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CHILDREN’S SCIENCE CONGRESSDR LALIT SHARMA FOCAL THEME: ENERGY: Explore. Harness & Conserve SUB-THEMES:  ENERGY RESOURCES  ENERGY SYSTEMS  ENERGY AND SOCIETY  ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENT  ENERGY CONSERVATION AND MANAGEMENT  ENERGY PLANNING AND MODELING . Harness & Conserve      Energy is crucial input parameter in everyday life Energy is important for economic development Energy consumption decides well-being of society Energy availability directs progress of country Energy is key to sustainable development .ENERGY: Explore. .ENERGY RESOURCES Deals with different resources Renewable (solar.) .. water....) and Non-renewable (coal. natural gas. bio-mass. lignite. oil. wind. energy potential)  Wind mapping in my locality (wind velocity at  different sites / locations) . classification. usage) Assessment of bio-mass resources available in my village (animals / plants.ENERGY RESOURCES Some project ideas:  Exploration and identification of energy resources in and around my school / home (origin. performance analysis. conversion transmission / distribution of energy sources Focuses on devices / processes of conversion from one to another useable forms. and faesibility .ENERGY SYSTEMS Deals with interrelated network. energy) . rubber tubing)  Comparison of food web in different natural ecosystems (identify. interrelationship. sketch / design. energy efficiency)  Different types of solar cooker made of locally available materials (ply sheets.ENERGY SYSTEMS Some project ideas  Energy efficiency of different chullahs in my village (identify. ENERGY AND SOCIETY Deals with influence of societal pattern on consumption of available and accessible energy sources . efficiency. economics) . age. economic status.ENERGY AND SOCIETY Some project ideas  Energy utilization in my locality (collect data on gender. compare. analyze)  Influence of festivities on energy consumption pattern (energy consumption during festivals versus non-festival days)  Assessment of animal draught power versus machine (compare different uses. energy utilized for different aspects. transmission. processing. .. consumption.ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENT Deals with impact of non-renewable energy sources on environment during production... flora. fuel used. health record)  . wind direction.ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENT Some project ideas  Impact of coal-based thermal plants (mapping. fauna) Energetic assessment of cycle-driven rickshaws (indirect impact on environment)  Effect of fuel used in kitchen on health of women (type of stove/chullah. human health. and developing strategies for conservation .ENERGY CONSERVATION AND MANAGEMENT Deals with assessment of demand. uses. misuse at different stages. billing. saving opportunities) . saving opportunities)   Understanding green building (identify building/house. temperature) Energy saving options in house/school/hospital (installations.ENERGY CONSERVATION AND MANAGEMENT Some project ideas  Electrical /water energy audit of school (installations. wind. billing. daylight. ENERGY PLANNING AND MODELING Deals with projection of future needs in light of present demand. development of strategies to meet the same through mathematical models . options of utilization)  Optimizing energy consumption in school / office (factors responsible – infrastructure.  integrate) . options available.for my school / home (identify energy guzzlers.ENERGY PLANNING AND MODELING Some project ideas  Micro-level energy planning . integrate) Modeling for grey water recycling in my building / colony (availability. timings. Than’Q 09322264173 [email protected] .
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