, "we need to talk."Amma what's wrong." Amma blushed. "Sundar we can't repeat what we did last night" Before I could protest any further she motioned me to be quiet. "I think last night was wonderful. I will always treasure. But I'm a married woman. This is never going to happen again.""Amma," I protested as I moved towards her and pulled her into my arms, "I love you and I know that you love me. Give our love a chance." I tried to kiss her but she averted her lips, pulled out of my embrace, and shook her head. "Amma," I said, as she was ready to leave my room, "I will not stop loving you and will not stop pursuing you." Amma left my room with tears in her eyes.Things cooled down after that. And even though I could see that Amma was unhappy, she would not budge from her resolve. I had given up ever getting her back. Amma also vigorously started looking for a bride for me. She contacted all her relatives and asked them about available girls. She collected horoscopes and consulted astrologers for good matched for me. She arranged for me to see a few girls’ whole horoscopes matched mine. I was very unhappy that I am being driven away from my only love my own mother. Finally I gave my consent for a girl who I chose because she looked a little like my mother. The marriage date was fixed.Then something strange happened. I noticed that Amma's behavior towards me changed. She acted more like someone who was jealous. She snapped at me at the smallest of mishaps. Then one day when we were alone, Amma asked, "Sundar maybe we should go out for a movie this weekend." I was pleasantly surprised. But I thought maybe Amma wants to just please me. "Amma, Oh yes, Oh yes." I whispered. The days following, I was in a trance. I couldn't wait for the weekend. For our outing, Amma had gone out of her way to dress sexy. I could not believe that the sexy woman next to me was my mother. After the movie, we drove to our secluded spot. I pulled her into my arms and Amma did not resist. We began to kiss passionately. My hands were roaming all over her body. I could see Amma was visibly excited. After an hour or so of necking we drove back home. When we reached home, everyone was asleep."Go to your room and wait for me, i'll check on your father." she whispered. I was undressed and in bed when she entered. After locking the door, she came to me. Our passionate kissing continued. I swiftly undressed Amma and rolled on top of her. I kissed every inch of her body over and over again. I held on to her Shapely ass as I ate her out. I got on top of her, she took hold of my penis, which was hard as a steel bar, and placed it against her vaginal opening. I pressed and easily entered her very slick cunt. I held Ammas ass and started fucking her. Amma moaned with pleasure at every fuck stroke. We rolled around the bed, sometimes she was on top and at other times, I was. We were at it for a long time and when I forcefully ejaculated into her, she came with an intensity I had never seen before."Oh Sundar," she said, "it is so wonderful.""Amma, have you changed your mind about my marriage?" I asked. "Oh Son I missed you, and as the marriage date came closer, I could not bear it any longer. I realized I was jealous and that I loved you more than anything thing in the world.""As a lover" I asked excitedly. "Yes realized I loved you, not only as a mother but as a lover and that I could not bear to be apart from you." She whispered. "Do you love me more than father?" I asked. "Oh son I respect your father, but I don't love him. After being with you, I now know what love is. I am so happy when I am naked in your arms. Sundar, my darling son, I want to be your wife. Will you marry me?" I was stunned at these words from my beloved mother. "Amma, You have just made me the happiest man in the world. I don't want to share you with anyone, even father. You belong to me. Your body is mine. I want you naked in my arms all the time. I want to enter you all the time.""Oh son that is so wonderful. But Sundar, our marriage has to be our secret. I want to be in your arms naked all the times but we have to be careful. I don't want your father, brother or your sister to find out because it would prevent us from being together.""Yes Amma I know," I replied. We began to kiss; my hands fondled my Amma's breasts. I then proceeded to kiss her lovely long nipples, which were swollen with passion. She pushed me on my back, climbed on top of me, and lowered her cunt on my cock. She pressed down until I was buried in her to the hilt. She lowered her mouth to mine while she proceeded to move up and down, slowly at first and then very rapidly. Suddenly her tongue began to frantically duel with mine. She then opened her mouth in a silent scream. I knew she had climaxed.I rolled on top of her and continued to fuck her with savage fuck strokes. Her body shook with each fuck stroke. She screamed and at the same time, I buried my cock against her womb and proceeded to saturate her inner walls with my semen. After the wild ride, we began to kiss tenderly while we were still joined at the crotch. Amma pushed me on my back and began to kiss my body all over. When she reached my crotch, she took my hard cock in her mouth. Amma then gave me a blowjob. When I came, she swallowed all of my come.Next day Amma and I went to the family jeweler and ordered a mangal sutra. Everybody assumed that it was for the new girl who I was going to marry. No one knew that I was going to marry my own lovely mother. We also bought a wedding sari for Amma and a wedding dress for me. Next week, on an auspicious day, Amma and I went to our village house to get married. Amma wore her new wedding dress and looked gorgeous. I wore my new dress and at the muhurth time, as my lovely mother/bride stood before me shyly bending her head, I removed the mangal sutra on her neck put by my father and tied the new mangal sutra, which signified that mother was now my wife. Then we went to the temple and prayed for a long and happy married life. Then we went to Woodlands and had a festive dinner. Back at home, we started making love.Amma said, "Sundar, every night with you has been a first night for me. You have made me so happy. But today is a special first night. Make love to me not only as your mother but also as a wife." "Amma, can I call you Kamala now that we are married?" I asked. Amma blushed a little and nodded her head shyly. Then I said, "Kamala, my love, this is indeed going to be a special night because I am going to make you pregnant" Amma buried her face in my chest and whispered, "Oh Sundar, the first duty of every wife is to bear a child for her husband. I will be so glad to become pregnant by you, son. I am in a fertile period too and my womb is ready for your seed."That night, before mother and I slipped into sleep exhausted at four in the morning, I came into my mother's eager cunt ten times so that we can have our first incestuous child as soon as possible. From that time on, we tried to spend every opportunity with each other. Whenever we were alone Ammas would be the one to first make sexual overtures. She was at her sexual peak and constantly hornyI know because when I pulled her petticoat off she was already sopping wet. I was proud when she told me shyly that she would get wet just thinking of me, and that nobody had excited her that way.Some times, we were so crazy for each other that we took risks. One time, while the family was down in the living room, I noticed that Amma had gone to the bathroom upstairs. I went upstairs and silently opened the bathroom door. Amma had not locked it. She was peeing. Her eyes widened in surprise when she saw me. Before she could say anything I pulled her of the commode, ripped out some toilet paper, cleaned her up, turned her around, bent her over the commode, and entered her from behind."Honey someone may come up" she whispered. But I ignored her. I fucked until we both climaxed. I then pulled her petticoat up and would not allow her to clean herself up. We did not get caught. But for the rest of the day I knew Amma had sticky petticoat and it was my semen dripping out of her cunt. I remember one night I woke up horny. I wanted Amma bad. So I very silently crept to my parent’s bedroom. They were both asleep. I knew that father was in a drunk and fast asleep. Amma was sleeping by his side with the covers thrown back. She looked extremely sexy. I went up to her and shook her awake. When she did, I motioned her too keep quiet. I whispered that I wanted to see her in my room and left. About two minutes later, she was in my room. As I pushed her on my bed and I undressed."Sundar, I know I am your wife and I should come to you whenever you need me but we should not take unnecessary risks like you’re to my bedroom" she scolded. I cut off any further protest by kissing her. I pulled Amma's dress up and began to eat her. In no time, I had Amma wet and excited. I moved on top, entered her womanhood, and proceeded to make love to her. Later that night, when she left my room her face glowing with sexual joy, Amma said, "Sundar, whenever you want me, just do like what you did. Come to our room and shake me and I will come her to your bed and we will enjoy. Ok?" I was thrilled. But next night, at bedtime, Amma came with her bed to my room with a beaming smile in her face. "I told your father that since he is drunken everyday, I cannot stand the smell all night and so I am going to be sleeping in your room from now on. He did not mind. So here I am all yours for the whole night every night." I grabbed her and showered kisses on her and said, "Amma, now we can really be the married couple we are," and started making passionate love.Three weeks after our wedding, after our first love session of the night, mother shyly whispered to me that she has missed her period. We waited anxiously the next few days. When Amma missed her period again, we were overjoyed. Amma was pregnant!! For the next eight months, it was a daily thrill for me watching mother move about with her pregnant belly, glowing with that special pride that women get when they are carrying, now with the added joy of being pregnant with her own son's child. Then one day I was in the delivery ward in the hospital as Amma beamed with pride holding a lovely baby girl - the product of our incestuous marriage. She named the girl Sundari because she was my daughter. The love between me and Amma became more intense after we had the baby. Amma wanted us to live like the real husbandwife-daughter family we were. She asked me to get a job in another town, which I did. We moved there leaving father with his drinks in our native town. We still maintain the mother-son relationship outside the house. But inside the house, we are husband and wife. I call Amma by her name and the baby calls me father which is what Amma wants.It’s good that Amma is a highly sexed woman hence she doesn't mind the fact that I am constantly kissing, caressing, and undressing her. We average at least two fucks a day. Someday, I ask her to be naked the whole day, she happily goes about the day-to-day activities like cooking, washing etc. Completely naked, and we make love several times during the day. With all that lovemaking, Amma is pregnant with our second child. The joy of living in married intimacy with your mother is something that can be felt only by actual experience. Amma and I hope all young sons out there get the chance to experience that joy. Hi this is Ashok here again with one of my best collection of story for iss readers. Dear all girls, bhabhis, ladies & friends plz plz do write me. If you need many more interesting stories from me or anything you desire from me you can write to me its an assurence that everything will be kept top secret, my email is [email protected] Waves of shimmering Surat heat bounced up from the slate border of the courtyard as Mala sat up. Her skin, already a deep bronze was glistening with sweat. It was three-thirty on a hot, still Saturday afternoon. Oh, well, she thought to herself, it's time to go in and have a coke. Maybe that'll give me a little lift so I can make it through the rest of the day. Turning, she looked over at her son, Atul and his wife, Kusum. They were ignoring her as usual as they playfully picked and poked at each other.. She watched them for a few moments noticing that her son, Atul, who was eighteen now had turned into quite a good looking young man even if she had to say so herself. Kusum, his wife was comparably pretty, just beginning to blossom into a comely young lass. Kusum did a good job of filling out her blouse, Mala thought, but the girl was not in the same league as Mala. Glancing down at her own body, comparing it with the girl's body, Mala knew that she would win hands down in a beauty contest. Mala was proud of her forty year old body and how well preserved it was. It was definitely time for a coke, she mumbled, sitting up slowly, feeling her big, pendant breasts wiggle and roll heavily under the tight thin blouse. "It is very hot here children. You should go inside," she remarked in the general direction of the couple. "What, huh," Atul laughed, turning toward his mother as Kusum tickled him, "what, uh, what did you say, Mom?" "I said I going inside," she repeated herself, swinging her legs off the easy chair. The youngsters stopped teasing each other for a moment and watched her get up. Atul couldn't help admiring his mother's big, drooping breasts that were barely covered by her skimpy blouse. He watched them appreciatively as they wiggled and bobbed enticingly. Her breasts were phenomenal, he thought, wishing Kusum had big, soft breasts like his mother's. God it would be wonderful to bury his face down between them and try to suffocate himself in their warm softness. His mother was wearing a thin voile blouse, and its brevity gave him a new insight on just how beautiful she really was. Too bad, she was his mom, he thought lewdly, ashamed that he had even thought such a thought. Still, the blouse hid only some of her abundant charms and her beauty was so captivating, it was working it magic even on her son. Watching her rise, he saw that her whole body was glistening seductively with a sheen of perspiration that highlighted every fetching curve and cranny of her beautiful body. Suddenly, Atul felt a perverse twinge of excitement course through his hardening cock as he looked on with fascination He vulgarly felt himself becoming aroused watching his mother's walk inside the house. Cursing himself for even thinking about her in a sexual way, he shamefully turned away from her and focused his attention back on Kusum. "Hey, let us go upstairs and do it?" he whispered to Kusum, reaching over and squeezing her breast through the thin material of her sleevless blouse. "What about your Mother," Kusum asked him, smiling mischievously as she watched over his shoulder as Mala disappear into the house. "She'll go to her room and have a nap," he laughed softly as he felt Kusum's hand steal down to his throbbing manhood. "Wow, you are ready, aren't you?" Kusum snickered, tickling his rock hardness through material of his pajama. "You'd better believe it," he groaned, glancing over his shoulder to make sure that his mother was gone so that he could straighten out his growing difficulty. "What made you so hard," Kusum grinned at him. "You," he lied, feeling her hand rubbing his bulging cock through his bathing suit. Pulling Kusum into his arms, Atul rubbed his hard maleness against her groin as he kissed her long and deep. They stood on the patio kissing for several moments, their tongues exploring the other's mouth wickedly until they finally they had to break for air. "Wow," Kusum panted, feeling her tiny nipples harden with expectation, "you're making me hot, too." "Good, let's go," Atul puffed, taking her hand and roughly dragging her across the patio and upstairs to their