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PB 03-581-03 "Rules for design and safe operation of stationary compressor installati...Page 1 of 4 Search For free information! Available to all active ghosts (national standards) and technical standards. GOSGO P T EX OVER RUSSIA ZOR Утверждены постановлением Госгортехнадзора России от 05.06.03 № 60 Registered in the Ministry of Justice of Russia 18 . 06 . 03 , reg . number 4702 RULES OF THE DEVICE AND THE SAFE USE OF STATIONARY COMPRESSION SYSTEMS, air and gas PB 03-581-03 Moscow PIO OBT 2003 Rules for design and safe operation of stationary compressor installations, air and gas ( PB 03-581-03 ) are printed in the official text published in "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" on 21 . 06 . 03 № 120 / 1 ( 3234 / 1 ). I . GENERAL PROVISIONS 01.01 . These Rules of Construction and Safe Operation of stationary compressor installations, air and gas lines set out requirements to ensure industrial safety, accident prevention, occupational injuries in the operation of stationary compressor installations in hazardous sites that use compressed air and inert gases. 02.01 . Rules are developed in accordance with the Federal Law of 21.07.97 № 116-FZ"On industrial safety of hazardous production facilities" (Legislative Assembly of the Russian Federation. in 1997 . № 30, art. 3588 ), the Regulations of the Federal Mining Supervision of Russia, approved by the Government of the Russian Federation of 03 . 12 . 01 № 841 (Legislative Assembly of the Russian Federation . in 2001. number 50, Art. 4742 ) General rules for industrial safety organizations working in the field of industrial safety of hazardous production facilities approved by the Decree of the Russian Gosgortechnadzor 18.10 . 02 № 61 - A Russian Ministry of Justice registered 28.11.02 number 3968 ( "Rossiyskaya Gazeta» № 231 from 05 . 12 . 02 ), and are intended for use by all organizations regardless of their organizational-legal forms of ownership, working in the field of industrial safety and supervised by State of p t ehna Dr. zoru Russia. 03.01 . Rules are intended for use: a) the design, installation, operation, repair, reconstruction, technical re-equipment, conservation and liquidation of stationary compressor installations in industries that use compressed air and inert gases. Specificity of industries, as well as special requirements and restrictions on the objects are taken into account when developing the design, engineering and maintenance documentation on the compressor unit; b) for the examination of industrial safety of the compressor units. 01.04 . These rules apply to the projected, again produced and reconstructed stationary reciprocating, rotary screw oil-injected and s e, and dry compressed air systems, as well as existing stationary compressors with a capacity of 14 kW and above, air ducts and gas pipelines operating in air and inert gases at a pressure from 2 to 400 kgf / cm 2 . 1.5 The rules do not spread to tranyayutsya for refrigeration compressors and oxygen, as well as compressor systems operating in hazardous, toxic, radioactive gases and gases, acetylene series. 06.01 . In organizations with existing stationary compressor installations that do not meet the requirements of these Regulations, developed additional measures to ensure their safe operation. Additional activities are coordinated and approved in due course. 01.07 . User Guide stationary compressor system is being developed in conformity with the technical documentation, manufacturing plants, technological regulations, these Rules and other requirements of the regulations on industrial safety. II . BASIC REQUIREMENTS Compressor system 02.01 . In the premises the compressor units are not allowed to place equipment and machinery, technology, and not structurally related to the compressor. Two . 2 . Compressor not be placed on the premises if the premises are located adjacent to the explosive and chemically dangerous production, causing corrosion of equipment and harmful effects on the human body. Two . 3 . In some cases, compressor plants with capacity up to 10 m 3 / min with air pressure up to 8 kg / cm 2 can be mounted on the lower floors of multi-storey industrial buildings with sufficient design strength ceilings, the impossibility of ensuring their destruction in case of accidents. These units are separated from production areas deaf fireproof walls. Do not install compressor units for domestic, administrative and similar facilities. Two . 4 . The passages in the engine room must be capable of installation and maintenance of the compressor and motor and should not be less than 1.5 m, and the separation between equipment and walls of buildings (up to projecting parts) - not less than 1 m Two . 5 . Floors compressor room should be made ​of fireproof material is hard wearing, smooth with non-slip surface, masloustoychiv s mi. Two . 6 . Doors and windows compressor room should open outwards. Two . 