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Semtex RAZOR® EXPLOSIVES Flexible Linear Shaped Charge Charge Flexible linear shaped charges designed for explosive cutting of predominantly metallic elements. RAZOR charge is flexible linear shaped charge placed in multipurpose bed of foamed, black colored polyethylene, fitted on its bottom side with self-adhesive layer with protective foil. To ensure reliable initiation of the charge it is posible to use booster charge RAZOR Booster. The charge has characteristic profile in the shape of inverted “V“ and consists of cumulative liner of brown-red color, the layer of explosive usually of white or green color and sealing layer of brown-red color. In accordance with the Montreal Convention RAZOR contains additive of 2,3-dimethyl- 2,3-dinitrobutane (DMNB) as marking agent for the purpose of pre-blast detection. Packaging RAZOR charges are, if required by a customer, packed in cardboard packing in the number of pcs depending on the size of charges, or they are put in transport wooden packing in several layers, interleaved with silicone paper. Both transport packings shall meet the recommendations for transport of dangerous goods of Class 1. The charges are usually supplied in 1m length, maximal length 2 m. Storage Conditions and Service Life For the purposes of storing the charges are classified to the Class A III, Serial No. 9, and shall be stored in the rooms for storage of explosives where the temperature does not drop bellow - 20°C and exceed + 40°C at relative humidity up to 99%. Service life as well as warranty period is 10 years since the date of production, provided that prescribed storage conditions are observed. MONDIAL PART # 1m length RAZOR 6 RAZOR 10 RAZOR 15 RAZOR 25 RAZOR 40 1-MD-RAZ6-1M 1-MD-RAZ10-1M 1-MD-RAZ15-1M 1-MD-RAZ25-1M 1-MD-RAZ40-1M 2m length 1-MD-RAZ6-2M 1-MD-RAZ10-2M 1-MD-RAZ15-2M 1-MD-RAZ25-2M 1-MD-RAZ40-2M SPECIFICATIONS UN Classification Proper shipping name Storage Life Storage Temprature 0288 Charges, Shaped, Flexable, Linear 10 years -20°C to +40°C email: [email protected] www.mondial-defence.com ( +44 (0)1202 668661 com www.h-1. 7.400 ± 150 860 ± 50 25 min.s]2 [cm3g-1. 100 ± 5 77 ± 3 600 120 Parameter Density Detonation velocity Chemical stability Unit [g.cm]2 [m.200 ± 100 40 min. 28 ± 2 19.5 ± 2 220 50 RAZOR 25 2.com ( +44 (0)1202 668661 .mondial-defence.000 ± 300 2.5 ± 2 150 35 RAZOR 15 860 ± 50 310 ± 25 15 min. 18 ± 1 12 ± 1 90 20 RAZOR 10 390 ± 25 140 ± 10 10 min.900 min. To ensure reliable function of the charge it is necessary to fasten booster charge to the charge to be initiated by means of self adhesive layer placed on the bottom or bevelled side of the booster.Semtex RAZOR ® EXPLOSIVES Flexible Linear Shaped Charge Charge RAZOR charges are designed for explosive cutting of predominantly metallic elements of various shapes in both dry and watered environment. In case offi xation on dirty or wet surface it is necessary to use other means and methods ensuring direct contact. PETN) Penetration (steel plate) Width Height Bend radius (plate) Bend radius (tube) Unit [gm]-1 [gm]-1 [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] Limit Values RAZOR 6 140 ± 10 50 ± 5 6 min. 1 max. email: [email protected] 42 ± 2 28. Parameter Total weight Weight of explosive (RDX. with the proper function of the product being ensured by a perfect fixation of the charge to the surface to be destructed by means of self-adhesive layer.20] Limit Values 1.56 min. 68 ± 3 48.5 ± 2 400 80 RAZOR 40 6. The charges Semtex® RAZOR supplied and used shall have the properties defined in factory standard TDV 553/06. No. or special booster charge Semtex® RAZOR Booster.  +44 (0)1202 668661 email: [email protected] In place of initiation. 4. where the key numbers represent maximal thickness in millimetres of steel plate perforation. 3. it is permitted to fix the charges using other means and methods.com   . Table No. 5. pictured in Annex No. reduction of charge performance should be taken in consideration. especially in the case of non-axis initiation.g.1. 2. To ensure proper function of the product it is necessary to fix the charge to the target surface with the self-adhesive layer on the bottom side of charge. defined in Parts II and III herein. To ensure initiation it is possible to use booster of explosive of detonation velocity min. II. where their use could cause fire or explosion. 