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Author – Brian Elton [email protected] Edited - 11/5/2009 2:22 PM INSTALLING OREKA/ORKWEB IN VMWARE SERVER 2.0.2 (If you don’t want to install in Vmware, just skip the first section) • Install VWware server (http://www.vmware.com/products/server/) o After installation, Start/Programs/Vmware/Vmware Server/Vmware Server Homepage (use the same credentials to sign in as you do to sign into your regular Windows machine) – For license keys take a look at post#6 at http://www.mydigitallife.info/2007/03/15/free-vmware-server-serial-numbers-or-licensekeys/ o To start your VM, select it under “Inventory” click the “Console” tab, then click inside the black box, and your VM will appear in a separate window outside of Internet Explorer. o If you need to add hardware such as USB controller or network after-the-fact, power down your VM, then click Add Hardware inside the Vmware Web Access page. o Create a virtual machine using Windows XP SP2 (I just pointed my Vmware CD-ROM to a .iso of Windows XP on my local hard drive) o After your Windows XP is fully installed, click Install VMWare Tools, on the Vmware Web Access Page under your VM • Create a folder on your desktop called Oreka – get the following files: o Orkaudio 0.5-313-win32 http://www.brtutor.com/oreka/orkaudio-0.5-313-win32-installer.zip Size – 2.09 MB Orktrack / Orkweb 0.5-311 http://www.brtutor.com/oreka/oreka-0.5-311-orktrack-orkweb.zip Size – 12.8 MB o o Apache Tomcat 5.5.28 http://www.brtutor.com/oreka/apache-tomcat-5.5.28.exe Size – 6.59 MB MySQL 5.1.40 http://www.brtutor.com/oreka/mysql-5.1.40-win32.msi Size – 104MB Java JRE 1_5_0_21 http://www.brtutor.com/oreka/jre-1_5_0_21-windows-i586-p.exe Size – 16.6 MB o o So anyway.exe inside the orkaudio-0.• Extract the 2 zip files inside your Oreka folder - • Install OrkAudio – double-click orkaudio-0. and set EnableReporting from false to true It should read <EnableReporting>true</EnableReporting> Set the recording path (if you don’t.xml and choose edit. • Enable reporting Right-click C:\Program Files\Orkaudio\config. it should read exactly like this (you have to remove the “<!—“ and the “-->” ) (Those symbols are the way you write comments into a .xml file without them actually getting read by the program.5-313-win32-installer.xml.5-313-win32-installer folder – Take all the defaults. it should read exactly like this: . playback won’t work from the webpage) as well in config. 5\webapps\ROOT </AudioOutputPath> .<AudioOutputPath>\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 5. 5 (see screenshot below) . Default Username – admin. that it points to the path that contains JRE 1.5). Default Connector Port of 8080.• Install Java – take the Typical setup. • Install Apache Tomcat Take Normal Install. set Password to admin. install to the default directory (C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 5. make sure on the Java Virtual Machine screen. • Install MySQL Take the Complete install Check the box for “Configure the MySQL Server now” Un-check the box for “Register the MySQL Server now” Choose Standard Configuration Choose Install As a Windows Service . connection. Copy the “oreka” folder to C:\ • Right-click mysql.username">root</property> (the default username of root is correct) Save and Close it. Change the following entries: <property name="hibernate.password">password</property> <property name="hibernate. ** Make sure you do this in both “C:\oreka\orktrack” and” C:\oreka\orkweb” ** .connection.Set the New root password to admin Click Execute • Unzip ConfigFiles.hbm.5-311-orktrack-orkweb” folder (you should now have a “ConfigFiles” folder with a “oreka” folder inside it.connection.password">admin</property> <property name="hibernate.username">root</property> to <property name="hibernate.connection.xml inside both “C:\oreka\orktrack” and” C:\oreka\orkweb” and choose Edit (it should open with Notepad).zip inside your “oreka-0. this lets it know that this is a command that needs to be completed) • • • Type quit to exit • Open Internet Explorer and go to http://localhost:8080 If you did everything right.5-311-orktrack-orkweb to C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 5. so you cant really see what it is doing for you. Create the database in MySQL Click Start/Run/Programs/MySQL/MySQL Server 5.1/MySQL Command Line Client Enter password admin Type exactly this – create database oreka. and exit out of Services.5\shared\lib Go back to your Desktop to your Oreka folder and copy orkweb.war from within your oreka0.• Unzip lib.5. and Start the service.5. Orkaudio runs as a service. under Server Information it should say Tomcat Version Apache Tomcat/5. you should see the Apache Tomcat administration page Click Status. and click OK.0_21-b01 Click List Applications and you should see Orktrack and Orkweb Click Orkweb.5-311-orktrack-orkweb (you should now have a lib folder with a bunch of . (you must use the semi-colon at the end. use the credentials admin/admin. login with admin/admin That’s it! NOTES Validate this – not sure if this is necessary Give Program Files Full Control to Everyone or may get “unable to rename file” error in orkaudio debug.28 and under JVM Version it should say 1.jar files inside it) Select all 52 of those files inside that lib folder and copy them to C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 5.war and orktrack.msc and hit Enter Double-click Apache Tomcat and set startup type to Automatic . .zip inside your oreka-0.5\webapps Click Start/Run/ type services. click Apply. . Vmware – you’ll need to have your sniffing nic on your pc/server set to bridged to your VM. For sniffing. and most probably don’t. I had my network guy mirror the port that the IP phone was plugged into to a mirror port on a switch – then. I plugged my pc’s nic into that mirror port.net/oreka-user-manual. so if your server needs to sniff and also be on the network. and also against a X-Lite softphone phone that was registered to a Asterisk server.sourceforge.If you want to watch what it is doing.html#d0e341 (be aware that a lot of it is wrong) This was tested against an Avaya Release 11 using 4610SW phone. and another plugged into a regular port. it will need two network jacks – one plugged into the mirror port on the switch. I didn’t know it. and do: cd\ cd "Program Files\Orkaudio" orkaudio debug User and Installion documentation is available at http://oreka. but you can communicate on a mirror port. you can open a ms-dos window.
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