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Operator’s ManualMaxim Chain Drive Tillers TP50B • MT50B • RMT50B • RMT55H • RMT50IC • RMT60R WARNING If incorrectly used this machine can cause severe injury. Those who use and maintain the machine should be trained in its proper use, warned of its dangers, and should read the entire manual before attempting to set up, operate, adjust, or service the machine. MAXIM MANUFACTURING CORPORATION PO BOX 110 • Sebastopol, MS 39359 • 3. DECALS TYPE HOLD HANDLE GRIPS WHILE CRANKING TINE ENGAGE LEVER HANDLE CROSS BRACE (TP50B) HANDLE CROSS BRACE (MT50B) HANDLE CROSS BRACE (RMT) DO NOT OPERATE WITHOUT GUARD TINE WARNING MADE IN USA BELT GUARD (TP50B) BELT GUARD (MT50B) BELT GUARD (RMT) FAST SLOW OFF (TP50B) CAUTION (OPERATOR) PART # 336776 336777 336768-A 336913 336916 336720 336784 336924 336894 336914 336917 336766-A 336799 15 QUANTITY 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 . Disengage all clutches and shift into neutral before starting the engine. 5. shut off the engine and make certain all moving parts have stopped. or other safety protective devices in place.WARNING!! Read these and all safety and operating instructions before operating your tiller. let go of the handlebars and do not restrain the machine. Never operate the tiller without proper guards. Never fill fuel tank indoors. it is highly flammable. Fill fuel tank outdoors with extreme care. V Drive for Units with 9” Pulley Belt. Allow the engine to cool before storing in any enclosure. Keep children and pets away. 4. Read the operating and service instruction manual carefully. particularly small children and pets. Use only attachments and accessories approved by the manufacturer of the tiller. Before cleaning. Do not run the engine indoors. adjustments. Do not operate the equipment without wearing adequate outer garments. Do not put hands or feet near or under rotating parts. Exercise extreme caution when operating on or crossing gravel drives. 3. Be thoroughly familiar with the controls and the proper use of the equipment before use. Never add fuel to a running or hot en gine. plates. 11. 9” for TP and MT Pulley. Lower for MT Key. attachments. and keep the wire away from the plug to prevent accidental starting. Do not overload the machine capacity by attempting to till too deep at too fast a rate. Never attempt to make any adjustments while the engine is running except where specifically recommended by the manufacturer. Disconnect the cord on electric motors. 10. Training 1. 3/16” x 3/4” Woodruff #9 Guard Guard. stop the engine. b. 3.18 Screw. Know how to stop the unit and disengage the controls quickly. Stop the engine when leaving the operating position. or inspecting. Pulley Set Screw 5/16” Self Tapping Bolt 1/4” x 1/2” Bolt. Be careful when tilling in hard ground. Never operate the tiller without good visibility or light. 1/2” x 24 x 3/4” Bracket. 13. walks or roads. 2. 4. Disconnect the spark plug wire. 6. Maintenance and Storage 1. 7” for RMT Key. engine mounting bolts. Thoroughly inspect the area where the equipment is to be used and remove all foreign objects. 2. 2. Keep the area of operation clear of all persons. repairing. Disengage the power take off. 1/2” Heavy Locknut. Never store the machine with fuel in the fuel tank inside a building where ignition sources are present. Round MT model Bracket. RMT) Belt Bracket Assembly (RMT55H) Belt Bracket Assembly (MT) Belt. remove the wire from the spark plug. before unclogging the tines. 2. If the unit should start to vibrate abnormally. V Drive for Units with 7” Pulley Pulley. Never allow children to operate the equipment. AND PULLEY QUAN DESCRIPTION Crankshaft Pulley. Check shear bolts.20 Nut. Do not carry passengers. 9. 12. Replace gasoline cap securely and clean up spilled fuel before restarting. Keep machine. thoroughly inspect the tiller for any damage. 