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Organizational Study ReportPresentation Sebastian Joy Panattil (Reg. No. : 91646) Objectives of the Study • To gain an understanding of the functioning of the various departments at Malayala Manorama, Kottayam. • To understand the working of a newspaper. • To study the work culture of the organisation. Industry Profile - Global Scenario • According to the World Association of Newspapers ,as of 2008 the worldwide circulation of newspapers was estimated at 540 million. • 1.9 billion people read a paid daily newspaper every day and newspapers reach 41 per cent more adults than the world wide web. • The financial crisis has clearly had a serious impact on newspaper revenues(newspaper advertising revenues were down by 5 per cent in 2008). Industry Profile – Indian Scenario • India offers a promising market for the print media industry. • The expected CAGR of 12 per cent up to 2010 is a result of the increasing rate of literacy. • In 2010, the print media is expected to reach Rs 19,500 crore from its present value of Rs 10,900 crore. Company Profile • Founded on March 14 th 1888 by Kandathil Varghese Mappilai at Kottayam. • First joint stock publishing company of India. • The first issue of the Malayala Manorama appeared on March 22 nd 1890. • The group has 43 publications (in 5 languages)and several other media products . • Published from sixteen centres - ten Kerala towns, four Indian mega cities, and two foreign countries. • Manorama is one of the world’s largest daily newspapers. It sells more than 1.7 million copies a day. Vision and Mission • Vision: “Neethiyukthamaya, Swanthanthramaya, Sathyasanthamaya Pathraprevarthanam”. • Mission: “Dharmosamath Kuladaivatham”, meaning “Charity Our Household Divinity”. Organization Chart Management • KM Mathew – Chief Editor • Mammen Mathew – Editor and Managing Director • Philip Mathew – Managing Editor and Director • Jacob Mathew – Executive Editor and Director • George Jacob – Director • Amit Mathew – Resident Editor • Jayant Mammen Mathew – Deputy Editor • Harsha Mathew – Assistant Editor • Riyad Mathew – Senior Assistant Editor Product Profile •Malayala Manorama Daily (Malayalam) •Manorama Weekly (Malayalam) •Bhashaposhini (Malayalam) •Vijayaveedhi (Malayalam) •Thozhilveedhi (Malayalam) •The Week (English) •Karshakasree (Malayalam) •Karshakasree Diary •Manorama Yearbook (Bengali, Hindi, English, Malayalam and Tamil) •Malayala Manorama Calendar (Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil) •Malayala Manorama Diary •The Week Diary •Malayala Manorama Annual •Vanitha (Malayalam, Hindi) •Arogyam •Parppidam •Sreeman •Balarama (Malayalam) •Kalikkudukka (Malayalam) •Balarama Amar Chithra Katha (Malayalam) •Balarama Digest •Magic Pot (English) •Interactive CDs •Audio Cassettes Departments • Editorial • Circulation • Diversification • Finance • Human Resources • Marketing • Materials • Personnel and Administration • Works Editorial Department • This department plays a major role in collecting the news till printing. • Each page of the newspaper is drafted by separate groups within the editorial department. • Key Sections: Copy Desk Local Desk Bureau of reporters and photographers. Editorial Department (contd.) • Copy Desk: The copy desk handles general news received from agencies like PTI and UNI. • Local Desk: Consists of the local chief and page editors. Handles all the news items from agents, bureau reports, photographs and part time stringers. • Bureau of reporters and photographers Circulation Department Key Functions: • Responsible for carrying out the circulation process. • The department has a staff of 200 employees. • Circulation inspectors are employed in order to do the field work. • Conducts market surveys of the product and prepares periodical statistical reports . Circulation Department (contd.) Functions: • Deals with the agents who circulate the products to the customers. • Decides the security amount that is to be collected from the agents. • Entrusted with the responsibility of working together with the marketing department to attract customers and also to sustain the existing ones. • It also sees to the collection of sales receipts from the agents. Diversification Department Functions: • Carry out market research for new and exciting products. • Test marketing to check whether new products are successful or not. • Designing and adjusting production variables based on test findings for the new products. Finance Department Two main sections: • Main Accounts • Sales Accounts • Main Accounts This section is responsible for the settlement of all the