7 . In the compressor room should provide a platform for the repair of compressors, auxiliary equipment and electrical equipment. To perform the repair work on the compressor unit area should be equipped with appropriate lifting devices and means of mechanization. Two . 8 . The room compressor must include specific storage in a closed form cleaning materials, tools, gaskets, etc. and to store weekly supply of oil. Two . 9 . Putting compressor should be equipped with ventilation in accordance with the requirements of normative documents on industrial safety. 2.10 . Kahn's formulas and the openings in the compressor room should be closed flush with the floor with removable plates. Openings, cavities and transitions that are not closed, it should be harmless railing height of at least 1 m from the bottom of the solid metal cladding height of 15 cm Floors, platforms and stair treads should be made ​of corrugated steel. 2.11 . All piping compressor unit must meet the requirements of normative documents on industrial safety. 2.12 . Computer room should be equipped with compressor operating funds, including the dispatch. In the engine room should provide availability of first aid kits and drinking water. Two . 13 . To reduce the effect of vibration caused by the compressor, you should observe the following conditions: a) The area between adjacent foundations compressors should be loose, free to build on the foundation; b) the piping attached to the machine should not be hard to mount Cons tr uktsiyam buildings, if necessary, the use of such fixtures should provide appropriate compensating devices; c) the pipeline connecting the cylinders of the compressor equipment (buffer tanks, intermediate coolers) should provide the compensation of deformations. 2.14 . The temperature of air after each compression stage compressor discharge pipe shall not exceed the maximum values ​specified in the manufacturer's instructions, and compressor manufacturing purposes shall comply with regulations pertaining to technology. 13/7/2012 5 m. with a record of adjustments carried out in the operational documentation. All compressors must be controlled to supply eh but the instrumentation: a) pressure gauges to be installed after each compression stage and the discharge line after the compressor. To unload the compressor motor when running at the injection lines to the gas collector and air collector (to check valves) should be installed with the individual branch closures to clear the air or gas. 20 . pressure relief valve when the compressor can be installed only on the air on the . The cooling system compressor stations should be equipped with water purifiers. 26 . 93 № 4871 -1. Two . Two . Two . or provide other reliable operating unit. 52 . 811 ).. etc. Two . 37 . 43 . Two . Do not use for any other purpose vessels provided for the transportation and storage of compressor oil. Pumping equipment operating by the method of freezing water with refrigeration facilities must be arranged in isolated areas of the compressor unit. Two . and between the air collectors and the wall of the building . 51 . b) the term has expired test gauge. Two . Recombination e nduetsya use remote control devices of pressure and temperature with signaling deviations from the norms. in prominent places should be established: a) in a closed cooling system . with air filters on the machine is allowed to make the air intake of the compressor station facilities. Safety valves should be installed after each stage of the compressor in the cooling air or gas. Two . in 1993 . 42 . Two . Two . To smooth the pulsation pressure of compressed air or Mr. 56 .18 . When the location of equipment requiring the systematic maintenance. Two . where possible large dust intake air compressors should be equipped with filters and other special equipment in accordance with the design documentation. Art. 32 . and L agomaslootdeliteley must be grounded. The size and capacity of the relief valves are chosen so that there could be formed. Vessels should be kept clean and regularly cleaned of sediments. Two . Haas in the compressor unit should include air tanks or gas collector (buffer capacity). The filter unit can be individual or shared by multiple compressors. as well as draining the water. a certificate indicating the physical and chemical properties of oil. Allowed in justified cases. 30 . 5. adherence to one of several compressors air collector with the installation of check valves in the injection lines and valves. a pressure of working for more than 0 . Pumping equipment operating according to the method of absorption of moisture and solid sorbents with non-toxic and non-hazardous refrigerants can be placed in the engine room compressor. 13/7/2012 .). but at least once every two months.at least 1 . 41 . Two . Two . 53 . d) the glass is broken or there are other injuries gauge. 35 . 40 . Two . Two . If everyone has one compressor air collector and the discharge pipe absence station exists valves. 