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Hanzjethro Villanueva Santos, RMT09178974844 MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY LAWS AND OTHER RELATED LAWS R.A 5527: Philippine Medical Technology Act of 1969 Approved: _____________________ Section 1: Title _________________________________________________________________________________ Section 2: Definition of Terms Section 3: ________________________________________________________ - Chairman: ________________________________________________ - Vice Chairman: ____________________________________________ - Members: - Director of the Bureau of Research and Laboratories of the Department of Health, - Chairman and two (2) members of the Board of Medical Technology - representative of the Deans of _________________________________________ - Presidents of the Philippine Society of Pathologists and the Philippine Association of Medical Technologists Section 4: Compensation and Travelling expenses of Council Members Section 5: Functions of the Council of Medical Technology Education A. To recommend the ________________________________________________________ B. To determine and prescribe the number of students to be allowed to take up the medical technology course in each school, taking into account the student-instructor ratio and the availability of facilities for instruction. C. To approve ______________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ D. To require all medical technology schools to submit an annual report, including the total number of students and instructors, list of facilities available for instruction, a list of their recent graduates and new admissions, on or before the month of June. E. To inspect, when necessary, the different medical technology schools in the country in order to determine whether a high standard of education is maintained in said institutions. F. To certify for admission in to an undergraduate internship students who have satisfactorily completed three years of the medical technology course or its equivalent and to collect from said student the amount of five pesos each which money accrue to the operating fund of the Council. G. Formulate and recommend __________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ H. To promulgate and prescribe and enforce necessary rules and regulations for the proper implementation of the foregoing functions. Section 6: Minimum Required Course - The medical technology course shall be ___________________, including a 12-month satisfactory internship in accredited laboratories. Section 7: Medical Technology Board - Chairman: ____________, and two (2) members who are __________________________ - The Chairman and members of the Board shall hold office for _________years after appointments or until their successors shall have been appointed and duly qualified. Section 8: Qualifications of Examiner - is a ___________________________ - is of __________________________ - is a qualified_________, or a duly registered medical technologist of the Philippines with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology/Bachelor of Science in Hygiene/Public Health; - has been in practice of laboratory medicine or medical technology for at least ____years prior to his appointment - is not a member of the faculty of any medical technology school for at least _______ years prior to appointment or having any pecuniary interest direct or indirect in such institution. Section 9: _________________________ Section 10: Compensation of Members of the Board of Examiners for Medical Technology Each member of the Board shall receive as sum of ten pesos for each applicant examined and five pesos for each applicant granted a certificate of registration without examination. 1 H. RMT 09178974844 Section 11: Functions and Duties of the Board A. the ___________________ shall approve schools of Medical Technology Section14: ____________________________________________________ . ___________________________ b. E. c. Medical Technologist. Cebu. for this purpose issue subpoena and subpoena to secure appearance of witnesses and production of documents in connection with charges presented to the board F.Upon the recommendation of the Medical Technology _________. Has completed a course of at least __________ years leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology or Bachelor of Science in Public Health conferred by a recognized school. _________________. adopt such a measure may be deemed proper for the maintenance of good ethic and standards in the practice of medical technology. Draft such rules and regulations as may be necessary to carry out the provisions of this Act: Provided.all applicants for registration as medical technologist shall be required to undergo written examination which shall be given by the Board annually in the greater Manila area. college or university in accordance with this Decree or having graduated from some other profession and has been actually performing medical technology for the last five (5) years prior to the date of the examinations. Look into conditions affecting the practice of medical technology in the Philippines and. Administer the provisions of this Act B. G. 1969. To classify and prescribe the qualification and training of the technical staff of clinical laboratories as to: Medical Technology. ______________________. Senior Medical Technologist. immoral or dishonorable conduct after having been given opportunity to defend himself in a proper and administrative investigation Section 13: Accreditation of Schools of Medical Technology and of Training Laboratories . whenever necessary. To prescribe the qualifications and training of medical technologists as to special fields of the profession and supervise their specialty examination conducted by the professional organization of medical technologists accredited by the Professional Regulation Commission. Is in ___________________________________________ B.Hanzjethro Villanueva Santos. and Davao during the month of August or September.No person shall practice or offer to practice medical technology as defined in this Act without having previously obtained a valid certificate of registration from the Board provided that registration shall not be required of the following: a. Medical technologist from other countries called in for consultation or as visiting or exchange professors to colleges or universities: Provided. Medical technologists in the service of the ___________________________ stationed in the Philippines rendering services as such for members of the said forces only. I. Administer oaths in connection with the administration of this Act C. unethical. they are only practicing the said function. 