bedroom. "How do I feel," Atul asked her, quickly pulling his bathing pajama down to reveal his jutting manhood. "Oh, My, Wow," Kusum blushed, reaching out and taking hold of his throbbing maleness, "how come you're so big?" "You make me big," he grinned sitting down beside her. Wrapping both of her hands around Atul's massive cock, Kusum found that still over half of his great peter still jutted up above her clenched fists. "God, it must be at least a foot long," she said adoringly as she ran her hands up and down the entire length of its rigid stiffness. "Almost, but I'm an inch short," he gloated, slipping his fingers under the waist band of her bikini bottom. "Big deal, one little inch," Kusum snickered as she let him skillfully undo the knot of her chaniya and pull it down her long, shapely legs. "Oh, you are horny, aren't you?" she tittered excitedly as he suddenly began forcing her down onto her back. "i've been wanting to fuck you all afternoon," he panted, pushing her downonto the bed. "I could tell," she giggled, spreading her legs apart to reveal her youthful, little fuzz covered womanhood. Looking down at her youthful pussy, Atul saw that the soft, curls of golden hair that covered her mons pubis seemed almost nonexistent. Grinning expectantly, she continued to spread her legs apart wider and wider. The opening of her puffy little cunt was sticky with her wetness and the fleshy lips surrounding it were stuck together hiding her inner sanctum. Then, as she spread herself wider, the lips finally parted and her cunt gaped open, wet and ready. "God, you have a beautiful pussy," Atul groaned, clumsily scrambling to his hands and knees. Lying on her back looking up at him, Kusum stared at his huge, thick cock, slashing back and forth angrily as he crawled up between her outstretched legs. "Every time we do it, I don't think it will fit," she whispered fearfully, "but it always does." "I don't know how it all fits in your tiny, little hole," Atul groaned, taking hold of his cock and slowly guiding it down towards her wet, drooling slit. Tenderly, he placed the great, purple head of his cock down in between the soft, wet lips of her cunt and slowly began to push the throbbing monster down into her hot, tightness. "Oh, My, God," Kusum gasped as she felt his cock sliding down into her waiting wetness, "you're too big." "Fuck you're tight," he groaned, straining to force his entire eleven inches down into her hot sucking softness. "Oh, Fuck, it feels so good." "God, yes," Kusum gasped as she felt his huge, swollen cockhead finally grind up against her cervix and his hairy belly rub up against her belly. "God, I love the way you fuck me," Kusum gurgled as Atul began to slide his huge, thick cock in and out of her dripping little slit. Meanwhile, down in her room, Mala could not get sleep because of the excessive heat even though the fan was running full speed. "I wonder what Atul and Kusum are doing," she said out loud. "It sure is quiet down in his room," she muttered and slowly made her way down the hallway toward her son's room. She heard strange sounds coming from inside. Curiously, she peeked inside and was shocked almost beyond belief. She could feel her heart actually stop beating. She couldn't believe her eyes as she reeled back in surprise. All she could see was her son's hairy, muscular ass rising and falling and his huge cock sliding in and out of Kusum's pussy. Mala couldn't believe what she was seeing. How could they be so brazen to do it right in front of her face? Even as she felt herself disgusted and sickened by the sight, she couldn't take her eyes off her son's penis as it slashed in and out of the girl's tight, wet cunt. Unable to stop herself, she watched on with perverse amazement as her son's big, dangling balls slapped against the girl's upturned buttocks every time he drove his cock into her. Appalled by what she was witnessing, she was horrified to feel a sudden, searing flash of excitement run through her own womanhood as she realized that her son's penis was huge. She was astounded at the size of his cock. He was enormous. She had never seen a man hung so monstrously. Gaping on in wonder and shock, she found herself becoming sexually excited. Shamefully aware of her feelings, she couldn't stop her hand as it crept down to her burning womanhood. God, she was going crazy with shame and disgust while at the same time she was wickedly excited by what she was watching. Abruptly, she knew she had to leave, before they saw her or she gave herself away. Then just as she started to back away she heard her son groan and slam himself down into Kusum as hard as he possibly could. "OH, FUCK, OH FUCK, OFUCKIMCUMMMINNNN," he growled as he rammed his cock into Kusum as deep as he could. "MEEEEETTTTOOOOOOOOOO," Kusum blathered out, wrapping her long, tanned legs around Atul's waist, pulling him down even deeper into her wet, clutching cunt. Stopping her retreat, Mala stared down at their obscene union. Her eyes were glued on the spot where their two bodies became one. Then as she gawked on in disbelief, she was stunned to see a flood of her son's thick, white love-cream come oozing around the thick, pink shaft of his cock. As he thrust himself into the girl, the thick, pure essence of his manhood came gushing out in waves every time his ass clenched and he shot another load into the girl. More and more cum came spilling out, down onto the bed where it formed a puddle below her firm, round ass. Mala couldn't believe her eyes as she continued to stare at their wet, leaking union. She was growing more and more aroused as she watched more and more of her son's thick, viscid milk pour out of the girl. All of a sudden, in the blink of an eye, her son was no longer a boy. He was now a man in her eyes. Reeling in fascination and excitement, she watched her son continue to hump Kusum again and again, emptying his potent charge of hot, thick semen into the girl. Then at last, Atul collapsed on top of Kusum. Finally, Mala was able to stagger back away from the door. Turning, she tottered down the hallway toward her room, her head spinning with the memory of what she had seen. Appalled by what she had seen, she was unable to make her legs function properly and bumped into the wall several times as she careened down the hallway. Finally, she reached the sanctuary of her bedroom and bolting inside, quickly closed the door behind her. Her mind was in such turmoil, she didn't know what to do as she stood leaning against the door, hoping that her son hadn't heard her reckless retreat back to her room. Atul, still in the nether world of satisfaction following his eruption lay on top of Kusum with his cock slowly retreating back down the drenched channel of her vagina. Then, he thought he heard something thumping on the wall outside in the hallway. "Wow, that........." Kusum started only to be shushed by Atul. "shhhhhhhhhhh," he shushed her, listening intently, wondering if it had been his mother. God, had his mother had seen them making love? "I thought I heard someone out in the hallway," Atul whispered after several moments of silence. Slowly, Atul pulled his half-hard cock back out of Kusum's dripping cunt. "Ow," she complained as she felt his cock finally pop out of her abused cunt. Easing back out from between her legs, Atul stealthily stepped down onto the floor. Creeping across his room, he stopped at the door and slowly peered out into the hallway. There was no one there, but he could smell the indistinct, but unmistakable aroma of marijuana in the air. He knew that his mother had been there only moments before. Wondering what to do, he quickly decided not to tell Kusum, hoping that she wouldn't know that he was hiding it from her. "I guess that I was just hearing things," he lied as he walked back over to the bed, his big, drooping dick flopping about heavily. "Your cock is cute after you have cum," Kusum laughed softly, "it just kind of bounces around all over the place. It's not hard and all." "Hey, you'd better get cleaned up," he grinned at her, looking down at his watch, "your friend will be here in five or ten minutes to go to the bazaar." Kusum's friend's sister was getting married next day and Kusum was going to her house to help out. She will be staying in her friend's house for a couple of days. "Yeah, now that you've had your fill," she pouted, "you're ready to get rid of me." Back in her room, Mala was finally able to stagger over to her bed. Flopping down on it, she rolled over on her back and closed her eyes. As she did, the image of her son's big, beautiful cock came flooding back into her mind. Her whole consciousness was filled with the obscene image of it sliding in and out of Kusum's tiny pussy. It was as if the image had been indelibly stamped into her brain leaving behind scar tissue that would never heal. It left her permanently scared. She would always have the picture of her son's great, glistening prick in her mind. To her surprise, she found herself rubbing her womanhood through the thin material of her sari as she replayed the vision over and over again in her mind. How could she be thinking of him like this she berated herself as she felt the material of her bathing suit growing wet and sticky with her excitement. God, was she going crazy? She had never in her wildest imaginations thought of Atul as anything other than her beautiful baby boy. Now, her mind was filled with his overwhelming maleness. She had to stop, she told herself. But as if to mock her own conscience, she found herself slipping her petticoat down her long, tanned legs anyway. She tried to stop thinking about him, but she couldn't. The next thing she knew, her finger found her throbbing clitoris and began to tease it. Oh, God, i've got to stop thinking about Atul, she groaned as she spread her legs open and dipped one long finger down into her hot, clutching cunt. Then, as she slowly eased her finger in and out of her dripping cunt, she heard a car horn blaring outside. She knew that Kusum's friend had come by to pick up Kusum. Slowly fucking herself with her finger, she listened and heard Kusum and Atul thump down the stairs and slam the door as they left the house. After a few seconds, she heard the car drive off. A few seconds later she heard the front door closing. It was probably Atul coming back inside, she shuddered. Without warning, she felt an inexplicable excitement flash through her body. She and Atul were now alone in the house. Why would this arouse her so totally, she wondered. They had been alone in the house millions of times before and nothing had happened. Not even after she had divorced Atul's father, seven years ago. Atul had come to her room several times late at night and slept with her to get them over their shock at being left alone. They had never done anything wrong then. They had not even touched each other, even in a nonsexual way. But, that was then, she thought to herself, and now was now. That was when Atul had been her little boy and now he was a man. Mysteriously, it was somehow different now. She couldn't explain it, but it was definitely different. It was as if a stranger had just entered the house. But at the same time it was her son. It was as if he had separated into two distinct and definable personalities in the matter of a few seconds. Confused and mortified that she could think of Atul in two totally different ways, she couldn't stop herself from fingering her burning clitoris. Then, suddenly, the door to her room opened and Atul stood in the doorway staring down at her vulnerable nakedness. "Mom, I........................" she heard him say as he stopped and stood staring down at her exposed femininity. She had to cover herself, she thought frantically, but found herself paralyzed, unable to move to cover herself. Instead, she lay there staring up at him stupidly. Neither of them moved for the longest time as time seemed to stop. They stared into each other's eyes, searching for something. Neither of them could bring themselves to break the spell. It was if they were under the spell of some malignant sorcerer who had them under his control. Finally, after what seemed like hours, Mala was able to tear her eyes away from his, but still she couldn't bring herself to cover her nakedness. As her eyes flitted about frantically, they dropped down to his crotch. As her eyes found the huge bulge in his pajamas, she couldn't keep from gasping. It was very obvious that her son had an erection. Atul didn't know what to do or say as he stared down at his mother lying on the bed in front of him. When her eyes had left his, his eyes immediately swept down to the wet, glistening gash pink between her long, tanned legs. He had never seen his mother's womanhood before. It was so delicate, so beautifully feminine, so exciting, he nearly died. This couldn't be happening, he thought, as he stared down at the weeping gash of pink flesh slowly drooling her juices down the crack of her ass onto the bed. He couldn't take his eyes off the gaping wound as it peeked out from the forest of curly brown hair covering her soft, rounded underbelly. Why didn't she cover herself up, he wondered in amazement as he continued to stare at her exposed vagina, feeling himself growing harder by the second. Did she want him, could she want him to make love to her he wondered as time crept by and she made no effort to hide her nakedness. What did she want him to do? Then, almost in answer to his question, he saw her legs spread just a tiny bit wider. What could she be thinking, he wondered as he looked back up to her face and saw that she was staring down at where his throbbing cock was bulging out against his bathing trunks. This couldn't be happening, he told himself. He was transfixed as he stood before her. He was so confused, he didn't know what to do. His eyes flicked back from her face to her wet, drooling womanhood several times. Her eyes, however, never wavered from his crotch. She seemed to be waiting for him to expose himself to her as she was presenting her exposed femininity to him. At last, after what seemed like ages had passed, Atul's passion overrode his fear of the consequences. He decided to find out if his mother wanted him as badly as he wanted her. It was as if his body was being consumed by an unholy fever that only she could quench. She must allow him to drain off his festerous malignancy inside her soft, warm womanhood. Without taking his eyes away from his mother's eyes, he slowly hooked his thumbs under the waistband of his pajama. Taking a deep breath, he began to ease his pajama down off his hips, watching for the first sign of alarm in his mother's beautiful eyes. Instead of fear and alarm, he saw her eyes watching him with expectancy, almost eagerly awaiting for him to reveal himself to her. He continued to ease his pajama down farther and farther until at last, his giant, swollen cock lurched and sprang out into the open. As his cock flopped out into the open, he saw his mother's eyes flare open almost as if in disbelief as she stared at his pulsating monster. "Oh, My, God," she whispered as she saw her son's giant penis slither out of his bathing trunks, jutting out at her in all of its evil malevolence. She had never seen any as beautiful, or anything that held such evil and destruction. It was beautiful, but to feel it inside her would seal their fate and change their lives in a devastating way. She suddenly found it hard to breathe as she stared at the gigantic cylinder of hard, throbbing man-meat jutting out from her son's belly, obscenely pointing directly at her waiting womanhood. She knew that if she didn't do something to stop the whirlpool of incestual desire that they were caught up in, they would both soon be drowned in its horrific repugnance. But even as she fought to speak, she felt drugged and unable to move. Neither of them moved for the longest