8 meters should be provided for the convenience of the device and secure his services. At pressures above 25 kgf / cm 2 instead of the three-way valve may be mounted separate from the nozzle shut-off device for connecting the second pressure gauge. Delivery of oil in the engine room should be made ​in special containers for each type of oil (buckets and cans with lids. Two . Adjustment of safety valves should be made on special stands by persons admitted to self-maintenance compressors. On the air collector and gas collector pressure gauges should be used with a diameter not less than 150 mm.. In compressors. 21 . Two . In the water cooling system compressor units are not allowed to plant maintenance and solids in excess of 40 mg / l. accuracy class 2 .or the gas collector. Two . Pouring oil into lubricating device should be made ​through a funnel with a filter. Install safety valves shall meet the requirements of normative documents on industrial safety. Corps of compressors. 2. Used oil can be accepted for recycling only after his recovery and the positive results of laboratory analysis on the conformity of its physico-chemical properties of technical documentation for the oil. located outside compressor unit. Mode of operation of the cooling system must meet the requirements of operational documentation. the temperature of compressed air or gas above the permissible and automatically stops the compressor at low pressure oil to lubricate the mechanism of movement below the permissible. Two . Two . 54 . Two . Two . after the end of the intermediate and refrigerators. "On ensuring the unity of measurements" (Vedomosti of the Congress of People's Deputies and Supreme Soviet the Russian Federation. Two . The design of the filter device should obespechivat b safe and convenient access to the filter for cleaning and disassembly. Gauges should be used with such a scale that at an operating pressure of the arrow was in the middle third of the scale. Each compressor should be equipped with crash protection system that provides sound and light alarm at the termination of the cooling water. 29 . determined by the project. Compressor units should be equipped with a reliable system of air or water cooling. Pressure gauges should provide three-way stopcock. To drain water from the cooling system and shirts compressor should provide appropriate drain devices. as well as the gas collector and air collector. Two . b) thermometers or other sensors for temperature of compressed air or Mr. 31 . 25 . b) in an open circulating cooling system . which can affect the accuracy of his testimony. In the latter case. Each party of the incoming compressor oil must have a passport. 10 June. Before the stop valve on the injection lines should be installed safety valves. To control the cooling system pipes. Tension nut spring safety valves are sealed.or gas collector should be installed a check valve. Intake (suction) air air compressor should be done outdoors compressor station at a height of not less than three meters from ground level. 27 . Each point of measurement of temperature should have a separate thermometer. 33 . Two . to 15 % at an operating pressure of 3 to 60 kgf / cm 2 and 10 % at an operating pressure of more than 60 kgf / cm 2 . compressor units are equipped with devices. 23 . Two . N o t i c e . Two . water is necessary if there is no quality. for each compressor should be possible to disable it (in case of repair) of the total suction pipe. In the discharge line to the air on . № 23 . 38 . equipped with end refrigerators. Where necessary. All moving parts and rotating compressors. Before using the oil from each batch is subjected to laboratory analysis.19 . Air compressor with capacity up to 10 m 3 / min.flow switch with glass inspection hatches or the control with a tap funnel. as well as the use of recording devices. For businesses. Measurement tools that are included in the system of monitoring. motors and other mechanisms to protect. should be provided vlagomaslootdeliteli on pipelines between the refrigerator and air collectors. Two . Two . control . and weights are fixed lever safety valves are closed and sealed with metal housings. Channels (tunnels) must have drainage. c) devices for measuring pressure and temperature of oil flowing to lubricate the mechanism of movement. Haas to be established at each stage of the compressor. 2. To clean the air intake duct from dust suction compressor is equipped with a filter that is protected from being hit by rain. or electrical thermometers and recorder. which discharge heated water from the compressor and the refrigerator.15 . 39 . Do not use portable mercury thermometers for continuous (regular) temperature measurement. Oil filters in the system of forced lubrication and receiving the net to clear the oil pump within the terms stipulated schedule. Two . refrigerators. 5 kgf / cm 2 at an operating pressure of 3 kgf / cm 2 inclusive. 04 . 46 . in addition to end refrigerators. Cowl and gas collector should be installed outside the building on the foundation of the compressor unit and hold.PB 03-581-03 "Rules for design and safe operation of stationary compressor installati. Combination refrigerator and in the limit L agomaslootdelitelya in one unit. 36 . Two . the walls of the building and surrounding area with oil. The layout of cooling system piping in the room compressor is performed mainly in the channels (tunnels). 