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Unit 3 testListening 1  Listen to the interview. Where are the speakers? (2 marks) _________________________________________ 2  Listen again. Answer the questions. (8 marks) 1 How often does Sally buy clothes? ______________________________________ 2 When does Sally shop online? ______________________________________ 3 What bad experience did Sally have last year? ______________________________________ 4 What does Sally think of the prices in the shop? ______________________________________ 5 The underlined words are in the wrong sentences. Replace them with the correct words. (10 marks) 1 I can’t queue up to buy this coat; it’s too expensive. ____________ 2 I’ve been a regular souvenir at this shop for over 20 years. ____________ 3 John brought back a great customer of his trip to Morocco. ____________ 4 I’m happy to afford you my gloves if you can’t find yours. ____________ 5 The sale was so good that we had to lend for a long time to pay. ____________ Practical English 6 Complete the dialogue with the words. (10 marks) Vocabulary 3 Complete the sentences with in, out or up. (6 marks) 1 If you run, you might catch ______ with them. 2 Why don’t you join ______ the game? It’s fun. 3 If you watch us playing, you will soon pick ______ the rules. 4 You can try ______ both rackets before you decide. 5 I’d like to take ______ a new sport. 6 You shouldn’t miss ______ on this great opportunity. 4 Complete the sentences with the words. There are two words that you do not need. (4 marks). archery delicious fraction half price nutritious sports gear 1 The jeans in this shop are all ____________ ; it’s a bargain! 2 I need to buy some new ____________ for PE. 3 Do you think athletes get bored of eating ____________ food all the time? They have to eat so many vegetables. 4 Sarah is very good at ____________ ; she hits all her targets perfectly. could happy how invite inviting let’s plan sounds why works It’s Grandma’s seventieth birthday next month. (1) ____________ don’t we organize a surprise birthday party for her? Becky: That (2) ____________ like a great idea! Andy: How about (3) ____________ all the family to it? Amy: That (4) ____________ be a bit difficult, because Uncle Pat lives in America. Becky: You’re right. I suggest we just (5) ____________ all the family members who live in the UK. Andy: Yes! (6) ____________ send them all an email to see if they are available. Amy: (7) ____________ does that sound? Becky: That (8) ____________ for me. Andy: I’m (9) ____________ to write the emails, if you want. Amy: Great. That sounds like a good (10) ____________ . Amy: 1 3 5 They have played football ________ they were young boys. concerts and places of interest. The camp also has an English language school where learners (4) ____________ study all levels of English. and dance workshops. 9 Write present perfect questions. such as rock climbing. Come to Adventure Summer Camp! At Adventure Summer Camp we understand that teenagers are young adults. Adam ________________ into a new flat. writing. sociable place where you can make friends and have the most enjoyable time of your life! 10 Write present perfect sentences. We design our programme of activities and timetables with this in mind. We (1) ____________ one of the most popular camps in the UK since 1982. theatre. 1 They / finish / that / book / ? ______________________________________ 2 Peter / wash / the / dishes ? ______________________________________ 3 You / try / wakeboarding ? ______________________________________ 4 Mum / make / dinner ? ______________________________________ 5 Eleanor / do / her / homework ? ______________________________________ Many of our rules are (5) ____________ . (10 marks) be live move see try 1 2 3 4 5 ________ you ________ to Argentina? I ________ already ________ Shrek. 2 Fred has been at this company ________ six months. Kelly ________________ rock climbing yet. drama. Put the words in brackets in the correct place. but our camp is a happy. or even wakeboarding in one of the many lakes and rivers.Unit 3 test Grammar Cumulative Review 7 Complete the sentences with for or since. (10 marks) 1 We have lived in the UK ________ three years. (10 marks) 11 Complete the text. For those of you that are more (3) ____________ . 3 The amusement park has been open ________ 2003. (10 marks) 1 They / finish / that / book (yet) ______________________________________ 2 Peter / not wash / the / dishes (still) ______________________________________ 3 I / not try / wakeboarding (yet) ______________________________________ 4 Mum / make / dinner (already) ______________________________________ 5 Eleanor / not do / her / homework (still) ______________________________________ 2 3 . 4 I have had these boots ________ five years. 8 Complete the sentences with the present perfect form of the verbs. there are arts and crafts. trail biking. We ________________ in London for ten years. Come and explore the beautiful countryside of the Lake District. For our more (2) ____________ visitors there’s a range of exciting activities. we organize trips to the cinema. In addition. A traditional Brazilian dish is feijoada – made with black beans. which includes many unique and fascinating plants and animals and is home to about one third of the world’s terrestrial animal species. Paragraph 3 How is the second option better than the first? Give two reasons / examples. and has become popular all over the world. There are three headings you do not need. Its climate is hot and humid. Choose one of the following topics: Online shopping is better than going into shops.Unit 3 test Reading 12 Read the text. Listening _____ / 10 Practical English _____ / 10 Cumulative Review _____ /10 Writing _____ / 10 Vocabulary _____ / 20 Grammar _____ / 30 Reading _____ / 10 TOTAL __________ / 100 3 3 . 4 __________________ Visitors to Brazil shouldn’t miss out on the great variety of delicious and nutritious dishes. What is the current situation? What do most people do? How has this changed over recent years? Paragraph 2 How is the first option better than the second? Give two reasons / examples. vegetables and different types of meat. Planning your own holiday is better than going on an organized tour. 4 Brazil’s many different ____________________ have influenced its rich and diverse culture. Writing 14 Write a discussion essay. Use the questions to help you. but some communities and indigenous tribes still speak their own languages. 2 __________________ Brazil is one of the most visited countries in the world. 3 There are a famous statue and beach in ______________________ . such as the samba. (4 marks) Climate Culture Food Geography History Music and Dance Tourism 1 __________________ Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world. (6 marks) 1 Brazil is one of the ________________ and ________________ countries in the world. which has become famous for its Copacabana beach and spectacular statue of Christ the Redeemer. Paragraph 4 What is your opinion? What is the most important reason for your opinion? 13 Read the text again and complete the sentences. 6 Capoeira is from Brazil but is now ______________________ internationally. Many people also visit the beautiful extensive beaches and bays along the coast to relax and practise many water sports. There are many high mountains and long rivers in Brazil. The official language is Portuguese. Write about 125 words. song and dance. 2 About one third of the animal species in the world live in the ______________________ . There were indigenous people living in Brazil before Europeans arrived. 3 __________________ Brazil has a diverse mix of ethnicities and cultures. with regular rainfall throughout the year. people from all over the world have moved to Brazil. The most important natural area is the Amazon rainforest region. but the most popular city is Rio de Janeiro. Choose a heading for each paragraph. Over the centuries. (10 marks) Paragraph 1 Write an introduction. 5 Portuguese is the ______________________ of Brazil although not everybody speaks it. Cooking your own food is better than eating in restaurants. Music. It’s not the capital city. are an important part of the Brazilian identity. Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that combines dance and music.
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