time as they stared into each other's eyes. As if some ancient convention was being tested, both of them were afraid to trust the other's intention. As they stared at each other, the air inside the room was becoming more and more charged with their restrained passions. There was so much erotic desire flowing between them, it was heating the room. Then Mala's eyes dropped back down to her son's huge, bounding, throbbing manhood. She couldn't believe this was happening. How could it be? It was so wrong, yet, it seemed so right, so sensible. She loved her son as she could never love another man. She had always loved him so deeply. When he had been hurt, she ached. When he had a scrape, she had bled. Now would she make the supreme sacrifice for him? Would she be able to give him the one thing that was forbidden between mother and son? Could she give him her body, her soul, her sexual love? If this was what he wanted, how could she refuse him? At last, Atul was able to bring his legs to work. Like a drunken zombie, he took a tiny, faltering step toward his mother. His cock was so hard it ached as it bounded up and down wildly. Then he took another step, and another until he was standing at the foot of his mother's bed staring down at her pussy that lay open, glistening wetly with her excitement. The only movement he had detected from his mother was her eyes. She still had made no attempt to cover her nakedness. On the other hand, she hadn't indicated that she wanted him to make love to her either. She had made no movement that would indicate that she wanted him to bring their confrontation to an end one way, or the other. Standing at the foot of her bed, he was torn between desire and fear. Should he take that last final step. Should he take the step that would forever change their feeling for each other? Although on separated by inches, that last step was miles wide. It would take all the courage he could find to take it. He stood there quivering with want, but afraid to step over the line that would plunge them both into the abyss of eternal damnation. Then, he saw her hand move. Her finger, that had been touching her clitoris slowly retreated back and then her hand slowly began to move away from her womanhood, creeping up over her stomach. Even though her hand withdrew from her exposed femininity, she made no effort to close her legs or hide her vulnerability. Atul watched her hand as it crept higher and higher until it was joined by her other hand between her breasts. She stopped for a moment, he hands clutching the top hook that held her blouse secure. Then with one quick flick of her fingers, she unfastened all the hooks and the blouse sprang open revealing her big, beautiful breasts. As her top flew apart revealing her breasts, Atul felt his cock lurch and jump with expectant excitement. It was the sign he had been waiting for. Tossing caution to the wind, he climbed onto the bed and scrambled up between his mother's long, tan outstretched legs. Staring down at the wet, oozing gash of soft pink flesh that gaped open so invitingly, he stopped with his great, bobbing cock pulsating above it threateningly. He had never known such need or desire. It was as if his very soul was on fire and the only way he could put of the hellish fire was to immerse himself in his mother's hot, wet cunt. Then, to his utter delight and shock, he watched as his mother slowly lift her hand. As she reached for him, it took every last ounce of his control to keep from spewing out his load of hot, heavy semen all over her hand when she finally touched him. "Oh, Mother," he groaned as he watched her bend his thick, unyielding cock down, pointing the swollen purple headed monster down at her gaping woman-wound. Trying to control the urge to drive his cock into her in one brutal thrust, he waited as she fitted the great round cockhead down into the steaming opening of her vagina. "Now, darling, NOW, put it in me," she told him, lifting her pelvis up at him and urging him to enter her most sacred of sacred places. "Oh, Fuck," he gasped as he slowly eased his massive penis down into the scalding, sucking core of her cunt, "God, I Love it." She was so hot and ready for him, his cock didn't hesitate on its journey down into the inviolate sanctum of her motherly vagina. Barely able to keep from slamming his long, thick maleness into her, Atul slowly eased it down until it was totally immersed inside her hot, clutching cunt. He couldn't believe that his huge cock was completely buried down inside of his mother. It had only taken seconds for him to completely transform their lives. Now instead of mother and son, they were lovers. He had never experienced pleasure so deep and intense. It threatened to short out his touch with reality. Then rising up, he hunched into her, thrusting his cock even deeper into the unprofaned depths of her hot, aching motherhood. Holding his cock thrust down into her as hard as he could, he leaned down and hungrily sucked a giant, swollen nipple into his mouth. "Ohhhhhhh, My, Babiiiiieeeeee," Mala moaned as she grabbed hold her son's ass and dug her long, pink fingernails deep into the hard muscles of his ass. Sucking on her swollen, bulbous nipple, he grabbed hold of her breast and roughly massaged it as he continued to grind his cock into her. "Oh, Baby, Fuck Mommy," Mala groaned, thrusting herself up at him. "Oh, God, Mother," Atul gasped, spitting out her nipple and jerking his cock back down the drenched channel of her cunt. Without pausing, Atul began to hammer his cock into her mother's cunt as if his very life depended on it. In and out, in and out like a madman, faster and faster until his hips were a blur. "Oh, Fuck, Oh, Fuck, Oh, Fuck," he blathered out as he drove himself into her brutally. She took the entire length of his monstrous organ down into the deep depths of her drenched cunt every time. As he drove himself into her, he could feel her thrust herself up at him hungrily. She wanted all he could give every time he slammed his cock into her. Clenching his pistoning ass cheeks in her hands, she dug her long nails into him urging him to fuck her faster and faster. As they wildly fucked, she obscenely lifted her lovely, long legs up into the air and wrapped her thighs around his waist. Squeezing him tightly between her strong, smooth thighs, she dug her heels into his ass, coaxing him to drive his huge cock into her burning love-wound deeper and deeper. Like two battling degenerate beasts, they tore at each other. Their bodies clashed together again and again as if they seemed bent on destroying each other. They hurled themselves together time after time in incestual combat. Growls and animal sounds escaped from them as they fucked and fucked. Mala couldn't get enough of her son's gigantic cock. She never had her husband fill her so full and stretch her almost beyond her capacity, but still she had to have more of him. She had never dreamed that his cock was so long, so thick, so huge. He was almost to larger for her. Despite his size, she needed all of him inside her burning, aching cunt as she grunted and strained to pull him deeper and deeper into her with each savage thrust. Never had she even dreamed of making love to her son and now she couldn't imagine not doing it. She couldn't ever remember being fucked so hard and passionately. Thrusting herself up at him every time he slammed his cock into her burning, aching cunt, she tried to absorb him through her stinging pussy. "Oh, Fuck, Baby, Oh, Fuck, Baby, I, Need, It, I Need, It," she blabbered out as Atul continued to ream her sopping, scalding cunt with his giant prick. Atul had never felt such power and control in his whole life. He had never even fantasized about having sex with his mother and now he was atop her fucking her brains out and she was loving it. How could he be plunging his manthing down into her most hallowed sanctity and have her wanting more? She was giving him the only thing that a mother should never share with her son, never ever, but she was willingly giving it up to him. The feeling of complete dominance was such ecstasy, he never wanted to stop. He wanted to fuck her forever and ever. Suddenly, Atul abruptly stopped driving his cock into his mother's drenched cunt. "Whatthhmmmmmpppfffffff," she started to say before her mouth was covered by Atul's as he kissed her deep and wetly. Driving his tongue deep into her mouth, he explored her mouth before sucking her hot, probing tongue into his mouth. Kissing and sucking on each other, they groveled in incestuous ecstasy. Keeping his thick, hard cock shoved down into his mother's hot cunt, he could feel the pouting, meaty lips of her painfully swollen cunt pulsing tightly around his hardness. As they passionately devoured each other, she gently milked his swollen manhood with her strong, flexible cunt muscles. Finally, Atul had to break for air. Gasping for breath, he tore his mouth from hers and dove down onto her huge, rolling breasts. Grabbing the soft, pliable flesh of her breasts in his hands, he squeezed and kneaded both of her beautiful breasts while he sucked on first one nipple and then the other great swollen nipple. He had never felt anything as soft and warm and wonderful as her big, beautiful breasts. He wanted to rub his face in their wonderful softness forever and never stop. But even after a few moments, he felt his mother's impatience as she began to move against him, urging him to make love to her again. Reluctantly releasing her great mammaries, he quickly began to fuck her dripping, burning cunt again. "Oh, Yes, Oh, Yes, Baby, Oh, Yes, My, Baby, Do It to Mommy," she gurgled, thrusting herself up against him once again, taking him to the limit every time. Like a madman, he slammed his slid his gigantic maleness in and out of her deep wetness so fast his hips became a blur. In and out, his giant cock slashed, slinging her spewing juices flying all over the bed. As he fucked her, he could smell her musky, pungency as the room filled with the erotic odor of her sex. "Oh, God, Baby, Yes, Yes, Yes, Oh Fucckkkkkkkkkkk," she groaned as her whole body began to shake and quiver uncontrollably. "OHFUCKIMCUMMMMNNNNNNN," she screamed out at him. Atul couldn't believe it. In his mind, he would always be her little boy, yet now he could make his mother cum. And cumming she was. The sudden feeling of omnipotence that washed over him was too much and he felt his cock give a mighty lurch inside her spasming pussy. Suddenly, a spout of his boiling semen spurted out into her sucking, clenching socket. "OHMYGOD," Mala screamed again, as she felt the white hot geyser of his thick, scalding hot boy-cream spewing out onto the bruised and raw lining of her cunt. "OHHHMMMOOOTTHHERRRRFFFUUUCCKKKKK!" Atul bellowed out as he rammed his cock into her hot, absorbing womanhood and let it spew out its lethal load inside of her. "ohyesmybabyfillmotherupwithyourwonderfulcream," she blurted out as she felt his cock jerk again and squirt another gigantic gusher of cum into her. "Oh, Fuck, Mommy," Atul sobbed uncontrollably as he felt his cock jerk and jerk, spewing out eruption after eruption of his thick, gooey cum into his mother. At last her cunt could hold no more and it came oozing out around his cock just as it had done with Kusum. Again and again, his mighty weapon bucked and exploded inside of her mother's overflowing cunt. Mala couldn't believe how much semen her son's gargantuan penis was spewing into her as she felt it begin to leak out of her cunt and trickle down the crack of her ass. God, she thought, she had never seen such virility in a man. Was it ever going to stop erupting inside of her? "OH, God, Mother," Atul cried out, afraid that he had broken something inside of his cock because it wouldn't stop spurting. He had shot out so much of his thick, spunky cum, his balls were beginning to hurt. "It's okay, Baby, fill Mommy full," she cooed to him trying to comfort him. Then suddenly, with one last mighty heave, his cock abruptly stopped ejaculating and with a groan, Atul collapsed down on top of her. She had never experienced such unbridled passion before. It had left her exhausted, both mentally and physically. Strangely, Atul seemed to weigh nothing and she hardly felt him pressing down on her at all. This was discomforting because she knew that he had to weigh at least one hundred and eighty pounds. Then glancing over, she saw that most of his weight was resting on his arms as he held them up against her body. As they lay in each other's arms, Atul snuggled his face down into the crook of her neck and lovingly nuzzled her, kissing her softly. Neither of them spoke for the longest time as they lay joined together in their incestual marriage. Then she realized that his massive penis wasn't shrinking. It remained hard and thick, lodged inside of her aching cunt like a giant cork. Why wasn't he like other men, she wondered. Why didn't his cock shrivel up and slip out of her cunt? Instead, it lay inside of her, thick, swollen and throbbing with potency. How could this be, she wondered, knowing that he had also shot more cum into her than any other man. Then she felt his cock twitch inside of her. Not knowing what to expect, she was startled when Atul slowly rose up onto his elbows and looked down at her. Their eyes met and locked. She could see the love in his eyes as it flowed between them. Then she felt him begin to move inside of her once again. Bending down, Atul kissed her long and hard as he slowly pulled his thick, bloated cock down the foamy channel of her cunt. Then, giving her soft, pouting lips a tender nibble, she slowly eased his huge cock back into her again, sliding it in until the thick, puffy cockhead nudged up against her cervix. Then, he began to fuck her with long, slow strokes, filling her completely, but lovingly. She had never been fucked so tenderly, so gently. It was as if he was afraid her pussy was made of delicate china and he would break it. Slowly, he pumped his cock in and out of her bruised, aching cunt, churning their juices into a thick, frothy lather that slowly dripped out of her tight slit. Lying under him, feeling his magnificent penis impaling her time after time, Mala felt herself drifting away from reality and floating on a gigantic wave of hedonistic pleasure. Her whole being was centered entirely on her aching cunt where her son's lovely penis was slowly sliding in and out of her. Her cunt had grown extremely sensitive and she imagined that she could even feel the thick, blue blood vessels that encircled his cock. They were distended, filled with his, hot blood. They bulged out arrogantly to keep the massive cylinder of meat filled with blood. He was so big, every time he slipped his cock back into her, it drug her clit down along the barrel, driving her insane with pleasure. Then without realizing it, she found herself climaxing as tiny, little explosions of sensual joy filled her mind over and over again. It was like watching a fourth of July fireworks display, except it was going on in her head. Explosion after explosion shook her body, immersing her in such pleasure, she lost contact with reality and floated in the thick luxury of pure sexual indulgence. On and on she floated, not having a care in the world as her mind was being overloaded by the sensual bombardment. At last, she could endure it no longer and slipped off into unconsciousness. Slowly, she opened her eyes. Her room was dimly lit by the fading light. Lying in her bed, foggily trying to recollect the events that had led up to this moment, she wondered why her room seemed to be growing lighter. Slowly, afraid that her head would fall off if she moved to quickly, she turned and looked at the clock on her nightstand. It read 7:00, so why was it getting light outside. Had she gone insane? Maybe it had all been a terrible nightmare, she thought until she