5. Take all possible precautions when leaving the 2 REF 701 703 703-A 704 712 714 715 716 719 720 801 802 808 812 815 823 824 825 826 827 828 PART # 271686 162035 162067 359215 272201 272213 336671 336665 463017 130733 130791 359341 359216 359383 415562 400176 400104 400235 359343 445245 446145 444715 443106 400194 446136 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 1 1 1 2 1 1 4 4 4 1 1 BELT COVER. Never operate the machine at high transport speeds on slippery surfaces. Exhaust fumes are dangerous. d. stop the engine and check immediately for the cause. and accessories in safe working condition. and repair the damage before restarting and operating the tiller. shift into neutral.20 x 1/2 Engine Screw. Never allow bystanders near the unit. clothes dryers. 5/16” machine unattended. c. Upper Flat Washer Lockwasher. 14. and other bolts at frequent intervals for proper tightness to be sure the equipment is in safe working order. Use an approved fuel container. The tines may catch in the ground and propel the tiller forward. Stay alert for hidden hazards or traffic. and the like. 15. 5 hp Belt Bracket Assembly ( TP. 5/16” . Look behind and use care when backing. such as hot water and space heaters. Handle fuel with care. 3. and when making any repairs. BELTS. Vibration is generally a warning of trouble. After striking a foreign object. 7.18 x 1 1/2” Hex Head Cap Lockwasher. Operation 1. 8. 5/16” . Preparation 1. Wear footwear that will improve footing on slippery surfaces. 1/4” . If this occurs. 1/4” . Exercise caution to avoid slipping or falling. and inspections. Never allow adults to operate the equipment without proper instruction. lower the attachment. stop the engine and remove the key. 17. 16. Lower for RMT Bracket. a. Be careful not to kink the control cables. Tiller model TP50B comes in two cartons. Install rotor assemblies on shaft using 4 tine pins and 4 cotter hair pins. nuts and lock washers. Carton #1 will have the complete tiller unit and the cultivator mounting bar. read and follow the following instructions carefully. Install right and left handle bars to hitch using two 5/16” 18 x 3 1/2” hex bolts. FEDERAL LAWS APPLY ON FEDERAL LANDS. Take out all unassembled parts. All other models are delivered in one carton. bag of parts. Be sure the handle bar which has the clutch lever is on the 3 14 . SET UP INSTRUCTIONS UNPACKING To assure proper operation of your Maxim Tiller. other reproductive harm. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO LIFT THE TILLER FROM THE CARTON. 4. cut all four corners and lay the sides flat on the floor or working space. and protective packing. OTHER STATES MAY HAVE SIMILAR LAWS. Do not tighten any bolts until all are started. Do not attempt to lift the tiller from the carton. birth defects. IF A SPARK ARRESTER IS USED. Remove all parts from carton #1. 2. Carton #2 will have all the plow attachments and tractor tires. WARNING The engine exhaust from this product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer. After opening the top.Belt and Belt Cover IMPORTANT: THIS UNIT IS EQUIPPED WITH AN INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE AND SHOULD NOT BE USED ON OR NEAR ANY UNIMPROVED FOREST COVERED. 1. Be sure that all cutting edges are facing toward the front as they rotate. IT SHOULD BE MAINTAINED IN EFFECTIVE WORKING ORDER BY THE OPERATOR. You should have the following items: 1 each box of 4 rotor assemblies 1 each Throttle Control Assembly 1 each Pair of Handle Bars 1 each Clutch Control Cable 1 each Handle Cross Brace 1 Bag of small parts (nuts and bolts) 2 each Handle Bar Braces 1 each Cultivator Mounting Bar (TP50B only) 3. SEE YOUR AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTER FOR ARRESTER. IN THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA A SPARK ARRESTER IS REQUIRED BY LAW (SECTION 4442 OF THE CALIFORNIA PUBLIC RESOURCES CODE). BRUSH COVERED OR GRASS COVERED LAND UNLESS THE ENGINE’S EXHAUST IS EQUIPPED WITH A SPARK ARRESTER MEETING APPLICABLE LOCAL LAWS ( IF ANY). Pin Idler Pulley Idler Shaft Idler Shaft Arm Capscrew NC. NC 1/4” x 1 3/4” Nut. The left brace bolts between the belt guard bracket and the transmission. Replace plug. Fill until check plug overflows. 