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Listening 2.17 Zapp! English podcasts by Inglé English Listening / Level 2 Unit 17 - Professions and Kinds of People Sobre este eBook Este eBook se usa junto con el audio que puedes descargar en Inglé Si tienes comentarios, preguntas o sugerencias visita nuestra página web: valoramos mucho tu opinión. ¡Buena suerte! Katie y Tom © Zapp! English ebook by Inglé 1 Er.. I did some commercials and I modelled when I was living in New York for a couple of years. you have to be on the political side of it. But to even though I’m very outgoing. would be Inglés..I don’t think I have that kind of ego 2.a really chubby little kid and walk around and. I don’t think so. a captain.. Let’s start.. involve myself in politics.and when I came out of it my grandfather told me that I was a terrible dancer.. Er.when someone’s holding a camera in front of you and kind of just telling you to go.actually I don’t remember what my first one was.mmm no. A patient. a politician. or. After that I was in a play.hold some kind of office at some point in my life. get on a stage and perform for people. a patient or a politician? . well I have been a patient. Where I could really make a change for the people that I care about and for the community around first.and so that was quite a performance. So I never. but the first memory of being a performer really get to the bottom of Have either of the speakers been a performer.. ----RONNY: Would I like to be a performer? can always. dressing up as a boy with..2 Listening 2.. but sometimes we’re forced to do things we don’t particularly © Zapp! English ebook by http://ingles. Which of these kinds of people have you ever been or would like to be? • • • • a performer.I could always get into public service. when I was about ten. or acting........ laugh at all my family and stuff like that. and then I guess my most recent time of performing. On the legal side of it. Er. to really make something. something I’d really like to be at some point in my life.. and certainly... some kind of...... usually I have a lot to say about everything. and I was one of the dancing pirates.. a captain. in one way or another would be to Because I’m very passionate 1 about change.17 Zapp! English podcasts by Inglés.. NICHOLAS: I have been a performer. And very passionate about people. Er. And er. nor did I ever dance again after that. Peter Pan.change. Er. Listening Task 1 We asked two people a question. I don’t like being a patient.. a Introduction In this unit you’re going to hear people talking about kinds of people and kinds of jobs. ever performed again after that... in one way or another but I think..all kinds of clothing stuffed into my clothing to be. So I’d love to be in. ... Think about what’s the same and what’s different between a captain and an employer. being a patient does fall into that category 3. Apparently..they. And a politician absolutely Inglé Listening Task 2 This time you will hear someone talking about the differences and things that are similar between two jobs or kinds of people....kind of bosses... to some extent. Or in charge of.. but yeah they both. I have no idea what captains do or should do. A captain..17 Zapp! English podcasts by Inglés.but maybe with less ethics 4. And er. or a sports team.. have I ever been a captain or an employer? I’ve never been a captain.Listening 2.. they both do..... the moment.. Oh and one more Spain.and....people what to do.(laughter) . a captain.are often former 6 politicians.been corrupt 5. (laughter) © Zapp! English ebook by http://ingles. So that lets the captain out.illegal things quite often. (laughter) Er.I have employed a couple of people. or an aeroplane.. groups of people. a lot of people.... Well... they. Does Tom have the same ideas as you? TOM: A captain and employer. They tell.. because they have...well that’s. they would be the same I think.erm. well... (laughter) And.according care to do 3 ... Er.they’re both..... does Tom say anything you think of? TOM: A politician and a criminal.Answers Have either of the speakers been a performer. criminals.. I don’t believe I’ve ever met one..erm. But. a patient or a politician? Yes..... Er.give orders.and th.both. they’re in charge of people.. And.sometimes politicians end up in prison. And what’s the same and what’s different about a politician and a criminal? Listen. I have been a type of boss.and er.. (laughter) Listening Task 1 .. that takes about the same ego as a performer. Not of a boat.yeah they’re both powerful people.that’s it.... or they’ve stolen.just totally out of my realm of thinking or consideration.. Nicholas has been a performer and Ronny has been a patient. .Listening 2. This is what you have when you need to make sure that something is done and that it’s done correctly. It’s your.17 Zapp! English podcasts by Inglés. So some jobs. HANNAH: Hello. KATIE: And I’m making you talk to me as well. Listening Task 3 Before we listen to part two there’s one word we need to check. OK. Are there any jobs or roles we really wouldn’t want? KATIE: Hello Hannah. Which of these jobs or roles do you think would be interesting and why? a) an owner b) a professional c) a leader d) a captain Listen to a conversation between Hannah and I. but Tom felt