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SEMI-DETAILED LESSON PLAN IN GENERAL MATHEMATICSby Mr. RYAN DAVE M. BONIFACIO, Teacher III Numancia Integrated School I. OBJECTIVES At the end of the session, the students are expected to: M11GM-Ic-1. Find the intercepts, zeroes, asymptotes of rational functions M11GM-Ic-2. Graph rational functions. II. SUBJECT MATTTER Graphing Rational Functions Applied General Mathematics Learner’s Module, pages 44-59 slide and video presentation, GeoGebra app for desktop and android III. PROCEDURE Knowing A. Presenting the New Lesson Present two graphs. Students will compare and contrast Visual-Spatial, 2 Logical- the graphs of f ( x)=x 2 and g( x)= x . Mathematical Ask: What are the similarities between these graphs? How about their differences? B. Establishing purpose of the new lesson Auditory, Visual Present the objectives of the lesson for the day. C. Presenting Instances of the New Lesson Logical- Present the properties of graphs of rational functions such Mathematical as asymptotes, intercepts using slide and video presentation. Show them how to find the asymptotes and intercepts by solving. Understandi D. Discussion of new concepts and practicing new skills Interpersonal, ng #1 Verbal-Linguistic Students will draw lots for a unique problem to solve. By pairs, solve for the asymptotes and intercepts of the chosen rational function. Some functions are given below: 2 x−1 1. f ( x )= x+3 3 x−4 2. g (x )= 2 x +9 2 x −1 3. h ( x )= 2 x−1 1 4. f ( x )= x+1 −1 5. f ( x )= x 2−1 Mastery E. Discussing new concepts and practicing new skills #2. Logical- Present an easier way of determining the properties of Mathematical graphs of rational functions using Geogebra software. Explore the given rational functions using the software. F. Developing mastery Students will work in pair again and determine the properties of the rational function they have chosen using Interpersonal, Geogebra Android app. Logical- Mathematical G. Finding practical applications of concepts and skills in daily living Relate the concept of graphs and their asymptotes just All intelligences like how graphs get closer and closer but never touches their asymptotes, as a metaphor for unfortunate romantic relationships. H. Making generalizations and abstractions about the lesson Ask: What are the different properties of the graph of a rational function? How do you graph a rational function? IV. EVALUATING LEARNING Determine the intercepts, asymptotes, and zeroes of the following rational functions. Sketch the graph. Verify your solutions using Geogebra Android app. x−1 1. f ( x )= x+ 5 3x 2. g (x )= 3 x +1 x 2−2 x +1 3. h ( x )= x 2−1 V. ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES Look for one real-world problem or situation that can be modeled by rational functions. Solve and graph. Present it to the class.
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