Polytune Software Update Windows 7

March 26, 2018 | Author: nstohler | Category: Usb, Installation (Computer Programs), Booting, Microsoft Windows, Device Driver



PolyTune Software Update – Windows 7 1.1.Overview This document describes how to update the software of your TC Electronic PolyTune pedal using a computer running Windows 7. The installation has two parts: • • Installing the USB driver so the PolyTune will be recognized by your computer. Uploading the new Software to the PolyTune pedal. In addition to this guide we also have a video of the update procedure: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6sALvcESQc 1.2. Installing the USB driver 1. Important: first disconnect the PolyTune pedal from your computer. 2. Download the zipped PolyTune software from the email attachment 3. Extract the two files: setup.exe and Polytune_SWUpdater.exe 4. Double click on setup.exe to run this application. You will see the following window: Page 1 of 6 The following window will appear: 7. 6. Click on the Run button. The following window will appear: Page 2 of 6 . Click the Yes button.5. Close all other applications as instructed and click the Next button. Windows will display a security warning and asks you if you will allow this application to make changes to the system. Click on the Next button. The following window will appear: 9. Click on the Next button.8. The following window will appear: Page 3 of 6 . 10. Click on the Install button. Click on the Finish button. Page 4 of 6 . Click on ‘Install this driver software anyway’. When the installation is completed the following dialog will appear: 12. Windows will display the following warning: 11. Now the USB driver for PolyTune has been successfully installed and we can continue to update the Software. Insert a mono jack plug into the PolyTune pedal guitar input. Preparing the Software Update Important: before installing the Software please remove the battery from the PolyTune pedal! Now we need to put the PolyTune into ‘Boot mode’. Press and hold the display button (next to the USB port). Windows should now detect the newly connected PolyTune and display the following: When the driver software is successfully installed. Connect one end of the USB cable to the computer. so it can receive the new software: • • • • Insert a DC plug with 9V/50mA power supply. You will note the switch has no effect. as indicated by the blank display. while inserting the USB cable into the USB port of the PolyTune. you will see the following: Page 5 of 6 .3.1. The PolyTune should now be in boot mode. 3.1. close the software update application and restart the software update procedure from the point “Preparing the software upload” (section 1. In case you are using a powered USB hub. Troubleshooting USB driver installation If you have problems installing the USB driver.com/support Page 6 of 6 . Once the PolyTune has rebooted successfully.3): Further assistance required? Please contact the TC Electronic Support Team: tcelectronic. Launch the “PolyTune_SWUpdater” application. You will see the following window: 2. When the progress bar has reached 100% the software update is completed and the PolyTune will reboot automatically.4. please try the upload procedure again and make sure PolyTune is the only USB device connected to your computer. instead connect PolyTune directly to the USB port of your computer. Installing the Software Update 1. 1.5. Press the ‘update’ button. Software update application. disconnect the USB cable. If you see this message when clicking in the update button.
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