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Soal Onkologi 1. The current system of the laryngeal staging consider, except: A.Site and location of the primary and regional disease B. The presence of vocal cord fixation C. Extralaryngeal spread D. Distant metastases E. Histopathology 2. The indications for Supraglottic Laryngectomy are, except: A. Supraglottic Ca T3 due to preepiglottic space invasion B. Extension to vocal cord C. Good general health D. Age < 70 years old E. Minimal medial pyriform sinus involvement above the level of the true cords 3. Indications for Supracricoid Partial Laryngectomy, except A. Supraglottic tumor T3 due to vocal cord fixation B. No preepiglottic space invasion C. Fixed arytenoids cartilage D. T2 Ca with invasion of the thyroid ala E. Poor pulmonary reseve 4. Indications for total Laryngectomy, except: A. All T3 Ca not amenable for supraglottic Laryngectomy B. All T4 Ca not amenable for supracricoid or near total Laryngectomy C. Tumor with extensive involvement of the thyroid or cricoid cartilage D. Without invasion of the surrounding soft tissue of the neck E. Extension beyond the posterior third of the base of tounge 5. Factors related for adjuvant radiation (in Laryngectomy), except A. N2 neck or evidence extracapsular spread B. Multiple level of nodal involvement C. T3 lesion D. Perineural or vascular invasion E. Metastases to inferior tracheoesophageal 6. Advance glottic lesions unfavorable, except A. Extralaryngeal involvement B. Lesion confined mostly to one side of the larynx C. Extensive bilateral disease with submucosal spread D. Extensive cartilage invasion E. Sublottic extension below the level of the lower edge of the cricoid 7. Complication of surgery (Laryngectomy), except A. Hypocalcemia Iradiasi bekerja pada semua fase. G0 C. M 9. G1 B. CD 44 B. Possible mechanisms of immunosuppresion in head and neck cancer are. Lymphocytes D. Methotrexate and 5-FU bekerja pada fase: A. Intercellular adhesion molecule E. Antigen modulation of the tumor cells 13. G1 E. Resting phase C.B. G1 10. E. CD 8 C. except A. Lymphoreticular systems B. Sialyl Lewis D. S 11. G2 B. Resting phase E. kecuali A. G2 B. IgG against tumor cells E. Hematoma Aspiration pneumonia Chilous fistula Hypothyroidism 8. Circulating immune complex C. Which one below doesn’t belong to effector mechanism against head and neck cancer A. G2 C. M D. except A. Histamine activation of suppressor lymphocytes inhibition of cytotoxic production D. Cisplatinum bekerja pada fase: A. C. M E. Immunoglobulin . Tumor cell antigens that have been indentified in the surface of the cell. Supressor T cell B. D. S D. Endothelial cells C. S D. Integrins α6 and β1 12. Total gland irradiation E. Xerostomia dan keratokonjungtivitis B. If conservative fail for chronic sialadenitis. Asesorius spinal E. Interstitial pneumonia E. Maybe mistaken histological for SCC or mucoepidermoid Ca 19. Sternocleidomastoideus 20. Pembuangan en bloc jaringan level IV-V C. Myositis 18. Which one statement below doesn’t fit to Sjogren’s Syndrome A. Achlorhydria C. Male predominant D. Use of sialogogues B. The average age of onset is fifty 17. Intravenous antibiotics E. Ligation of the duct D. Which one of the symptoms doesn’t belong to Sjogren’s Syndrome A. Pembuangan en bloc jaringan level I-III B. Periodic ductal dilatation C.E. Tympanic neurectomy 16. Iridocyclitis B. Pembuangan en block jaringan level I-V D. Pembuangan m. except A. Initial treatment for acute suppurative sialadenitis. Complement 14. Necrotizing Sialometaplasia. Mucosal ulceration B. Surgery 15. Second most common autoimmune disease after rheumatoid arthritis D. aggressive treatment are. KGB yang tidak dibuang pada posterolateral neck dissection A. Level II . Yang dilakukan pada modified radical neck dissection tipe III adalah A. Ninety percent of case occur in adult women E. Repeated massage of the gland C. Neuropsychiatric dysfunction D. Always self healing E. Improved oral hygiene B. Adequate hydration D. except A. Pembuangan n. except A. Requires surgery for treatment C. Rheumatoid factor never increased C. Faktor yang mempengaruhi kejadian occult metastase. X. Anaplastic thyroid Ca D. Sialography B. kadang n. Which one of the statement below does not correlate with medullary thyroid Ca A. Included in MEN IIB D. Papillary thyroid Ca E. kecuali A. in what tumor written below A. Ketebalan tumor C. Follicular Thyroid Ca B. Stenson’s duct salivary fluid analysis C. Included in MEN IIA C. Inspeksi dan palpasi intra operatif tidak meningkatkan kemampuan dokter bedah untuk memprediksi nodal stage B. Increased thyrocalcitonin production E. In previous years we cannot make diagnosis about type of the thyroid Ca prior to excision. Increased thyroglobulin production 25. Which of the procedures written below is specific for Whartin’s tumor in parotid gland detection A. Keputusan untuk memperluas selective neck dissection yang meliputi vena jugularis interna. Derived from C cell B. Pernyataan yang benar di bawah ini adalah A. CT scan E. n. D. harus didasarkan pada temuan saat operasi dan penilaian objektif perluasan KGB 23. Tidak dapat dipercata pengangkatan m. Sternocleidomastoideus atau KGB pada segitiga posterior kecuali jika terdapat tumor secara nyata D. XI spinal. Invasi perineural dan vascular D. C. Tc 99m scintigraphy D. Asal tumor B. E. Level III Level IV Level V Sekitar preaurikular 21. MRI 24. Usia penderita 22. Indicator tingkah laku biologi E.B. Medullary Thyroid Ca C. Pada Ca thyroid perlu dilakukan modified neck dissection E. Staging KGB leher tanpa pemeriksaan frozen section KGB yang dicurigai tidak dapat diandalkan C. XII dan n. Hurtle cell Ca .
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