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Finance Center: Finance CatalogPersonal Finance/ Entrepreneurial Finance Personal Finance: Turning Money into Wealth (Keown) Personal Finance: An Integrated Planning Approach (Winger/Frasca) Personal Portfolio Management: Fundamentals & Strategies (Trivoli) Investments/ Portfolio Analysis Fundamentals of Investments (Alexander/Sharpe/Bailey) Investment Management (Fabozzi) Security Analysis and Portfolio Management (Fischer/Jordan) Modern Investment Theory (Haugen) Quantitative Analysis for Investment Management (Taggart) The New Finance (Haugen) The Beast on Wall Street (Haugen) The Inefficient Stock Market (Haugen) Investments (Sharpe/Alexander/Bailey) Security Analysis and Portfolio Management (Fischer/Jordan) Modern Investment Theory (Haugen) Fixed Income Securities Financial Market, Rates and Flows (Van Horne)[9/17/2013 7:00:11 PM] Rates and Flows (Van Horne) Capital Markets/ Financial Markets and Institutions/Commercial Banking Capital Markets: Institutions and Instruments (Fabozzi/Modigliani) Financial Market. Rates and Flows (Van Horne) Modern Financial Intermediaries and Markets (Arshadi/Karels) Financial Services and Financial Institutions (Dietrich) Foundations of Financial Markets and Institutions (Fabozzi/Modigliani/Ferri/Jones) Financial Market Rates and Flows (Van Horne) Financial Services and Financial Institutions (Dietrich) Commercial Bank Financial Management (Sinkey) Corporate Finance. Survey of[9/17/2013 7:00:11 PM] . & Financial Economics Finance (Bodie/Merton) Financial Management: Principles and Practices (Gallagher/Andrew) Modern Corporate Finance: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Value Creation (Shapiro/Balbirer) Basic Financial Management (Keown/Martin/Petty/Scott) Foundations of Finance: The Logic and Practice of Financial Management (Keown/Martin/Petty/Scott) Principles of Financial Management (Emery/Finnerty/Stowe) Corporate Financial Management http://www.prenhall.Finance Center: Finance Catalog Bond Markets Bond Markets. Analysis and Strategies (Fabozzi) Financial Market.[9/17/2013 7:00:11 PM] . Futures.Finance Center: Finance Catalog (Emery/Finnerty) Financial Management and Policy (Van Horne) Fundamentals of Financial Management (Van Horne/Wachowicz) International Finance International Finance: Management. and Institutions (Baker) International Finance and Open Economy Macroeconomics (Rivera-Batiz/Rivera-Batiz) Mergers/Acquisitions/Takeovers and Capital Budgeting Takeovers. and Other Derivatives (Hull) Cases in Financial Engineering (Mason/Merton/Perold/Tufano) Cases in Finance Effective Writing: A Handbook for Finance People (May/May/Andrew) http://www. Restructuring and Corporate Governance (Weston/Chung/Siu) Risk Management and Insurance Life and Health Insurance (Black/Skipper) Introduction to Risk Management and Insurance (Dorfman) Social Insurance and Economic Security (Rejda) Options/Futures/Derivatives and Financial Engineering Introduction to Futures and Options Markets (Hull) Options. Markets. com/financecenter/html/catalog.prenhall.Finance Center: Finance Catalog Additional Titles Understanding Financial Statements (Fraser/Ormiston) © 2000 Prentice Hall | A Pearson Education Company | Legal Statement http://www.html[9/17/2013 7:00:11 PM] .
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