moved her legs and felt a twinge of pain between them. Running her hand down to her aching womanhood, she found that her inner thighs were coated with a film of thick, creamy sap. Then her mind crazily lurched back to her incestuous union with her son Atul. God, had it really happened. She knew it had. What an afternoon. But why was it getting light. Suddenly, she realized that they must have fucked all night long and now it was morning. But, where was Atul? Why had he left? Was he disgusted by what they had done? Then, as if to answer to her question, she heard the distant sound of water running through the pipes of the house. Apparently Atul was taking a shower in his bathroom. Sitting up, she suddenly felt she had to explain to him why she had taken him into her bed. He must know the reason, but chillingly, she realized that there was no reason other than her sick lechery. She hadn't planned it, but her perverse desire to have him make love to her had overcome her. Somehow, she had to explain it to him so that he wouldn't take all the blame himself. Swinging her long, tanned legs off the bed, she groggily stood up and stumbled toward the door. Seeing herself in the mirror, she quickly decided that a shower wouldn't hurt her either as her legs and stomach were coated with the evidence of their unholy recklessness. Rushing into her bathroom, she quickly showered. Stepping out her shower, she toweled herself off and wrapped the towel around her waist. Reaching for her robe, she stopped. Looking in the mirror, she decided to leave her large, pendant breasts bare. Atul liked to look at her breasts, so maybe this would show him how she felt toward him now. Having regained the use of her legs again, she walked over to the door and stepped out into the hallway. As she started toward Atul's room, she was taken by surprise when he suddenly stepped out into the hallway. Both of them stopped dead as they stared at each other. His eyes quickly dropped to her great, drooping breasts. They were bare and dangling down heavily. She could easily see that he wasn't feeling the remorse she thought he might be as he was stark naked. Even though the sun was barely up and she was barely awake, her eyes quickly flitted down to his great, half-hard cock dangling down between his muscular legs. How could she be drawn to him so easily, she wondered as she felt a sudden twinge of perverse desire spring up inside her battered, bruised pussy. Tearing her eyes away from his manhood, she saw that he was staring back at her with love and desire filling his eyes. "Oh, Atul," she moaned, quickly rushing down the hallway into his waiting arms. "I Love you so much." "God, Mother, I Love you more than life itself," he groaned, taking into his strong, young arms and pulling her into him. Crushing his mouth down onto hers, he kissed her long and deep. She could feel his maleness slowly brush against her leg as it began to harden and lift itself. Abruptly, she had the overpowering urge to feel his giant cock inside of her mouth before he became too big. Falling to her knees before him, she lifted his dangling penis up to her mouth and quickly sucked him into her mouth. "Oh, My, God mother," he wheezed as his cock quickly began to grow harder and bigger. Sucking him into her mouth, her warm, soft lips cupped the bullet-hard, bursting head of his penis as she lovingly sucked on it. The unanticipated attack on his cock by his mother had driven Atul almost instantly to the point of ejaculation. "God, Mother, I'm going to cum," he gasped, fighting to hold it back, but rapidly loosing the battle, "Mother, Please, I can't stop it." Ignoring his pleas, she engulfed the smooth head of his bulging prick in her mouth, gently swirling her tongue around it twitching hardness again and again. To Atul, her lips were like bands of fire, encircling his cock in a ring of ecstasy sending pleasure running down his cock with maddening excitement. "I CAN'T STOP MOTHER," he blurted out as his cock began to jerk and pumped out a gusher of thick, foamy cream into his mother's hot, sucking mouth. Mala didn't hesitate as she quickly nursed down his thick, rich, sperm filled cream while he continued to empty the contents of his swollen testicles into her mouth. Grabbing his dangling, spasming gonads in her hands, she cupped them lovingly, squeezing and pulling on them. Sinfully enjoying the feel of his hot, potent semen spurting into her mouth, she tried to coax more and more it into her mouth as she hungrily devoured his offering. "Oh, My, Fucking God," he cried as he thrust his spurting, jerking penis into his mother's mouth, "God, Mother, it's too much." Suddenly, jerking his still spurting cock out of her mouth, he fell to his knees. "Oh, Baby, I'm sorry," Mala gushed, reaching down and taking hold of his cock as it continued to buck and spew cum, "keep on cumming, Baby, cum all you can." "Oh, Fuck," he shuddered as his mother masturbated him and he continued to erupt, spurting out thick strings of his foamy cum all over her hands and stomach. At last, his great cock stopped lurching in her hand. "God, Mother, I'm so sorry," he blathered, tears of pain, humiliation and pleasure coursing down his face. "For what?" she asked, leaning forward and tenderly kissing the tears from his face, "It was wonderful. Anything we do together is wonderful, don't you think?" "i've never felt this way, Mother," he whimpered. "I know baby, neither have I," she smiled lovingly. "If this is what love is," he said softly, "i'll never be able to love another woman, Mother. I love you too deeply." "Our new love is wonderful," she whispered, pulling him to her and hugging him tightly, "and it will only grow stronger and stronger with time." "God, Mother, I have to have you," he growled, staggering to his feet, his giant peter already hardening with growing expectation. Bending down, he swept his mother up in his arms. Straining under her beautifully compacted one-hundred and twenty pounds, he lifted her. "My goodness," she gasped, amazed at his strength, "I didn't know you had such muscles." "Then, there are a lot of things I didn't know about you," she smiled wickedly as he staggered down the hall toward his bedroom. As she spoke, her hand found her son's growing manhood and lovingly fondled it as he clomped down the hallway. Straining under her weight, he finally made it to his room. Staggering inside, he quickly stumbled over to his bed and delicately deposited his mother down onto it. Sensing her son's immediate need, Mala quickly spread her long, bronzed legs apart and reaching down to her womanhood spread herself open for him. "Oh, God, Mother," Atul gasped, crawling up between her outstretched legs, "I love you so much." "I love you too, my son," she cooed, reaching up and guiding his jutting hardness down into the soft, waiting core of her soul, "and I always will with all my heart and soul." Thrusting himself down into her, Atul buried himself all the way to the hilt inside of her hot, meaty cunt with in one swift thrust. Holding himself buried deep inside of her salivating vagina, Atul bent down and softly kissed her full, pouting lips. "Will you let me make love to you again, uh, I mean after today?" he asked her slowly sliding his cock in and out of her weeping slit. "I don't want to ever quit making love to you." "I would never stop you from making love to me," she cooed, thrusting herself back up at him, sucking him back into her aching cunt, "how could I after today?" "Do you really mean it?" he asked incredulously, stopping to give her another soft, loving kiss on the lips. "Of, course, my silly little boy," she laughed softly, "you are my new lover." "Does this mean that you will sleep with me every night?" Atul asked tentatively. "Of, course, my love, every night," she murmured as he slowly started fucking her again, "and we'll make love every night, all night long." "But that would depend upon what you do with Kusum," Mala returned with a hint of possessiveness in her voice. "Would you be able to give her up?" "Uh, give up Kusum," Atul gulped, as visions of being in bed with his mother every night making love to her danced in his mind. "Gosh, Mom," he mumbled, feeling her tighten the satiny sheath of her vagina around his cock, softly milking him with her cunt muscles, "oh, Fuck, i'll do anything to make love to you." "Good," she sighed, relaxing her hold on his cock, "i'll your wife from now on." "Oh, God, Mother," Atul groaned as he began to pound his cock into her with a vengeance, " i've died and gone to heaven." "So have I," she laughed softly as she lifted her legs up and wrapped them around her son's waist, "so have I." All you sexy, passoionate & hungry ladies,sisters, bhabhis pl do write me on my email [email protected] iam waiting for your response which will encourage me to give you my best stories & my best thing.... Typical Catholic family, father, mother, then older sister and I. My father has got import/export business of fishes and my mother is helping him in the business. When my parents got married within a year my sister, Tina, born. After around ten years I was born. Mother was helping my father in the business so most of the time she used to stay out of home. My sister who was 10 year older Than me took care of me all my childhood. We were very close. She was more like Mother figure to me than sister. Always hugging me, kissing me. My sister, Tina Really was good looking; nobody could deny that, not even me, her own brother. In fact I had become my sister's number one fan. I had been around about 12 when I became conscious of my sister's stunning appearance. She was typical catholic Girl, taller, creating some very long legs. Her breasts were much more Proportioned; she wasn't fare but her skin was smoother and She had a very attractive face. I hadn't noticed the true beauty of my sister All by myself. However, My friends were also commenting about her and she was The subject of many erotic fantasies of them. Some kept quiet about their lust For her, while others were very open about it in that typical teenage-boy manner (as you must have known Catholic people are very frank and open about life). "**** your sister's hot Tony. Don't you just want to dive into her?" and "Oh Man! If I was you, I'd be ****ing that ass all day and night long." were only a Sample of some of the things they had whispered into my ear every Time my sister Bent over in front of me and my friend. I didn't mind that all much. At first I Had been surprised by the compliments, and then proud. Anyway, I was pretty Dirty myself. Whatever it was, I finally started listening and agreeing with my Friends. Not out loud of course, I kept the growing arousal for my sister to Myself. Sure she was my sister, but in the end this Only added to my excitement. Even just to think about her, and I got off Immediately. I masturbated regularly. I was horny enough as it was, but having My sexy sister around all the Time didn't make it any easier. She usually wore Tight clinging clothes, like small T-shirt that just managed to stretch over her Tits and jeans or short skirt that clasped the shapes of her full, well-rounded Ass. Watching her move around the house was enough to get me all revved up for a Toss. I was sure she had noticed the discomfort it caused me, but nevertheless She continued to do so. She was a most popular girl in my area. So many guys Were after her. She was always nice with them. Even though I was hot for her I Never did anything to get her. How can I? After all she was my sister! 4 years Before my sister got married when she was 26 and went to her husband's house That was living in the next town. She used to visit our house every other week Especially if my parents were gone out of town for Long period. Even though she was married and gone with her husband she was Always there, helping us, taking care of house and other things. Even After Marriage she was as hot as before. She was still popular in our area and guys Still admire her beauty. My cousin Max (my mother's elder brother's son) was one Who was hot for my sister (who's happen to be her cousin brother also). Even Though he was much older than me we were best buddies. He is living near to our House and used to come home regularly. He taught me how to enjoy the life. Hanging around with him i've had some wild experiences with a lot of girls. Max And I were very frank to each other and used to talk about girls and women Including my sister, Tina. One particular comment of his played back in my mind Over and over again: "Shit Tony, even if she is our sister I wouldn't let that Get in the way." I thought about this for hours on end. I did have one hell of a Sister, how could I not take advantage of that? I thought About that but realized there is no way that I would able to **** my sister. Absolutely no way! But I was wrong. It's happened last month. Whenever my parent Goes out of town we used to make party in my house. My friends never miss party In my house, especially if Tina, my sister is there then. She was volunteered to Prepare food and everything for the party, serving to them. She used to enjoy in The party drinking and Dancing with everybody. She was always cheerful and Center of attraction in my house party. We all would drink, Dance and play whole Night. After when party would finish and all guys left me, my sister and my Cousin used to clean house and other things. Last month also my parents went out Of town for two week and I threw party in my house with my friends. Tina, my Sister was there in the house. That day as usual party was going on in his full Speed up to the midnight. We drank all the bottles of drinks and all guys left The house. After that my cousin, Max and I was Sitting in the hall while sister was around cleaning things. Max and I was Whispering about some girls and then he commented about my sister, Tina how she Looked beautiful even after her marriage and other things. And he is horny Looking her around. I didn't say anything just laughed. He kept commenting about Her and I just nodded him. I thought might be he is drunk so he is loosing his Mouth. That wasn't new for me, in the past so many time we talked about her in Like that condition. Suddenly he asked me whether I'd object him if he try to Seduce her? I said no as I know he was just kidding, he can't be a serious. He Got up and headed out side telling me to wait for him.After around 15/20 minutes He returned back with bottle of French wine. We sat there in the hall started Drinking. He invited my sister to join us. She hesitated first as she already Had enough drink but my cousin convince her to have few more drink with us. She Agreed and sat with us in the chair opposite sofa. We Talked about party and other things. We were joking, giggling and shouting. I Saw my cousin was sneaking a look at her big tits when she laughs. The way he Was talking with her sure he was horny for her. She was also responding him. I Don't blame my cousin for wanting to **** her, I understand. I took a good look At sister, and I have to admit, I liked what I saw. She was wearing a fairly Short skirt and high heels, showing her full legs. She was also wearing a tight Blouse that emphasized her breasts and believes me; my sister's breasts don't Need to be emphasized. The way those tight boobs of hers jiggle and bounce would Draw attention of any one. My cousin, Max was talking very sweet with my sister, Tina and I surprised when he asked her to sit between us on the small sofa and She did. She sat between us keeping her legs on the center table. We kept Talking and drinking for some times. She was already a bit gone and this would Really do her in. My sister was always silly and Flirty with my handsome cousin, but I never once thought a thing about it. Even When she giggled and rubbed against him I still didn't see it. I mean, who'd Ever figure his