3/8” x 1 3/4” Wheel Shoulder Bolt Cap Screw. gasoline. DO NOT MIX OIL WITH GASOLINE.75” Heavy Duty Figure 1 bolts. 1/4” Lockwasher. Check the transmission to that it is full.3/8” Slot Tapping Screw Clutch Lever Clutch Lever Pin Clutch Locking Pin Clutch Locking Spring Clutch Cable Spring Clutch Cable and Adjustment Clutch Cable Guide Throttle Cable Clip Wheel. NC 5/16” x 1 1/4” 359853 1 Engine Guard 4 13 . See Figure 1. Use 90 wt. NC 5/16” x 1” Cap Screw. Install clutch cable by hooking loop at bottom into notch in clutch arm.18 x 1” and one 5/16” x 1 1/4” hex Ref# 101 102 103 302 303 304 305 308 402 403 404 405 407 408 409 410 413 414 601 605 606 607 609 615 618 621 625 705 706 708 709 802 804 805 806 807 809 811 813 814 816 817 818 819 820 821 822 825 830 831 833 Part # 336682 336681 359335 130695 336678 130730 313786 130694 162077 402014 336683 359345 359346 359359 359327 162041 359326 359323 162031 461467 359362 461468 162032 130701 336686 359363 461469 359321 162069 359325 400290 359330 400184 400186 400197 400200 400207 400275 400115 400109 443101 443106 443110 444721 444720 446130 446136 455050 162096 162095 MT and TP Models Quan. NC 5/16” x 2 1/4” Cap Screw.SET UP INSTRUCTIONS CONTINUED right as you stand in an operating position. Fill the tank completely. See Figure 1. The braces are mounted to the handle bars using one 1/4” . c. nuts. NC 5/16” x 3/4” Cap Screw. Install handle bar grips (Some type of lubricant such as liquid soap will be helpful). 10” x 1. 5/16” Washer SAE Flat. 5/16” Nut NC. Remove check plug.20 x 1 1/2 and one 1/4” . NC 5/16” x 3 3/4” Cap Screw. Install the handle bar cross brace between the handle bars using four 1/4” . 10” x 1. The clutch cable guide mounts on the outside of the right handle bar. 5. Tighten all bolts at this time.20 x 1 3/4” hex bolts. Use clean. nuts and lock washers. 3/8” Locknut NF. The clutch cable should be adjusted so that the belt will slip when released and the spring will be extended 1/4” when lever is engaged. 6. 7. 2. 1/2” LH Tine Shield RH Tine Shield RMT Part # Quan Description 162081 1 Handle Bar Left Hand 162082 4 1 Handle Bar RH Heavy Duty Figure 2 162065 2 Wheel. fresh.75 Wheel Yoke Locking Pin Lock Pin Spring Cotter Pin Wheel Yoke Assembly Hitch Casting Depth Bar Depth Bar Adjust. Install the two handle bar tie braces between the holes in the transmission and the lower holes in the handle bars. 3/8” Locknut NC. 8. 3. 3/8” Lockwasher. Description 1 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 2 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 1 1 4 2 1 5 1 6 11 2 4 1 6 11 1 Optional Optional Main Frame Rail LH Main Frame Rail RH Frame Spacer Handle Bar LH Handle Bar Brace Handle Cross Brace Handle Grip Handle Bar Right Hand Intek Throttle Control #10 . 10. Fill fuel tank. and lock washers. NC 5/16” x 2 1/2” Cap Screw. Spring Depth Bar Adjust. and lock washers. d. 9. Route the clutch cable through guide with the adjustment at the top. NC 1/4” Nut. NC 1/4” x 1 1/2” Cap Screw. Remove the engine dipstick and fill crankcase with oil according to engine owner’s manual. a. Route the throttle control cable under the handle passing under the cross brace. 162033 1 Wheel Yoke Assembly 338009 1 Idler Pulley 400190 Cap Screw. NC 3/8” x 3” Cap Screw. See Figure 3. FINAL SETUP 1. See Figure 1 and 2. lead-free. Hook spring into clevis and into hole in clutch lever. Fasten the braces to the transmission using one 5/16” . nuts. Approximately 1 pint. gear lube or 50 weight motor oil. b.20 x 1 1/2” hex bolts. fresh. BE FAMILIAR WITH ALL OPERATING CONTROLS. become familiar with the operating instructions and safety suggestions in this manual. 