2 . if such performance began prior to June 21. Medical Technologist and Medical Laboratory Technician. Section 12: Removal of Board Members Any member of the Board may be removed by the President of the Philippines for: 1. that the same shall be issued only after the approval of the President of the Philippines. Section 16: Qualification for Examination A. To determine the adequacy of the technical staff of all clinical laboratories and blood banks before they could be licensed with the Department of Health. _______________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________ D. ____________________________________________________ issued there under as may come to the knowledge of the Board and. Section 15: ___________________________ . incompetency 2. ............………. Related Laws and its implementing rules...When the penalty of suspension or revocation is imposed by the Board the medical technologist shall be required to surrender his certificate of registration within _____________ after the decision becomes final. Reissue or Replacement of Certificate ................. 3 ...... ... __% Clinical Microscopy (Urinalysis and other body fluids) .......Every applicant who has satisfactorily passed the required examination for medical technologist shall be issued a certificate of registration as such: Provided.Candidate has not failed in at least ___% of the subjects computed according to their relative weights... ... under the pain of _____________________ from the practice of medical technology in the Philippines for inexcusable failure to do so..... RMT 09178974844 Section 17: Scope of Examination Clinical Chemistry ..... That no such certificate shall be issued to any successful applicant who has not attained the age of ________________ years... Medical Technology Laws........ the latter however not to exceed ___________years.... reissue any revoked registration certificate... Cytotechnology..... impose the penalty or reprimand or suspension............... . __% Microbiology & Parasitology ... The suspension shall run from the date of such surrender.......... and the Code of Ethics ........................The suspension of a certificate shall be re-issued to the medical technologist concerned upon request without prejudice to further actions by the Board for violation of the provisions of this Act or conditions imposed by the Board upon the medical technologist during the period of suspension........No penalty of revocation shall be imposed unless there is a ______________vote of all the three members of the Board...............All successful examinees shall be required to take a _____________ before the Board or before any person authorized to administer oaths prior to entering upon the practice of medical technology in the Philippines...The Board may. 20% Hematology .. 20% Blood Banking & Serology ............. or .Hanzjethro Villanueva Santos.........All certificates shall be signed by the members of the Board and by the Commissioner of the Professional Regulation Commission...any person guilty of ________________________....... by ______________ vote....... Section 24: Administrative Investigation .... Section 20: ________________________ ...............………. Section 21: __________________________________ ..... 10% Section 18: Report of Rating Section 19: Rating in the Examination ...... Section 26: Reinstatement... Section 22: Fees Section 23: ___________________________________ ...................The duly registered medical technologists shall be required to display his certificate of registration in the place where he works..The Board shall refuse to issue a certificate of registration to any person convicted by the court of competent jurisdiction of any ______________________________________. . Section 25: Appeal . or of unsound mind. upon application and for reason deemed proper and sufficient. or incurable ___________________________.. .....The revocation or suspension of a certificate made by the Board shall be subject to appeal to the _______________________ whose decision shall become final thirty days after its promulgation.......The Board may..... __% HistopathologicTechniques....with no rating below 50% in any of the __________________ .............a candidate must obtain a general average of at least ____% in the written test ...... Any person who shall _______________________ any registrant of like or the same name. and other data which in the opinion of the Board are pertinent Section 29: Penal Provisions Without prejudice to the provision of the Medical Act of 1959 as amended relating to illegal practice of Medicine. however. in the discretion of the court: A. Any person or corporate body who shall allow anyone in his employ who is not a registered medical technologist/medical laboratory technician to engage in the practice of medical technology or recommend for appointment anyone to the position of medical technologist/medical laboratory technician knowing that he is not registered as such. Any person who shall attempt to use a _______________________________________________. or be given a certificate of registration or be entitled to any of the rights and privileges under this Act.This roster shall contain the ________________________________ of each registered Medical Technologist. E. Any person or corporate body