Savita Bhabhi is an Indian Pornographic Cartoon

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Savita Bhabhi is an Indian pornographic cartoon character and has earned a recognition[1] as India's first porn star.The character named Savita is depicted as an attractive promiscuous housewife who is ignored by her husband and engages in sexual adventures. The suffix bhabhi (Hindi: sister-in-law) is commonly attached to first names of Indian housewives. The character initially appeared in a freely available comic strip at It has since been converted into a subscription-based strip. The cartoon character was first[2] introduced by Puneet Agarwal in March 2008.[1] It proved controversial in the conservative Indian setting as soon as it was introduced. Some critics felt it represented the face of new India’s ultra-liberal section.[3][4] Contents [hide]        1 Main Characters 2 List of the stories published 3 Controversies 4 Influences 5 See also 6 References 7 External links [edit] Main Characters      Savita Patel- a young 29-year old housewife who is ignored by her husband and indulges in various sexual adventures. Ashok Patel - Savita's husband. The 33-year old is a workaholic and utterly oblivious to his wife advances and escapades. Shobha - A young female college student who first appeared in Shobha's first time. She befriends Savita when the latter becomes involved in a beauty pageant that she's helping to manage. She eventually discovers Savita's amorous exploits and is seduced by Savita into partnering in her adventures. Mishraji - He is Savita’s lecherous boss who in exchange of giving her a job regularly gets her to satisfy his carnal urges. Manoj - 21 years old, Single servant likes to Watching TV, Hearing the radio, Talking with his friends. He works in the Patel household as a live in help. His good look and athletic physique always gets him attention from his women employers and Savita is no exception. Good at giving massages and keeping her satisfied. [edit] List of the stories published 1. Bra Salesman 2. Cricket 3. The Party 4. Visiting Cousin 5. Manoj Ki Maalish (Servant Boy) 6. Virginity Lost 7. Doctor Doctor 8. The Interview 9. Sexy Shopping 10. Banungi Mein Miss India 11. Savita In Shimla 12. Miss India Part 2 13. College Girl Savvi 14. Sexpress 15. Ashok At Home 16. Double Trouble 17. Double Trouble-2 18. Tution Teacher Savita 19. Savita's Wedding 20. Sexercise 21. A Wife's Confession 22. Shobha's First Time 23. Kissing Cousins 24. The Mystery Of Two 25. The Uncle's visit 26. The Photo Shoot 27. The Birthday Bash 28. Business OR AND Pleasure 29. The Intern 30. Sexercise - How it All Began! 31. Sexy Secretary - 1 32. Savita Bhabhi's Special Tailor 33. Savita in Goa series (Part 1 to 4) 34. Savita at home [edit] Controversies "Wow, India has now joined the elite club of China, Iran, North Korea and suchlike in the area of Internet censorship." Graphic novelist Sarnath Banerjee on the ban of Savita Bhabhi.[5] Pornography is illegal in India.[6] As a result the original website was censored by the Indian government under its anti-pornography laws. This was met with criticism from the likes of prominent Indian libertarian bloggers and journalist Amit Varma.[7] Eventually the mainstream media columnists joined in criticizing the ban as reflecting a "meddlesome, patriarchal mindset" of a "Net Nanny" government. This resulted in an online movement to save the character from being destroyed.[8] Initially the creators of the site chose to remain anonymous, going under the assumed collective name Indian Porn Empire.[9] However in 2009, they revealed their identities and also announced their decision to take down the comic strip.[2] The presence of a character bearing a strong resemblance to the famous Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan also met with criticism on Indian Television channels.[10] [edit] Influences  The producers of the upcoming comedy bollywood film titled Sheetal Bhabhi have claimed that it draws inspiration from Savita Bhabhi.[1] [edit] See also   Censorship in India Freedom of expression in India [edit] References 1. ^ a b c Nelson, Dean (6 March 2011). "India's cartoon porn star to become Bollywood film". The Telegraph UK (London). Retrieved 3 October 2011. 2. ^ a b "Savita Bhabhi's creator decides to end campaign". 3. ^ "Savita Bhabhi is the new face of freedom". 4. ^ 5. ^ "Govt Bans Popular Toon Porn Site; Mounting Concern Over Censorship". 6. ^ Meet India's first porn star 7. ^ "Savita Bhabhi Fights Censorship". 8. ^ "Save Our Savita Bhabhi". by Venkatesan Vembu, Daily News & Analysis, July 3, 2009.. 9. ^ Moore, Matthew (11 September 2008). "Indians hooked on pornographic web comic". London: Retrieved 23 May 2010. 10. ^ .
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