2. Move throttle control lever to center position. Check the oil for proper level.FRAME ASSEMBLY OPERATION BEFORE USING THIS MACHINE CHECK THE ASSEMBLY INCLUDING THE HANDLE AND CONTROLS. regular gasoline from an approved container. When starting. squeeze clutch lever to handle. Clutch Lever The clutch is disengaged when clutch is away from handle grip. 2. Pull the rope with a continuous full arm stroke. Push stop switch at spark plug. Operate the machine in an open area to get the “feel” of the machine and its controls. and that the tiller is assembled properly. BEFORE STARTING THIS TILLER. Then adjust to desired speed. Keep a firm grip on the starter handle and let the rope rewind slowly. located on the left side of the handle controls engine speed. Refer to engine owner’s manual for correct grade and quantity and directions. MAKE SURE ALL FASTENERS ARE TIGHT. To engage clutch. Review Safety suggestions and Operating Instructions for safe and proper use of the tiller. Do not let the handle snap back against the starter. Manually open choke. Operating Instructions Before operating the machine. To stop engine move throttle control lever to rear position. Hold the handle with your left hand while pulling the starter rope with your right. 3. Pull the rope out slowly until the engine reaches the start of the compression cycle (the rope will pull slightly harder at this point). Fill the fuel tank with clean. MAKE SURE THE THROTTLE AND OTHER CONTROLS WORK CORRECTLY. Starting Procedure 1. place control lever in center position. Make certain clutch lever is in disengaged position. 4. Check the spark plug for proper connection on the spark plug. OPERATING CONTROLS Throttle Control Lever The throttle control lever. Starting and Stopping the Engine Before starting the engine check that all bolts are tight. Then allow the rope to retract fully. STOP FORWARD MOVEMENT AND SHUT OFF ENGINE. KNOW HOW TO DISENGAGE TINES. 12 5 . 3. Pre Start 1. keep hands and feet away from tines and v-belt before and after starting engine. Figure 4 DANGER To avoid possible serious bodily injury. If it does. don’t pull backwards . 5.As Required When you find the right amount of downward pressure so that the tines are digging and tiller is not moving forward. you may want to run the engine a little faster. Repeat steps Number 2 and 3 above until the engine starts. 2. and sliding the drag stake up or down. but the tiller should not move forward. move the throttle lever to desired position. 6 11 . After you have become more familiar with the tiller. your arms hand comfortably with the elbows slightly bent. *AR -. then set the throttle at about half speed. stop the tiller. 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 AR 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 AR AR 2 DESCRIPTION Left hand Case Assembly Right Hand Case Assembly Oil Fill Plug 5/16” x 2 3/4” Bolt 5/16” Washer 5/16” Nut Dust Shield Oil Seal Bearing. adjust belt and cable tension as described in Adjustments section of this manual. Never attempt to adjust or clean tines while engine is running. the chain drive must disengage immediately when clutch lever is released. If the engine fails to start after 3 pulls on the rope. The tines will begin to turn. the actual up and down movement of the handles will be no more than an inch or two. NOTE: A warm engine may start without choking. TRANSPORT To transport tiller from garden to storage area.merely press down harder on the handle. Close choke after engine has responded.032 Transmission Washer OPERATION OF THE CHAIN DRIVE TILLER 1. repeat Step 1 above as necessary. and your hands are on the tiller handle.4. Idler Cluster Input Shaft/Sprocket Washer Rubber Seal 1/4” x 1/2” Screw Input Shaft Spacer Shim Washer 41/64 x 1 x . Do not fight the tiller. TRANSMISSION 130400 REF # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 20 21 22 23 24 25 PART # 130693 130692 359312 400201 455041 443106 359306 359305 359304 359313 359303 162038 359302 336675 359296 162023-A 359297 359298 162037 359339 408883 359351 455049 455062 359299 QUAN. The whole tilling operation is controlled by the amount of pressure you put on the drag stake. Disconnect the wire from the spark plug to prevent accidental starting of the machine while it is unattended. 