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428D Backhoe Loader MBM00001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY 3054C Engine(S...Página 1 de 13 Pantalla anterior Bienvenido: r080es10 Producto: BACKHOE LOADER Modelo: 428D BACKHOE LOADER MBM Configuración: 428D Backhoe Loader MBM00001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY 3054C Engine Pautas de reutilización y recuperación Clutch Ring Gears For All Power Shift Transmissions{3030, 3155} Número de medio -SEBF8017-09 Fecha de publicación -19/03/2014 Fecha de actualización -19/03/2014 Caterpillar: Confidential Yellow i05754519 Clutch Ring Gears For All Power Shift Transmissions{3030, 3155} SMCS - 3030; 3155 Articulated Truck: All Asphalt Paver: All Backhoe Loader: All Challenger: All Cold Planer: All Integrated Toolcarrier: All Off-Highway Truck/Tractor: All Pipelayer: All Road Reclaimer/Soil Stabilizer: All Track-Type Loader: All Track-Type Skidder: All Track-Type Tractor: All Underground Articulated Truck: All Wheel Dozer: All Wheel Loader: All Wheel Skidder: All Wheel Tractor-Scraper: All Motor Grader: 120G (S/N: 4HD1-UP; 82V1-UP; 87V1-UP; 11W1-UP) 12F (S/N: 89H1-UP) 12G (S/N: 3WC1-UP; 3PL1-UP; 61M1-UP; 26V1-UP) 130G (S/N: 7GB1-UP; 74V1-UP; 12W1-UP; 26V1-UP) 140 RIPPG (S/N: 26V1-UP) 140G (S/N: 5MD1-UP; 72V1-UP; 81V1-UP; 13W1-UP) 04/03/2015 Information contained in this document is considered Caterpillar: Confidential Yellow.. 07 Updated introduction. submit a form for feedback in the Service Information System. updated contact information. use the following resources in order to communicate your request to Caterpillar Repair Process Engineering: • Caterpillar Dealer Technical Communicator • Dealer Solution Network • Caterpillar Technical Representative • Knowledge Network https://sis.. 7WJ1-UP) 16 (S/N: 49G1-UP) 160G (S/N: 4JD1-UP) 16G (S/N: 93U1-UP) 16H (S/N: 6ZJ1-UP. added Canceled Part Numbers section.jsp?returnurl=/sisweb/sisw.. and updated group effectivity. For questions or additional information concerning this guideline. B931-UP) Introduction Table 1 Revision Summary of Changes in SEBF8017 09 Added serial number B93. Continuing improvement and advancement of product design might have caused changes to your product which are not included in this publication. Unauthorized use of this document or the proprietary processes therein without permission may be violation of intellectual property law.. This guideline is for the use of Cat dealers only. Every effort has been made in order to provide the most current information that is known to Caterpillar. This Reuse and Salvage Guideline must be used with the latest technical information that is available from Caterpillar. © 2014 Caterpillar All Rights Reserved. 04/03/2015 . 08 Changed Motor Grader group effectivity to individual effectivity. Página 2 de 13 14E (S/N: 72G1-UP) 14G (S/N: 96U1-UP) 14H (S/N: ASE1-UP.428D Backhoe Loader MBM00001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY 3054C Engine(S. This Reuse and Salvage Guideline contains the necessary information in order to allow a dealer to establish a parts reusability program. ATS1-UP) 24H (S/N: 7KK1-UP) 24M (S/N: B9K1-UP. In order to address an urgent issue. Reuse and salvage information enables Caterpillar dealers and customers to benefit from cost Personnel must be properly trained in order to perform maintenance.jsp?returnurl=/sisweb/ https://sis. repair. The "WARNING" Safety Alert Symbol is shown in Illustration Important Safety Information Illustration 1 g02139237 Follow all safety warnings. The warnings in this publication and on the product are not all inclusive.. or operate any machine.. Use NPR on SIS for information about canceled part numbers and replaced part numbers. The hazards are identified by the "Safety Alert Symbol" which is followed by a "Signal Word" such as "DANGER". 04/03/2015 . maintenance. Most accidents that involve product operation. These warnings should be observed before performing any procedures. Illustration 2 g00008666 This safety alert symbol means: Pay Attention! Become Alert! Your Safety is Involved. "WARNING" or "CAUTION". Caterpillar cannot anticipate every possible circumstance that might involve a potential hazard. Safety precautions and warnings are provided this instruction and on Caterpillar products. or repair are caused by failure to observe safety warnings. An accident can often be avoided by recognizing potentially hazardous situations before an accident occurs. Página 3 de 13 This document may include canceled part numbers and replaced part numbers..428D Backhoe Loader MBM00001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY 3054C Engine(S. NPR will provide the current part numbers for replaced parts. . For example. Obtain the complete.. some with certain limitations. can be used again if an increased noise level is acceptable. and the illustrations that exist in this guideline are based on information which was available at the time of publication. Caterpillar dealers can supply the most current the specifications. The safety information in this document and the safety information on the machine are not all inclusive. Some damaged clutch ring gears obviously cannot be used again. Also. The information. lubrication. and other items can change at any time. adjustments. work methods. 