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1.Integrated Land Records & Village Map Computerization (BHUCHITRA) The Land & Land Reforms Department : West Bengal The Department, a planning, monitoring and administrative apex level body, is situated in the state capital of Kolkata. Directorate of Land Records & Surveys a major directorate under the department maintains, develop land Records & Mouza Maps for the entire State. Through a very well knit state-wide organizational structure comprising 19 districts & SubDistrict offices 341 Block level Land Reforms offices & 3354 Revenue Inspectors (R.I.) offices it reach out to deliver service to the citizens. Directorate has 341 Block Land Records Offices to implement the software to deliver services to the people. Way back in 1991 through a pilot project sanctioned by the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India, computerization of land records started in a modest way. The Project : BHUCHITRA is the application software to manage the land records as well as map data for the state of West Bengal. Apart from creation and maintenance of land records database, this application integrates the vector digitized mouza map with the land record information. The software is capable to analyze the data to generate many kinds of reports that are of great value to the Department and beyond. BHUCHITRA is an upgraded version of BHUMI that was developed earlier without the features of mouza map information. The application provides plot excerpts along with the ROR. The pilot project gave enough indication to the effect that, the task was gigantic in several accounts as follows : (1) The volume of data at khatian and plot level is truly massive hence fund requirement is enormous. (2) Age old Acts and Rules are quite rigid to accommodate changes (3) Local language in maintenance of land records stands as a barrier (4) Sensitivity of land records data is very high both legally and socially However, all these barriers could be overcome by a concerted effort of all concerned organizations and an unprecedented advancement in technology. Fortunately, the Department has risen to the occasion to extend a collaborative support to NIC-WBSC for the development of appropriate technology and to a number of agencies for transformation of data to magnetic media. The project which started way back in 1991 on a modest scale on pilot basis in a single district, has emerged as a large project involving huge and sensitive, both socially and economically, data running into crores of plots and lakhs of Khatians and a massive transformation of the existing processes. The places of implementation run into 341 Block Offices spread across the length and breadth of the state. The Present Status : Land records computerization in West Bengal started in 1991 and since then all the Land and Land Reforms Offices in 341 Blocks in the state have been made operational. Block level database of khatians and plots with due validation and checking done is available. Citizens are provided with computerized Records of Rights(RoR) on demand from all the Blocks of the state. Providing manual copy of certified copy has been legally banned in the State. On line mode of record correction is being implemented replacing post facto mode of record correction process. Paper based Mouza volumes are being sealed ensuring record correction digitally. Certified copy, plot information are being provided within 15 minutes. Replication of such system is on for other blocks. In one block BHUCHITRA has been implemented providing map details of the plot along with its ROR. Such integrated service has been much appreciated by the beneficiary citizen. Reports relating to Notification. The department has 18 number of Land Acquisition Collector offices all over the state where the Land Acquisition Information System (LAIS) is implemented for delivery of services to the citizens. In the present system the users have to enter the plot details and land owners details of each plot from the Land Schedule available with the Block Land & Land Reforms Offices. Thus mutation of records. Plot details and Owner details of the plots to be acquired. Payment of Compensation money are some of the major services delivered by the LAC using the LAIS software. The land valuation is also done manually by the LAC Offices using the data collected from the District Registration/ Addl District Registrar / Sub Registrar offices of the locality where the land is to be acquired. Now most of the Block Land & Land Reforms Offices of the state have been implemented BHUMI software & most of the District Registrar/ADSR/SR Offices are being computerized with the CORD software and the Plot data. Publication of Notification. Land Schedule. The Project : LAIS has been developed in order to ensure speedy disposal of all pending and running Land Acquisition Cases and to help the Government to save huge amount of Establishment costs and the Interest Costs due to the delay in the Declaration and Payment of Award. The Future Prospects : The LAIS software is proposed to be implemented in all of the Land Acquisition Offices in the state. Award Preparations. Efforts are also underway to put the entire database of land information including cadastral maps on the web as a process of forward integration towards e-governance. 