2. Do not use the choke if engine is hot. Alllow engine warm-up period before operating tiller. Move throttle control to center position. Never leave the tiller unattended with the engine running. Children are attracted to a running tiller and could be injured if struck by the rotating tines. place wheels in up position by pulling spring loading pin and lifting wheels. When the ground is hard (especially during spring and fall plowing). 4. DANGER To prevent personal injury. release the pressure slightly. lift the handles until the drag stake is above ground level. set the engine throttle at slow speed and walk the tiller on the tines. In normal soil. Stopping Engine 1. As the engine warms up. Release pin. wheels may be left down if you prefer. 3.0625 Shim Washer 41/64 x 1 x . WARNING Keep hands clear of belt and tines while engine is running. Press down firmly on the handles. If it does not. This is done by depressing pin. As you release it you’ll notice the tiller beginning to move forward. and release the downward pressure to move forward faster. Start the engine and allow it to warm up. Push stop switch at spark plug. The drag stake should be set so that when it is firmly in the ground. Needle Washer Spacer Shaft and Sprocket Assembly Chain Gasket Chain Idler Sprocket Cluster Input Bearing Bushing. and then squeeze the clutch lever. Adjust the drag stake for comfortable operation. For weeding or cultivating. Stand between the handles and press down to go slower and dig deeper. Move the throttle control to rear position. 3. at risk of severe injury. give the machine time to do its job. For best results.). we offer the following suggestions: 1. Push upward on idler pulley to take all slack from the drive belt. if needed. If the soil is extremely hard and dry. Extension tines provide a tilling width of up to 38”. when performing any adjustment remove the spark plug wire and place the wire away from the plug to prevent accidental starting. Operation actually takes very little effort. TILLLING PATTERNS Whenever possible till the soil in the direction in which the planting or rows will run. 7 Figure 7 To avoid possible serious bodily injury. Slide clevis pin out and remove outer tine assembly. When tilling on sloping ground. CLUTCH ADJUSTMENT Proper clutch adjustment is very important. Slide engine forward or backwards as required.TRANSMISSION OPERATING TIPS To acquire the knack of letting the tiller do the work without effort on the part of the operator. Operate the tiller at about 3/4 throttle. remove pin clip from clevis pin. When cultivating. Tilling width is 14” with outer assemblies removed. Minor adjustments. DANGER 2. it may be advisable to till across the plot on the first digging and then obtain the depth you want by tilling in the direction the planting will be done. 10 . Proceed at a slow walk. 8. raise the drag stake until the handles are the proper height as described in Item 1 or set rear wheels in position. Rear wheels should be raised for deep tillage or ease of turning in confined areas. 5. Adjust as follows: 1. 2. Distance between the inside of belt at the idler pulley should be between 2 7/8” and 3 1/8”. However. operate at reduced throttle settings when the ground is extremely hard or rough. 3. 6. 7. Concentrate on keeping your arms relaxed (There is a natural tendency for any beginner to tense up. ADJUSTMENTS TINE ADJUSTMENT The standard tilling width is 26” with both inner and outer tine assemblies mounted. turn the front of the machine uphill to sufficiently counteract the tendency to run down hill. Adjust drag stake so the handles are at such a height that your arms hang straight down to contact them.proceed at a slow walk . Don’t hurry the job . the friction type clutch may need further adjustment as the “V” belt stretches. can be made by using the links on the clutch cable chain only. Loosen 4 engine mount bolts. 3. Remove belt guard. To remove outer tine assemblies from inner tine assemblies. TIGHTEN ALL NUTS AND BOLTS PERIODICALLY. 