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HI Akshay, I do appreciate your reply which helped me to install all the components mentioned below , now I am trying to Integrate Archive Server & SAP , I am using OT Archive Server 10.5 ( SP1) and OTEX Plugins on SAP System (OTEXBAS & OTEXERP) version 10 SP2 , Just wondering which steps to follow from the guide , my goal is to use Vendor Invoice Management where invoice will be kept in Archive Server as early archive , not sure if full blown archive configuration is required, but if you can provide further steps to follow will be highly appreciated Thanks 0 likes Correct Answer Akshay Gupta replied June 18, 2013 at 06:11 AM Hi Abu, That's great to know! I am not an expert on Setting up Vendor Invoice Management Solution. I am working on SAP Data Archiving integration to the archive server as a storage solution. However, all the information you need to configure your scenario should be found in the following guides: 1) OpenText Archiving and Document Access for SAP Solutions 10.0.0 - Scenario Guide English (ER100000- CCS-EN-5) 2) OpenText DocuLink for SAP Solutions 10.0.0 - Customizing and Administration Guide English (DC100000- CGD-EN-3) Give it some time, I hope it will come along well. Regards, Akshay. 0 likes Tarak Chatterjee replied December 27, 2013 at 08:52 AM Dear Akshay, Regarding the connectivity from Open Text Archive server to ECC system I have performed the below steps - 1. Installed open text archive server with the following combination - MS SQL 2012+tomcat 7+archive server 10.5. 2. Created original archive (archive pool and volume) in open text administration client. 3. Created SAP system and SAP Gateway in Open Text administration client with below details. While testing connectivity from Archive server to ECC it is getting failed with following error message - Test of connection failed: No suitable R/3 gateway available for access from client tpcoad to R/3 ECD. Screenshot attached of the details of connection ECC system details - . 172. telnet <R/3 System> <Ports> (Check for SAP Ports 3200.255. are you able to telnet SAP Ports from Archive Server i. 2014 at 09:35 AM Hi.0. but while testing connectivity from ECC to Archive Server it is showing "HTTP error: 404 Not Found". Tarak 0 likes Akshay Gupta replied January 02. 3300.e.ECD Sys no . have you tried to Enter IP Address in the Server Name field instead of the Hostname 3) Check with Subnet Address . The above mentioned problem is resolved by maintaining subnet mask as 255.0 4) Check with Gateway address as IP Address of R/3 System instead of the Hostname 5) Final and most important check.0.0.hostname .00 Archive Server host .0. Regards. Many thanks for your reply. Now the test connection from Archive Server to ECC is successful. . 2014 at 10:50 AM Hi Akshay.tpcoad Please help me to resolve the issue. Akshay 0 likes Tarak Chatterjee replied January 06. Thanks in advance.tpcides SID . We have maintained necessary setting in OAC0 transaction in ECC. 3600 and likewise) Regards. Quick checks: 1) Are you able to ping the R/3 system from Archive Server? 2) While creating SAP System in the Archive Server. Tarak 0 likes Akshay Gupta replied January 14. ArchiveLink Job. Disk Volume. Setting up Archiving Devices.e. Can you click on Full Administration and check if everything is maintained? Please check the following: 1) Basic Path & Physical Basic Path are on SAP Systems 2) Archive Path & Physical Archive Path are on Archiving Server 3) Correct HTTP Server & Port Number (i. Storage Tiers. 2014 at 05:27 AM Hi. Creating Archive on OTEX Server. . Regards. Maintain Archives in SAP (OAC0) . Pools etc.Is there any other configuration need to be done in ECC side? Please help me in this regard. with that it implies your are setting up an HTTP Type Archive connection rather than RFC Archive. after which only your archive connection is complete in all terms and ready to be used. Archive Server's Connection Parameters) 4) Archive Server is available at the time of connection test 5) Archive Server Port is reachable from SAP System at time of connection test 6) Have you done the Archiving Server specific configuration in the SAP System? If not please refer the OTEX Archive Server Configuration Guide and perform all the listed steps. Most importantly as you have created an HTTP Archive T5. Handling of Communication Protocols. You will also have to exchange certificates between these two systems for the Repository Archive you are configuring. In the above screen-shot your storage type is HTTP Content Server. its comprehensive and mentions everything that needs to be done under the sun to setup Archiving Solution in context of configuration. I suggest. Number Ranges. RFC Connection from SAP System to Archive System. you must also create T5 on Archive Server along with the necessary linked objects such as Pools. Storage Tiers etc. Thanks in advance. To name a few you will have to do=> BC Set Activation. Disk Volume. you first have a one good hard look at the configuration guide. So that can get your Looking forward for your great response. 