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Maths BookAll new maths ……………….. Kazy Tanjilus Salekeen 1/16/2015 At what time does the train leave station X? 3. and you spend higher amount of money on buying apples.3 and 3. 4. in feet. x feet long. Which of the following is the length. when the train has crossed one fifth of the way to station Y. At 8:20 am.4 b.1 d. How many times faster was his driving speed than his walking speed? 2.5) taka per piece and y oranges at a cost of Tk (x+1. 0. -1 and 2 c. is cut into two pieces such that the length of one piece is 1 foot more than twice the length of the other piece. A man had traveled 1/4th of the total distance of his trip when his car broke down. -0. y<x C. Calculate the ratio of his driving speed to his walking speed. A train leaves station X for station Y. x>y B. A man had traveled 1/3rd of the total distance of his trip when his car broke down. it passes station B.4 and 2. one fourth. One third. x=y D. it passes station A at 8:30 am.55 e. He finished the journey on foot. then which of the following is true? A. If 1. The ratio of his walking time to driving time was 15:1.5) per piece.15 and 1. of the larger piece? A) (x+2)/2 B) (2x+1)/2 C) (2x+3)/3 D) (2x+3)/4 E) (2x+1)/3 7. x>y+3 E.4 is halfway between two point x and y. what are the possible values of x and y? a. How far apart were the two trains one hour before they met? 5. A train left Dhaka to Chitagong at 62 km per hour and at the same time another train left Chitagong for Dhaka at 48 km per hour on the same route. If you buy x apples at a cost of (y+1. are all whole numbers and their sum is exactly the population of Island Y. which has fewer than 5000 human inhabitants. what is the population of Island Y? 6. cannot be determined 8. none of these . A rope.2 1. He finished the journey on foot. -1. spending twenty times as long walking as he had spent driving. one fifth and one seventh of the human population of Island X. when the train has crossed one third of the way to station Y. What was the ratio of superior variety to inferior variety in the mixture? 11. 17. What is the probability that both will be women? 16. If 34 is removed from the set and 38 is added to the set. then how much of the program after the documentary did the VCR record? 12.3 9. Two of the applicants are selected one after another at random.The average of a set of 12 numbers which includes 34 is N.Two varieties of sugar are mixed in a certain ratio. find the base of the larger triangle.Find the volume of a triangular solid cylinder with the following dimensions: 4 feet base. (N+1)/3 b.50 less than that of the superior variety and Tk 0.A cashier reversed the digits of one customer’s correct amount of change and thus gave the customer an incorrect amount of change.If an integer is selected randomly and is divided by 7.There are 8 job applicants sitting in a waiting room. and 10 feet height of the cylinder 15. what is the average of the new set of numbers in terms of N? a. N+4 D.Arif wished to use his VCR to record a 60 minute documentary scheduled to be aired at 10:30 PM. At 8:00 that morning. what is the probability that the remainder is greater than 0 and NOT an even number? . At a school teacher-student ratio is 1:9. he set the timer to begin recording at 10:30 PM the same day and to stop recording exactly 60 minutes later. which of the following could have been the correct amount of change in Taka? 14. None 13. If the base of the smaller triangle is 6 cm. 3 feet height of triangle. The cost of the mixture per kg is Tk 0. If 2/3rd of the students are female and one-quarter of the teachers are female.75 more than that of the inferior variety. If the cash register contained Taka 45 more than it should have as a result of this error.4 women and 4 men. If the timer on the VCR slows down by 30 seconds every hour and the documentary was aired on schedule. N+6 E. (N+19)/6 C. what fraction of the total students and teachers are female? 10.Two similar triangles have areas of 18 cm square and 32 cm square. 2/15 e. the number of the ants dropped by 60%. designed a ball so that when it was dropped. What was the principal amount? (assume simple interest) 21. If 2/5 of them answered “yes” to question 1.In a nationwide poll. Rahim takes 20 minutes and Sohail takes 30 minutes to reach workplace.The price of sugar increases by 32%. which of the following represents the number of people polled who did not answer “yes” to both questions? A. Now. If two-third of the students are female and one-quarter of the faculty is female. How many times did the ball bounce? 22. He has invested an amount in an account for 1 year at 8% interest rate.A maximum of 25 grams of salt dissolves in 100 grams of water and any more salt.At college X. 3/16 c. then the consumption of sugar per month is approximately? 