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Angeles University FoundationAngeles City UNIVERSITY LIBRARY NEW ACQUISITIONS LIST SEPTEMBER 2008 SUBJECTS COMMON TO ALL PROGRAMS AUTHOR /TITLE / IMPRINT/ CALL NUMBER ART EDUCATION WITH INTRODUCTION TO ART APPRECIATION Tabotabo, Claudio V. Arts appreciation:,introduction to the humanities.-- Makati City: Mindshapers Co., Inc., c2006 N 350T32 2006 F-8219 Joaquin, Nick. Abe: a frank sketch of E. Aguilar Cruz.-- Angeles City: Juan D. Nepomuceno Center, c2006. N 7329 .C78 J63 2006 F-8254 BASIC STATISTICS Asaad, Abubakar S. Statistics: made simple for researchers.-- Manila: Rex Bookstore, c2008. QA 276.12 A81 2008 F-8305 ETHICS/LOGIC Padua, Marbelle Marie O. Contemplating woman in the Philosophy of Edith Stein .-Manila: Far Eastern University Publication, 2007 B 3332 .S67 P33 2007 F-8232 Bairan, Bonifacio P. An introduction to syllogistics logic with selected history, theories and readings in western ethics.-- Makati City: Katha Pub., c2005. BC 108 B235 2005 F-8117 Corpuz, Ronald M. Ethics: standards of human conduct.-- Manila: Mindshapers Co. Inc., c2007. BJ 66 E74 2007 F-8282 COLLEGE ALGEBRA Dayrit, Benjamin C. College algebra: with pictograph models.-- Metro Manila: Ymas Publishing House, c2006. QA 154.2 D384 2006 F-8272 ECOLOGY Rainforestation: a trainer's manual.-- Quezon City: Haribon Foundation for the Conservation of Natural Resources Inc., c2006. SD 14 .P5 R35 2006 F-8122 GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY Hoo, Kim. Art of success: learning through great conquerors from Julius Caesar to Genghis Khan.-- Quezon City: New Day Pub., c2007. BF 637 .S8 K54 2007 F-8211 GENERAL SOCIOLOGY WITH FAMILY PLANNING Flores, Marot Nelmida.-- The cattle caravans of ancient Caboloan: interior plains of Pangasinan: connecting history, culture, and commerce by cartwheel.-Ermita, Manila, Philippines: National Historical Institute, c2007. HE 276 F56 2007 F-8231 Jayaweera, Neville. Folk media and development communication: myths and realities.-Manila: Asian Social Institute; Delhi: Indian Society for Promoting Christian knowledge, c1991. HN 720 .Z82 .M3 J38 1991 F-8020 Children in armed conflict: roundtable discussion.-- Quezon City: UP Law Center, Institute of International Legal Studies, 2006. HQ 784 W3 R68 2006 F-8131 Centennial crossings: readings on Babaylan feminism in the Philippines.-Quezon City: CE Pub., c2006. HQ 1757 C44 2006 F-8205 GENERAL ZOOLOGY Zoology: concepts and applications.-- [s.l.] : [s.n.], [2006?]. QL 52 Z66 F-8269 GEOMETRY Ymas, Sergio E. Analytic geometry.-- Rev. ed.-- Manila: Monica Printing Corp., 2002. QA 555 Y53 2002 F-8268 KOMUNIKASYON SA AKADEMIKONG FILIPINO Galang, Teresita C. Mabisang komunikasyon sa akademikong Filipino.-- Angeles City: Angeles University Foundation, c2007. PL 5509 M37 2007 F-8274, 8275, 8276, 8277, 8278 Aguilar, Reynaldo L. Sining ng komunikasyon.-- Makati City: Grandwater Pub., c2006. PL 6051 A38 2006 F-8212 Komunikasyon sa akademikong Filipino (Filipino 1).-- Manila: Booklore Pub., Corp., c2007. PL 6051 K652 2007 F-8199, 8200 Komunikasyon sa makabagong panahon: batayan at sanayang-aklat sa Filipino 1, antas-tersyaryo.-- Valenzuela City: Mutya Publishing House, c2002. PL 6051 K653 2002 F-8271 Juan, Glori P. San. Masining na pagpapahayag: (Retorika).