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14/08/2016 SAP Workflow Transactions | SCN    Getting Started Newsletters Store Hi, Guest Log On Join Us Search the Community Products Services & Support About SCN Downloads Activity Communications Actions Industries Training & Education Partnership Developer Center Lines of Business University Alliances Events & Webinars Innovation Browse SAP Workflow Transactions Version 18 created by Mike B. on 20­Jan­2015 22:09, last modified by Mike B. on 06­Jun­2016 10:14 Share 0 Tweet Like 0 After a number of implemented SAP Workflow projects, I build my own list of common SAP Workflow transactions (aka «tcodes»). Now it's a time to share the assets, feel free to print and use. Due to some reason, probably the security one, SAP SCN doesn't allow to upload files in PDF, thus, I uploaded a PNG­version.   Workflow Troubleshooting SWU_OBUF manual buffer refresh SWPC continue WF after a system crash SWI6 show all WF instances, work item IDs by SM12 lock, unlock the object BOR/CL name & Object Key (optional) SWIA work item administration (WI) SWI2_DIAG error diagnosis SWWL delete work item SWI2_DEAD deadline monitor SWWL_ delete a parent workflow with all of its child work SWI2_DURA process duration TOPLEVEL items SWUD WF diagnosis SWI2_ADM1 find orphaned work item SWELS event trace SWI5 work item per work center, job, organizational unit, position, user SWEL display event trace SARA archiving     Workflow Development SWDD WF builder SWNADMIN notification management PFTC template, task SM37 view scheduled and processed jobs management (WS, TS) PFTC_DIS assigning possible agent SBWP WF inbox PFAC rule creation, editing, SWU0 simulate the event linkage testing SWO1 business object builder SWEQADM event queue, preventing RFC­problem (BOR) SWUS test, execute WF SWB_COND all start conditions SWEINST all terminating events SWU9 WF trace for the session linkage SWUI_ WF verification SWEQBROWSER event waiting in the event queue VERIFY SOST SAPconnect transmission SWPA customizing WF runtime system request SWNCONFIG notification configuration PPOM organization & staffing SWI1 selection report for work PPOME organizational management, structure & staff item assignment, user mapping SM52 view tRFC SWI2_FREQ opened task statistic­61425 1/2 [email protected] SAP Workflow Transactions. workflow_starter. functions SE09 list of change requests per SAP user SE38 programs SE03 change requests management ST22 runtime error K 9062 Views   Tags: workflow. tcodes. Like (0) Site Index Contact Us SAP Help Portal Follow SCN Privacy Terms of Use Legal Disclosure Copyright http://scn. 06­Jun­2016 09:49 (in response to Syed Abbas) Unfortunately. dumps STMS change requests transferring   P.         Thanks. Syed Abbas. tables SE37 function­61425 2/2 . 11­May­2016 01:11 (in response to chao chen) You're welcome. Yet another list of Useful Transactions in SAP Workflow. sap_workflow. Like (0) Mike B. domains.) Dear Mike. Like (0) Syed Abbas 06­Jun­2016 09:12 (in response to Mike B.   Please share Pdf version with my mail:  abbas. Like (0) Mike B.png 120. tcode_list Average User Rating (3 ratings) Share 0 Tweet Like 0 4 Comments chao chen 10­May­2016 23:25 Wonderful! Thanks for sharing. workflow_basics. the PDF version is no longer available. wf.14/08/2016 SAP Workflow Transactions | SCN   ABAP Development SE24 classes SE11 data types.
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