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Check-list of Documents to be attached by the Applicant with the ApplicationForm for Registration as Registered Engineer (RE) Name of Applicant… …………… ………………… …Father’s Name………………………… 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 PEC-I Form duly filled by applicant a. HSSC Pre-Engineering/Pre-Medical with Additional Mathematics Certificate and detail marks sheet of all subjects. or b. DAE/A-Level detail marks sheet with equivalence certificate from IBCC, Islamabad a. Engineering Degree (Attested by Controller of Examination of respective University) or b. Valid Provisional Certificate (if degree is not conferred ) or c. “To whom it may concern certificate” issued by university a. Transcript (Attested by Controller of Examination of respective University) Note: (Un-official or student/ parents intimation copy is not acceptable) or b. Detailed Marks Certificate of all Semesters /Terms/Annual Copy of valid Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) Copy of Domicile or Form “B” from NADRA Scanned photograph with blue background - Size (2” x 1-1/2” ) ( Two Nos) For Foreign Degree holders only Copy of Passport showing the date of exit and arrival (Attested by present Governing Body Member or Gazette officer) For Migration/Credit Transfer Cases only Copy of certificate/notification of credit transfer on accepting institution/university letter head, duly signed by respective authority along with both universities transcripts/detailed marks certificates/registration certificate (Applicable in case of migration only) Detail of Fee Paid: Date: Challan No. Amount: (attach copy of challan) Year of Graduation : - 11 Tick Mark (√) If year of graduation is 2015 then Registration is Free (Complementary) Engineering Program / Batch accredited with PEC? As per schedule –I of PEC Act 1976 I undertake that above mentioned information/documents provided by the undersigned are correct to the best of knowledge and nothing has been concealed. Yes No New PEC Registration Certificate will be issued within 15 days after receipt of all documents/papers by PEC. 3. Engr M. Engr Khadim Hussain Bhatti. 2. Registrar (0300-5557840) . Additional Registrar (0300-5557902) iii. Renewal of registration (RE and PE) will be issued on same day.Dated: _______________________ Signature______________________ Note: 1. UAN: (051) 111-111-732 ii. please contact i.Musaib Qureshi. In case of non-issuance of PEC registration certificate/renewal card within specified time mentioned above. Box No. Employment Status : Name of Organization /Department the 15. Date of Birth 5. Office Address 14.O. P.Residence#. Islamabad. Father’s/Husband Name 3. Telephone Office 17 APPLICATION FOR REGISTRATION Photograph with blue background Size 2” x 1. Nationality Cell # 10. Present Address 13. Domicile: 6.3 17.5” (Paste here) As Registered Engineer The Registrar Pakistan Engineering Council Islamabad.1 17.2 17. CNIC Number 7. Religion 8. Permanent Address 4. Fax: 051-2276224 E-mail: [email protected] Email 9.PEC-1A Pakistan Engineering Council Ataturk Avenue (East) G-5/2. Fax # Name of College/ University Year of Passing %age /CGPA Discipline along with Specialization .4 Qualifications 16. I request that my name may be registered on the register of Pakistan Engineering Council as Registered Engineer under the Pakistan Engineering Council act 1976 with following particulars and qualification so that I may be furnished with the Certificate of Registration : 1. Name of Applicant 2. UAN: 111-111-732. 1296. Dear Sir. 12. PEC-1A . Signature. Dated: Signature.PEC-1A 18. relevant rules and Codes of Ethics and Conduct. I also undertake to abide by the PEC Act. of any change in my postal address and profession. I undertake to inform the Registrar. Pakistan Engineering Council. prescribed for the members of Council. Name of Applicant: . I certify that the above particulars mentioned by me are correct. Bye-Laws.
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