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Description ST7202 Experimental Techniques and Instrumentation QUESTION BANK 2. Enumerate and explain the types of pressure measuring devices with neat sketch? www. 13.universityquestions. 5. 6. 3.universityquestions. 7. QUESTION BANK DEPARTMENT: CIVIL( M. Discuss the associated instrumentation for measuring (i) Static strain (ii) Dynamic strain . 12. 15. Distinguish between Proving ring & load cell? 11. Explain in detail the calibration of testing machines and proving ring? 8. determine the principle strain and principle stress at that point . 2. What are the types of strain gauge and explain any two . Using an equiangular Rostley . 22.E STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING)Semester: II SUBJECT CODE: ST7202 Experimental Techniques and Instrumentation UNIT 1. the following strains are recorded at the point in a steel structure 0 = 120 x 10-6(T) . Explain briefly working principle of optical strain gauge . 11.120= -320 x10-6 (C) . 17. 21. 8. 16. 20.FORCES AND STRAIN MEASUREMENT Part –A Two Marks 1. What is photo elasticity? What is proving ring? What is the principle of optical strain gauge? What is Calibration of Testing Machines ? What is Long term monitoring ? What is vibrating wire sensors ? What is Fibre optic sensors ? What is Electronic load cells What are the uses of Strain guage ? State the principle of load measurement using proving ring? What is hydraulic jack? Part-B 1. Explain photo elasticity. take E = 2 x 10 5MPa and poissons ratio  = 0. 14. What are the types of mechanical strain gauge? Define electronic load cell.60 = 150 x 10 -6(T) . 19. State Stress Optic law ? What is Dummy gauge ? Give the four basic characteristics of measuring devices? Define a strain guage? Distinguish between isoclinics&isochromatics? Draw Wheatstone bridge circuit to compensate the temperature effects while measuring tensile stress in a steel specimen? What is the basic characteristics of strain guage? Define range & accuracy? Define strain gauge. 10. 9. 4. 3.www.3 5. What is meant by compensation methods in photo elasticity? Discuss and explain in detail two methods of compensation in polaruiscope ? 7. Write it’s advantage and characteristics What is load cell ? Explain the working principle of electronic load cell . 18. 6. Explain the use of capacitance type strain gauge? 10. Enumerate the classifications of strain gauges. 5. Explain vibration-meter and vibration-analyzer. 17. Define UNIT 2. 8. 4. 10.universityquestions. uses & limitations of a Linear Variable differential transformer? Explain the effect of stressed model in a plane polariscope in dark-field set up? Draw block diagram of digital data acquisition systems and explain the operation? Explain the principle of operation & working of the following pressure Transduder? (i)Piston type diaphragm (ii) bellows for double cantilever operation (iii) cantilever type pressure transducer (iv) Strain gauge pressure transducer . 3. 9. 19. Write any two applications of LVDT. 13.universityquestions. 12. 21. 14. Define Venturimeter What is the wind Tunnel? How are accelerometers classified? What is Vibration meter What is the importance of wind tunnel study? PART-B 1. 6. 11. 11. 16. 13.MEASUREMENT OF VIBRATION AND WIND FLOW PART-A 1. 5. 12. 14. 4. 7. 2. Write notes on : (i) single channel data acquisition system (ii) Cathode ray oscilloscope (iii) X-Y plotter Explain the working principle of seismogram with a neat sketch. 18. Explain brefily the working principle of LVDT What is X-Y Plotter and explain its working principle. 2. 3. Explain briefly about Data Acquisition System Explain in detail about Flow meter. 10. 15. Explain briefly about the Cathode Rays Oscilloscope. List the Various recorders ? What is the necessity of temperature compensation ? What is LVDT? What is the characteristics of Structural Vibrations? Define the term harmonic frequency? What is the use of XY plotter ?and how does if differ from conventional printer? Define Pressure transducers? Define accelerometer. Define Seismographs Define Vibration analyser. 8. Explain the principle and working of linear variable differential transformer (LVDT) for strain measurement? Discuss the following (i) Importance of transducers in flow measurements (ii) Use of sound level and Venturimerter (iii) Direct Model analysis Describe in detail the principle of working . 6. 20. 9.www. 7. What is mean by resolution of a data acquisition system? Define orficemeter? State Buckingham – pi theorem? Define LVDT. What are the causes of distress in structures ? and explain the corrosion of reinforcement in concrete? What are techniques for residual stress measurements and explain the damage assessment procedures? Write short notes on (i) Brittle coating (ii) Impact echo? Discuss the potential mapping on RCC structures by using Half-cell potential measurements? Describe the methods of residual stress determinations and explain how the residual stress are determined by X-ray diffraction method? How do you assess damages? Outline the procedures. 4.DISTRESS MEASUREMENT AND CONTROL PART-A 1. 9. Explain how the natural frequency of a bride deck can be determined . 3. 6. Explain how will you diagnose dilapidated structure. Explain implosive technique. 5. (ii) Explain the term catholic protection and its importance . 20.(ii) Explain how to demolish a column damaged due to corrosion. 16. 2. 11. 8.www.universityquestions. 17. 8. 3. 5.also elaborately discuss the various corrosion prevention methods of RCC structures? Discuss the following (i)Carbonation and its effects in concrete structures.