2014 at 11:16 AM Hello Pavan. Request you. 2014 at 07:58 AM Dear Akshay. Let me know here. In tghis project. regards. Could you please guide me or plz share mail. Regards. Pavankumar. please let me know your mail id or contact no. Which am not clear and struggling like anything. please could you share your contact mail id. please do need full for me. what information you would like to have regarding OTEX deployment. i would provide you the IDES. but enter in to opentext. Could you please teach me to implement Opentext . Akshay 0 likes Pavan kumar replied May 22. I do not not have any knowledge about this. 2014 at 06:50 AM Dear Akshay.ADA on IDES. Thanks&regards. so that i would demonstrate you few things. 0 likes Prasanna Dash replied July 28. 2015 at 13:40 PM Hi Akhay.Regards. Akshay 0 likes Pavan kumar replied June 02. if you don't mind can you drop an test mail to [email protected] I am also trying to implement Opentext ADA on IDES with integration of Opentext VIM. I will see what I can do.where my role defined everything. 0 likes Akshay Gupta replied May 28.s what i am trying to contact you. As am SAP Fi Functional. Pavankumar. Looking forward for your great response. Regards:- . that. they are implimented opentext archiver and link to sap. i would like to share few things. here's the problem! Opentext changed one small thing and in OAC0 there's a little modification you have to do within 10.dll That silly thing does the trick and you will get rid of ERROR 404. 2015 at 10:32 AM HI Leonardo. you will have to be very specific about what your question is and the exact help you seek. No one can help you unless you choose to help yourself. That's a great heads-up you gave me there. Akshay 0 likes Leonardo Corato replied June 04. 1. Open ended questions like yours are never going to help you in the long run and specifically here on SCN.0 likes Akshay Gupta replied August 04. Cheers. It seems that in document from Opentext there is a confuse between RFC connection and HTTP connection. In case of HTTP Content server connection where shall this transfer directory and physical path are located? In archive server or ECC side? . 2015 at 10:43 AM I think you should take the first step yourself by Studying the Guides or the content (A Lot is available online).Code File and this directory must be in ECC side? 2. Have you started studying any guides yet? If not please start from there first. Read Rules of Engagement first hand! Regards. 2014 at 09:29 AM Hi Ashay. Point noted duly for future. 2014 at 07:03 AM Hey Leonardo. Akshay 0 likes Nguyen Nguyen Thai replied January 23. Can you explain to me about transfer directory and physic path. instead of directly approaching.5: HTTP string is simply: archive instead of archive. Leonardo 1 likes Akshay Gupta replied June 06. In case of RFC connection we must configure an exchange directory through T. Whats the FQDN of this above Host? Try to ping the above Host with and without FQDN and whichever works is the one that you should put in /etc/hosts. we think this is the problem Note: The new DNS need to be added to the file: localhost in the laptop of the user? or maybe there is other place where we could change this new DNS thanks a lot for your answer Regads 0 likes Akshay Gupta replied May 24. coudl you help me with this topic please: I think the problem is on the customer side (user) in his laptop. we recently have done a change of DNS . 2014 at 08:34 AM Hi Akshay Gupta . Cuong 0 likes Juan Antonio Zavala Ortega replied May 19. we would like to know (where) we could change the hotname correct . however. 2016 at 17:59 PM Hello good morning excuse me. this should be resolved.Thanks & Best Regards. "KTKRIXOS could not be resolved". ~Akshay 0 likes Nguyen Nguyen Thai replied December 19. 2016 at 13:00 PM As per the error i see. If the above screen is opened via SAP System then you have to mention this on the SAP Application Server or if this Image viewer is directly accessed from User's Laptop then this entry should be on user's host file. I have not found any things on OpenText about this issue. I am new to this area and need your expertise for my solution design. It shows all steps are finished with warning (State 4) but I cannot finish the import process. Content Server.0 installation for 1. Requirement: My client is looking for SAP VIM 7.0.5 for SAP (Archive Server. Enable Invoice approval using Mobile and Web portal functionality of VIM Solution approach: Vendor invoice process flow is as follows 1. I have successfully installed xECM 10.Scan paper invoice/PDF attachement to email using Invoice Capture center(ICC) 7. There is no archive server is available for organization.0 functionality available in VIM . Kindly find details of scenario as follows: Introduction to client: My client is a a new organization to SAP ERP. Email channel: To receive vendor invoice as a PDF attachment to email 3. Basic SAP setup has been implemented for organization. 