25. What percentage decline did the original population undergo? 19. After how long would the salt start sedimenting? . 39200 as interest after 5 years. it rose with each bounce exactly one-half as high as it had fallen. 13/15 d.25 yards. How many minutes would Rahim take to meet sohail? 24. he invested the principal amount in another account offering 10% interest for 3 years. what fraction of the combined students and faculty is female? 20. At the beginning of the fifth year he invested the principal amount in another account at the rate of 11%.Mr. The engineer dropped the ball from a 24-foot platform and caught it after it had traveled 23. the faculty-to-student ratio is 1:9. a renowned engineer. If the total consumption of sugar before the price rise was 10 kg per month. None 23. P people were asked 2 questions.4 18.Rahim and Sohail live in the same house and work in the same place. if added. jamil.A colony of 15000 ants increased by 50% after being fed. From the second year. water is evaporated from 1 kilogram of a 4% solution at the rate of 28 grams per hour.Arman wanted to have Tk. 11/13 b. remain undissolved and a sediment falls at the bottom. Then after 4 weeks without food. and of those 1/3 also answered “yes” to question 2. A family reduces its consumption so that the expenditure of the sugar is up by 10% only. Sohail starts from the house 5 minutes earlier than Rahim starts. what fraction of the final grade is determined by the exam? . What is the ratio of the male workers to the female workers in company X? 34. A and B. have the same number of students. B &C are in the ratio 8:5:2. If the total value is Tk 30. C invests another Tk.5 26. have the same number of workers. After a year.A student’s grade in a course is determined by 4 quizzes and 1 exam. 45600. The ratio of investments then changes to 24:69:167. If the sum of their present salaries is Tk 4160. the number of 5-p coins is: 28.A & B have incomes in the ratio 5:3. The expenses of A.Two different companies. If C spends Tk 2000 and B saves Tk 700.500 less than C gets. If Babu gives 3 marbles to Amir and receives 6 marbles from Enam the ratio becomes 3:5:8. A’s saving is: 30.2. What is the ratio of the boys & girls in school A & the girls of school A ? 32. then how much is the salary of A now? 29. then what percent of the class are the boys? 27.A recipe for egg nog calls for 2 eggs for every 3 cups of milk.Last year the ratio between the salaries of A and B was 3:4. X & Y. But the ratio of their individual salaries between last year and this year were 4:5 and 2:3 respectively.In a class. How much A will get: 33.B & C enter into partnership by investing in the ratio 3:5:7.Let A. If there are 4 cups in a quart. 337600 while A withdraw Tk. If the average score of the whole class is 62. How much did A invest initially? 31. If the exam counts twice as much as each of the quizzes.A .10-p and 5-p coins in the ratio 1:2:3.The ratio of marbles collected by Amir. Then ratio of the boys in schools A & the boys in school B is 2:1 and the ratio of the girls in schools A &n the girls of school B is 4: 5. How many marbles did Enam have? 35. The ratio of the male workers in company X & the male workers in company Y is 2:1 and the ratio of the female workers in company X and the female workers in company Y is 4:5.B & C shares profit at the ratio of 2:3:7 and A & B together get Tk. the average score of boys in an examination is 64 and that of girls is 61. Babu and Enam is 1:2:5. A bag contains 25-p.Two different schools. how many eggs will be needed to mix with 6 quarts of milk? 36. what is the speed of each car? .If cement.Bucky leaves Amity for Truro. what is the ratio of Bucky’s average speed to Robin’s average speed? 39.For every Christian person in a representative committee there are two Hindus and for each Hindu person there are seven Muslims. Express the ratio of Muslims to Hindus to Christians in that population? 40. If neither of them stops along the way and they meet along the road 2 miles from Amity. at the same time that Robin leaves Truro for Amity. This policy represents the ratio of different religions in a population. If they move in the same direction. They start at the same point and meet every 30 seconds. how many tons of the mixture can be made? 38. they meet every 120 seconds.6 37.Two cars race around a circular track in opposite directions at constant rates. which is 8 miles away. gravel and sand are to be mixed in the ratio 3:5:7 respectively and 5 tones of cement are available. If the track is 1800 meter long.
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