1: Permissible ways of initiation of Semtex® RAZOR charges Standard primer No. non-sparking bearing plate (e.mondial-defence. The charges can be used beyond the conditions range defined in Parts II. Permissible ways of initiation are shown in Table 1.com www. In such cases when the self-adhesive layer does not function (dirty surface. wood). Semtex® RAZOR charges are linear shaped charges placed in a bed of foamed polyethylene fitted with a self-adhesive layer. Semtex® RAZOR charges are permitted for surface work in inexplosive environment only.4 too. 8. Scope and conditions of use 1. The charges shall not be used in such environments. Initiation and loading 1. Semtex® RAZOR charges are designed to create linear cutting of hard targets.s-1 (plastic explosive).Semtex® RAZOR charges are supplied in performance scale. but without guaranteed performance. 3. provided they ensure the same position of the charge as if self-adhesive layer was used.Semtex® RAZOR Linear shaped charges DIRECTIONS FOR USE I. 000 m. When handling charges it is necessary to avoid their contamination with foreign materials and to keep deformation of charge to a minimum. 7. Semtex® RAZOR charges can be cut with a sharp knife on a soft. wet environment). These performances are achieved under conditions. and in CE Certificate No.3 and II. under conditions stated in regulations on explosives.8 Booster charge RAZOR Booster end initiation RAZOR Booster side without sealing RAZOR Booster side with sealing Fig.589. To initiate Semtex® RAZOR charge the primer used shall be equivalent to and not less than Det No. 1 2-6 7-10 11-16 17-22 Razor 6 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Razor 10 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Razor 15 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Razor 25 Yes Yes Yes Yes NO Razor 40 Yes Yes Yes Yes NO 2. with regard to the fact that the adhesive band does not function. Table No. 1.400 MPa Within minimum 10 mm distance behind the steel plate shall the support medium of a density less than 0.3. 1. with relative humidity to 99 %. Temperature range Semtex® RAZOR charges are allowed within temperature range –30 °C and +60 °C.4. 90 % of its declared penetration The charge is in proper position (Part II. The charges achieve the penetration declared under the following conditions:     Steel yield limit Re = 180 . Charges. shaped. In a wet environment it is necessary. Decrease in charge efficiency shall be considered with increasing pressure of water column. linear. VI. to ensure sufficient fixation of the charges by means of variant methods in accordance with Part II.cm-3 should pertain. IV.1D IMDG .1 g. Water resistance Semtex® RAZOR charges are allowed both in dry and wet environment.. into Class A III. FLEXIBLE.UN 0288.mondial-defence. To make the connection more sure it is possible to use auxiliary charge of suitable explosive (plastic explosive). For the purposes of storage Semtex® RAZOR charges are classified according to ČBÚ Decree No. LINEAR.3) Neither the charge nor any its part is shape deformed beyond the limits shown in Table No. The charges can be connected and branched by tight end connection. CHARGES SHAPED. Service life and storage conditions Semtex® RAZOR charges are allowed to be used within 10 years since the date of production (service life as well as warranty period) provided that the product is stored in the room where the temperature does not drop bellow -20 °C and exceed +40 °C. in the wording of later regulations.UN 0288. 99/1995 of Coll.1D 2. The angle of branching shall not exceed 90°.  +44 (0)1202 668661 email: [email protected] 2. V. For the purposes of transport Semtex® RAZOR charges are classified as follows:   RID and ADR . serial No. Classification for transport 1. the charge achieves approx. 9. flexible. directly proportional to the complexity of connection.com www. At these limit values the temperature exposure shall not exceed 24 hrs. 2: Permissible deformation range of Semtex® RAZOR charges On plate 90 150 220 400 600 Minimal bend radius [mm] On tube of diameter On tube of inner diameter 20 60 35 100 50 150 80 250 120 400 Semtex® RAZOR 6 Semtex® RAZOR 10 Semtex® RAZOR 15 Semtex® RAZOR 25 Semtex® RAZOR 40 5.com   . III. Reduction of performance shall be taken in consideration in the place of connection. In case this condition is not observed. for women menstruation stoppage for several months (as many as 18). Safety and health provisions The explosive contains hexogene. XI. as hazardous chemical substances. in the wording of later regulations. headache. 