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SAMSON TIARAsafety & survival training O P tr IT ai O ni a ng pp ce ro nt ved er . a helicopter ditching at sea. The METSTM utilizes functioning replicas of emergency exits installed in helicopters currently flying offshore in Indonesia. Course duration: 1 day. safety and survival equipment. upright helicopter evacuation. The course includes Safety Induction. and inverted (underwater) egress techniques.BASIC OFFSHORE SAFETY TRAINING T-BOSIET Tropical-Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training. Lifeboat. The course covers all the mandatory requirements for the issue of certificates specified in the OPITO common induction standards and for certificates issued for offshore safety training in Indonesia. including Travel Safely by Boat v Appro ed Course duration: 3 days. Validity: 4 years HELICOPTER SAFETY TRAINING HUET Helicopter Underwater Escape Training The aim of this course is to train students to properly react to. and Travel Safely by Boat. Sea Survival. procedures for ditching preparation. This gives the student realistic and state of the art training with the same type of equipment they would use in a real situation. First Aid & Hypothermia. It is designed for persons working on offshore installations in tropical regions. Pre-HUET training The survival of an offshore worker can depend on his knowledge of what to do in an emergency and how to prevent an emergency from occurring. The training is composed of classroom sessions and pool exercises on all aspects of offshore helicopter operations. This course trains the worker to prevent emergencies and to respond to emergency situations that may occur when working on an offshore installation. and survive. Fire Fighting & Self Rescue. Surface and underwater evacuation exercises are conducted in the Modular Egress Training Simulator (METSTM). Helicopter Safety & Escape (HUET). id .co. active participation in practice drills and a survival exercise at sea. Validity: 2 years Fast Rescue Craft Coxswain Many offshore installations and standby vessels now carry rescue boats. Validity: 2 years Schedule / on-line database at: www. and course headings.MARINE SAFETY TRAINING Basic Sea Survival at Sea The aim of this course is to provide offshore personnel with the knowledge and skills necessary to care for themselves and others in sea survival situations for an indefinite period of time and to participate to the maximum extent in their own rescue. launching. rough weather handling and confined area maneuvering.4 days. Course duration: 4 days. briefing passengers. There is also a program specifically designed to meet the needs of SEISMIC crews with an emphasis on pacing and instrument retrieval. pool exercises. This program meets and exceeds the standards put forth by the International Association of Sea Survival Training (IASST). towing. survival at sea techniques and rescue. Basic Offshore Lifeboat Coxswain v Appro ed The aim of the Lifeboat coxswain’s course is to train students in all aspects of leading. launching and piloting a lifeboat. This course utilizes classroom sessions combined with practical open water exercises covering man overboard (MOB) pick ups. casualty handling and first aid. The course includes the psychology of survival. life saving appliances. Course duration: 1 day. search patterns. The program consists of classroom sessions. correct use of air and sprinkler systems. towing and passenger management. The training consists of practical exercises on preparing the lifeboat for launch. navigation. Course duration: 3 . actions prior to abandonment. recovering survivors from the water.samson-tiara. Course duration: half day. Advanced Fire Fighting This course is designed to train both offshore and onshore fire fighters with the knowledge and skills to safely and effectively respond to a fire. Workplace Fire Safety This program is designed to provide personnel who are not members of an Emergency Response Team. SCBA). application of foam. industrial. commercial. water & twin agent. The Level Two course also includes head and neck immobilization. Trainees will learn about alarm systems and the use of fire extinguishing devices to safely evacuate themselves and others from a fire situation in the workplace. extinguishing agents.covering all aspects of Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) including obstructed airways & one and two rescuer CPR. and treatment of shock. paint lockers. or institutional facilities with a basic understanding of fire hazards in the workplace. LPG impinging jet & XMAS tree.Level One & Level Two These First Aid courses are designed for workers who arrive at an accident scene. The classroom sessions cover basic fire theory. Training includes basic life support . fire hoses (water & foam) and the use of SCBA. This course can be conducted at almost any location (such as an office car park) and can be customized to cover the customer’s facilities and equipment when conducted in-house. practical exercises include the use of portable hand-held fire extinguishers.FIRE FIGHTING TRAINING Basic Fire Fighting The ability of a worker to effectively extinguish a small fire can be the difference between a small incident and a major accident costing millions of dollars in damage and lost production time. The classroom sessions cover basic fire theory. application techniques and recharge and basic maintenance of extinguishers. extinguishers operation. Course duration: 1 day / 2 days. Exercises on the fire ground include using handheld