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Mnemonic: Mechanism of action of antibiotics (Protein synthesis inhibitors) mnemonic A protein synthesis inhibitor is a substance that stops or slows the growth or proliferation of cells by disrupting the processes that lead directly to the generation of new proteins. How do you remember them? Aminoglycosides: A is the 1st letter, thus Aminoglycosides inhibit Initiation (the first step of translation). Prevents formation of the initiation complex. Tetracyclines (TTC): tRNA Tries but can’t. Prevents the aminoacyl-tRNA from attaching to the A site of the ribosome. ChloramPhenicol: The only one with a “P”, thus the only one inhibiting Peptide bond formation (by peptidyltransferase). Macrolides: Prevent the Movement of ribosomes. Prevents translocation. Clindamycin: Makes ribosomes Cling to mRNA. Prevents translocation. Lincomycin: Like erythromycin. Prevents translocation. Linezolid: Like an aminoglycoside Prevents initiation. For those you can't remember which subunit - "buy AT 30, CELL at 50" A = Aminoglycosides T = Tetracyclines 30 = 30S C = Chloramphenicol, E = Erythromycin (macrolides) L = Linezolid L = cLindamyin VACUUM Her BedRoom Tularemia Vibrio Cholerae .Mg which can dec its absorption) 4) Candidiasis & Colitis = superinfections can occur 5) Chlamydia = used for it Tetracycline uses mnemonic Tetracycline . 1) Children = avoid(can cause tooth & bone problem) 2) Childbirth = contraindicated in pregnancy (liver dysfunction) 3) Chelator = for divalent cations (Ca.Drug of Choice (and other STDs) Ureaplasma Urealyticum Mycoplasma Pneumoniae H.Drug of Choice Acne Chlamydiae .Drug of Choice Also used for - Malaria Gonococcal Infection Prophylaxis of Chronic Bronchitis Do not take with Milk. Antacid. Iron-containing preps since divalent cations inhibit its absorption into gut. .Drug of Choice Brucella Rickettsiae (Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever) . Pylori Borrelia Burgdorferi (Early Stage Lyme Disease) .50 = 50S Note: Aminoglycosides also attach to the 30-50S juncture causing misreading and that's why it's cidal ^_^ TETRACYCLINE MNEMONIC The “C” in the Cycline part of tetracycline can help us remember the following important information about it. Metabolised in liver 3. Crosses placenta USES: . DRUGS : 1. Tacrolimus ( it is an immunosuppresant as well ) 6. Erythromycin 2. Azithromycin 5. These drugs are excreted in bile except Clarithromycin in urine. MACROLIDE MECHANISM : Macrolide attaches to 50 s ribosome and block the translocation of peptide chain containing T RNA from A site to P site . 2. Roxithromycin 3. Clarithromycin 4. 4. Do not cross blood brain barrier 5. Spiramycin PHARMACOKINETICS: 1. One must know about the TRANSLATION process happening in the bacterial cell to understand the above mechanism . All drugs are taken orally except spiramycin . A . Azithromycin has extended spectrum of uses : 1. C . Urogenital infection by Chlamydia Clarithromycin used as prophylaxis and treatment of Mycobacterium avium and H.influenza Fluoroquinolone: https://www. ADVERSE EFFECTS : 1.pylori Spiramycin is drug of choice for toxoplasmosis in PREGNANCY.Atypical pneumonia 4. Campylobacter 2. Chloramphenicol: https://www.Legionella 3.Chancroid by Haemophilus ducreyi . L . ALL THESE ADVERSE EFFECTS ARE ABSENT IN AZITHROMYCIN . Corneybacterium . Mnemonic to remember the uses is CLAW . Nesseria gonnorrhoea 3.MACROLIDES ARE BROAD SPECTRUM ANTIBIOTICS. Erythromycin . W. Clarithromycin . cough by Bordetella pertusis. Erythromycin causes ACUTE CHOLESTATIC HEPATITIS 3. ERYTHROMYCIN causes diarrhoea due to Motilin Stimulation. Roxithromycin causes microsomal enzyme inhibition .com/watch?v=MBAq6j545IQ Clindamycin: https://www. They are the drug of choices for the following: 1. 2.
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