-- Makati City: Grandwater Pub. And Research Corp., c2007. PL 6059 M375 2007 F-8241 LITERATURE OF THE WORLD Abad, Gemino H. Best Filipino stories: the NVM Gonzalez Awards, 2000-2005.-Quezon City: University of the Philippines, c2007 PL 5541 B48 2007 F-8285 Agdamag, Captain Vicente M. Our seas, our Philippines.-- Quezon City: Philippines Navy through AM Cleofe Prints, c2005. PL 5548.4 A268 O87 2005 F-8045 Realubit, Maria Lilia F. Bikol literary history.-- [s.l.]: M.L.F. Realubit, 2001. PL 6179 R43 2001 F-8234 Tendero, Edwin V. World literature ( The Literary Masterpiece of the World ).-Manila: Grandwater Publications, c2008. PN 45 T45 2008 F-8210 Literatures of the world.-- Angeles City: Angeles University Foundation, 2005. PN 6014 L573 2005 F-8267 Ormos, Petra S. A glimpse of Philippine literature.-- Makati City: Grandwater pub., c2007. PS 9991 G57 2007 F-8222 Gracia, J Neil C. At home in unhomeliness: an anthology of Philippine Postcolonial poetry in English.-- Manial: UST Pub., c2007. PS 9992.2 A84 2007 F-8295 Groyon, Vicente Garcia. A different voice: fiction by young Filipino writers.-Manila: UST Pub. House, c2007. PS 9992.4 D54 2007 F-8296 A harvest of green and gold: an anthology of short stories.-- Manila: Far Eastern University, c2004. PS 9992.4 H37 2004 F-8214 Sawi: funny essays, stories and poems on all kinds of heart breaks.-- Quezon City: Milfores Pub. Inc., c2007. PS 9993 S33 2007 F-8095 Racelis-Baritugo, Merca. In search of the sacred poems.-- Manila: Far Eastern University, c 2005. PS 993 B355 I5 2004 F-8215 Uranza, Azucena Grajo. Masks and mirrors: eight plays.-- Manila: Far Eastern University, c2008. PS 9993 .U7 M37 2008 F-8293 Fresnosa, Delfin. Trandoz and other stories.-- Manila: Far Eastern University, c2005. PS 9993 F74 T3 2005 F-8216 Francia, Luis H. Museum of absences.-- Quezon City: University of the Philippines Press, c2004. PS 993 F764 2004 F-8224 Jose, F. Sionil. This I believe: gleanings from a life in literature.-- Manila: Solidaridad Pub. House, c2006. PS 9993 J67 Z47 2006 F-8186 Jose, F. Sionil. Vibora! :a novel.-- Manila: Solidaridad Pub. House, c2007. PS 9993 .J68 V53 2007 F-8217 Medina, BS. Fort : a novel.-- Manila: Far Eastern University Pub., c2006. PS 9993 .M43 F6 2006 F-8292 Palma, Mary Ru M. Quintessence of dust : a quarter moon, a quarter of a centure in a woman's lifetime: her story in poetry.-- Quezon City: new Dfay Pub., 2007. PS 9993 .P265 Q85 2007 F-8291 Uranza, Azucena Grajo. Voices in a minor key: stories.-- Manila: Far Eastern University Research Center, c2004. PS 9993 U73 V65 2004 F-8218 Villacorta, Carissa. Surreality.-- Manila: UST Pub. House, c2006. PS 9993 .V515 S97 2006 F-8221 PHILIPPINE HISTORY AND CULTURE Rutven, Jhet Torcelino-van. Ang kuwento ni Juliet.-- Manila: Far Eastern University Pub., c2006. CT 1798 V35 A3168 2006 F-8255 Mercado, Abner P. Sa bubungan ng mundo: a journal on the first Filipino's expedition to Mount Everest based on the official coverage of The Correspondents.-Quezon City Golden Books and Publication, c2006. DS 495.8 E9 M4 2006 F-8183 Reyes, Vicente C. Transformation: a region in the making.-- Manila: Far Eastern University Research Center, c2004. DS 521 R49 2004 F-8256 The Philippines yearbook, 2008: a year of adventure.-- Manila: Fookien Times Yearbook, 2007. DS 651 F65 2007 F-8266 The Philippines yearbook, 2007: 20 years after EDSA '86 a look back 1986-2006.