2015 at 00:32 AM Hi Akshay. Any suggestion? Thanks very much Phuong 0 likes A Kumar replied January 17. OTDS). My client is looking for Implementation of SAP VIM 7. When I see logs of TxCode SAINT. Enterprise Library. However when I tried to install Sap add-on OTEXBAS_1050-700 through solman account on client 000 it takes very long time at the step MAIN IMPORT (5 hours) and do not display any thing. Paper invoice using Optical character recognition(OCR) functionality 2. SAP Archiving: My client is new to SAP. What is hardware and software requirement to enable document archiving needed for images/email archival. I am in design phase and looking for answers as soon as I can get. process vendor invoice as per document processing rules based on approval matrix or handle invoice using exception scenario 3. Regards A Kumar 0 likes PANKAJ MISTRY replied July 17. Any specification needed for configuration of email ID? Any prerequisites? I know that I have put up many questions in one go. Invoice Capture center(ICC) 7. Invoice capture center(ICC) Licence installation: Any specific hardware/software required to completely implement ICC functionalities.0 for VIM: Invoice capture center consist of following architecture  Recognition server (Invoice image processing)  Validation client( Invoice approval client)  ICC dispatcher( SAP VIM component) 2. SAP VIM license installation: Any specific hardware/software required to completely implement VIM functionalities.0 and got confused and ended up in so many questions. Recognition server and validation client: ICC has three components:  Recognition server: What should be specification of recognition server needed for VIM?  Hotspot: What is hotspot functionality and how does it integrate VIM to recignition server?  Validation client: What should be specification of validation client needed for VIM? 7. Do this functionality need any additional software/hardware to be in place or its a part of ICC funtionality? 2. Document scanning: Specification of scanner needed for document scanning.5 mentioned in above thread work along with VIM? 5. Email configuration in SAP: Invoice PDF received in email as an attachment needs to be processed and archived for Invoice posting. Do SAP Archiving 10. 3. There is no SAP archiving enabled for organization as of now.0? 4. Kindly help me as soon as possible as its very urgent. I have a high level understanding of solution and need help to identify solution to below mentioned questions: 1. 2015 at 17:42 PM Hello A Kumar. Web approval portal Questions: 1. How to integrate SAP VIM to Archiving? 6. . Mobile approval portal 4. Please let me know if you can be available for an offline discussion on the same. SAP Archive server: To enable Early archiving 3. which can be utilized for document scanning. Approve invoice using Mobile/web portal for VIM approval With respect to above mentioned solution approach. I have read solution documents for SAP VIM 7. Can you please provide detail of components needed for SAP Archiving. I tried searching for relevant documents and realized that it could be achieved by architecture mentioned below: 1. Open text provides functionality named as Enterprize scan. Kindly confirm if my understanding of SAP VIM solution approach and architecture is fine? 2. Do ICC need a seperate license than SAP VIM 7.2. ICC & OpenText Archive Server configuration document for environment you have successfully implemented. Thanks Pankaj Mistry 0 likes Amr Gamal replied August 27. what is the species of hardware I need? CPU/RAM/Storage Thanks 0 likes Sumit Kumar replied September 09. can you please provide VIM.Hope you have completed the VIM. Would it be possible to share the document around the architecture on the components involved and technical configuration that is required for end-to-end solution to work. ICC & OpenText Archive Server solution implemented by now. 2015 at 13:58 PM I need to prepare a server for installing the OpenText. 2015 at 13:16 PM Hello A kumar. Can someone tell me. Thanks Sumit Kumar . i am in open text last 2 year want to have these config guide to understand indetails.
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