Quantum Relativity Theory of Everything

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Quantum Relativity Theory of EverythingAlignment Theory A suggested unification of Relativity, Quantum Mechanics and Cosmology Alignment Theory is an emergent-phenomena dynamic based at the zero point energy/quantum foam level. It appears to give an inherent, automatic and very simple mechanism for all the major elements of cosmology, relativity, and quantum mechanics and quantizes relativity in the process. It seems to demonstrate the source and nature of mass, light and quantum chaos among many other things. It is based on a mixture of existing mainstream ideas and some new ones, put together in a new way. Relativity and Quantum mechanics describe the effects, it is suggested that Alignment theory is the mechanism. The following major elements are some of the automatic outcomes. The unification of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. The source and nature of Mass and Gravity. The nature and speed of light. The mechanism and nature of "hidden variables". Mechanism of relativistic effects. The nature and speed of quantum chaos and entanglement. The mechanism of cosmic Inflation (and the cosmological constant) and the possible variations in the rate of Inflation and the speed of Light over time. The lumpiness of the Universe. The mechanism of Dark energy. The source of Dark Matter The mechanism of "random" radioactive decay. There are at least three major Predictions that come out of Alignment Theory: 1. Light is bent away from cosmic voids, in the reverse manner and degree of light being bent towards mass. The predicted value is the exact inverse of towards a common centre in Direction Alignments. Each fluctuation attempts to align with the overall direction vector of its direct neighbours. in relationship to that of light. out. The effect of Mass is created from stable or semi stable Direction Alignments. individually or in larger groupings. . The speed of quantum entanglement. There are two dynamics here: 1. locally.) The virtual particles manifest varying values (0. 2. The rate of Cosmic Inflation at any era of the universe: Inflation space divided by Mass equals One. linked zero-sum dynamics in the interactions of zero point energy fluctuations at the Planck scale: 1. no direction. locally. or have "random" direction vectors in "vacuum" regions. 2. Source of Mass and nature of Gravity: Individual fluctuation Direction vectors can focus. The Alignment Field: Quantum foam is a simple field where each fleeting Plank-scale virtual particle has a direction vector and an amplitude of energy. locally. See diagram below.in. Each fluctuation attempts to neutralize the overall energy amplitude of its direct neighbours. These direction vectors can be visualized as self-powered "rollers" that come and go continuously. or -) of amplitudes of energy.Einstein's 1915 prediction. point away. from a common centre in Anti-Alignments. The Theory: There are two simple. or any particular specific vector of direction in three dimensions. is: 3. (The direction vectors are asymmetries of orientations of action in the fleeting manifestations of zero point virtual particles . moving energy fluctuations along as they do so. +. It is impossibly chaotic. space-time without the time dimension? See discussion about black holes below. (This could be pictured as an immensely chaotic field of "live. The universe is essentially a single quantum particle. A "particle' moves through this field in a path that is curved by the "in-out". entangled. (Is matter. if the universe began in a singularity of any kind. and still are.) Light and Time: As fluctuations attempt to neutralize the energy of their neighbours. and interlinks the whole field almost instantaneously. or borrow deficit energy values around the field. is quantum entanglement. Light = Time. all quantum states would have been superimposed in the beginning .) (Also. passing them on. demented cogs" entrained in negative feedback loops. every state with every other state. This creates the dimension of time.) Quantum entanglement: The continual ongoing chaotic action of every individual fleeting fluctuation attempting to align with the direction vectors of its neighbours and neutralize the amplitudes of its neighbours. random and anti-alignment. neighbour to neighbour. Dark Matter: The anti-alignment regions of the alignment field effectively push energy amplitudes towards alignment foci. Its "speed" is an average of the propagations across particular configurations of direction alignments in the field. the direction vectors move excess neutralizing energy values. or random nature these various regions.that is.Gravity is an outcome of focused direction alignments directing energy fluctuations and other smaller focus alignments into the centre of focus-alignments . This creates the illusion of missing matter in regions of "mass". spread out into four dimensions) . The "curvature" of space-time is an outcome of differing regions of alignment. (See "Predictions".at an accelerating rate because there are more and more