-Manila : Fookien Times Yearnook, 2006. DS 651 F65 2006 F-8065 The 2000 Philippines yearbook.-- Manila: Fookien Times, c1999. DS 651 F65 1999 F-7963 The Philippines yearbook, 2007.-- Manila: Fookien Times Yearbook, 2007. DS 666 C5 F66 2007 F-8038, 8039 Torres, Dante C. Philippine history.-- Manila: Mindshapers Co., Inc., c2006. DS 668 T67 2006 F-8227 Escalante, Rene. The bearer of pax americana: The Philippine career of William H. Taft, 1900-1903.-- Quezon City: New Day Pub., 2007. DS 685.8 .T3 E73 2007 F-8213 Caballero, Beljun. The rebirth of a nation and it's most phenomenal statesman Quezon.-[s.l.] Kube Grafiks Corp., 2006. DS 686.3 C11 2006 F-8299 Jr, Jose V. Barrameda. In the Crucible of an asymmetrical war in Camarines Sur 1942-1945: 9 the story of the Tangcong Vaca Guerilla unit. DS 686.4 B37 2007 F-8257 Legarda, Benito J. Occupation: the alter years.-- Manila: Vibal Publishing House, c2007. DS 686.4 L415 2007 F-8206 Remembering World War II in the Philippines: proceedings of the oral history conference marking the 60th anniversary of the battle for Manila.-DS 686.4 O7 2007 F-8228 The indigenous peoples of the Philippines.-- Manila: Rex Bookstore, c2007. GN 671 P5 I53 2007 F-8263 POLITICS AND GOVERNANCE Jr, Antonio Tujan. The people speak on corruption governance: water services sector.-Manila: IBON Books, c2006. JQ 1409.5 .C6 P46 2006 F-8046 Repression resistance: the Filipino people vs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, George W. Bush, Permanent People's Tribunal, second sessions on the Philippines, The Hague, The Netherlands, Marcg 21-25, 2007.-- Quezon City: IBON Foundation Inc., 2007. JQ 14169 R46 2007 F-8230 Munoz, Mauro R. Philippine governance and constitution.-- Quezon City: Katha Pub., c2002. JQ 1424 M85 2002 F-8225 Santos, Soliman M. Dynamics and directions of the GRP-MLF peace negotiations.-Davao City: Alternate Forum for Research in Mindanao, 2005. JZ 5584 P6 S255 2005 F-8261 Corpuz, Ronald M. 1987 Philippine constitution.-- Manila: Mindshapers Co., Inc., c2007. KPM 1750 C674 2007 F-8193 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Research methods.-- Manial: Rex Book Store, c1992. LB 1028 In58 1992 F-8301 King, Jenny. Success in writing school papers.-- Worldlink marketing Corp., c2002. LB 1047.3 K55 2002 F-8008 Rivera, Maximiano Marquez. Practical guide to thesis and dissertation writing.-Quezon City: katha Pub. In., c2007. LB 2369 M474 2007 F-8246 Mercado, Cesar M. A new approach to thesis writing: simplifying social research.-Quezon City: development Consultant for Asia Africa Pacific, 2006. LB 2369 M474 2006 F-8252 Ballesteros, Theresa F. Technical writing.-- Makati City: Mindshapers Co. Inc., c2006. T 11 B35 2006 F-8243 Menoy, Jesus Z. The simplified research and technical report writing.-- Manadaluyong City: Books Atbp. Pub. Corp., c2007. T 11 M45 2007 F-8223 RIZAL LIFE, WORKS AND WRITINGS Garcia, Carlito D. Rizal and the development of Filipino nationalism : a textbook on the life, works and writings of our national hero.-- Mandaluyong City: Books Atbp. Publishing Corp., c2005. DS 675.8 .R5 G37 2005 F-8203 Tabotabo, Claudio V. Jose P. Rizal: the life of a hero.-- Makati City Mindshapers Co., c2005. DS 675.8 .R5 T33 2005 F-8220
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