04/03/2015 .428D Backhoe Loader MBM00001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY 3054C Engine(S. some damaged clutch ring gears can be reused without limitations. procedures.. most current information before you start any job. Depending on the location and degree of damage. Caterpillar cannot anticipate every possible circumstance that might involve a potential hazard. Illustration 3 g02155413 Heavy wear on the face of the inner teeth. The four most common types of damage which do not necessarily affect use are: • Wear of the ring gear side face https://sis. Página 4 de 13 The message that appears under the safety alert symbol explains the hazard. pressures. Use again. illustrations. lubrication. These changes can affect the service that is given to the product. torques. Summary Reusability of clutch ring gears depends on the degree of damage or wear. Operations that may cause product damage are identified by "NOTICE" labels on the product and in this publication. measurements. Other gears can be used again. The specifications. and operating techniques are safe. Determine that the operation. and repair procedures will not damage the machine.jsp?returnurl=/sisweb/sisw. maintenance. as shown in Illustration 3.. and repair procedures will not make the machine unsafe. determine that the operation. gears with heavy wear on the inner teeth. Determine that the tools. The ring gear is held in a center position by the clutch housing. The wear on the side face shows the area of ring gear contact with the clutch housing. or put grooves in the tips of the outer teeth on the ring gear. Wear on the Crowns of the Outer Teeth A broken clutch disc can score (make marks).cat.jsp?returnurl=/sisweb/sisw. The size of the worn area can change around the ring gear. The arrow shows normal wear on the side face of a ring gear. Página 5 de 13 • Wear on the crowns of the outer teeth • Notches on the faces of the outer teeth • Damage caused by debris Wear on the Ring Gear Side Face Normal wear on the side of the ring gear is shown in Illustration 4. 04/03/2015 .com/sisweb/sisweb/techdoc/techdoc_print_page.. A ring gear can be used again if the crowns of the outer teeth show score marks. This change is not an indication that the ring gear has been bent from the original shape. A ring gear cannot be used again if the crowns of the outer teeth have deep grooves... Illustration 4 g02155414 Use again.428D Backhoe Loader MBM00001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY 3054C Engine(S. See Illustration 5 and Illustration 6. Places where no wear has taken place are indications of low areas. https://sis. Clutch ring gears that have the above characteristics of side face wear can be used again.. Página 6 de 13 Illustration 5 g02155416 (1) Ring gear with score marks Use again.. https://sis. if the damage is similar to the deep grooves (2). If the damage is similar to the score marks (1).cat.428D Backhoe Loader MBM00001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY 3054C Engine(S. as shown in Illustration 5.. Illustration 6 g02155417 (2) Ring gear with deep grooves Do not use again. 04/03/2015 .com/sisweb/sisweb/techdoc/techdoc_print_page.. as shown in Illustration 6.jsp?returnurl=/sisweb/sisw.. Although some clutches will function adequately with notches deeper than the limits shown below.005 inch) thickness gauge (feeler gauge) can be cut to a length of 2. https://sis.13 mm (0. Cut a piece of 0.005 inch) thick shim stock is not available.09 inch) wide and 50. Additional wear will be more rapid. Ring gears that have this type of groove can be used again.. See Illustration 7. If 0. the wear could exceed the hardened depth. Use again. deep notches will cause incorrect separation between the clutch discs and plates.8 mm (2. Refer to Illustration 7 that shows a ring gear with a groove that runs across the width of the gear. Friction will build..00 inch) long. This type of groove was made when the ring gear was machined.13 mm (0.09 inch). Página 7 de 13 Illustration 7 g02155420 Ring gear with notches on the faces of the outer teeth and a groove across several teeth.jsp?returnurl=/sisweb/sisw. causing excessive heat in the clutch. After the notches are measured and found to be acceptable Notches on the Faces of the Outer Teeth The load of the clutch discs on the outer teeth of the ring gear causes short notches on the faces of the outer teeth. During operation. 