focus-aligned "rollers" the further into a focus alignment they go. creating emergent phenomena. They also increase the focus-aligning effect in alignment focus regions. above. The overall propagation of these "passed-on/borrowed" amplitudes through the field is light. all were. but an exact constant ratio: Inflation space divided by Mass equals One at all times. Inflation space is "dark energy" and it drives cosmic inflation. This gives an extra mechanism for the lumpiness and the "film and void" fractal structure of the universe. There is one dynamic here: " For every "quantity" of Focus alignment and energy density there is a balancing "quantity" of Inflation space created. This Inflation space has no Direction. adds to the effect of gravity at alignment foci. The cosmological constant is not an exact constant value. Summary: Inflation space attempts to neutralize the overall alignment and energy density of the alignment field. Cosmic Inflation: The alignment field also contains another conservation dynamic: A balancing of overall alignment/energy density of the alignment field and completely opposite-propertied "inflation" space. Figure 1: Alignments . but then it immediately becomes available to the Amplitude / Direction "dance". Summary: Virtual particle's Amplitudes attempt to zero-sum the energy of their immediate neighbours. and anti-alignments "direct/push" Amplitude propagations away from their anti-foci. Virtual particle's Direction vectors attempt to align with the summed-over vectors of their immediate neighbours. taking on values of each. 2. from their neighbours. Anti-alignments manifest in a space-time distribution essentially opposite to that of mass/Alignments.Lumpiness of space: Direction alignments "direct/pull" Amplitude propagations into their foci. as relevant. This dynamic is attempting to zero-sum the density of the universe. This "pushing" away of matter towards alignment foci. no Amplitude and no density as it manifests. Information/history is lost at the horizon because that is where the time dimension is lost. The deeper into the black hole. making it harder and harder to increase speed. the dimension of time decreases to zero (because space-time itself "moves" faster than light towards the centre at that point). the overall focus alignment of a black hole can be "diluted" with inflation space and the black hole can unravel) Hidden Variables:Space-time is completely. etc.the event horizon. the deeper the black hole. This also creates time dilation: As the overall "speed" of the focus-alignment towards its centre overtakes the speed of light. Space-time looks smooth only because of scale and averaging. in effect. a narrow focus-alignment of increasingly black hole proportions is created back along the path of the rocket. the more overall focus-aligned it becomes. The deterministic chaos is an outcome of the continual emergent entangled dynamics of the whole field. the time dimension decreases accordingly. the less dimensionality it has. Black holes: At the Event Horizon of a black hole. acted on neighbour to neighbour. At the speed of light the rocket would be within the event horizon of its own black hole and would need an infinite amount of energy to increase speed and escape the black hole. it is creating a "bow wave" of alignments pointing at the rocket.Some Relativistic Effects: Increasing mass with acceleration and space-time dilation: When a rocket is accelerated to near the speed of light. the more energy needed. the transition within the Black Hole from four dimensions back to zero is complete. There is no "rolling of dice". The remaining threedimensional region inside is then cut off from the four-dimensional universe . . (Over time. The more energy that is added to acceleration. At the singularity/domain-"fault". (Planck dimension). chaotically deterministic: Space-time is quantum in nature at the Planck scale and is inherently deterministic. complexly. continuously. In effect. This "collapses" the chaotic overlap of the field into a "classical" outcome state. 4. Relativity is an outcome of the action of amplitude propagations and direction vectors. Geodesics follow "straight' lines as dictated by the nature of various alignment regions. Each fluctuation attempts to neutralize the overall energy amplitude of its direct neighbours.The "curvature" of space-time is an outcome of alignments of quantum foam. Quantum mechanics is an outcome of the overall almost instantaneous action of the emergent actions of the whole entangled alignment field. 3.) . The particular internal composition of some these may be a bit more unstable than another. beta and gamma processes. is an outcome of the overall action of the underlying alignment field destabilizing very unstable particles or nuclei. 2. Overall Summary The Complete Alignment Theory: 1. relevant to the intrusion. Each fluctuation attempts to align with the overall direction vector of its direct neighbours. SomeQuantum Mechanical Effects: Collapse of the wave function: Any intrusion of an alignment focus "structure" into the alignment field creates a polarizing effect on the action of the field. The statistics of half-lives are a measure of these two dynamics. Radioactive Decay: What looks like random decay in alpha. 