356/2003 of Coll. irritation. In addition to that each transport (forwarding) packing shall be provided with marking CE and identification number of the notified person accomplishing subsequent supervision over the product and with the number of CE Certificate on testing of the type. 4. vertigo. i. sweet taste and dryness in mouth. harmful to blood-formation. classified according to the Law No.  +44 (0)1202 668661 email: [email protected] Classification of hazardous substances: Name CAS Number Index Number Hazard symbols Definition of specific hazardousness of dangerous substance R 3-23/24/25-33 R3 R 25-36/37/38-51/53-55 Instructions for safe handling S 35-36/37/39-45-48 S 35 S 28-36/37/39-45-60 Hexogene Pentrite 2. angst and confusion and as a typical symptom spasms with subsequent unconsciousness.VII. VIII. causes methaemoglobin cyanosis. 2.. or by military SOP's. IX.3-dinitrobutane (DMNB).200 ----mg/kg rat-oral mg/m3 mg/m3 source Marhold Pentrite can cause harm to health on digestion and dust inhalation. Disposal considerations Rests of Semtex® RAZOR charges and packings are disposed in accordance with valid safety regulations. The attacks can occur even several days after exposure. in the wording of later regulations.3-dimethyl-2. the explosive solely by explosion or burning in the place approved for disposal of explosives. clinically similar to that of epilepsy. Misfires disposal considerations Misfire disposal is accomplished according to applicable provision of ČBÚ Decree No. 356/2003 of Coll.3-dimethyl-2. Semtex® RAZOR charges are mostly supplied in the length of 1 m (if agreed with the customer.. On professional exposure the following effects were observed: insomnia. prescribed by ČSN 66 8011 and the Law No. LD50 PEL NPK-P 50 . necessity of frequent urination. Transport (forwarding) packings shall meet the recommendations for transport of dangerous goods of Class 1. 72/1988 of Coll. but 2 m at maximum) of total weight according to Table No.3dinitrobutane (DMNB) 121-82-4 78-11-5 3964-18-9 204-500-1 201-084-3 223-569-9 E: explosive T: toxic E: explosive T: toxic N: harmful to environment Hexogene has stimulation effect on central nerve system.com   . The charges are put into transport packing and interleaved with silicone paper.mondial-defence. thirst. other lengths are also possible.com www. Information on hazardous defects None.e. X. Intact packing free of explosive can be reused. especially on motor areas of brain cortex. liver and kidneys. Affects central nerve system. Packaging and marking 1. Chronic poisoning: digestive complaint. pentrite and 2. Transport (forwarding) packings are provided with the data. 5 1 mg/kg mg/m3 mg/m3 (decision of OH Pardubice) DMNB – toxic on digestion. to drink some 0. Eye contact – Rinse with copious amounts of water. respiratory organs and skin. hexogene).. in the wording of later regulations and with Law No. Skin contact – Wash quickly with water and soap . First – aid measures     Inhalation – remove from contaminant . in the wording of later regulations.2-0. the contact of dangerous substances with skin and mucous membranes. defined by relevant supervisory authorities. or equivalent establishment. Key numbers on the product represent maximal thickness in mm of the steel plate perforated. in the wording of later regulations. 22/1997 of Coll. in the wording of later regulations. on routine handling.move the casualty to fresh air. XIV..LD50 PEL NPK-P --0. 356/2003 of Coll. XIII. induce vomiting within 1 hour at the latest (pointless if induced later). Always seek a physician. Consult further steps with Toxicologic Information Centre (TIS): Hospital for Occupational Diseases. and also because the wrapping of the charge prevents.mondial-defence. The whole set is then placed in a bed of foamed polyethylene. apply artificial respiration.. Legislation Semtex® RAZOR charges as explosive are covered with Law No. Give active carbon repeatedly regardless of whether vomiting was induced or not. Accidental digestion – Rinse mouth with clean water. XII. After completion of work and before eating it is necessary to wash hands with lukewarm water and soap. When handling the charges do not eat. and Government Order No. 358/2001 of Coll. 128 21 Prague 2. Evacuate persons to safe distance. No further human experience known. or. The explosive is the stipulated product according to Law No. not so strict procedures