22 . excluding contamination of production areas. at a pressure in the final compression stage 300 kg / cm 2 or higher must be installed two gauges. 0 m Enclosure air collector shall be located not less than two meters from vozduhosbor nickname in the direction of travel or pass. The oil pump and lubricator should be cleaned at least once a month and a half.17 .16 . Waste oil must be drained into the tank. as well as the accidental discharge of oil. 28 . 44 .drain funnel. Dimensions of channels (tunnels) should be comfortable to perform repairs and maintenance are located in the valves and piping the cooling system. Two . 50 . Temperature measurements should be made ​stationary mercury (in metal box). 2. c) the pressure gauge when it is turned off does not return to a zero indication on the scale of magnitude greater than half the margin of error for this gauge. 24 . Two . Oil and water are removed by blowing air collectors vlagomaslootdeliteley and shall be allocated in a specially-equipped device (collections). Filtering device must not deform and vibrate in the process of sucking the air compressor. at an altitude of more than one . 47 . Two . Not allowed to use gauges in the following cases: a) there is no seal or stamp. 2. 48 . If you need to have a deep dry air. Air compressors with capacity more than 10 m 3 / min should be equipped with refrigerators and vlagomaslootdelitelyami end. Two . 34 . Total hardness of water should be no more than 7 mEq / l. To carry out periodic inspections and repairs of air collectors to provide for disconnection from the network each of them. compressors are equipped with special facilities bilge. compressor lubrication and used oil must comply with the manufacturer's instructions or advice of a specialized organization. Points are determined by measuring the project. Page 2 of 4 2. centralized oil supply. On the dial gauge should be marked red line on the division corresponding to the highest permissible operating pressure. alarm and emergency shutdown pass verification (calibration) in accordance with the requirements of the Russian Federation of 27 . The distance between the air tanks must be at least 1 . 45 . 55 . and electrical cable diagrams. The compressor stops immediately if: a) in cases specifically provided for in the manufacturer's instructions. Three . It should make a regular external inspection of compressor equipment. e) if the audible knocks. Note: compressor stations. Readings in the instruction set intervals. Three . Oil consumption at each point of the grease shall not exceed the specified in the original instructions. Internal inspection. which shall instruct employees in accordance with the requirements of normative documents on industrial safety. The log should record the time of starting and stopping the compressor. Page 3 of 4 III . with the interval of time to complete the period between cleanings of each cell does not exceed 1000 hours Three . and operational documentation. automation. or in applications where a special treatment of compressed air from the oil droplet form. intermediate and end refrigerators. compressor oil. . procedure for organizing and carrying out maintenance and repair of equipment. In the case of heavy carbon formation is necessary to clarify the cause and eliminate it. intermediate and end refrigerators and air ducts at all levels of injection of oil deposits should be made ​ according to the instructions at least once in 5000 hours of compressor means. After closing the valves should remain sealed. vozduhogazosbornikov or other devices should be disconnected from the network corresponding plugs shank. 22 . b) if the pressure gauge at any stage of the compressor and the discharge line indicates the pressure above the permissible. which can lead to accidents. 3. h) the burning smell or smoke from the compressor or motor. In the absence of an automatic purge manually purge vlagomaslootdeliteley (intermediate and terminal) to produce two times per shift. 17 . Work inside the unit may be made only with the permission of the person responsible for the safe operation. Journal of regularly checked and signed daily by a person responsible for the safe operation of the compressor unit. instrumentation.01 . in accordance with the requirements of normative-technical documentation for carrying out these works. Three . preventing u ayuschego its deformation and decompression of compounds. 24 .18 . At the pipelines laid near heat-radiating devices should be applied insulation. c) Continuity of compressors and refrigeration cooling water. Three . as well as unscheduled cleaning oil and air filters. b) the temperature of the compressed z aza after coolers. MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR OF COMPRESSOR INSTALLATIONS. especially oil from entering the foundation.. non-corrosive metal. noticed a fault. air and gas 03. Timing verification of safety valves operating at pressures above 12 kgf / cm 2 . oil) showing the installation of valves. or engine or found their faults. make sure it is working by testing the lubrication system and cooling systems and make start-up in accordance with the instructions. Three . and other equipment vlagomaslootdeliteley combustible and flammable liquids.power electric motor rotor. e) the magnitude of the stator current. Do not store flammable liquids in the engine room space compressor. Three . 