Nine - In a Very Unusual Way

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Flowing(A84) (IN A VERY UNUSUAL WAY) from Nine UNUSUAL WAY Lyrics and Music by MAURY YESTON ver-y un -u ver-y un -u - - su-al way su-al way ed you. one time- I need I think-I'm in l o v e with you. I ver - y un -u - su - a1 way ver-y un-u - su-a1 way you w e r e myI want- to- friend. Cry. Copyright O 1982 by Yeston Music, Ltd. (BMI) Worldwide rights administered by Cherry River Music (BMI) International Copyright Secured All Rights Reserved I- May - be it last - ed a day Some-thing in -side- me goes weak - may-be it last - ed an hour some-thing in-side me sur- ren - ders, D Esus I m but some-how it will nev er end.. . 12. A D Esus E7 C~m/B I and you're the rea -son why,- you're the rea- son- why.- A .. J L. - H. You don't L. H. know L. H. what you do L. H. to me, A I - w I Ped. Ped. don'tL. H. have a clue. L. H. L. H. - Ped. Ped. what it's like to be Ped. Ped. I look - ing at yuo. L.H. . I L R A 1 -, It 1 Ped. - L. H.- I scares me so- that I I can hard - ly speak. In a I - ver-y un-u - su-a1 way I owe-what I a m to you. Though at I times it ap- pears I won't stay, I nev - er- go- Spe-cia1 t o me in my life since the first day-that I m e t you,- I how could I ev - er for-get- you once you had touched- my soul? I a ver-y un-u - su-a1 way you've made C# I F#/C# \ C# I I A F#/C# rit. I C# I I whole.
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