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Himalayan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology (HICAST) Kathmandu, Nepal

____________________________________Nepalese Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 2017, vol 15



____________________________________Nepalese Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 2017, vol 15

Citation: Nepalese Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 2017, vol. 15 (ISSN 2091-042X and eISSN 2091-0428)

Editorial Board Editor-in-chief Binayak P. RAJBHANDARI, Ph.D. Managing Editor Bidur P. CHAULAGAIN, Ph.D. Editors Naba Raj DEVKOTA, Ph.D. Krishna B. SHRESTHA, M.V.Sc. Upendra Man SINGH, Ph.D.

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Publisher Himalayan College of Agricultural Sciences & Technology (HICAST) Kalanki, Kirtipur Municipality 1 Post Box 25535 Kathmandu, Nepal Emails: [email protected]; [email protected] URL://www.hicast.edu.np/ URL://njas.hicast.edu.np/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The opinions expressed or the interpretations of findings in the articles/ papers are those of the author(s); and do not reflect the view of the editor(s) or the publisher.


____________________________________Nepalese Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 2017, vol 15

TABLE OF CONTENTS RESEARCH ARTICLES Bypass protein supplementation on milk production performance of dairy cattle- Megh Raj Tiwari, S.R. Pant, M.P. Acharya, L.N. Pandey and B.K. Shrestha…………….6 Variability studies in yield attributing traits of early maize genotypes in western hill of Nepal- Bishnu Prasad Kandel, Ankur Poudel, Subarna Sharma and Mahesh Subedi….13 Climate change and rice yield trends in Banke, Nepal- Gautam Shrestha, Bandhu Raj Baral, Sunil Shrestha, Ghanashyam Malla and Suresh Kumar Rai.…19 Screening of rice genotypes against Leaf and Neck Blast Disease- Prakash Ghimire, G. KhatriChhetri, S. Shrestha, and G. Parajuli…33 Assessment of microbial hazard based on HACCP module on chicken sausage production plant- Parisha Thapa….39 Evaluation of different varieties of oat at high hill of Rasuwa district, Nepal- B. Khanal, B. R. Baral, M.R. Tiwari and N. Devkota…48 Gelatinization of Starch in Nile Tilapia Feed- Shijan Adhikari, Bharat Adhikari and Trond Storebakken….55 Lemon grass oil feeding in relation to growth and carcass characteristics of broiler chickenMegh Raj Tiwari, B. Shah, A.K. Jha and M.P. Sah….67 The nutrient composition and nitrate content of ranked fodder tree species in the hills and mountain of Nepal- Sujaya Upreti and Naba Raj Devkota….75 Forage conservation and its feeding effect on growth performance of sheep in mountain region- L.N. Pandey, B.B. K.C., D K Yadav and M.R. Tiwari….86 Management practices adopted by commercial tomato growers against Tuta absoluta -Divya Joshi, Binayak P. Rajbhandari, B.P. Bhattarai and Lalit P. Sah ….93 Growth, yield and soil nutrient status of broad leaf mustard (Brassica juncea var. Rugosa) under integrated nutrient management- Krish Rauniyar and B.P. Bhattarai….98 Estimation of genetic parameters and effect of non-genetic factors on weight and reproductive traits of goat from Central Terai region of Nepal- Saroj Sapkota, Sulochana Shrestha, Neena Amatya Gorkhali, Nirajan Bhattarai, Mana Raj Kolachhapati and Yamuna Kumar Shrestha….107


