Soalan Ca01 l1 Vol. 1

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JABATAN PEMBANGUNAN KEMAHIRANKEMENTERIAN SUMBER MANUSIA ARAS 7 and 8 BLOK D4, KOMPLEKS D PUSAT PENTADBIRAN KERAJAAN PERSEKUTUAN 62530 PUTRAJAYA KOD DAN NAMA PUSAT BERTAULIAH SOALAN PENILAIAN PENGETAHUAN (OBJEKTIF) KOD UNIT CORE ABILITY Z-009-1:2015 CA01 NAMA UNIT ABILITY BASIC WORKING COMMUNICATION NAMA CALON NO.KAD PENGENALAN MASA TARIKH MARKAH Arahan kepada calon: 1. Tulis nama dan nombor kad pengenalan calon pada ruangan yang disediakan; 2. Calon tidak dibenarkan membuka kertas soalan sehingga dibenarkan; 3. Calon hendaklah menjawab semua soalan; 4. Calon dilarang membawa nota atau sebarang bahan rujukan kecuali yang dibenarkan. 5. Dilarang meniru semasa penilian; dan 6. Dilarang membawa keluar kertas soalan dari bilik peperiksaan KERTAS PENILAIAN INI MENGANDUNGI ....08.... MUKA SURAT BERCETAK 1 1. What is the purpose for having recognised communication language for local and foreign employees in the organization? A. Understand and listen to rules. B. Listern and obey leader request. C. Obey and learn communication organization. D. Organization need to learn language foreign workers. 2. Why avoid biased, slang and be cautious when using jargon at workplace? A. To avoid less stress at work. B. To make less talk but work more C. To ensure more working and less talk. D. To remain respectful and professional at all times. 3. Why job procedure need to go through the process of job analysis? I. The study of the job itself II. The analysis of job requirements. III. The responsibilities of a given work. IV. To understand clearly the job requirements and job specification. A. I, II and III. B. I, II and IV. C. I, III and IV. D. II, III and IV 2 4. What are the knowlegde needs of the desk officer in preparation of guidelines on handling management information. I. Monitor security information. II. Denying access to information III. Understand the classification of information IV. Preserve the confidentiality of all information A. I, II and III B. I, II and IV C. I, III and IV D. II, III and IV 5. How is the process of verbally transmitting information and ideas in oral communication? A. Foreign language to communicate. B. Identify local dan foreign language at workplace. C. Uses language appropriate to the operations. D. Individual or group to another by word of mouth. 6. How to use the right communication language at the workplace? I. It is understood by all parties. II. Use colloquial. III. Use of mother tongue IV. Use correct grammar. A. I and II B. I and IV C. II and III D. III and IV. 3 7. How to identify non verbal communication is the process of conveying information in the form of non-word messages? I. Posture. II. Eye Contact. III. Walking distance. IV. Body Movements. A. I, II and III B. I, II and IV C. I. III and IV D. II, III and IV 8. What is a purpose of oral communication beside a direct conversation, more natural and immediately ? A. Gethering friends. B. Get more contacts. C. Making good speeches. D. Responding to a comment / statement. 9. Which of the following is not a way to correct communicate? A. Hear properly. B. Communicate. C. Honest in giving opinion. D. Make your own assumptions. 4 10. Which developing sensitivity and understanding of another ethnic group usually involves? A. Honest in giving opinion. B. Speak with soft and slow. C. Communication Manners D. Internal changes in attitudes and values. 11. Who present during public communication or public speaking? A. A speaker and an audience. B. An audience and a presenter. C. Public Relation and a speaker. D. Public Relation and a presenter. 12. Why small groups are meet to discuss issues related to work at the workplace? I. Team purpose. II. Problem-solving. III. Planning marketing issue. IV. Stop making more problem. A. I and II B. I and IV C. II and III D. III and IV 5 13. What is the meaning of diagram signage above? A. Smoking is prohibited. B. Prohibited buy cigarettes. C. Prohibited burning smoking. D. Prohibited throw dmoking. 14. What is the full sentence for the abbreviation SOP? A. Standard Operating Practice. B. Standard Operating Purchase. C. Standard Operating Procedure. D. Standard Operating Performance. 15. Why provide a method to obtain the certificate of assignment ? A. Read the Catalog. B. Read and understand the company's profile. C. Read and understand the company's policy. D. Read and understand the Operating Manual. 6 16. How to ensure that the document sent clear and orderly? A. Using the private format. B. Using a standard format that has been specified. C. Using a format that is collected from various sources. D. Using a variety of formats derived from the Web opponents. 17. What are the steps to be avoided while managing confidential information? A. Refer to the head of your. B. Provide information required. C. Give information to your friends. D. Inform the status information is confidential. 18. Why workers should refer to working manual ? A. Understand The Company's Policy. B. Understand The Code Of Work Ethics. C. Understand the current issues of the company. D. Understand the duties and clear information. 19. What is the main purpose of reading the manual work. A. Understand the company's policy. B. Understand the performance of the company. C. Understand the scope of work and responsibilities clearly. D. Understand the method of preparing the annual report of the company's performance. 7 20. What are your actions and responsibility when receiving instructions? A. Listen, understand and obey. B. Listen and do working checklist. C. Listen only to leader of head department. D. Listen without question and discuss with friends. 8 ANSWER SCHEME 1. C 6. B 11. A 16. B 2. D 7. B 12. A 17. C 3. B 8. D 13. A 18. D 4. A 9. D 14. C 19. C 5. D 10. D 15. D 20. A 9
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