Prueba de Ingles

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Prueba de InglesI. Complete the table Country Chile Canada Nationality French Australia Japanese German China american II. Write a dialogue based on images 11 años 12 años III. asks questions related to the table and answer them but she____________________ My mom_____________________________. but I don´t like_______________________. I´m ten years old.And my dad _____________________________.. but he__________________________________. answers questions What´s her name?_________________________________ How old is she?___________________________________ Name: Emillie Nationality: France Age: 11 Ability: speak Spanish Where is she from?________________________________ Which is her nationality?___________________________ What activities can she do?__________________________ V. Look and complete the e-mail. I like ________________________. I live with my mom. ME MOM MOM DAD SISTER To: Hi! My name´s Andy. but she_____________________________. My sister.What does Natsumi like? flute basquetball trumpet tv      IV.Natsumi Miguel and Susana Karl and Ted cats school rabbit book Ej. Pauly. Tell me about your family . She _______________________. my dad and my sister. is 12.
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