own sister to be turned on by one of her cousin? Especially when Your sister is married with strong guy. I mean really! I was thinking about Them. Does my cousin really think my sister would be a piece of ass? Is he Really going to try to **** her? And was he going to try it in front of me? And She'd really allow him to **** her? As we sat there and talked and drank, I Thought my sister was becoming a little careless with her skirt. As she was Keeping her legs on the center table, her skirt was rod up her thighs. She was Definitely showing a lot more of her full thighs than she should have. I noticed My cousin eyeing her legs and brushing his hand up against her knees every Time He had the chance. But, nice leg-show or not, it was sister's breasts that Really had his attention. He watched them jiggle and bounce Whenever she moved, and he could barely take his eyes off them-even though he Obviously liked her legs too. It was really crazy. Tina was getting giggly, and My cousin was telling her how beautiful and sexy she was. Meanwhile, I was Nervous as hell, just trying to figure out what was happening here. Then my Cousin leaned over and planted a kiss right on my sister's lips! At first she Gasped and gurgled and half-yelped, and I thought I was going to have to pull my Cousin away from her and smack him or something. But then she suddenly quit Complaining and began kissing him back. Her arms slid around his neck as she Did, and I didn't know what the hell to do. I didn't want to watch what was Happening, but yet I couldn't tear my eyes away. As he kissed her, I could see That my cousin's hand was inching closer and closer to my sister's awesome Breasts. Then he put his full hand one of them and squeezed and fondled it, Before she finally jerked away from him and planted herself firmly in My arms in the intensely quick process. "Looks like it's your turn," my cousin Said to me with a laugh. "Or are you afraid to kiss your own sister that way?" I didn't know what to do, but I figured my sister was safer kissing me than a guy That was doing his best to **** her, so I put my mouth on hers. She made a Pleasant little sound of surprise, and then kissed me back the same way she'd Been kissing my cousin. Her mouth opened and mine opened, and I was thinking What an incredible thing it was to be doing this with her. Then I noticed that My cousin was boldly unbuttoning her blouse as I kissed her, and I just let him. He got back getting her blouse wide open all the way down to her waist before She even seemed to notice what he was doing, and at that point she pulled her Mouth away from mine. She looked really sexy then, even though she was my Sister, with her brassiere-clad breasts exposed and her waist showing in her Opened blouse. She got really angry then, and told him she Must stop his actions, which wasn't decent with her. But I noticed that she Didn't do a thing about buttoning her blouse back, even while she was raising Her voice. And all the Time she was talking, I was seeing so much of her Cleavage that I was having trouble keeping my cock from bursting my pants. She Might be my sister but my cock didn't care a bit. Seeing the way her breasts Overflowed her brassiere was one hell of an erotic sight! My cousin just laughed At her and offered her another glass and told her she was fun to tease. The next Thing I knew he'd not only sweet- talked with sister out of being upset, but she Was giggling and letting him kiss her again and her blouse was still wide open. Then, as they giggled and smooched, my cousin slid his hands behind her, caught Her brassiere hook, and undid them. Sister squealed again and jerked away from Him and wound up in my arms again in the process, but it was me that stopped her Complaints with planting my mouth on hers and I Have to admit I was excited and nervous. She whimpered a little and complained To me about what he'd done to her, but she soon stopped complaining and snuggled In for still more smooching. The scene was way beyond my wildest dreams. This Was my own sister I was her lips, and not only did she forget about her Unsnapped brassiere, but she began darting her tongue in and out of my mouth as I kissed her. Then I saw my cousin was fondling her legs as my sister and I Kissed, and that he was easing her skirt higher up her full, voluptuous thighs. As we kissed, one of sister's arms moved from my neck, and then came back again. Then she repeated the process with her other arm, and I wondered what she was Doing. Then I saw my cousin's hands on her bare shoulders and knew he'd been the One who'd moved her arms and he'd taken her blouse all the way off of her. When I saw her blouse on the floor I almost choked. What her husband would do if he Saw what was happening? Here was my prudish sister -- her skirt was almost all the way up to her big, delectable ass. Her blouse Was completely off her, and, judging from the look on my cousin's face as he Looked at her tits, she was about to lose her brassiere too. My cock got harder At the thought of those sweet melons being exposed. I told myself I couldn't Think those kinds of thoughts about my own sister, but I still thought them Anyway. Then my cousin made a smooth move with his hands and Mother gasped, and I knew it had happened. I looked down, and sure as hell, my sister's brassiere Was on the floor of the hall, too. Her firm breasts were completely exposed. As I stared at my sister's breasts, with erect nipples. She looked like a young Girl rather than a 30-year-old! I should have tried to stop things. After all, This was my sister that my cousin was undressing. I even thought about that -As I reached for her gorgeous breasts, unable to resist copping a feel of those Lovely melons. Then I touched the stiffness of her Erect nipples and she moaned in response to my fingers, and I totally forgot About stopping things. Tina, my sister moaned something about stopping this as I Gleefully fondled her tits, but there wasn't any conviction in her tone at all, And I knew she didn't mean a word of it. Then I saw my cousin's hands moving on Her legs. I kept up my movement on her breasts and heard her moan softly. She Arched her back to move them tighter into my hands. She didn't seem to notice Max's hands as they slowly moved under her skirt. From her lack of resistance as He slid his hands over her hips, I knew that I'd soon be seeing more than her Thighs and tits, and I was all for it. I saw the skirt move up her thighs until Her panties were exposed and Max's hand was moving to cover her pubic Area.Suddenly her hips jumped and she pleaded, "Please, please stop now, I, I, You can't do this" and she tried to get up. As Tina's legs moved apart Max's Hand slid between her thighs and began to move on her Cunt. I once again began to fondle her breasts and pull on her nipples. Her Face was tense and although she still was trying to get up I could feel her Resistance weaken. Finally with a deep sigh she relaxed back into the seat. Max's hands were now free to roam all over her thighs and one moved into her Panties. I was shaking with excitement and disbelief. My cock was so hard I Could hardly stand it. I thought I was going to cum right then. Sure as hell my Cousin was soon pulling my sister's panties down around her ankles, and both of Us were ignoring her moaning protests."Wow, look at that pussy," my cousin, Max Said, as he eased my sister onto her back on the sofa. "She doesn't have a hair On it! That's the sweetest pussy I ever saw in my life!" I captured a nipple in My mouth and looked down at my sister's cunt as I did it, and I saw that he was Right. My sister's thick lips were as smooth as a young girl's. Her excitement Showed as they glistened in the reflected light from the Slick moisture covering them. Sister groaned as we admired her snatch, but she Didn't once make a move to cover herself. As I mouthed her big nipple, her moans Of lusty pleasure drove me wild."Oh, don't suck on my breast, dear," she Whimpered, "Oh... Don't touch that, Oh myyyy!" "See," my cousin said, as he slid Two fingers into Sister's snatch, "I told you she's hot ****." "Oh, don't talk Like that about your sister" Tina groaned. "We have to stop doing this. This has Gone way too far." I interrupted my sister pinching her nipples as my cousin Slide his jeans down pulling out his hard dick and moved between her thighs "ooohhh," she wailed. "Ohhhhhhh...he's putting it in me. Oh, he's ****ing Meeeeee, his cousin! Oh Tony, you won't tell any one, will you? Please don't Tell our parents. Ooohhh, this naughty brother is doooooing it to meeee! Ohhh Yes, it feels good, I like it. Ooohhh yessssss!" It was wild to watch my Sister Get ****ed. She was sprawled on that sofa with her legs Spread, and bouncing and wiggling her ass. I almost went crazy at the sight. I Got so turned on watching my sister being humped that I had my own cock in my Hand and was whacking away at it before I even realized what I was doing. My Cousin moved into her and then backs. I could see his hard cock move slowly in And out. She now had her arms tight around my head keeping me at her breasts as He rammed his cock in and out of her.She moaned into my ear "Oh Tony, this is so Naughty. I can't stop you, But please be nice and don't tell mother/father and I Will let you keep on doing this to me. It feels sooo good and I will be nice to You both, just don't stop." Max was now moving faster and with a surge into her He gave a yell and blew his nuts in her pussy. Sister hadn't started her own Climax yet. He pulled his shrinking, dripping dick out of my Sister's pussy and Sort of flopped over onto his back, and then I did something I never thought I Would do in reality. I looked at my sister, Tina lying there with her eyes closed and her thighs open, and I looked at her Slippery cunt and those bare beautiful breasts, and I just couldn't help myself. I rolled between her legs and slid my cock into her cunt before she even knew What was going on. My Sister gasped as I slide it in her, and her eyes popped Open. And she really squealed when she realized her little brother had turned on Looking her and beginning to **** her in the process. "oooooh God," she said, "you shouldn't be doing this with me.... Your sister. Please just hold me. You Can feel me if you want but don't do this, its toooo wrong." I was way too horny To pay attention to my sister's pleading, and as I moved in her, her pussy Responded and her attitude improved tremendously. It only took me a few hard Strokes to get my Sister frantically wiggling her ass and French-kissing me and Blubbering about how great it was. And the more I pounded her the wilder she Became. It was so great, sliding my cock in and out Of my sister's slick cunt. The lack of hair made it so much smoother and I Could watch as my cock was sliding in and out of her pussy. The fat lips would Pull out as I moved back, then pull together and I once again moved into that Warm, slick cunt. I was using her breasts as hand holds for balance. She had now Put her hands over mine and encouraged me on, saying " Oh please Tony, keep Doing that, Oh harder, yes.. Yes, that's so good, I love what you are doing to Me and how you are making me feel. You are Such a loving brother." Her hips were now moving up to meet mine on every stroke And I could hardly control myself."Go on, little brother! **** me.... **** your Sister. Ohh yesss... Do it to meee. I am so close" I ****ed my sister harder and Faster, my cock slamming into her juicy pussy, filling it, pushing into her Cervix at the end of every stroke. The tight clasping lips and the pressure of Her cervix finally overcame my ability to hold back. At the very end, I swear we Even had the sofa rocking. I felt the cum starting to rush in my cock and when I Jerk off, I had a tit in each hand, and my sister was going off with a scream at The same Time. It was a mind-blowing experience. Knowing I'd just ****ed my Supposedly prudish sister to a frenzied climax was a real trip in itself.As I Got up and got dressed, I noticed my sister had passed out from all the Excitement and drinks, which she was totally unused to. My cousin and I put her To bed after first cleaning her up and then even put Her nightgown on.In the morning my cousin and I were having breakfast when my Sister came out from her bedroom. As she came into the kitchen we got quiet. But, she didn't seem to be any different to us than normal. She said, "morning! I must have had too much drink last night. I don't even remember when we finish Our party and when I got into bed. Don't tell our parents about my heavy Drinking, they doesn't like it. OK?" I just said "Sure" and breathed a deep sigh Of relief. Wow! We did that with her last night and she didn't remember. In the Bright light of day and without the alcohol affecting my thinking, I decided to Forget what had happened last night, although the memory made my cock a little Harder. My cousin though got a curious look in his eye that made me uneasy. Later that day in the afternoon my Sister said, " Hey, why don't we all watch a Movie together" Max was quick with an affirmative reply, and stated we would Even go to the video store to pick up some movies, which We did. We chose especially an erotic English movie like 'Basic Instinct' etc. As we headed back to the house we picked up French-wine too, as my cousin said With a smile, "loosen up your sister's lips." I couldn't believe he really would Try something again. My mind was racing with images from the night before. I was Already getting a hard-on and while I thought I couldn't let him do this to my Sister again but I couldn't stop him from thinking of last night and what Tonight might bring. When we got home my sister was finishing up on lunch and Max showed her the wine.She said, "Great, it's just like a little party, Company, wine, and a movie. Which one did you get?" When Max said "Basic Instinct," Sister got a bit red in the face and said she hadn't seen it, but had Heard it was a bit risqué and wasn't sure this was a good movie to be watching With us."We're all adults, Tina", said Max, "and it's supposed to be a real Thriller." "Oh, well then I guess its ok, but you guys had Better behave yourselves." As we were having lunch, Max kept Tina's glass full Of wine and had her laughing with his jokes. After about 3 glasses of wine my Sister was starting to feel no pain and started telling off color jokes of her Own. I was laughing almost the whole Time, part from the jokes, but part from Seeing my sister so loose and enjoying herself so much. After lunch was over, Sister went her room telling Max and I to get the movie ready while she got into Something comfortable. I set up the movie while Max closed all the curtain of Living room and put some deem lights to set a pleasant mood. When Sister came Back, she was really relaxed and had put on a short, sheer gown. When she bent Down to move center table I observed her ass and was amazed when I realized she Wasn't wearing panties. You could see that clearly because I couldn't see any Outline of her panties above her gown."When this is over" she said, " I'm going Right to bed. This wine is already making me Sleepy. So, where's the movie?" She sat down in the middle of the sofa. Max and I sat on either side of her.As the movie started and it got to the erotic parts, We all began to get turned on, Even my Sister, Tina also as I could tell by the Way she kept moving her thighs back and forth. Max placed one arm behind my Sister and every Time he spoke to her about any scene he put his hand on her Knee. She didn't seem to mind and finally he just left it there and stroked her Knee and the top of the thigh just above it. We had been sipping more wine and Sister was really enjoying herself. She started to lean into Max, which he took As an encouraging move and leaned over her and kissed her. Sister kind of looked Puzzled for a moment