shall be followed as that for manufacture of explosives.g. suffering spasms or general poor appearance. Physical and function parameters Charges Semtex® RAZOR are shaped linear charges consisting of explosive core of mixture of HE crystalline explosive (pentrite. if not breathing. Na Bojišti 1171/1. polymer binder.3 l lukewarm water with active carbon (e. drink and smoke. In all cases keep the casualty in physical and mental rest and avoid getting cold. marking agent and layers of plasticized copper.change contaminated clothing.com www. Do not to induce vomiting if unconscious. Seek medical help.oral With regard to the scope and conditions for application of the charges. 5 tablets Carbsorb). irritating for eyes.. Fire-fighting measures   In case of fire do not extinguish.  +44 (0)1202 668661 email: [email protected] no such health provisions are necessary. phone: 224 919 293 or 224 915 402.com   . and apply a suitable protective cream. Toxic and irritating gases evolve on burning. 61/1988 of Coll. LD50 PEL NPK-P 87 ----mg/kg mg/m3 mg/m3 sewer-rat . 56 on direct contact 80 5 detonates 1.0 Component content: Total content of explosive Hexogene Pentrite PIB DOS Algoflon F5 DMNB % % % % % % % 88.0 25.mondial-defence.0 Total weight g.400 ± 150 6. Sensitivity to initiation with primer No. 7.0 ± 2.0 42.2 ± 0.com www.000 ± 300 Weight of explosive g.0 ± 3.0 28.cm-3 mm N J Cm3.550 min.0 63.6 0.0 ± 1.5 ± 2. 15 min. 40 Table No. min.900 min. 5: Explosive Quality parameter Unit Value Calculated explosive characteristics: Oxygen balance Heat of explosion Explosion temperature Detonation velocity Density Detonation transmission Sensitivity to friction.5 ± 0.0 48.0 8. 1. min.0 ± 5.1 Date of issue: 05.0 Height mm 12.h-1.0 19.0 ± 1.s-1 g.0 ± 2.5 ± 2. 25 min.2011  +44 (0)1202 668661 email: [email protected] 0.0 ± 2.0 28.Basic technical specifications according to TDV 553/06: Table No.0 ± 5. 4: Charge Quality parameter Unit Semtex® RAZOR 6 Semtex® RAZOR 10 Semtex® RAZOR 15 Semtex® RAZOR 25 Semtex® RAZOR 40 Width mm 18.0 68.200 ± 100 Performance a) mm min. 6 min.m-1 50 ± 5 140 ± 10 310 ± 25 860 ± 50 2.0 100. 10 min.20 -54 3.0 77.0 2.0 ± 3.g-1. max.5 ± 2.09.450 2.kg-1 °C m. 8 Chemical stability.com   .6 ± 0. Sensitivity to shock.7 ± 1.m-1 140 ± 10 390 ± 25 860 ± 50 2. % kJ.0 ± 5. 3 – end – top initiation Fig. 1: Primer – end initiation (this way of initiation requires precise workmanship).mondial-defence. 5 – centre . 4 – end . No.Annex No.com www. Initiation with standard primer No. Booster charge Fig.side initiation Fig. 1 PERMISSIBLE WAYS OF INITIATION OF Semtex® RAZOR CHARGES 1.com   . 2.top initiation  +44 (0)1202 668661 email: [email protected] No. 8 Fig. No. No. 2 – end initiation. variant II Fig. No. 9 .com www. 6 – centre . 7 . 8 . Booster charge Semtex® RAZOR Booster . No. 10 . No.variant III Fig.variant I Fig.Fig.side initiation 3.variant IV  +44 (0)1202 668661 email: [email protected]   . No. No.end initiation: Booster is 6gm of PETN Fig. No.end . No. No.end .com www. Booster charge Semtex® RAZOR Booster outside without sealing Fig.variant II Fig.variant I Fig. 16 .variant III Fig. No. 14 – centre . No.variant I Fig. 15 – centre .variant II Fig. No. 11 .mondial-defence.variant III in this case application protective steel sheet of thickness 1 mm at minimum is necessary THERE IS A RISK OF SPALL USING THIS METHOD  +44 (0)1202 668661 email: [email protected] 12 . 13 .com   .centre .end . com www.centre . 22 – centre . 18 . No.5.variant III Fig. 21 .mondial-defence. No.end .com   . No.variant I Fig.variant II Fig.variant II Fig.centre . 19 . No. No.end .variant III in this case application protective steel sheet of thickness 1 mm at minimum is necessary THERE IS A RISK OF SPALL USING THIS METHOD  +44 (0)1202 668661 email: [email protected] Booster charge Semtex® RAZOR Booster with sealing SOLELY FOR CHARGES Semtex® RAZOR 6. 17 . Semtex® RAZOR 10 and Semtex® RAZOR15 Fig.variant I Fig.end . 20 . No. 1 CAS-No 121-82-4 3964-18-9 EINECS-No 204-500-1 223-569-9 Hazard symbol(s) E.see section 15.6. T T.mondial-defence. T toxic.1 Identification of the substance or preparation Trade Name: SEMTEX RAZOR. Composition/information on Ingredients The product contains these hazardous ingredients: Chemical name (name) Hexogene 1) Dimethydinitrobutane Content (wt. 3. Identification of the substance/preparation and the company/undertaking 1. % ) cca 88 in explosive 0. Labelling of the preparation .com www.2 Use of the substance/preparation For explosive cutting of metal elements of various shapes 1. Danger of cumulative effects.3 Company/undertaking identification Mondial Defence Systems Limited 6 Glenmore Business Park Holton Heath POOLE Dorset BH16 6LS Telephone: Fax: +44 (0)1202 668 661 +44 (0)1202 669 755 Emergency Telephone Number: 07785 352 082 2.  +44 (0)1202 668661 email: [email protected] N R-phrase(s) 3 23/24/25-33 25-36/37/38 51/53-55 1) high explosive charge with plastic shaped liner in Cu sheath For the wording of the listed R-phrases refer to section 16. flexible linear shaped charge Chemical Name: preparation 1. The most important adverse human health effects: Toxic by inhalation. in contact with skin and if swallowed. This classification is valid pro explosive contained in product.2005 1. Hazards Identification Classification of the preparation: E explosive. Hexogene effects stimulatively central nervous system especially the motoric area of brain cortex.Semtex® RAZOR Linear shaped charges SAFETY DATA SHEET SAFETY DATA SHEET according to Directive 2001/58/EC SEMTEX RAZOR Data Approved: 13.com   . Accidental release measures 6. give to drink some 0.2 Inhalation Break off the exposition. Possible misuses of the substance/preparation: Confusion with another substance or preparation. Fire-fighting measures 5.1 General information In all cases keep the victim at physical and psychic rest and keep warm. If it is not possible. Dispose by burning only in the place approved for explosives burning in accordance with national  +44 (0)1202 668661 email: [email protected] May give off toxic and irritating oxides in a fire. move the victim to fresh air. Sweep up spillage area properly. 4. 6. SAFETY DATA SHEET according to Directive 2001/58/EC SEMTEX RAZOR Data Approved: 13. 5. Removed contaminated clothing immediately. 5.4 Eye contact Flush eyes with moderate water stream. friction. In case of fire do not attempt to extinguish and evacuate all personnel to a safe distance. Seek medical advice. 5. 6.The most important adverse environmental effects: Risk of explosion by shock.2005 EXPLOSIA a. fire or other sources of ignition. 6. Do not induced vomiting.2 Unsuitable extinguishing media Unknown.5 Ingestion Rinse mouth with fresh water.4 Special protective equipment for fire-fighters Self-contained breathing apparatus and protective clothing. 5. Always seek medical advice promptly.com www.mondial-defence.com   . 4. inform police and fire-fighters. Use protective equipment – see section 8.3 Methods for cleaning up Pick up material and place in impermeable containers.s. Never neutralize. 4.2 Environmental precautions Avoid release to the environment. 4. Burning of greater quantities may result in explosion.3 Special hazards Explosive.3 Skin contact Wash affected area with plenty of water and soap.5 l water.1 Personal precautions Avoid the free movement of persons in contaminated area. flexible linear shaped charge Revision Data: Pardubice-Semtín Page 2 of 5 4. First-aid measures 4.1 Suitable extinguishing media All kinds.6. opening of containers) and transport.4 Other data When using. 8. local exhaust. 8. 7. oil specification): Partition coefficient: (n-octanol/water): Viscosity: Flexible linear shaped object filled with plastic mass. mild odour of binder components and detection ingredient Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable Flammable substance .3 Personal protective equipment Respiratory protection: Hand protection: rubber gloves Eye protection: protective goggles Skin protection: protective clothing. Do not eat.2 Exposure Limits Unknown.explosive None Not applicable Not applicable None Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable  +44 (0)1202 668661 email: [email protected] Engineering measures Use process enclosures. drink or smoke. The assembly consist of parts of black.mondial-defence. 9. Keep away from open flame. brown and white. Observe personal hygiene measures. Ensure drink water for the first-aid. Observe personal hygiene measures.): upper (% vol. protective boots. Take precautionary measures against the electrostatic discharges. 7. 