who shall violate the rules and regulations of the Board or orders promulgated by it after having been duly approved and issued by the President of the Philippines upon recommendation of the Commissioner of Civil Service for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of this Act. Any medical technologist. Any person who shall give any false or fraudulent evidence of any kind to the Board or any member thereof in obtaining a certificate of registration as Medical Technologist. date of registration or issuance of certificate. or parts thereof inconsistent with the provisions of this Act are hereby repealed: Provided.All acts. after due warning by the Board to display his ______________________________ in the place where he works.Hanzjethro Villanueva Santos.A roster of Medical Technologist shall be prepared annually by the _______________________.No foreigner shall be admitted to examination. I. or both. Any person presenting or attempting to use as his own.All acts. J. or imprisonment for not less than six months nor more than two years. use or advertise any title or description tending to convey the impression that he is a Medical Technologist without holding a valid certificate of registration. executive. Section 28: Roster of Medical Technologist . unless the country or state of which he is a subject or citizen permits Filipino Medical Technologist to practice within its territorial limits on the same as the subject or citizens of said country or state. or parts thereof inconsistent with the provisions to any persons or circumstances is declared invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction. who shall practice medical technology in the Philippines without the necessary supervision of a qualified pathologist or physician authorized by the Department of Health C. executive. Any person who shall practice Medical Technology in the Philippines without being registered or exempted from registration in accordance with the provisions of this Act. K. H. Any person who shall in connection with his name or otherwise. RMT 09178974844 Section 27: ___________________________________ . Section 30: _______________________________________ . that nothing in this Act shall be construed as repealing or amending any portion of the Medical Act of 1959 4 . G. rules and regulations. . even if duly registered. Any medical technologist who shall knowingly make a __________________ laboratory report. Any duly registered medical technologist who shall refuse or fail. Section 31: _______________________________________ . assume. the following shall be punished by a fine of not less than two thousand pesos nor more than five thousand pesos. B. the _______________________________. F. rules and regulations. D. commencing on the year following that in which this Act shall become effective. the remainder of this Act of the application of such provisions to other persons or circumstances shall not be affected by such declaration. Teofisto “TG” Guingona Title Date of approval June 18. at kusa kong babalikatin ang pananagutang ito.7. Taimtim pa rin akong manunumpa na sa lahat ng panahon at pook na kinaroroonan ay mahigpit akong manghahawakan sa mga etikal at tuntuning propesyonal ng mga ________________________ (propesyon) sa Pilipinas.16. REFERENCE NUMBER TITLE OF LAWS DATE APPROVED Regulating and Modernizing the Practice of Medical Technology in the Philippines Philippine Medical Technology Act of 1969 An Act to Amend Certain Sections of RA 5527 Amending Sections 2. 1966 June 21. si (PANGALAN) . 2473 R. na walang anumang pasubali o hangaring umiwas. Contribute to _____________________________________ and other allied health organizations 8. Uphold the ___________ and ____________ and conduct myself a reputation of ___________.This Act shall take effect upon its approval.3. Norma Chang) • As I enter the practice of Medical Technology. views and opinions within constructive limits 9. _________________ Nawa ako ng Diyos.D. ng (TIRAHAN) ay taimtim na nanunumpa na itataguyod ko at ipagtatanggol ang _________________ ng Pilipinas.B.______ P. Treat any information I acquired in the course of my work as _________________ 10. 2000 June 7. Share my knowledge and expertise with my colleagues 7.7. ____________ . 1969 August 31. ______ Other related laws: Laws RA 4688 RA 5527 RA 7170 RA ____ RA 85041 RA ____ RA 9165 Philippine Medtech Act of 1969 National Blood Services Act of 1994 The Philippine AIDS control Act of 1998 PRC Modernization Act of 2000 June 21. 1992 MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY LAWS S. na ako ay tunay na mananalig at tatalima rito. Accept the responsibilities _______________________________ 2. ____________ and integrity. I shall: 1. at mga atas na ipinahayag ng mga sadyang itinakdang may kapangyarihan ng Republika ng Pilipinas. 2002 PANUNUMPA NG PROPESYONAL Ako.13.8.Hanzjethro Villanueva Santos. mga utos na legal. Restrict my ___________. 1997 PAMET Pres. MT CODE OF ETHICS ( Mar 7.11. RMT 09178974844 Section 32: Effectivity . 1969 January 7. at marapat kong gagampanan ng buong husay sa abot ng aking makakaya ang mga tungkulin at pananagutang iniatang sa isang itinakdang (Propesyon). 1970 December 5.21 and 29 of RA 5527 Further Amending RA 5527 as Amended by PD 498 Submitted: November 27. 5527 R. na susundin ko ang mga batas. Accept employment from more than _____________ only when there is ___________________ 5.D. _____________________ and shall not participate in illegal works 3. 2014 Author: Sen.A.A 6138 P. 5 . Perform my task with _______________ and absolute _______________ and ______________ 6. Act in the _____________________ to all and in the _____________________ towards other members of the profession 4.4. Report any violations of the above principles of the professional conduct to the PAMETà MTBà PRC 6 . Be dedicated to the use of clinical laboratory science to _____________ and _______________ 12.Hanzjethro Villanueva Santos. RMT 09178974844 11.
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