and then kissed him back in a kind of peck and smiled at Him as she said, "You better watch movie, I might think you are getting hot for Your old sister." Max said, "You may be my cousin sister, but you are definitely Not old and you look as sexy as any 20 year Old. I could go for a lady as sexy and sharp as you" "Oh, youuuu!" she said, And leaned over and gave him another kiss. This Time Max put his arms around her And didn't let her pull away. She kind of struggled to get away but he planted a Kiss on her lips and with a look of 'you naughty boys' she began to kiss him Back. As soon as he started to put his tongue into her mouth she pushed him Away, stating "You are really making me hot, but I don't think this is proper, So you just sit over there and behave yourself," With that she moved over next To me and said, "Brother, you had better protect me, I think our cousin likes Older women." So, I played the protective brother and put my arm around her shoulder and Pulled her tight into my side. By this Time the first movie had finished and Max Quickly put the other movie in. Giggling Sister wanted to know what was coming Up next, and Max said it was a movie about fantasies. This seemed to strike Sister as a good subject for a movie but what kind of fantasies, she asked? Max Said he wasn't sure but that it was put together by a woman and directed by a Woman. At which my sister laughed and said she might really like this, as women Make more sensitive movies but that we might get bored since as men, we didn't Really appreciate the emotional aspects of women. Max chuckled, and said "You Might be right sister, but we might be more sensitive and understanding than you Think. I think we will all find this an interesting movie." As the movie began It started slowly and when a man appeared on screen and began to strip, Sister Was really began paying attention. When he took off His last piece of clothing and was standing there in the nude, my sister just Looked glassy eyed at the TV screen and kind of went "uuhh" and sunk into my Side even more. As the actor started to undress the woman, my Sister really Started to make little moaning sounds as the movie really was affecting her now, And the wine had completely lowered her defenses. Max looked at my sister and Said he was tired and could he lie down on the sofa and put his head in her lap. I think Sister was a little relieved, thinking that Max would fall asleep and She could enjoy the movie without him observing her reactions. By now Sister was Completely involved in the movie so she just nodded ok. As Max put his head in Tina's lap I could see his face. At first he put his head down facing the TV Screen, but as Sister squirmed and moved around as a result of watching the Movie, Max turned his head toward her lap and snuggled into her. My Sister was So involved that she didn't notice this clever move, but She was by now holding me very close and I was totally aroused by now. I put my Right hand on the side of her neck and just stroked it lightly. She reacted by Moving her head over against my shoulder and just kind of moved it back and Forth slowly against it. The movie had now progressed to the couple beginning Graphic foreplay. When the couple began to perform oral sex on each other my Sister seemed to shake and quiver a bit and said "we mustn't watch this movie, It's blue film. Only sick people watch that!" I asked my sister boldly if she Had ever tried it, something I never before would have asked her about. To my Surprise she answered a strong " Of course yes!" Well I had thought her a bit of A prude but not that much. With her feelings about oral sex she was becoming Very aroused. As she was tight against me, her erect nipples were rubbing Against my side. I turned into her neck and began to nuzzle her ear, which Further aroused her. However she never turned away from the Television screen. I noticed Max was now moving one hand up and down the top of Her thighs, which caused Tina's legs to open and close with excitement. I moved My hand, which was on her shoulder, to her breast and started to fondle it, to Which Sister really let out a loud moan. But then she suddenly became aware of Me and placing her hand on mine, she moved it down off her breast and to her Side, saying "please Tony, don't act naughty" and turned her attention back to The movie where the couple were just beginning ****ing. As the man in the movie Put his cock at the entrance to the woman's vagina and slowly pushed in, my Sister gripped me firmly. I again moved my hand to her breast and ran it lightly Its surface. This Time she simply moaned and said, "Ooooohhh ok Tony, but Nothing else, it's just while we enjoy the movie then you have to stop this. I Can't believe my brother doing this to me and I am letting him. This movie is Just affecting me so much I don't know what I'm doing." Max had been observing my actions and now began to move his hand between my Sister's thighs and slowly move them apart. His face now pressed into her groin Area and he was blowing warm air across her crotch. As She wasn't fully aware of This, he grasped her gown and pulled it to her waist. This had the effect of Exposing her bare cunt and he just kind of nuzzled up to it very slowly so not To draw her attention. Well, it may not have drawn her attention, which was Still fully captured by the scene on the movie, but her body certainly knew all About it. Her legs were spreading open even further but all on their own without Any help other than Max's blowing and the light touch of his fingers on the Outer lips of her pussy.I now wanted more and moved my hand to the buttons down The middle of the nightgown and gently undid them to her waist. I then Separated the two halves and gazed upon my sister's firm breasts. I put my hand On a breast and fondled and massaged it while Sister was Almost totally in the control of these varied feelings, the movie, my fondling And Max's actions in her lap. Max now moved her cunt lips apart with his fingers And slid his tongue down her grove. When he moved to her clitoris that she Jumped so much she almost threw us both off. She slapped lightly at his head, Saying " Max! What are you doing? Ohh, you really are a nasty boy. You just go Back to sleep." My Sister was now in denial and just trying to make the proper responses, but The responses she really was getting were from her body and she could no longer Control them. She then put her head against the back of the sofa while my head Began to move down her breast and at reaching her erect nipples I began to Suckle, all the while keeping my hand moving strongly now on her other breast. Max, after a momentary pause, once more was licking and sipping at Tina's Excited cunt. She then just kind of sagged back into the sofa and gave up Completely any resistance while making little noises "Ooohhh, oooohh, oh god, Ooohhhh, yes, ooohh!" Max motioned for me to pull my sister's shoulders down to The seat of the sofa to lay her, which I did. This afforded us more room and After a false move to stop us Sister just closed her eyes. Max put one of her Legs up on the back of the sofa. This had the effect of opening her cunt and Max Took every advantage as he dived back upon it and proceeded to Lick and suck it. I could hardly stand I was so excited by all this and took Out my cock which I started to stroke. Tina's eyes then opened and seeing my Cock, reached out her hand and just said "let me" Oh the feeling was tremendous As she began to stroke it for me. After only an minute or so she got a strange Look in her eye and kind of pleading said "please let me try this" at which she Pulled my cock to her month and began to suck lightly. I could only take a Couple of minutes of this pleasure when feeling my climax approaching, I said " Ohh Sister, please, I'm going cum " My sister looked at me but just kept going On even stronger and I explode in her mouth. She just swallows everything. "i'm Sorry Sister, but I couldn't stop." She just looked at me tenderly and said, "I Never knew it could be so erotic to do this with own brothers." She then looked Down at Max and putting her hands on his head just kind of guided him as he Continued to suck at her cunt. She started to rock her Hips and wave her thighs in Time with his actions. Soon I heard her gasping and Moaning loudly as her orgasm overtook her and she put her legs around Max's neck To lock him to her. She came in his mouth and finally she started to relax and Her legs fell apart on the sofa and she just lay there still moaning softly. Max Rose and after taking off his clothes, while I did the same, instructed me to **** Tina, saying he wanted to try something, which he had in mind since long Time. I didn't know what he meant but I was more than willing to screw my Sister Again. He told me to get her on top of me. I moved to a position between her Legs and began to caress her pussy. I loved the feeling of her bare skin and she Apparently liked what I was doing too as she was starting to react to my Ministrations. "Please don't feel bad about your sister, but I love what you're Doing to me," she said. I leaned over and putting her nipple in my mouth, I Began to suckle her breast again, while keeping up The motions with my hand on her pussy. This had gone so far that I could hardly Keep my breath. She was approaching her orgasm again but now I held off. I Continued again after a moment and repeated this over and over until she finally Pleaded with me to "keep going, don't stop, I'm so close." I said, " I want to **** you, sister." "Oh no, Tony. We can't do that. You're my brother, just keep Doing what we have been doing. Its wrong for us to have intercourse." "Sister, We already did it last night. But it went so fast that I wanted to do it again But make it last." That caused her to think and she lay quiet for a few moments, While I began my activities again. She again started to get aroused and then she Said, "well, brother. If we already did it once then I guess it doesn't really Matter, so I guess its not any worse." With that I moved my body up on Tina's. I Hung poised for a moment, my cock hard and throbbing, as I lined it up in her Slit. I found the opening to her vagina and Slowly pushed forward. This Time I was aware of every movement and sensation as My cock moved deep into my sister's body. The heat was like an oven and she was So slick, my body just glided in. I couldn't believe how tight she still was. As I had started to push my cock in her pussy, She just came unstuck and wrapped Herself around me. Her legs came up as I hit bottom and they went around my butt And locked me in.She said, "just lay there, let me do it, brother." I asked her If she would like to get on top of me, as I had heard of it but never got to try It. We rolled over, still stuck together. This position let her move easily and I was enjoying it all as she rose and fell on my cock. Then I saw my cousin come Up behind my Sister and motion for me to pull her down on me. When I did, he got On the sofa behind her putting his hands on her ass and starting to massage her Round globes. This turned her on even more. Max was moving her cheek side to Side and opening and closing them. He Then reached down and getting some cream on his finger he spread her cheeks Apart and pressed his finger against her bottom hole. He kept up the pressure Until his finger slipped in. Tina's eyes opened wide with shock and she Stiffened with Max's touch on her asshole. As he tried to enter her bottom with His finger she tried to move forward onto me to avoid Max's finger, but being Impaled on me she could not escape. She whimpered with surprise and shame at Being touched this way and putting her head next to mine she asked me to tell Max to stop. I now knew what Max had in mind, but I acted dumb and asked her What she meant. My sister was too embarrassed to say anything, all the while Max Was moving his finger in and out of her bottom. I could feel Max's finger moving Back there while I was sliding in and out of her cunt. Finally, I felt Max Remove his finger and when Tina's face kind of tightened up and froze I knew Max Was entering her asshole with his cock. The two of us were ****ing our sister together.Sister said, "Max's doing something to me that is Disgusting and it is hurting me. Please make him stop. He has his dick in my Anus "I told her it would be all right soon and that Max didn't want to stop. She should just relax and it would stop hurting soon. I told Max not move for a Few minutes while Sister got used to his presence back there and I started a Gentle in and out motion to try and take her mind off the temporary pain. After A couple of minutes of this I noticed her breathing start to deepen again and She began to move between us.In something like amazement my sister told me, "I Can't believe this, Tony. I never thought I would be doing this, much less with My brother and cousin. Its actually starting to feel good...oh yes, keep going Slow but keep going." By now Max was also moving his member in and out of her Backside and the feeling was so tight on my cock because of the pressure from Max. I had never felt anything so tight on my cock. I Couldn't really move any faster as there wasn't any room with my Sister was top On me and Max back there in her. My Sister was really starting to get into this Now and she was doing most of the moving. She started saying things like, "Oh, Oh, Oh Tony, Oh Max, Oh God, this is too much, It feels sooooooo goooood. Oh, How can this feel so good. I've never felt this turned on before and its great. I want more! I love you both for showing me what I have been missing." Sister Was on her hands with her arms locked and asked me to hold her breasts some More, "Please, Tony", she said, "Please hold them and squeeze them hard. Well I Couldn't refuse and she began moving forwards and back, up and down, suddenly She dropped her chest down in my face and told me to suck on her nipples, and Hard, "bite them, Tony, bite them gentle"....As I did she reached her orgasm. I Felt her pussy convulse with her orgasm and I exploded too....... It was so Intense that I almost passed out. Max was bucking hard Now into Tina's backside and he was having a difficult Time holding off, but as He kept it up Sister was still cumming, over and over. Max grunted loudly with His climax and pounded into her one last Time. When we regain our sense Max was Already out from my sister's back and exhausted on sofa chair. Tina rose from me And went to her bedroom. We were sleeping whole afternoon like that until up to Evening. At around 8:00 PM doorbell rang. I got dressed, opened the door and saw Some of my friends who were asking about tonight's party. I told them that i'm Not feeling well that we'll celebrate tomorrow night. They agreed and left Promising me about tomorrow's party. After that I went to my sister's bedroom And wake her up by ****ing her. We ****ed there for some time until I explode Again in her. After she got up and went to bathroom for clean up. That night my Sister my cousin and me had dinner together and whole night we were fondling, Sucking and ****ing my sister. We kept continue Next day also. Max, our cousin left in the evening saying he has to go to out Of town for one week. That night I was arranging for party, Off course without My cousin, Max. My sister, Tina was as usual preparing snacks and everything for Party in the kitchen wearing a white silk blouse and short denim miniskirt. The boys arrived around 9:30 and began drinking and Dancing. My sister was in the Kitchen and all hardly came out front of them. Not before so long, I noticed all Of the boys looking my sister over, and a few of them almost drooling in the Kitchen. Tonight my sister wasn't participating our fun like drinking and Dancing. Around 11:00, all boys got a little loud and my sister came out to Quiet them before they ripped the