that captains and employers were similar because they both tell people what to do. for example a police officer have a lot of responsibility. responsibility. I’m very 4 . KATIE: We’re sitting in your lounge and you’ve just come home from work haven’t you? HANNAH: Yes I have.Answers These answers will depend on your own Inglés. It’s your job to see that something happens. KATIE: (laughter) HANNAH: Very tired indeed. © Zapp! English ebook by http://ingles. and that criminals and politicians can also be quite Listening Task 2 .. .erm houses... owner.... HANNAH: OK. very interesting.term owner..the most interesting or 5 ....renovating it or.. HANNAH: A professional... So for example I mean. © Zapp! English ebook by http://ingles.. owning.I think.. Yeah..a professional.of a property and have. but also could be very stressful owning a restaurant. yes. KATIE: .being an owner of something could Inglés...or making.or boring and why. if you owned something interesting like a. they are quite general. KATIE: Mmm. HANNAH: Could be interesting. thinking about work.. I’m. HANNAH: OK.what you think would be.make them better and then rent them all out...owning flats or owning.......when I hear the term.. HANNAH: Yeah.... KATIE: And a captain. we’re going to talk a little bit about.. KATIE: Yeah... HANNAH: Um.....Listening 2. KATIE: So like those people who buy old houses and then.and they’re quite or.things are. KATIE: So I’m going to tell you four kind of jobs or roles in life.. Things you can be... HANNAH: And that’s.. Yep. HANNAH: OK. KATIE: Yeah...I think more of HANNAH: It’s fine.I think it would be quite interesting to be an owner if you.if you had some input into.17 Zapp! English podcasts by Inglés. KATIE: Well. HANNAH: Yes. a restaurant. KATIE: So the four. and then we’re going to talk about.. KATIE: A owner...... HANNAH: Wow. KATIE: .. I was thinking more. finance. But. HANNAH: That would be quite interesting definitely.know a lot about money and. HANNAH: Unless you’re really really bad and unprofessional at your job.. KATIE: Yeah. which I don’ Inglés. HANNAH: Yes. is a professional. I think. you’d have to be quite clued up.. KATIE: Mmm.. I was thinking more of just being a dog owner and.or sell them for a lot of money. © Zapp! English ebook by http://ingles... you’d have to. yeah... HANNAH: So I’d be a terrible owner.again. KATIE: (laughter) HANNAH: I.I think that would be quite interesting.17 Zapp! English podcasts by Inglés. That’s nicer. HANNAH: Erm.what..... And yeah if you could get lots of money that would be. HANNAH: 6 . KATIE: ..I think anyone who works....... HANNAH: Maybe I could own a dog! That would be... If it was a racing dog.. KATIE: What about being something like a professional sportsperson? HANNAH: I would love HANNAH: Yeah.. KATIE: Yeah...I’m a teacher and I’d say I was a professional. KATIE: What about a professional? That’s a general term. KATIE: Well you could make money out of owning a dog...fantastic! KATIE: (laughter) HANNAH: Erm...? HANNAH: Well. KATIE: Me too. KATIE: Me neither..Listening 2. KATIE: Mmm I thought you might.with money.not earning any money. what. .ideal job.... © Zapp! English ebook by http://ingles.. too much responsibility.. many people would be asking you questions all the time and.. HANNAH: .says.. KATIE: A yacht. that would be fantastic.... HANNAH: Yes.I’m now thinking that a captain could also mean being the captain of a team. HANNAH: So for me do..I im.. the ideal.get to travel the world.immediately imagined being the captain of a.that kind of job.. from doing a sport that I absolutely love. (laughter) KATIE: Ah.... the responsibility of being a leader. doing something that doing.or a yacht...17 Zapp! English podcasts by Inglés..being a professional sportsperson would be. KATIE: Mmm.would be amazing.. I wouldn’t want to do that.erm we’ve talked about being professional sportsperson. or much responsibility you’d have. KATIE: Yeah.job or role does that make you think of? HANNAH: Well when you first said captain..of a term leader... and how.I would love to HANNAH: That’s something that I would.I wouldn’t..... (laughter) And. KATIE: What about a captain? What does that make.I wouldn’t want that kind of.I don’t think I would like.Listening 2.. KATIE: Yeah. KATIE: Too much stress.. responsibility responsibility..... HANNAH: Oh. KATIE: If I could be a professional windsurfer.what kind of erm. HANNAH: (laughter) Like a captain of a cruise ship or a..res... What about a leader? HANNAH: A leader.....and everyone would have... HANNAH: Yeah. HANNAH: . huge expectations. To be paid and.... Too many sleepless nights. the word leader to me. KATIE: Like leading the country.I. But f... think of how 7 . KATIE: That’s the perfect one. HANNAH: Inglés.. KATIE: Makes me think of a politician. HANNAH: .... you’re Inglés......nothing bad’s going to happen.. so anything.if it was that type of captain I would quite like that job if I was going to be paid to be a captain of a team..a.your HANNAH: So the captain of a rugby team or the captain of owner of something would be OK because...a football team or netball team... and I find it difficult to sleep because I’m....things.I.. HANNAH: What would you. we win a game. Erm.. if I knew how to sail I suppose so. If I had to be responsible