4. Let the tiller do the work. 4. watching the rotors as it tills along the row. Unhook clutch cable from load spring. Remove all the slack from clutch cable and hook spring in proper chain link. Remove excess oil. This is noticeable by the pulley “V” bottom becoming shiny. If the cable spring on the clutch handle doesn’t stretch when you hold the clutch handle all the way in. 2. Bolo Tine 130742 1 R Outside Assembl. If the belt begins to bottom out on the engine pulley. then replacement of the pulley is needed. Replace belt guard. Inner 2 Tine Hub. Idler Arm Pivots -.Fill transmission with machine in normal upright position. PARTS BREAKDOWNS TINES MAINTENANCE PERIODIC CHECK 1. To replace a worn or slipping belt proceed as follows. Clutch Lever Pivots -. Throttle Control Cable -. 1. Remove fill plug.Apply a few drops of SAE 30 oil to the clutch hand lever and idler lever pivots as required to maintain a free and smooth operation of clutch. Ref 504 505 508 509 525 526 527 528 529 530 531 ENGINE MAINTENANCE AND STORAGE -. Use 90 weight gear lube or 50 weight motor oil. Check your adjustment by starting the tiller and holding the tines off the ground. 6. Regularly check all bolts and nuts for tightness. Wheels -. Unhook the clutch load spring and hook into next chain link to lengthen clutch cable. 6. STORAGE --At the end of the season or if the tiller is to be stored for any length of time it should be washed. Capacity is approximately 16 ounces. This simple procedure will keep your tiller looking like new for years. Once belt is off 9” or 7” pulley remove it from smaller pulley. Right 130721 8 Bolo Blade. with #30 oil. If excessive oil leakage appears around rotor shaft. Re-tighten engine mounting bolts. LUBRICATION 1. When this occurs. LH 2 Tine Hub.Lubricate idler arm pivots once a month or every 40 operating hours with #30 oil.Adjustments continued 5. the adjustment is too tight. 5. Transmission -.REFER TO ENGINE OWNER’S MANUAL FOR PROPER STORAGE AND MAINTENANCE OF YOUR ENGINE. wheels may become tight because of dust in bearing area. Unhook spring end from chain and hook next link to shorten clutch cable. 3. and thumb screws.Lubricate control cable as necessary. the adjustment is too loose. Bolo 130741 1 L Inside Assembly Bolo 130743 1 L Outside Assembly Bolo 130744 1 Bolo Tine Set Complete Part # 461466 460312 130762 130763 130776 130777 130766 130768 130767 130769 130761 9 RMT MODELS Quan Description 4 Tine Pin 4 Hair Pin. 2. A stick can be used to clean dirt from crevices. Spin wheel to allow oil to move into bearing. 8 MT AND TP MODELS Part # Quan Description 461466 4 Tine Pin 460312 4 Hair Pin 130720 8 Bolo Blade. Remove belt guard. the seals and shields must be replaced. remove the wheels and clean axle and wheel bearing surfaces with solvent or emery cloth. To make the job easier use a soft-bristled scrub brush to clean wheels and tires. Apply oil to axle and hub at back of wheel. “C” nuts. Start at the top of 9” or 7” pulley and begin removing belt in clockwise direction (facing tiller from the left side). In extremely dusty conditions. Make sure clutch lever is in disengaged position. Outer 1 R Inside Assembly Slasher 1 R Outside Assembly Slasher 1 1 1 L Inside Assembly Slasher L Outside Assembly Slasher Slasher Tine Set Complete . 5. Apply with a saturated rag or an oil can along the outer surface of the conduit. If the tines turn without any hand pressure on the clutch lever.Lubricate wheels and wheel support shafts once a month or every 40 operating hours with #30 oil. Fill until check plug hole overflows. Left 130722 2 Tine Hub. Fill plug is located on the upper right hand side. Replace belt by reversing sequence of steps above. 4. Cotter 4 Slasher Tine. 3. 7. 2. Replace plugs. BELT REPLACEMENT The drive belt is located on the left side of the machine. 4. If tension on belt is too great the idler pulley may be pulled downward to relieve pressure on belt. Oil and reassemble. Outer 130740 1 R Inside Assy. Inner 130723 2 Tine Hub. RH 4 Slasher Blade. Remove check plug.
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