house apart. As soon as she walked into the Room, she realized why they were getting so loud -- there were empty beer Bottles all over the place! Instead of sodas, they had hit the beers in the Whisky! After getting a few whistles and a couple surprised my Sister caught my eyes and I walked over to her."Tony! What the hell is going on Here?" "It's OK, Sister. Cool down. We're just blowing off a little steam. We Won't hurt anything." "Tony, how you're going to take these boys home drunk?" "Don't worry, Sister. Their parents aren't waiting for them." Then I rested my Left arm on her shoulder and grinned at her. "Besides, we're almost finished all Beers, and I'm glad. I'm ready for them to leave, because I'm horny!""Shhh! Tony, don't say things like that front of them!" my sister then walked into the Room and turned the stereo down, "Okay, guys, as of this moment, party has Finished and I'm giving rides all of you at home. Okay?" There were a few Whistles and a smattering of approval, and even a few "Boo's" but they were good Guys and stopped drinking their beers. My sister knew I'm not in condition to go With them so she had safely delivered all of them home and came back home. I was Drunk and asked her, "Did you **** any of my Friends?" "Tony, stop talking like that." "Well, did you, sister?" "Of course Not, Tony. That's disgusting. I don't **** every male in the world. I'm not a Slut." "No? You ****ed who knows how many guys in high school and you ****ed so Many guys in our area and you **** max, our cousin. You even **** your own Brother! You're a slut." "Tony! Please stop! Why are you being like this? Why Are you hurting me so? How much did you drink tonight?" "Come here, sister and Let me feel if you ****ed any of my friends." I stepped around the bed and stood Next to my sister. My hand shot up her skirt, pushed her panties aside, and Pushed two fingers into her cunt. She responded to my touch, immediately, Feeling her cunt grow wet and slippery around my invading fingers. "See, Tony, Nobody's been there but only you, today." My sister undressed and got into bed. My cock was hard and standing straight up. I mounted her hips and placed my pink Cock head at the opening to her pussy. With one powerful Thrust of my hips, I buried my cock up inside my sister to the hilt. The Pleasure for me was real and strong and washed over me in waves. We found our Rhythm and began ****ing, slapping our hips against one another. I pounded my Cock into her with almost painful intensity. "Ohhh, Tony! Ohhh, Tony, i'm Coming, brother! Oh, I love you so much!" I pounded away into my sister, until I Tensed and opened my eyes. As I began to come inside her, I whispered to her Between my clenched teeth, "I love you, too, Sister!" Next day I was out in the Town whole day while Tina, my sister was at home taking rest. On the evening I Got back home and said her, "sister, I told my friend that the party will be Continue today. You have to prepare everything as usual."I had told my friends That my sister was "cool" about partying at our house, and that's what we did. That day, into the night, and the next 2 days there was an almost-constant party Going on at our house. The house was full of TV's and stereo Noise, and my sister was supplying the beers and food. She wasn't drinking or Dancing this time. By the third night, my sister was exhausted and needed a Drink, herself. She didn't have to worry about sending anybody home because my Friends were spending the night there. Dressed in the outfit of low-cut top and Red mini skirt and stockings, my sister, Tina, Soon was Dancing with them to rap And Dance tunes. I knew her giggling breast with lacy bra and bare thighs were Making a few appearances as she gyrated to the beat. But I wasn't stopping her As she was enjoying being the center of attention for these young, good-looking Boys. She was flirting outrageously with them, and for the moment. Someone Changed the cassette and the music turned slow. My sister took turns Dancing Close with each of them, including me. I knew what she was doing to them. I Could see their erections pressing into her thigh and hip. I could feel they Squeeze her tight and press their chests hard against my Sister. She rested her head on their shoulders and breathed on their necks. After a little more Dancing, someone suggested an Antakshari game. We all sat Around the floor on the carpet and I could see that all of their eyes lock on to My sister's crotch as she bent and sat Indian-style, like they were. That Position pulled her short, tight skirt almost up to her waist and she didn't Have too many secrets left! We played that game for some times. The party soon Got bored with the game and we all sprawled around, talking about school and Girls and music. My sister had kicked her high heels off a while ago and she Reached up under her skirt and rolled down her stockings. As she pulled the Second stocking off her foot, I realized that no one was talking and I looked up To see all six boys staring at my sister and her legs. "Sorry," she giggled, "I Just wanted to get more comfortable." My best friend, Saagar smiled and said, "That's ok, Tina. You can even get MORE comfortable, if you Want. We won't mind." My sister pointed her finger at them, "I think you are All having naughty thoughts. Now, behave. I'm old enough to be your sister." And We all began laughing uproariously. When finally she got her breath back, she Stood up saying she's bit tipsy with last drink so better get back to her Bedroom. She said Goodnight to all boys and I took her hand and helped her up The bedroom. When we went inside I placed my hand on her ass she whispered, "I Think with your friends in the house, you better go back to them, Dear. I'm a Little too tipsy and a lot too tired to do anything tonight." "I still want to, Sister. Just bend over and i'll get a quickie." My sister kissed me on the Cheek. "Not tonight, brother. You'll live without it for one night. Your friends Will all leave tomorrow, and it will be just the two of us, again, and we'll Have had some sleep." I was disappointed and turned away. I knew she was just Too tired to care. She closed and locked the door of bedroom. When I awoke, I Knew I had a hangover. I cracked my eyes open enough to see that the room was Bright, (TOO BRIGHT!) And quickly snapped them shut again. Forcing myself, I got Out of bed and made my way into the bathroom. After having bath I headed to my Sister's room only wrapping towel around my waist. I went inside the room, Locked the door and peeled off my towel. I saw my sister was in the bathroom. I Knocked at door. When she asked who's this I answered its Me. She asked me to wait and after finished everything she opened the door and Stepped out full naked. She saw me standing in the doorway, naked and sporting My big morning erection. From the look on my face, she knew what was going to Happen next Can't wait any longer, brother? Come on, let's make it fast!"My Sister walked to the bed and lay on the edge leaving her legs hanging on floor. I stood between her legs and spread her pussy lips open with my cock. "You Wanted to **** my friends, last night, didn't you, Sister?" "No, brother, I was Flirting. I know I shouldn't have, but flirting is basically harmless. I won't Do it anymore." "No, it's okay, sister. I'm glad you did. It was fun to see Their reactions. I know they all wanted to **** you." My sister moaned softly as I worked my cock inside her. "Oh, Tony, you're just saying that. I'm an old girl To them. Not someone they want to ****." I was all the way in my sister and Began pumping in and out. "No, they wanted to **** you, Sister. Last night I went back living room and pretended to fall asleep. They Were talking about how hot looking you are and how hot you made them. Saagar and Aakash even talked about coming upstairs last night and ****ing you!" Without Build-up or warning both of us began to come! When we came back down to earth my Sister asked me what I thought about my friends talking about my sister like That. "I liked it, Sister. It was sexy and made me so excited, I came right in My pants last night, just listening to them!" "You are so naughty you know, Tony! You let your cousin **** your sister and now you like your friends talking Dirty about your sister. You're sick brother," saying that she laughed and said, "Come on, brother. Let's get dressed and get back before they wake up and figure Out what they missed!" Later that day, as I was cleaning the family room, I Found my sister's two stockings from the previous night under the sofa. They Were crumbled messes, with dried white goo in both Of them, I recognize dried cum. One or two of the boys had obviously used my Sister's stockings to jerk-off. Thinking about it, that turned me on so much, I Had to sit down until my legs stopped trembling. My sister and I spent a quiet Day together, but my friends were back that night, supposedly to watch the Movie. We all drank the beers pretty hard, and most of them walked home around Eleven leaving Saagar and Aakash behind. I knew the purposely stayed behind, Probably thinking to get a chance to **** my sister. That excited me so much and I was going to give them chance. With the movie over, we put on the stereo and While we were sitting, drinking and talking, I curled up on the sofas and Pretended to fall asleep. I put my hand on my eyes so that they won't see I am Watching them. After some time Saagar turned the stereo down low, put on some Slow music, and asked my sister to Dance. He held her tight and she squeezed Against him, feeling his cock grow in his pants. Aakash wanted His turn and my sister Danced close with him, too. Soon, the three of them were Sitting on the floor, their backs against the other sofa, talking. Saagar had His arm around my sister's shoulder and Aakash was leaning against her other Side. Suddenly, they weren't talking, anymore, and Saagar leaned his face Towards my sister and kissed her. My sister, Tina didn't hesitate for an Instant. She opened her mouth for his tongue and moved her hand up under his Shorts and grasped his hot erection. They shifted a little and Aakash was now Behind my sister and as he put his hand on zipper of her dress she stooped him, "Not here, front of my brother. Lets go to my room, boys." Saying that she stood Up and went toward her room. Saagar and Aakash followed her checking on me Whether I am still asleep or not. They went in and closed the door. They were so Engrossed in excitement that they didn't lock the door. After around ten minutes I went to the door and open slit to watch inside. They were Dancing in the bedroom. I could see my sister dancing with Saagar. Just at that Moment, she changed partners. She was dancing, tottering on her high heels, Knees bent either side of Aakash's legs, openly rubbing herself against him. Then Saagar moved back in stroking my sisters back, then I realised he was Undoing the zip down the back of her dress and dress was sliding down her body Like a silk scarf drifting to the ground. She didn't have a bra on. At first, I Thought that luckily she had a pair of panties on. I hoped they were steel Reinforced. But no it was a suspender belt. My sister was in stockings. The Panties were tiny, stretched thin across her hips, sheer. I could plainly see The tiny bit of her ass they were valiantly trying to cover. She was back, `sort Of' dancing with Aakash. The loss of her dress not seems to change a thing, Rubbing her up against him. His hands went down on to her ass, squeezing the Cheeks and pulling her even tighter to him. Saagar's hand joined His friend's on my sister's bum, stroking, pushing right down between her legs. Turning, she put an arm around each boy's shoulder."I see i've got two very Naughty boys here". I had frontal view of my sister. They were nice. My eyes Strayed downwards. The tiny panties were as incapable of hiding anything at the Front as they were at the back. I could see my sister's pussy lips! It was Pushed tight and tangled, by the thin material, but I could see it! As I stood Transfixed, I saw my sister's hands come from around their necks and move down To their bulges. My sister was grabbing their dicks. She must be pretty tipsy. I Stood there in the shadow, watching my sister's hands on the two cocks. They all Moved towards the bed. They all got on it, my sister between them. I watched as Her panties came down her legs. They pulled her legs apart. Their fingers push Up into her glistening pussy, Both at the same time. My sister didn't complain. She moaned. She groaned. She writhed on the bed. I could even see a small bead of perspiration on her top lip as they screwed Their fingers around inside her. I knew exactly what was about to happen and I Did absolutely nothing. Except watch.Saagar was first. He mounted my sister, her Legs welcoming him between them. I couldn't see so much then. I could see his Buttocks moving up and down, my sister humping up to meet them. I heard her Groans and moans. I heard his grunt as he ejaculated inside her pussy and rolled Off. Aakash was next. She accommodated him as eagerly as she had Saagar. I was Amazed. To see my own sister lying there takes them one after the other. No, not Just lying there, perhaps that might have been better somehow. But bucking and Heaving under them. Urging them on.Aakash was quieter than Saagar. But my sister Wasn't. Moaning, groaning, crying out. Her arms wrapped around Aakash, using him As a lever to thrust herself up to him. He also ejaculated and rolled off, Leaving my sister spreading her legs between Them. I could see from her slit dribbles of their semen running down to the Bed. I had a hard-on, A massive hard-on. I mean, it's not every day you get to See your sister behaving like this. But it was over now. Or, so I thought. My Sister's hands went down to their limp cocks. "Tina, I can't do it again". From Saagar. "Oh, Saagar! I think you can, here let me help". Sitting up, my sister, Tina leaned forward, lifted his cock and put it in her mouth. I could hardly Believe my eyes. My sister was giving head. My sister was sucking my friends Cock! Evidently Saagar thought it was a pretty good idea as well. He disengaged Just for moment to kneel up on the bed, then pulled my sister's head back down To his cock. It disappeared into her mouth. She sucked him hard. It wasn't Really necessary as he was hard again, but she went at it eagerly. Aakash was Already kneeling up, half-hard again already as my sister turned to him. It was Soon hard. He lay back on the bed. "Climb on him, Tina And Do yourself on that". My sister didn't seem to need telling a second time, as She climb on, kneeling over him and lowering herself down on to his cock. 