for....yeah.responsible where I’m responsible for a class of children.if it’s. HANNAH: And if they don’t win.... out of all of those? KATIE: Out of all of those.I would not want to have a position in life where I was responsible for other people.. we lose a game.... And I 8 .. you’re not responsible for.what would you. worry about them and things I’ve got to remember to do with them and..well hopefully not going to affect too many other people... I suppose it is a leader but the responsibility’s not. I like being responsible for myself. I wouldn’t be able to sleep because I’d just worry..I worry about.. KATIE: Mmm.of a ship. KATIE: Mmm.. KATIE: Yeah. it's not.. or..I don’t want to be a leader.erm.. if I own something and it goes wrong well... KATIE:'s not going to f. yeah. people on a ship. You’re only responsibility is that your team work well to win something..responsible for a huge group of people. HANNAH: This is the problem I have in my job. And then I don’t have to worry. KATIE: Yeah....Listening 2.. KATIE: Yeah..a captain...other people even if it’s only... HANNAH: Handball I.I prefer jobs without lots of responsibility.. HANNAH: How about you? KATIE: So...that's.. © Zapp! English ebook by http://ingles.. KATIE: Well it’s a kind of leader though isn’t it? HANNAH: Yeah. HANNAH: Yeah.. (laughter) Erm.. but I.probably none of them.17 Zapp! English podcasts by Inglé to be. I don’t like telling people what to do... neither of us wants a job or a role with a lot of responsibility for example a leader or a politician. you’ve worked at improving your listening skills on the topic of jobs and types of people.17 Zapp! English podcasts by Inglé HANNAH: Especially not their lives.. KATIE: 9 © Zapp! English ebook by http://ingles.Answers So were there any jobs or roles we didn’t like? Well . Inglés.Listening 2. Listening Task 3 . Summary Congratulations. verbs. © Zapp! English ebook by http://ingles..(laughter). kind of Spain. here are some extra questions for you. look at the words in bold.17 Zapp! English podcasts by Inglés.they’re both. 2) TOM: A politician and a criminal. a lot of people.. Try and decide if they are Extra Materials Listening If you want to practise your listening skills even more.. The answers are at the end of this document. and think about what they could Inglés. Vocabulary . adjectives or phrases. as well as helping you learn the skill of guessing words you don’t know. True or false? Listening 1 Nicholas would like to be a politician of some kind.. Well... Complete the following exercises. you can look at the transcript to check why. Ronny liked being a patient.Getting the meaning from context When you listen to natural speech. First.. 1) TOM: A captain and employer. there are lots of spoken expressions you can learn. If you get any wrong. 10 . which will help you learn and remember these words and expressions. Listening 3 Hannah would like to own a dog. Hannah is a professional windsurfer.Listening 2.according to. they would be the same I think. they’re in charge of the moment. I think.. I think.renovating it. the person in control d) (verb) – making new and better.. you’d have to be quite clued up....if you had some input into... understands something well c) (phrase) – the boss.Listening 2...again. Now try and match each word with a definition below.. 4) HANNAH: I think that would be quite interesting.with . But..of a property and 3) HANNAH: And that’s.17 Zapp! English podcasts by Inglé 11 © Zapp! English ebook by http://ingles..I think it would be quite interesting to be an owner if you... especially houses Inglés. a) (verb) – we understand something from what another person has told us or what we read or heard b) (adjective) – has good knowledge about. .. a lot of the Extra Materials .(laughter)... Ronny liked being a patient.with money.. Vocabulary 1) TOM: A captain and 12 . Inglés. b) (adjective) – has good knowledge about.if you had some input into.Listening 2....Answers Listening Listening 1 Nicholas would like to be a politician of some kind.. they’re in charge of people.according to.they’re both... False.of a property and have. a) (verb) – we understand something from what another person has told us or what we read or heard 3) HANNAH: And that’s.I think it would be quite interesting to be an owner if you. False. Listening 3 Hannah would like to own a dog. kind of bosses. I think. especially houses 4) HANNAH: I think that would be quite interesting.17 Zapp! English podcasts by Inglés.... they would be the same I think..again.......I think. the person in control 2) TOM: A politician and a criminal. He cares about his community and wants to help people. She likes windsurfing but she is not a professional.. Spain. Hannah is a professional windsurfer. you’d have to be quite clued up. d) (verb) – making new and better.renovating it. Well. True. understands something well © Zapp! English ebook by http://ingles. But. c) (phrase) – the boss. ex Inglés. entusiasmado 2 ego (noun) – ego 3 category (noun) – categoría 4 ethics (noun) – ética 5 corrupt (adjective) – corrupto 6 former (adjective) – .17 Zapp! English podcasts by Inglés.13 Listening Vocabulary Glossary passionate (adjective) – 1 © Zapp! English ebook by http://ingles.
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