2. Calculation Sheets. an activity which is a source of pain to all and sundry irrespective of their social or financial status. land owner data & land valuations data can be easily taken from the BHUMI and CORD software and integrated into the LAIS system for the effective and efficient delivery of the services as per the rules of Land Acquisition (New Approach). Vouchers and many other required reports and queries are available in the software. Requiring Bodies and Land and Land Reforms Commissioner (LRC) and other departments. The land owners get the Compensation Amount in due time from the Government.C. could be done in a hassle free manner almost instantaneously. .The Future Prospects : Registration of property handled by altogether a different department and being hitherto treated as separate activities is in the process of linking with land records activities. Estimate. The Present Status : LAIS software is successfully implemented in most of the Land Acquisition Offices of West Bengal during the year 2000. Publication of Declaration. The system stores the data relating to the Project details. All the required reports are generated through the LAIS starting from Notification to Possession Certificate for Land Acquisition Cases under State Government and Central Government. Land Acquisition Information System The Land Acquisition Office : The office of the Land & Land Reforms Department is the nodal department for administration and monitoring of Land Acquisition activities in the state in close co-ordination with the Requiring Bodies(RB) who require the land for various industries and developmental activities and the Land Acquisition Collector(LAC) at the District Level. On the basis of these data land compensation amount is calculated for each land owners. Declaration. C. Payment Notices. Land & LandReforms. Labour. Purulia district hospital is linked with the medical colleges like NRS. estimate preparation etc. land schedule. Tourism Forest.e-Governance Initiative in West-Bengal As part of the goal for adopting e-Governance West Bengal has introduced significantcomputerization at various levels in several Government Departments and Directorates. Tele medicine: Midnapore Telemedicine is a client friendly high tech system used for critical patients. Computerisation of land records. which started as a small pilot project in District ofBardhaman. Medical College and Burdwan Medical College. These include Finance. Youth Services. The system has been on trial in land acquisition cases for the New Township Project at Rajarhat. Panchayat & Rural Development. speedily and efficiently. If required. Municipal Affairs. Environment. 238 have already been computerized. Out of 341 blocks in the State. a Land Acquisition Information System has been recently developed to ensure speedy disposal of land acquisition cases. I & CA. Govt of India has given direction for . Specifically. a pilot project has been started in Hooghly district for digitization of cadastral maps. Smart Card Webel enabled West Bengal is all set to become the first state among all to implement the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. Digitization of cadastral maps is now being initiated. has since been extended to all other districts in West Bengal. It generates various reports relating to notification. patients and medical officers of the sending hospital may consult with the specialists of the medical colleges through video conferencing facility and Internet. Patient's history is sent to the higher centers through the internet facility and the prescriptions are sent to the sending hospital through. Housing etc. declaration. Higher Education. Further. Transport. standardization of transport applications in the entire country by way of 'Smart Card' based Driving License & Registering Certificate using 'Sarathi' and 'Vahan' thus bringing uniformity in the system throughout the country. . "Smart" enough to hold its own data /information with possibility of reading/ writing information any number of times. The Smart Card brings: y y y y y y y Easy retrieval of information Self Tracking / Data / Transaction Flow with the carrier High security on improved Law enforcement Scaleable and inter-operable system Easy to get the card updated on payment of Tax / Penalty. Smart Card. resembling a credit card in size and shape. setting up of departmental personnel information systems and the monitoring of funds deployment in several Government Departments and Directorates. Sixteen departments viz. Labour. Finance. etc Complete Check on duplicity & Forgery Inter-operability throughout the country Computerisation of Government Departments Webel is in the process of implementing the Government of West Bengal'scomputerization programme for three common applications viz. Directing the movement of files. a small electronic card. contains an embedded microprocessor. Transport. An Information kiosk and Website are now implemented for Bidhan Nagar Municipality where provision for downloadingof various application forms and other data relating to grievances etc. I & CA. Panchayat & Rural Development. have been identified for introducing the above applications. Forest. Webel has also implemented a webbased application for WBTDC for easy reservation of Tourist Lodges and various tourist services. Webel has also facilitated a number of websites of different government departments and public interface through Information Kiosks. Municipal Affairs. Tourism. Public interfaces through Info kiosks/websites The official website of the Government of West Bengal which provides detailedinformation on the Government initiatives and various other details to the citizens. GIS for Municipalities A Geographical Information System (GIS) has been implemented in 10 Municipalities in the State. are available. Budge Budge. The spatial data survey and implementation of GIS for Pujali. Information & Cultural Affairs Department A touch screen based Information kiosk has been implemented which offers public utility services to the citizens. Youth Services. Higher Education. Environment. Kalimpong and Bidhan Nagar Municipalities have already been complete. Housing etc. Land and Land Reforms. Higher Education Department Database is now developed for the department which can be accessed through their website and kiosk with Touch Screen and IVR which is ofimmense help to students seeking admission in various streams in colleges. Tourism Department A website and Touch Screen Information kiosks for the Tourism Department have been developed which provides detailed information of tourist interest that is of great help to both the domestic as well as international visitors. Kurseong. Geographical Information System . a quality internet bandwidth is now available for common people as well as Corporate. Educational Institutions. entertainment as well as employment generation by way of high-speed access to information and web based communication. close liaison with Lalbazar Higher officials for improved control of Day-to-Day operation of the entire Police Force. The spatial data survey and implementation of GIS for Pujali. . e-Governance. new channels for learning. This can be seen as the first step to make the rural India the back office of urban India including teleeducation. tele-medicine. and improvements in health & welfare. more effective Crime Control. Kurseong. Further it has been entrusted with development of Application Software for Police Personnel. better communication with Govt. Hospitals and many other organizations across the State at an affordable price. Kalimpong and Bidhan Nagar Municipalities have already been completed. Kolkata Police Intranet & Computer Network Kolkata Police Department has entrusted the Webel Technology Limited to computerise 45 Police Stations of Kolkata Police and 5 DivisionalOffices and 30 other offices of Battalion and AC's with the aim to increase efficiency of their existing operations in the Thana offices & Battalion.The job of implementing Geographical Information System (GIS) in 20 Municipalities in the State is now on. This service spreads across the rural areas bringing social & economic stability and opportunity. Connectivity Through the ISP service. Mbps bandwidth y Selected Panchayats will be connected with their Block Headquarters during subsequent phases of expansion of WBSWAN y State Capital as well as each District Headquarter has Video Conferencing. is based on IP (Internet Protocol) technology. through which e-Governance activities of the Government of West Bengal are being undertaken. voice and video communication throughout the state of West Bengal and this Government Intranet. Multi conferencing facility through Multipoint Conferencing Unit (MCU) at Kolkata y Provision for horizontal expansion for connectivity at all levels WBSWAN services & applications: y This intranet is aimed at providing seamless connectivity among Government departments / directorates as well as among the various offices of each department / directorate all over West Bengal y y Government Application Service Provider (ASP) project will be based on this network Improve the Government-Citizen and Government-Industry interface as well as efficient intra- .West Bengal State Wide Area Network (WBSWAN) West Bengal State Wide Area Network is the backbone network for data. Salient features of WBSWAN: y WBSWAN network provides connectivity of Data. Voice & Video Communication facilities from State Switching Centre at Kolkata up to all District Headquarters as well as some important cities on 2 Mbps (E-1 link) leased line of BSNL y All Block Headquarters will be connected with their District Headquarters on 64 Kbps Leased line upgradeable to 22. . y Visually impaired persons studying at integrated schools and colleges may get Braille study material from these centres in printed form or can access the electronic libraries of the centres. a nationwide commonly accessible pool of Braille resource will be generated. Ministry of Communications and IT. of Mass Education Extension. y These institutes will impart Braille education and offer Braille reading material to a maximum number of visually impaired persons in and outside the facility of the school. of West Bengal. Dept. Braille . share and exchange resource with others through Internet and thus. y These centres while generating resource of their own. Govt. Govt.Aids Under the Project "IT Enabled Braille Education for the Blind Schools of WestBengal and Augmentation of Infrastructure" Webel Mediatronics Limited is developing IT enabled Braille Education Infrastructure at 27 special schools and 2 libraries. of IT. Govt. Infrastructure Development y By installing developed technology and internet connection at 70 blindinstitutes across the country Webel Mediatronics Limited is on the way to building up a nationwide networked infrastructure of IT enabled Braille education for visually impaired. of India. of IT. of West Bengal and Dept. efficient and transparent administration For more information CLICK HERE.Government information flow resulting in effective. The project is sponsored by Dept. will access. webel-india.asp http://www. Useful Links http://www.For more information CLICK HERE.
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