4 . Each compressor unit or group of similar compressor units equipped with the following technical documents: a) passport (form) to the compressor unit. air collectors. 2 . Three . After cleaning with compressed air is blowing over 30 minutes (at least). are set by the technological regulations. and the temperature of not less than 50 ° C above the temperature of the gas in the pipeline. passports. Not allowed to use to clean the air collectors. 20 . and the results of his laboratory analysis.PB 03-581-03 "Rules for design and safe operation of stationary compressor installati. and other containers. cleaning or repairing the unit should be made at least two employees.16 . h) the schedule of repairs compressor unit. Three . When an internal inspection. 10 . 3 . Before starting each compressor operator shall inspect the installation. s) with a marked increase in the vibration of the compressor motor of other nodes. e) The pressure and temperature of the oil. or other similar oils. As the cleaning materials used cotton or linen material. a synchronous electric drive . 13/7/2012 . Structural changes of compressors. b) the piping circuit (compressed air or gas. taking into account the specific conditions of its operation is determined by the design and operational documentation. if the factory manual does not provide for a short period of purging. Air vistsinov s e filters after 1000 h of operation. Three . Clean the air collectors in the l and r omaslootdeliteley. air tanks or gas collector included in the compressor installation should be purged at least once per shift in the presence of the fridge and end vlagomaslootdelitelya and at least twice per shift during their absence. as well as the emergence of extra effort to join up with his equipment. cleaning or repairing vlagomaslootdeliteley. Not allowed leakage of oil and water. Note: We recommend cleaning and grease filter to produce cell vistsinovogo alternately. or in a weak solution of alkali. The production installation and repair work using an open fire and electric compressor station in the premises. and all valve boxes should be thoroughly cleaned of sludge. completely free from the left there is gas or air and blow clean air for 10 minutes (at least). 21 . As a filling material for the compounds of pipelines should use materials that are resistant to moisture. 3. 9 . oil. g) in case of fire. valves in liters agomasloo m subgroups. Not allowed to leave working compressors (except for fully automated) without the supervision of persons admitted to their service. as well as if the air temperature in the air collector and air does not exceed 50 ° C. 23 . Three . which are installed compressors without lubrication cavities of compression . All hatches apparatus while being inside working to open. inspection and cleaning of air collectors and duct made ​ at least once a year. water. the reason for the stop... bumps in the compressor. should be thoroughly cleaned of accumulated dust and after drying oil vistsinov s m. Three . g) The passports of all vessels working under pressure. 8 . Air filters should be checked within the time stipulated by the instruction manual compressor. 12 . We recommend cleaning air ducts and apparatus to produce 3% n s m sulphanol solution. should be checked daily by forcing them to open under pressure. e) log (form). etc. 25 . 3. Dry air filters should be cleaned according to the instructions of the plant . d) Accounting Journal of the compressor. refrigeration and other equipment can be made ​after consultation with the manufacturer or a specialized organization of technical documentation. Three . Must provide for the free thermal expansion of the pipeline. Three . e) certificates. 6 . Inspection of valve boxes in the absence of an air compressor fouling is not less than after 1000 h of operation. Three . Every change should be monitored for the lubrication oil consumption and cylinder seals compressor. Worker to work within the machine must be equipped with protective clothing (overalls) and protective goggles.14 . Rinsing of the filter should be made ​in diesel fuel. and the whole apparatus is continuously ventilated. 7 . g) the correctness of the lubricators and the oil level in them. holding the dripping and butter out of a liter agomaslootdeliteley. Results of repair work should be reflected in the operational documentation for the compressor installation. d) the sudden cessation of the cooling water or other emergency malfunction of the cooling system. After an emergency stop of compressor start-up it can be made ​with the permission of the person responsible for the safe operation of the compressor unit. 5 . and) magazine test knowledge of staff. the scheme posted in a conspicuous place. Three . gas. which should also record the results of testing of welded joints. c) if the gauge lubrication mechanism of the movement shows the pressure below the acceptable lower limit. followed by a hot water wash thoroughly. The use of open flames indoors compressor station is not allowed. d) the temperature of cooling water entering and exiting the cooling system of points.manufacturer of the filter. 