(iii)Discuss the factors Which influence the corrosion of steel in concrete www. 13. 10. 14. UNIT 3. What are the different types of cracks? What are the various types of strengthening for concrete distress? Define half-cell. Describe the construction and uses of half-cell. . 7.universityquestions. 19. 11. What is implosion & and its use? What is the principle of sound level meter? What is Geometric similitude? What are the types residual stresses What is Demolition by implosion Techniques List the uses of NDT Methods Name any four signs of distress in concrete structures.(iii) Techniques used to measure residual stress. 7. Describe the various types of damages to structures due to corrosion and Explain the steps involved to repair those damages. 10. 6. What are the factors which affects the process of corrosion in RC structures? Explain any two. What are the techniques used in residual stress measurement? What is Eddy current? Define Half cell? How do you measure corrosion of reinforcement in concrete? What are factors that influence the corrosion intiation? Distinguish between dry & wet corrosions? Define Structural health Monitoring? How do you assess damages? Part –B 1. Write short notes on controlled blasting. 4. 18. 13. Describe the various types of strengthening techniques adopted for structural distress. 14. 15. 12. 2. www. 11. With neat sketch explain the principle and construction of film anemometer? 17. 8. What are the load testing of buildings. 13. 9. 10. Discuss how flow identification and qualitative assessment strength of concrete are possible by using ultrasonic pulses? 16. What are the various characteristics used to evaluate a brittle coating? Discuss various application of brittle coating? 15. PART-B 1. What is GPR What are advantages of NDT? What are the load testing of towers. 7. What are the load testing of Bridges. Define GECOR? List Various types of NDT? Define the term model & when you resort to model analysis? Which NDT method is used to assess the surface and core strengths of a concrete? Define the term Holography & it use? State the factors that influence the results of rebound hammer? State the principle of rebar locator? What is rebound hammer? Name some NDT methods.universityquestions. 5. Define Impact UNIT 4. 15. 18. What are the crack measurement technique and how to observe the development of cracks? Explain load testing on structures What are the ultrasonic testing principle and its application What are the uses of laser for structural testing? Define ultra sonic pulse echo testing. 19. 20. 12.universityquestions. 4. Explain the components of wind tunnel and its uses in structural analysis? 14. 17. 5. 3. 11. 8. 2. Explain GECOR and GPR Explain the characteristics of structural vibrations and explain vibration analyser? Write short notes on (i) Vibration meter (ii) Seismographs Explain the principle of pressure and flow measurements and discuss pressure transducers? Write short notes on (i) Rebound hammer (ii) What are ultrasonic testing principle and its applications? 13.NON DESTRUCTIVE TESTING METHOD PART-A 1. 4. Define radartechnique. 10. What is NDT? Name the NDT test in concrete? What is acoustic emission? Define holography. 7. 6. 2. 16. 14. Explain the NDT techniques (ii) Explain how Holography is useful in structural operation purpose (iii) What are the use of Ground Penetrating radar? www. 9. impact echo testing and impulse radar test. Enumerate the various methods of NDT of concrete and explain any one method in detail? . 3. 6. What are ultrasonic testing principle and its applications? Explain the load testing of towers. 12. UNIT 5. 15. Explain direct modelling and indirect modelling. 2. Part – B 1.MODEL ANALYSIS Part-A 1. 10. 3. 13. Define model law. 5. 5. 3. Advantages & Applications of Model analysis? 7. Discuss various methods available for determining the natural frequency and dumping coefficient of a structural system? 13. 9. 4. 6.www. 9. 7. What are the advantages of Model Analysis and its applications? What are the types of similitude and explain any two. 14. Explain Structural modelling & discuss direct & indirect analysis? www. 16. Explain Scale effects in models.universityquestions. 8.Explain in Detail about Limitations of modelsinvestigations& structural problems ? Explain in Detail about Model Materials in Model analysis? Explain in Detail about Structural problems in Model analysis? Explain in Detail about usage of influence line in model study? Explain the principle of similitude for direct model analysis . 12. 4. What are the uses of influence line in model study? Explain in Detail about the Necessity. 2. 11.also explain the possible procedure for handling distorted model? . Explain the principle of similitude for direct model analysis . 10.universityquestions.also explain the possible procedure for handling distorted model? 14. Difference between direct and indirect modeling What is the necessity for model analysis? What are the limitations of model? What is the usage of influence line? DefineLaws of similitude DefineModelmaterials What are the Advantages of Model analysis What are theApplications of Model analysis What are the Types of similitude What are the Scale effect in models Define Indirect model study Define Direct model study What are the investigations in Model analysis What are the structural problems in Model analysis What are the Usage of influence lines in model studies. 11. 6. 8.
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