purchase bills of newsprint, machinery, spare parts and other office items. Controls the expenses incurred by the other departments. Finance Department (contd.) • Sales Accounts Responsible for raising the bills to their advertisers, collection of the amount. This section is responsible for preparing the sales as well as revenue statements. Finance Department (contd.) Key Functions: • Funding for expenses and working capital management. • Plan the cash flow based on inputs from Circulation, Marketing and Materials departments. • Assist in the audit of the accounts. The auditors of the Company’s books are Cherian and Cherian Associates. • Administration of payroll. • Collection of cheques from debtors. The department receives about 1.5 to 2 lakh cheques per annum. • Prepare the estimated cash flow statements on a quarterly basis. Human Resources Department Key Tasks: • Recruitment • Selection • Induction • Training and development • Performance Appraisal • Promotion Marketing Department Functions: • Deals with space marketing of classified advertisements and display of its publications. • It also deals with product management and product research. • The marketing division also handles product promotion. • The main function of the marketing department is generating revenue through advertisements. Marketing Department (contd.) • Manorama generates revenues of about Rs 350 crore in advertisements annually. • The different types of advertisements are: Display advertisements. Classifieds. Personal advertisements. • Manorama generates revenues of about Rs 350 crore in advertisements annually. Marketing Department (contd.) Main Sections: • Research Division • Product Management • Sales Force • Operations Staff • Work Order Generation • Credit Control Marketing Department (contd.) Key profiles: • Chief General Manager – Marketing • General Manager - Marketing Services • General Manager – Marketing Operations Materials Department Functions: • The main task is budgeting. • They forecast the cost of newsprint to decide whether to stock it or not. • Find the requirement of newsprint for all the existing and new publications. • Purchase of consumables like ink (black and colour), plates, films, fountain solution, straps and polythene covers. Materials Department (contd.) • Malayala Manorama uses Standard newsprint, Glazed newsprint, Art Paper LWC Paper, Map Litho and Cream Wove newsprint . • Manorama imports glazed newsprint from five countries. Two biggest suppliers are Norway and Finland. • Imported newsprint is stored in godowns in Kochi and Kottayam and transported daily to other units . • Materials are issued on the basis of FIFO system. Personnel and Administration Department Key Tasks: • Employee records and attendance. • Employee Benefits. • Work Environment, Civil Works and Leasing. • Travel, Transport and Event Facilitation. • General Administration. • Statutory Compliance. • Monitoring of complaints and feedback. Works Department Key Sections: • Proof Reading: Check for mistakes and structures of the sentences and corrections are made if necessary. Proof readers are assigned to do this job. • Scanning: Responsible for the scanning of the photographs and other pictures which are to be added in the pages. Works Department (contd.) • Pagination: In this process the columns and pictures are pasted on a page and to adjust the spaces and to prepare the layout. This section does the final touch ups of the pages and send it to the pre press division to prepare the films of the pages with the colour codes. • Pre Press: This department is responsible for preparing the films for the purpose of printing. These films are sent to the plate making section for making plates for printing. Works Department (contd.) • Plate Making: Printing plates are prepared at the press itself. These plates are then sent to the press for attaching it to the printing machine. • Printing: The company uses both fully automatic and manually controlled machines for printing purposes. Malayala Manorama uses both heat set units and cold set units for printing. SWOT Analysis Strengths •Loyal customers •Employees •Management •Brand Image •Social Commitment •Market leader •Advertisement revenues Weaknesses •Generation gap between employees •Vernacular media •Inability to attract youth readership •Poor global reach •Public information Opportunities •The overseas market •Youth segment •Alternate Avenues • National Market Threats •Electronic Media •Aggressive marketing strategies of the competitors •Decline in advertisement revenues •Television Conclusion
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