04/03/2015 .005 inch) thick shim stock to the dimension of 2. especially if new clutch discs are Only a few teeth of each disc will come in contact with the groove at one time.428D Backhoe Loader MBM00001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY 3054C Engine(S.4 mm (0..13 mm (0. use a 0. Discs should be inspected to determine the depth of the notches. The following procedure must be used to determine if a ring gear with notches on the outer teeth can be used again: mm (0. The shim must fit into the bottom of the notch without contacting the sides of the notch that have a taper.. Refer to Illustration 8. cut the shim to fit into the notch. Página 8 de 13 Illustration 8 g02155424 (A) Maximum width of shim stock 2. Put the piece of shim stock into a notch. 04/03/2015 . https://sis. Illustration 9 g02155431 Measure notches with shim stock.428D Backhoe Loader MBM00001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY 3054C Engine(S. If the shim does not fit in the bottom of the https://sis. the ring gear must be turned so that the clutch discs contact with the opposite face of the outer teeth.. If you can pull the shim easily from any of the notches that are worn beyond the 0. 6. Página 9 de 13 3. Check the depth of all the notches in each of four teeth. 04/03/2015 .428D Backhoe Loader MBM00001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY 3054C Engine(S. Symmetrical ring gears with notches in the outer teeth. Put a steel ruler or other straight edge across the face of the tooth. Illustration 10 g02155434 Refer to Illustration 10 for ring gear that is flanged or not symmetrical (3) and ring gear that is symmetrical (4) (same shape on both sides). If you cannot pull the shim easily from any of the notches checked..13 mm (0.jsp?returnurl=/sisweb/sisw. use the ring gear again. Make sure that the steel ruler is in contact at all places across the width of the face. 5.005 inch) maximum.. Refer to Illustration 11. Hold the steel ruler in place and pull on the shim. can be used again.. do not use the ring gear again. To reuse. 90 degrees apart. Refer to Illustration 9. When grinding. If the notches in the outer teeth have worn beyond the 0.428D Backhoe Loader MBM00001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY 3054C Engine.13 mm ( Note: A ring gear that is not symmetrical cannot be turned... The downward arrow shows opposite face of the outer teeth.. Refer to Illustration 12 through Illustration 14 for examples of this type of damage. burrs. or rough edges on the gear teeth must be removed with a grinder or a 6V-2010 Polishing Stone .. https://sis. 04/03/2015 .jsp?returnurl=/sisweb/sisw. Página 10 de 13 Illustration 11 g02155455 Symmetrical ring gear that has been replace the ring gear. Damage Caused by Debris Raised areas.005 inch) maximum. The upward arrow shows the notch. be careful not to change the profiles (shape) of the teeth. jsp?returnurl=/sisweb/sisw.. 04/03/2015 . Use again Illustration 13 g02155814 The arrow heads that shows the raised area or burrs. Use again..428D Backhoe Loader MBM00001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY 3054C Engine. Página 11 de 13 Illustration 12 g02155461 The arrow heads that shows the raised area or burrs. After raised areas and/or burrs are removed with a small grinder or a 6V-2010 Polishing Stone .. New Jersey. Suppliers of Magnetic Particle Testing Equipment MAGNAFLUX 3624 W. Texas. Página 12 de 13 Be careful with burrs and gouges caused by debris. Illinois.S.. Ensure that no change in the shape of the teeth has occurred from grinding or polishing. Use again. After removing the high areas or rough Phone: (847) 657-5300Fax: (847) 657-5388 Note: Magnaflux also has North American Service Centers in California.. Florida. or a 6V-2010 Polishing Stone . 04/03/2015 . Pennsylvania. After raised areas or burrs are removed carefully with a small grinder. At the time of assembly. Ohio.428D Backhoe Loader MBM00001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY 3054C Engine.. The best practice to accomplish this is to see if a new disc will fit over the teeth without force. ensure that the ring gears are still round. Connecticut. Indiana. Refer to ""Suppliers of Magnetic Particle Testing Equipment" " at the end of this Reuse and Salvage Guideline for a list of equipment suppliers. Virginia. South Carolina. Minnesota. and Wisconsin. Training Courses on equipment operation are also available. inspect the gears for cracks using magnetic particle testing equipment. ECONCOSPECT CORPORATION 1757 Tanen Street https://sis.A. Lake Avenue Glenview.. as shown in Illustration 14. Illinois 60026 U.magnaflux. www.jsp?returnurl=/sisweb/sisw. Illustration 14 g02155815 Damage caused by 04/03/2015 . kwik-way.. Todos los derechos reservados.S.A. U.jsp?returnurl=/sisweb/sisw.A. Wed Mar 4 09:45:18 EST 2015 r080es10 Red privada para licenciados del www.S. Ohio 44707 U. Iowa 52302. California 94559 U. Página 13 de 13 Phone: (330) 456-4728Fax: (330) 456-3323 KWIK-WAY MANUFACTURING COMPANY 500 57th Street Phone: (319) 377-9421Fax: (319) 377-9101 Copyright 1993 . 1605 Waynesburg Dr. Phone: (707) 226-9833 HANCO INTERNATIONAL Division of Hannon Co.A...2015 Caterpillar https://sis. SE Canton.428D Backhoe Loader MBM00001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY 3054C Engine.
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