extinguishers to fight various fires and escape from a smoke filled environment using SCBA. . fire suppression equipment. patient packaging. vital sign recording and recognition of life threatening injuries. fractures & burns. This is performance-based training that includes an assessment of each trainee. and fire fighting tactics. Practical exercises include fighting fire with handheld extinguishers. Training participants will learn the basic principles of fire fighting with handheld fire extinguishers and the use of Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA). Course duration: 3 days. Course duration: 1 day. but who work in office. personnel protective equipment (incl. bleeding control. For SCBA search & rescue exercises. The course also includes accident scene assessment. MEDICAL TRAINING First Aid . and trains them how to administer immediate life support prior to the arrival of medical personnel. extinguisher capabilities and limitations. our state-of-the-art 3 storey smoke-house is utilized. Fire Props include pans with & without obstacles. This course is designed for workers who are potentially exposed to a firefighting situation. It includes preventative measures and appropriate responses to a fire emergency. aviation. underwater. and FRC training. Samson Tiara is associated with several international training centers. Canada – Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board . The facility was completed in June and commissioned during July. PT. The training is competence based (competent / not yet competent). 4 air-conditioned classrooms. A second campus at an Anyer seaside resort. Sea Survival at Sea. PT. and general hazardous industries. and Australia. fire fighting facilities to advanced firefighting stage including state of the art ship mock up/3 level smoke house. Full medical services are available at Krakatau Steel (KS) hospital that is located approximately 3. a 500 sqm maintenance facility. as well as the normal training rooms and changing facilities. and several dedicated 7 meter FRC craft. This facility is equipped with 2 lifeboats. Accommodation is at the Permata Krakatau Hotel overlooking the Cilegon Golf Course.samson-tiara. Training of local staff began during this period and the first classes were held in August 1994. complete with model 30 METS simulator. MRI (Scotland) and SOS International (Jakarta) allowing us to access the most qualified instructors for safety training courses. IMO. Banten in . with plenty of “hands on” exercises. Holland. SOS medical clinic. In July 2006 we began construction of new facilities on a one-hectare block of our own land at the Krakatau Industrial Estate Cilegon. Our training courses are internationally recognized and approved (e. Trainees attending Coxswain. Samson Tiara commenced the construction of the Helicopter Ditching training facility at Santa Fe Base. on site davit launch life Km from the training center. Our instructors have trained with these and other organizations and hold “Rescue Diver” certification of the professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI). www. A paramedic is always present at the Cilegon site and a fully stocked medical clinic has been set up at the training center for any emergencies. Petronas . Malaysia. (Canada). maritime. shower and changing facilities. Petans Ltd. about 5 minutes drive from the center. UK. AMSA and UKOOA.g. BSP . we received official OPITO accreditation for a variety of courses. mining. Local instructors are on a continuous staff development program that includes visits to training centers in other countries such as Canada. such as Survival Systems Ltd. In April 2004. SAMSON TIARA specializes in pro- viding a range of client focused safety training services and products to the offshore oil and gas.NSOPB. 30 minutes drive from the Cilegon site provides Coxswain. (UK). laundry. Sea Survival at Sea and FRC courses are housed at the Villa Marina Hotel in Anyer on the shores of the Sunda Straits. Merak. The new site opened for training in November of 2006. construction. or both.PT. cafeteria.Brunei) and are conducted in accordance with guidelines set by OPITO. The new facility is a purpose-built training center featuring a larger pool (Wave ball suitable). Bahasa Indonesia. Our instructors hold internationally recognized assessors certificates (A1/V1 Unit) and can deliver the training in English.Malaysia. O. Australi II Krakatau Industrial Estate Cilegon Cilegon Fatmawati Mas Block 329 [email protected] Training Center: Design & photography by Donald Bason : donald. realistic and “state of the art” training Website: www. R. An easy one to one and a half hours (85km) drive by toll road from Jakarta. Australia II Kav. 20 Jakarta 12430 Indonesia Phone: (62-21) 7659235 Fax: (62-21) 7659236 Office: Cilegon Barat turn-off Jakarta Tol Road Merak Training Facility at Cilegon Located in the Krakatau Industrial Estate Cilegon.S. ½ Cilegon . Jl.SAMSON TIARA safety & survival training Our VISION is to create centers of excellence for safety training throughout South East Asia. Krakatau Industrial Estate Cilegon Jl. and our MISSION is to provide the industry in South East Asia with the most . Fatmawati No. thereby enhancing safety awareness in the workplace and making a positive contribution to the lives of our training participants and customers.Banten Phone: (62-254) 311676 Fax: (62-254) 311675 E-mail: [email protected] 5 minutes drive from the Anyer (Cilegon Barat) turn off on the Jakarta Cilegon toll road.
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