____________________________________Nepalese Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 2017, vol 15 Agro-morphological performance of maize inbreds- Hari Prasad Sharma, Jiban Shrestha, Sujan Karki, Jharana Upadhyay and Yub Raj Dhakal….112 Correlation and path coefficient analysis of early maize genotype in Western Hill of NepalBishnu Prasad Kandel, Ankur Poudel, Subarna Sharma and Mahesh Subedi….119 Comparative performance of Boer cross breed goat over other local and cross breeds in midhills of Nepal- Dipak Adhikari, Devi P. Adhikari, Ram P. Ghimire, Shiva Hari Ghimire, Purna B. Shrestha, Hem Raj Dhakal and Saroj Sapkota….125 Risk factors associated with Toxoplasma gondii seropositivity in randomly sampled goats of Sunsari district of Nepal- R. P. Sah, M. H. Talukder, M. Z. Alam, A. K. M. A. Rahman and U. M. Singh….132 Soil fertility status of vegetable growing areas at Birendranagar, Surkhet- Binod Kharel and R.B Ojha….139 Collection and morphological characterization of sweet potato Genotypes in Nepal- P. Bhattarai, B. M. Sakha and M. Bhattarai….146 Pest and disease surveillance of vegetable crops and farmer’s pest management practices in Banke and Surkhet districts- Kapur Bhusal, Bishnu Prasad Bhattarai and Lalit P. Sah….160 Evaluation of packaging materials for transportation of apple – G.D. Subedi, D.M. Gautam, D.R. Baral, G.B. K. C., K.P. Paudyal & R. K. Giri….166 Assessment of farmer’s perspective on backyard poultry production and impacts of vaccination against Ranikhet disease in Jhapa district, Nepal- Sita Acharya, Surendra Karki, Keshav Prasad Sah and Shubh N. Mahato....178 Marketing opportunities and strategies for integrated pest management grown produceAjaya P.Giri, Bishnu P. Bhattarai, Binayak P. Rajbhandari and Lalit P. Sah….185 Effect of different crude protein levels feeding on growth performance of growing Baruwal sheep- Megh R. Tiwari and H.R. Dhakal….196

RESEARCH NOTES Production practices, marketing and problems in broad leaf mustard cultivation in Bhaktapur district- S. Bharati and S.M. Shakya….203 Prevalence of brucellosis in goats at Dolakha district - S. Paudel and S. Thapa….208 Prospects of pineapple-based micro-enterprise in Sindhuli district, Nepal- D. Adhikari and S. Amgai….212


____________________________________Nepalese Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 2017, vol 15

CASE STUDIES A case report on wound healing activity of honey dressing-Raju Shrestha….219 Local innovation documentation: a case study of Mustang district, Nepal- S. Amgai, S.M. Bhattarai and D.R. Dangol….222 Efficacy of IPM Practice over farmer’s practice in cauliflower: a study in Kathmandu Valley- Suresh Oli, P. Ghimire and S. Gajurel….229 A study on negative impacts and coping strategies of chemical inputs at Karpok and Godak VDCs of Ilam district- Manoj Basnet, Bikash Khanal1, D.R Dangol, and S.M. Shakya….236

REVIEW ARTICLE Conservation bio-control in an agricultural system: limitations and prospects- Sheela Sharma, Sundar Tiwari and Lekhnath Kafle….243

EDITORIAL Nepalese agriculture in the pretext of climate change and sustainability- Bidur P. Chaulagain and Binayak P. Rajbhandari….250


____________________________________Nepalese Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 2017, vol 15

RESEARCH ARTICLES Bypass protein supplementation on milk production performance of dairy cattle M.R. Tiwari1, S.R. Pant2, M.P. Acharya2, L.N. Pandey1 and B.K. Shrestha1 1


Animal Nutrition Division, Khumaltar National Cattle Research Program, Rampur, Chitwan [email protected]

ABSTRACT An experiment was carried out at National Cattle Research Program (NCRP), Rampur, Chitwan from November to December, 2016 for 30 days to evaluate the effect of bypass protein supplementation on milk production performance of dairy cattle. A total of eight lactating cattle of similar parity, calving date and milk production were selected for experiment. These animals were divided into two groups (control and treatment) by using completely Randomized Design (CRD). Concentrate mixture was prepared by using feed ingredients of Kisan Feed Industries, Patan Industrial State of Lalitpur. Control group were provided 6 kg concentrate mixture whereas treatment group were provided 6 kg concentrate and 1.5 kg formalin treated soybean cake. Experimental animals were allowed to graze for three hours in the pasture lands of NCRP and adlib amount of green grass such as Teosenti, Bajra, Perennial sorghum and local grass was also provided as per availability once a day. Feed intake and milk yield of individual animal was recorded daily. Results revealed that treatment group produced significantly higher (p
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