11 ​. 3. Three . During the compressor should be monitored: a) pressure and temperature of the compressed gas after each compression stage. Three . The device external injection vozduhogazoprovodov should exclude the possibility of internal freezing. but not less than two hours shall be recorded in the register of the compressor. Three . All safety valves for general industrial use compressor operating at pressures up to 12 kgf / cm 2 . Repair and cleaning of equipment and pipelines under pressure is not allowed.15 . Three . e) If the temperature of the air above the maximum permissible standards set by the manufacturer's passport. On compressor units should be carried out every shift a record flow of lubricating oil. air collectors.13 . Causes of leaks when found should be promptly addressed. Entrance to the compressor room to unauthorized persons is not permitted: outside the front door is set alarm for calling staff install and posted warning signs and posters. accounting overhauls compressor unit. c) instruction (guidance) for the safe maintenance of the compressor unit. and cleaning obtirku its external surfaces of dust and dirt. 27 . 19 . Three . 3. 26 . but at least once every two months. one of whom must be outside and will certainly monitor working inside. periodic checks of safety valves and pressure gauges. where possible accumulation of water and oil water separator line should be installed with automatic or manual flushing. Three . The test results are considered satisfactory if. 3. электропроводов и другого электрооборудования. At negative temperatures outside air hydraulic tests carried out on the hot water drain it immediately after the test. 36 . General Provisions II . After repairs and cleaning to make sure that the pipe was left any foreign objects. Apparatus and piping with surface temperatures above +45 ° C . In the case of the freezing of these devices to be permitted to warming with hot water. Three .5 м от электрокабелей. air lines and gas pipelines Copyright © 2009-2011.gostrf. All of the devices to remove accumulated in the duct oil and water must be regularly checked staff. tested in accordance with the requirements of normative-technical documentation. pipes. Records held cleansing pipeline.com 13/7/2012 . www. Page 4 of 4 3. fixtures. Technical examination and diagnosis of technical equipment should be carried out in accordance with the specifications and technical documentation. 38 .28. Maintenance and repair of compressors. 005 in the direction of linear dehydrators. 31 . Piping installed in a no-go channels and the pressure of more than 100 kgf / cm 2 . Three . Three . Valves.PB 03-581-03 "Rules for design and safe operation of stationary compressor installati. valves must be in good repair and be capable of quick and reliable termination of air or gas. TABLE OF CONTENTS I . Three . Test pressure in the hydraulic testing of pipelines must be maintained for 5 min. 34 . leakage and fogging.. the current inspection and repair. The valves can be applied pronumerovyvat and clearly visible arrows indicate the direction of rotation of the flywheel and the arrow indicating the "open" and "closed". Three . Produced at an operating pressure of the pipeline inspection and testing of welds. etc. buildings. steam or hot air. not detected signs of rupture. Air lines and gas pipelines should be laid with a slope of 0 . Basic requirements for compressor installations III . 33 . 37 .30 .. pipelines. available for service. Fitting that is installed on the pipelines shall be available for easy and safe maintenance and repair. Three . The application for the purpose of open source of fire is not allowed. It should exclude the formation of stagnant zones and areas where condensate can accumulate or oil. gate valves. Three . The walls of the cylinders of the compressor can not be isolated. after which the pressure is reduced to the worker. 3. 35 .32 . as well as the results of pneumatic and hydraulic testing of pipelines are logged (form) accounting repair compressor with drawing instruments (protocols). disposable workplaces and places of the main aisles should have thermal insulation. At selected sites. 29 . during the trial did not happen the pressure drop on the gauge. and in the welds. During the repair of the pipeline repaired portion shall be disconnected from the network on both sides and cleaned of accumulated rainfall oil. on air ducts are not allowed to have blind bends and fittings anechoic contributing to congestion and possible spontaneous combustion of oil deposits. Трубопроводы следует прокладывать на расстоянии не менее 0.
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