'Do Herself' she did. The next seemed as if it was obvious as I knew what Saagar was Doing, So it seems did my sister. Kneeling behind her, Saagar pushed her Forward. As he did so her hand went behind, grabbing his cock and guiding him. She let out a little cry as he pushed into her asshole. This time I really could Not believe what I was seeing. My sister was taking it up the ass! My sister! Although I have seen my cousin, Max did that to her! My hard-on was threatening To make it's own way out of my shorts. Both Saagar and Aakash declared that They're closed to coming and my sister told them to come inside her. And they Did. First Saagar explode in her ass then rolled off. Then after a few moments Later Aakash drained in her. When Aakash spurted his cum into her, I pushed the Door wide open, peeled down my shorts and said; "Now It's my turn!" My sister called me up. I ****ed her hard. We spent the next Several hours in bed with my sister, eating our cum and being eaten. We ****ed, Sucked and screwed her and she did her best to return the favor. With three Boys, there was always a hard-on ready to be poked into my sister, somewhere. I started my journey home. Just out of college I got a job, in the city, and was in my probation period. It was not wise to go on leave, but I received a call from my father saying that my mother became mad and my presence there was essential. On the way home, along the hilly road, our bus was stopped, at a hamlet, for tea. Getting down, I walked a bit away, went behind a bush and started emptying my bladder. As I was doing so, I was not aware, then, that a woman nearby was looking at my out-of-fly secrecy. When I noticed her presence I felt awkward, but she smiled at me. A mad woman she was. Thought of my mother flashed in me. I smiled back. And the mad woman voiced, "A big penis you have there to give solace to a lair so dear." All the way home I was wondering on the mad woman's remark. On reaching home, I found my mother quite normal, but my father and sister had already condemned her as mad. By evening, I came to realize, they were right. My mother started talking in an incoherent manner and in between uttering unashamedly words like cunt, cock, fuck etc. She didn't sleep that whole night. It was decided then that I take her to the city and show her to a doctor specialist. I accepted, reluctantly. On the way back, I fell asleep with my mother in the bus. Later when I was woken up by the bus conductor, I couldn't grasp immediately what he was saying. The bus was break-downed. Passengers got down and were waiting for a pick up. I found, to my shock, my mother was missing. I enquired the people around there. Someone said she went behind the bushes. She had wandered away. I panicked. A not-so-much-used narrow path was leading in one direction. That was the only possible route she could have taken in that mountain terrain. After ten minutes walk in dismay, I found an angel taking bath in a small pool surrounded by beautiful locale, my God, it was my mother! I became angry first, but cooled down immediately looking at her serenity. I walked up and called her to come out. She swimmed away and called me to come in. I found no other way to get her out. Leaving the bags on the shore, I stripped down to my brief and jumped in. The pool was peculiarly warm and, you believe me, I got an immediate erection as soon as I got into it. I was a bit embarrassed but I thought, 'The erection is inside the water and nobody is going to see it'. I approached my mother and caught her by her hand to lead her out, but she pulled me in and pushed me down into the depths. In that act, I felt her breasts brushed against my face. They were big and firm. And not only that, but to my horror, she was stark naked. "You have taken a holy dip, my son, and now you can come with me inside the temple." My mother pointed her finger towards a cave. "But, mom…" Even before I uttered a single word, her fingers tipped against my erection and I was dumbfounded. Then she walked out in her naked glory. Her buttocks were jutting out, round and heavy and swinging in circular jerks. On the shore, she turned around. Her boobs were full but sagged a bit because of their heaviness. Her bulged mound of a cunt was invitingly wide. I was drawn to her like a monsoon fly to an open flame. My mother entered the cave followed by me. It was not a mere cave, but a sculptured temple. And, a wide stone altar was carved out on the floor-center. My mother turned around again and faced me. My cock became painfully stiff. She pulled me up to and freed my cock. She caressed it with her warm soft fingers. It throbbed. She embraced me. Her firm heavy breasts pressed against my bare wide chest. She kissed me fully on my lips. Then she stepped back, caught me by my cock, led me to the altar and pushed me hard. I was down on the altar, on my back. My cock was pointing the roof. She climbed over me and crawled up. When her face was right above my cock, she bent down and kissed its bare head. A shiver ran through my body. She crawled further and when her face was right above my face she kissed me again. I could smell and taste the saltiness of my pre-cum on her lips. My mother then raised her hips, brought and placed her puffy cunt right above my cock and teased its tip by her slimy slit. Unable to bear, I lunged upward. "Ah ha!" She pulled herself up. I lost my patience. But she commanded, "Hold my breasts and squeeze them, son" I caught her fleshy melons and squeezed them. Closing her eyes, she enjoyed it. "Now I am going to take you through the 'sorkavaasal' (gateway of heaven), my son" My mother announced. "Your cock is going to taste, I believe, its first cunt, right?" "Yes, mom, but don't be so cruel. I'm dying" I cried desperately. "Allow me to enter." "That's my lover boy. Here it is, now I am going to fuck my own son's virile and virgin cock with my experienced, motherly, mouth watering cunt." With these erotic words, my mother slipped down my stiff vertical pole with her hot juicy cunt. Heaven I entered into. Heaven indeed it was, though hot as inferno. My mother started moving up and down. With each movement, my cock divined the pleasure depths of her juicy pit. Sometime, she sits upright and do up-down jumps and sometime, she lies with her big breasts on my chest and flays my cock, raising and lowering her buttocks. All the time she was uttering carnal spicy words and sentences. "Ah, my son, so deep it goes. Never before, my womb was invaded so far. Push it up and fuck me deep" I responded and fucked her up from under. It was like swimming in eternal sweetness. "Fuck my boy, fuck the cunt which gave you birth. Your sturdy cock stretches my cunt hole wide" My mother cooed. "Moving in and out, it sure will iron out the wrinkles there." With her cascade like black hair let loose and her breasts swinging, my mother looked like a Demonic Goddess. With guttural noises, she flung out filthy words. Increasing her fucking speed she started devouring me like a lioness on its prey. "Fuck my son, fuck me. Fuck your sex starved mom. Fuck my fuckable cunt with your thick and lengthy lance. Fuck me fuck. Fuck me fuck…" My mother shrieked in a frenzy state and ground her swollen cunt lips at the base of my cock. Then it happened: her pelvic muscles started pulsating waves after waves and her whole body shivered. A gush of hot juices poured down from her inner walls of a cunt. "Pump out now. Pump out your semen and flood my cunt. Feed your mummy's womb with your cock's fresh ambrosia" So demanding she fell down on my chest and fucked me with short little strokes. My own cock then erupted stream after stream and the fullness of my balls emptied up into her cunt. I fucked back until the lost drop of my semen was out. Then I laid there spent-up with my mother on me, panting. When we regained our normal breaths, my mother kissed me affectionately, and dismounted me. Then she encircled my sticky limp cock with her fingers and said, "Come on, let us go out, get into the pool, wash and regain our energy. Goddess of this temple is much pleased with our performance." When we came out of the cave, it was dark already and it happened to be a full moon day. The moon was rising in the eastern sky. The forest was calm and dreamy. Fire flies were every where flying criss-crossly. The pool was warm as it was before and stimulated us, in that strange way, as soon as our skins touched its water. Coming out of my shyness, this time, I pulled my mommy from behind, nesting my cock in the fold of her buttocks, hugged and squeezed her breasts. We were petting and kissing and the night was felt so beautiful. "Let's go inside again" My mother said. "We ought to offer the Goddess, our cunt-cock union, right on her altar." Then she led me in to the cave. No light was required inside. The temple was carved out in such a way that the rays of the full moon were finding ways to lit up the interior sufficiently. Only then I noticed the cave interior was full of erotic sculptures: I pointed out them to my mother. Together we, hand in hand, went up to and looked at them: At the entrance, on the back-wall, on one side, was sculptured a standing naked woman with her one leg slightly lifted to reveal her slit. On the other side of the entrance was a sculptured naked man (rather a boy) standing with a huge erected cock tilting upwards. The second one to the sculptured naked woman was the sculpture of the same woman sitting on a throne, leaning backward with her parted thighs, offers her sliced cunt for the knelt down boy to lick. Symmetrically, on the other side, the boy was seated the same way and his cock being sucked by the woman with cheeks in-caved. Then on one side, sitting on a divan, the woman, with lifted legs folded at her knees, spreads her cunt like a flower, while the boy, standing in front, inserts his thick cock into that flowered cunt. On the other side, fully stretched on her side, the woman, with her upper leg folded unto her breast, yields her bulged cunt, and the boy from behind, leaning on his elbow, drives his cock into it. Then in the next, the woman, lying on her back, offers her cunt up and the boy from top, holding her breasts, buries his cock down into her uplifted cunt. Other side, in symmetry, the woman is down on her fours with her head lifted and mouth slightly opened, while the boy is bolting her from behind, in doggy style. And at the center, in the deep back wall, the boy lies on his back with his pole pointing upward and the woman, with her legs on both sides of his hips, descents on him, swallowing his cock into the mouth of her cunt. "Here are the guide ways" My mother declared seeing those sculptures. "No doubt, as lovers, we have to perform all these acts and fulfill us, as well as the Goddess." And we stayed there whole night. And in the moon light, the sculptures appeared as real human beings engaged in the pleasure acts. Needless to say that we performed every act depicted in those sculptures. I ejaculated seven times: six times inside my mother's cunt and one time in her mouth. Every time, a dip in the pool invigorated our energies. After completing the five fuck-acts, my mother sucked my cock, as the sixth act, until it spurt out and she drank the outcome. I too performed the eating of her pussy until she achieved the climax. Finally, as the seventh act, she enacted again the first commenced woman-on-top act and with our gushing finale, my mother declared that the sanctifying festival had come to an end. When we came out of the cave, finally, the moon was setting in the west and the golden fire ball was rising on the east. In the morning sunlight, on the temple wall, there above the entrance, I could read out a Sanskrit sloka, engraved in Tamil-Brahmi script: Vandhaegurusthanam sukhayoanisaagaram | Lingaamrthapriyam ABHIKAAMI maatharam || This, with my acquired skill in that language, roughly translates, I worship the plump-breasted, the pleasure-ocean-cunt possessor | The cock-nectar lover, the son-desiring mother || I was astonished. It was unbelievable. A temple constructed to worship the son-fucking mother as a Goddess. And we, a mother and son, were dragged unaware to do a whole night 'leela' to commemorate it. My mother asked me affectionately, "Would you like to honor the Goddess at our home too?" "I would love to do it anywhere anytime" I answered. We embraced once again at the temple gate and together we bowed and kissed the holy site. That was like a dream. When we reached the city next day, I found my mother was completely cured. I thanked 'Goddess ABHIKAAMI' for her unconventional way of remedy. Though I thanked Goddess, I felt sad with-in, longing for that unconventional way itself. One can not dare to fuck his own mother when she is perfectly conscious. After a week, my father arrived at city to take back my mother. It was inevitable. I was unbearably sad, but I managed to control myself in their presence. In the evening they went for shopping. Once they stepped out, I broke-down, collapsed on the floor and cried to the Goddess ABHIKAAMI, recapping all that happened in her temple, and begged her to take away my life then and there. When my parents returned after shopping, my father complained, my mother was not at all cured. I did not understand, but my mother proved he was right. Yes, she was talking incoherently and that too in vulgar words like cunt, cock, fuck etc. Very next day my father left, requesting me to show her to a real doctor. After seeing my father off, when I returned and rang the door bell, my mother crack opened the door and told me to enter in quickly. I entered. There, inside, she was completely naked and smiling at me. It was a pleasant shock. She pulled me to her and I wept on her shoulder. "You crazy fucking therapist, it was only Goddess Abhikaami who brought me back, in the guise of changing my sandals, to witness your confessing prayer. Thank Goddess" My mother narrated me in a soothing tone. "Now I see the whole picture. Your dad became old and weak. It was my bottled up sexual frustration which made me insane. The nightlong fuck at ABHIKAAMI Temple, by your young energetic cock, satiated my sex-starved cunt and healed me of my madness. Thank you, son, and thank you for everything. Come now, come to mom, I want us to enjoy it in full consciousness." She led me in to the bed room. She herself removed my cloths and made me naked. When my cock sprang up, she cried pleasantly, "Oh, my goodness, how big you are there! It surely will give solace to my lair." The soothsayer mad woman's face flashed in my memory. My mother lay on her back and presented me her bulged open cunt. She herself held my cock and placed its bulbous head at her petal gaped gate. I entered into her juicy volcano and, pressing her breasts, started giving lengthy strokes. Placing her heals on my waist; my mother pulled down my head and kissed on my lips. Then she said, "Let me not be cured of my faked madness till you get married." "If you yield your cunt like this," I said, "I will never marry at all." Pleased, she sucked at my lips passionately. Her cunt surged at my cock profoundly. Since then my mother and I are living as husband and wife. ABHIKAAMI Temple became famous now. Lot of western tourists visits it. I believe, way back home, mothers fuck their sons and sons, their own mothers. So continuing...In the evening mom prepared the food by 7 pm...She was looking very excited...! She then entered into the bathroom to get changed and dress up...I observed that mom was taking much more time in dressing up than she usually took...When she came out I saw that she was looking absolutely gorgeous...She was wearing a yellow sari with a matching yellow blouse...She had kept her long hair loose which fell up to her usual she was wearing the sari much below her navel...She was looking really hot and sexy!!! She just looked like a seductress!!! I said to her, "...mamma, you are looking very beautiful!!!" Mom just smiled at me and thanked me for the compliment...I wanted to pee so I went to the bathroom...I saw something strange there...I saw that there were lot of hair on the basin...the hair were much thicker than usual...I just thought that she must have shaved her arm-pits which she frequently did and so without bothering much, I came out...! It was 7:30pm...I was watching TV and mom came by and sat beside me...I saw that she frequently glanced at the wall clock...After every five minutes she saw the time on the clock...She was looking very anxious and impatient...It was looking as if she was just waiting for her lover to come and take her to eternity!!! It was almost 8`O clock now...Mom was getting impatient every minute...She got up from the sofa and started to move around in the house...At around 8:10 pm, the door-bell rang...I opened the door...It was Mr.Lal!!! He wished me and then came in...When he saw mom, he was definitely stunned...He looked at her from top to bottom and then said, "You are looking very beautiful, Mrs.Sharma!!!" 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