Paperless Hospital Service

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The Great Mind Challenge - Project Scenario Template Note: Already filled information should not be changed i.Name of the Project Paperless Hospital Service (Healthcare domain) 1. Objective/ Vision Objective of this project is to leverage paperless hospital service where patient need not do any paper-work while getting admitted to the hospital by providing seamless application that will handle the thousands of patient information and provide efficient healthcare service. It is to align with SMART PLANET theme of IBM. 1. 2. 2. Users of the System 3. 4. 5. 7. Functional Requirements (Atleast Eight) 6. 1. Patient will go to hospital and get admitted by giving their information to the Admitting Clerk. If Patient is in serious state, relative will help in giving information about the patient to the Admitting Clerk. 2. If the incoming patient is New, then Admitting Clerk will create a new record in Web Portal and store the patient information by collecting all necessary details and also about health history. And will provide Patient ID which will be sent via sms to patient’s mobile number. 3. Admitting Clerk will assign the In-coming Patient Record to the Department Admin and direct the Patient to meet the Department Admin. 4. Department Admin will assign the Patient to the respective Department like ENT, ICU, Surgery, etc and also will assign Doctors/Nurses who will be responsible to treat the Patient 5. Doctor will get patient information by querying on Patient ID and will conduct series of tests and will update their test report along with comments in the Application 6. Billing Department will calculate the expense and will be responsible to verify if Patient has Insurance Policy, if so then they will open a secure session to charge the cost to Insurance providers. 7. If Patient doesn’t have Insurance Policy, then he must pay either in cash or credit/debit cards 8. Insurance Providers will verify the claim and will confirm whether the Insurance ID and policy coverage is valid or not 9. Following operations are exposed in Web service: a. Create Patient Record b. Modify Patient Record c. View Patient Record d. Delete a Patient Record e. Bill to Insurance Providers f. Bill to Patient Patient/Relative Admitting Clerk Department Admin Doctor/Nurse Billing Department Healthcare Insurance Providers (External Actor) it is vey easy to construct SOAP messages from this XML content as no relational to XML transformation is required. Reports None 5.war/. Application deployment executive and developer B. Use of Graphical tool like JASPER to show strategic data C. . Application archive ( . its easy to fetch it using a simple XQuery without any complex joins. Webservices/SOA DB2 Express C A. e-Forms. Since the data will be stored in a single XML document. Reports exportable in . Four) iv. Advantages of using pureXML? • • • . its easy to consume (gather) all user information in a single XML document and store it as a single entity without breaking it up into pieces as done is case of relational database. Web 2. The database design does not change.PDF or any other desirable platform independent format 4.XLS. XForms/Java/C. Since the data is stored as XML. 9. 24 X 7 availability Better component design to get better performance at peak time Flexible service based architecture will be highly desirable for future extension 2.C++. Every year the forms need to accommodate new change and still be able to process them effectively. AJAX. SOA • Lotus Form Designer/Eclipse/RAD WebSphere Portal/ WAS. Online or offline help to above said users. User interface priorities A. Non-functional ii. J2EE. Professional look and feel B. Final Deliverable must include 10.ear ) with source code C. Database backup and DDL Script D. XML. • • 8. requirements (Atleast iii. i. 7.0. Webservices. Optional features None 3. Secure access of confidential data (user’s details). Complete Source code • Paperless Hospital rules will change and so do the return forms. Because of the use of XForms which generate XML data as input. SSL can be used.1. 6. Other important issues Team Size Technologies to be used Tools to be Used None 2 – 4 members UML. This is where the XML design will make it flexible and the developer will be easily able to handle this change in design with minimum impact on the application. Pictorial Representation Web Service JAXP & SAX PureXML is used DB2 .• Use of XSLT to report data in multiple format is now possible because of the XML data model WAS JSP/J2EE App IBM Lotus Forms App JAXP & SAX Java App 11.
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