5. Inflation space attempts to neutralize the overall alignment density of the alignment field. and the overall action of the field may tip them into decomposition. This effect is focused on the intrusion and is affected by its nature. but not directly affected by it . are chaotic in "vacuum" regions of the field. in an emergent-process reaction to the intervention. Amplitude variations propagate through the field as Light. where the negative half was lost in an "Omni Black Hole". and coherent (Focus-Aligned) in regions of "mass".infinity. "borrowing" energy from that ground state for the zero-sum process as it goes. . every "particle" is everywhere in the field. Within that interface of this "Omni" Universe there is an occasional fluctuation too large to be immediately "re-absorbed" into the +/. like water on a hot pan.a "higher" order of emergent manifestation. From an emergence point of view."ground". there is nothing there other than a change of "state". and exploded "outwards". as in Hawking Radiation? This being why our Universe is "matter" rather than "antimatter"?) Dimensions: The Universe's ground state is Zero dimensions. (This could have been the "positive" half of a virtual pair fluctuation created in the Omniverse. Big Bang: The original zero-dimensional-fluctuation energy was neither sustainable nor re-absorbable.dimensional universe. Quantum States: Directions: The Directions are anti-focused in void regions of the field. Amplitudes: Amplitudes are also entangled almost instantaneously with every other Amplitude. "fuelled" by the entangled quantum foam. an outcome of this "summed-over" entanglement. Particles are semi-stable patterns of fluctuation. seeking the lowest possible energy state.Additional Considerations: Pre-Universe State: The Pre-Universe State is one of Infinite Positive and infinite negative energy. In this theory. until an "external" intervention of some kind "polarizes" a Focus alignment at that point. across the infinite +/. the original Big Bang fluctuation was an Amplitude fluctuation with self-focused Direction (An immensely dense Focus Alignment). in this case). That is. This is the source of "our" universe. with continual quantum fluctuations of that cancellation in the four dimensional "interface". The original zero-dimensioned "singularity" is now the outside "surface" of our universe. Quantum foam that is the basis and content of our four. These cancel out almost totally. (Our universe is an inversion of the original zero dimension). depending on the inter-relating of the "internal" alignments of the particles and the alignments of the field fluctuations they move through. (Of energy. This happens in the same way as different alignments within crystal composite structures form zero-dimensional boundaries. Particles will move at different speeds through the field. Becoming the Zero Point. because of the dampening effect of the field Amplitudes' continual attempt to neutralize the Amplitudes of their neighbours. All Quantum Directions and Amplitudes are entangled with all others. This process pulls/creates energy from the cancelled-infinity "substrate" as it acts. stable and semi-stable resonances. driven by the entangled Direction and Amplitude field are what we see as the other Forces and particles. A Black Hole is created when the size of a Focus-Alignment reaches a certain threshold and the combined "roller speed" of the focus-alignment is faster than the average. Time = Light.Entanglement: Quantum Entanglement is to be taken literally. which continually dilutes the energy content of the field. incomplete versions create some very beautiful evolving patterns! . Forces: The only Force in this model is the action of the two-polarity Zero-point energy Field trying to become Zero in all of its characteristics. Even so. (There is much evidence for this current increase in the rate of cosmic inflation. Time. summed-over energy propagation speed of the field. They may be the source of strings. almost instantaneously. (e. See Prediction 3 above. electron orbit changes). There is the possibility (showing up in incomplete computer modelling of the alignment field) that this will lead to runaway inflation as fluctuation energies become ever larger in their attempt to neutralize their neighbours. Particles: One. (Movement = Time. Cosmic Inflation: The zero point energy field doesn't sum to infinity. Time: The propagation of Amplitude variations is the 4th dimension. The "speed" of quantum "jumps". two and three dimensional "faults' in the propagation patterns of the neutralizing process of energy fluctuations in the alignment field may be what we see as particles.) I'm having code written for a complete computer simulation of this theory. There will also be a dampening effect from the mass / inflation dynamic. Emergent phenomena. is the speed of Entanglement. but it's not ready at this time. Light = Movement).g.
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