8 Exposure controls/personal protection 8.com   . hot pieces and combustible material. transferring.2 Storage conditions Store according to national regulations relating to explosives. Physical and chemical properties Physical state (at 20 °C): Colour: Odour: pH Value (at °C): Melting point (range): Boiling point (range): Flash point: Flammability: Autoignition temperature: Explosive limits lower (% vol. Handling and storage 7. Avoid release to the environment.com www.1 Handling precautions Handle in accordance with explosives. Maximum care should be taken during handling (lifting. cap 8. drink or smoke. flameproof if needed. do not eat. general ventilation. After handling wash thoroughly with water and soup.): Oxidizing properties: Vapour pressure (at °C): Density (at 20 °C): Solubility (at 20 °C) : in water: in fat (incl. wear suitable protective clothing and gloves. Stable under normal conditions.s-1. strong impact.mondial-defence. 210 °C.1D  +44 (0)1202 668661 email: [email protected] www. max.1D/PGII UN No. min. FLEXIBLE. Disposal considerations Disposal methods of the substance/preparation: Pick up material and place in impermeable containers.kg-1. 14.com   . High temperature. Dispose by burning only in the place approved for explosives burning in accordance with national regulations.Vapour density: Evaporation rate: Other data: Oxygen balance: Heat of explosion: Detonation velocity: Chemical stability (140 °C): Sensitiveness to impact: Flash point: 10.1D UN-Number: 0288 Proper shipping name: CHARGES.g-1. LINEAR Label: 1 Sea transport IMDG Classification: 1/1. Transport Information Land transport ADR/RID Classification: 1/1.34 %. 13. FLEXIBLE. Sweep up spillage area properly. 15 J. friction. Ecological information Data not available.: 0288 Name: CHARGES. Hazardous decomposition products: Oxides of nitrogen. carbon monooxide. Disposal methods of the contaminated packaging: Incinerate (only in the approved place) according to national regulations. Stability and reactivity Chemical stability: Conditions to avoid: Materials to avoid: Not applicable Not applicable -54. 7800 m. 11. min. 0.h-1. min. SHAPED. Toxicological information Data not available. SHAPED. 3400 kJ.20. 12. Strong acids and bases.5 cm3. direct sun light. LINEAR Marine pollutant: no Label: 1. professional and health qualification. friction. chemical databases and tables. fire or other sources of ignition R20/21/22 Harmful by inhalation. to Directive 67/548/EEC.Air transport Forbidden 15. in contact with skin and if swallowed R33 Danger of cumulative effects Content of hexogene less than 3 %: R2 Risk of explosion by shock. careful handling. in contact with skin and if swallowed R25 Toxic if swallowed R3 Extreme risk of explosion by shock.  +44 (0)1202 668661 email: [email protected]   . supplier’s Safety Data Sheet. fire or other sources of ignition R23/24/25 Toxic by inhalation. respiratory system and skin R51/53 Toxic to aquatic organisms. friction. The source of the most important data used at elaborating of Safety Data Sheet: State legislation. fire or other sources of ignition R33 Danger of cumulative effects R36/37/38 Irritating to eyes. friction. Instructions for training: To use information from this SDS. to emphasize explosiveness. fire or other sources of ignition Safety phrase(s): S17 Keep away from combustible material S33 Take precautionary measures against static discharges S35 This material and its container must be disposed of in a safe way S36/37 Wear suitable protective clothing and gloves S45 In case of accident or if you feel unwell. fire or other sources of ignition R23/24/25 Toxic by inhalation. friction. seek medical advice immediately (show the label where possible) 16. may cause long-term adverse effects in the aquatic environment R55 Toxic to fauna Relevant data for classification: According to the Annex I. friction. list of dangerous substances. in contact with skin and if swallowed R33 Danger of cumulative effects Content of hexogene 3 to 25 %: R2 Risk of explosion by shock. Other Information Full text of R-phrases used in this SDS: R2 Risk of explosion by shock.com www.mondial-defence. Regulatory Information Labelling according to EC Directives: Symbol(s): E explosive T toxic Risk phrase(s): R2 Risk of explosion by shock. com   . Users of our product must take responsibility for observing existing laws and regulations.mondial-defence.Reason for alteration: General update. The information is not to be considered as a warranty of quality specification. END  +44 (0)1202 668661 email: [email protected] The information provided in this Safety Data Sheet is based on the present state of our knowledge and experience and are intended to describe our product with respect to possible safety demands.com www.
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