Intervalos de Mantenimiento 966h

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966H WHEEL LOADER A6J01801-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY C11(XEBP...Página 1 de 4 Shutdown SIS Previous Screen Product: WHEEL LOADER Model: 966H WHEEL LOADER A6J Configuration: 966H WHEEL LOADER A6J01801-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY C11 Operation and Maintenance Manual 966H and 972H Wheel Loaders Media Number -SEBU7887-18 Publication Date -01/04/2012 Date Updated -16/04/2012 i04876450 Maintenance Interval Schedule SMCS - 7000 Ensure that all safety information, warnings, and instructions are read and understood before any operation or any maintenance procedures are performed. The user is responsible for the performance of maintenance. All adjustments, the use of proper lubricants, fluids, filters, and the replacement of components due to normal wear and aging are included. Failure to adhere to proper maintenance intervals and procedures may result in diminished performance of the product and/or accelerated wear of components. Use mileage, fuel consumption, service hours, or calendar time, WHICH EVER OCCURS FIRST, in order to determine the maintenance intervals. Products that operate in severe operating conditions may require more frequent maintenance. Refer to the maintenance procedure for any other exceptions that may change the maintenance intervals. Note: The aftertreatment system can be expected to function properly for the useful life of the engine (emissions durability period), as defined by regulation. All prescribed maintenance requirements must be followed. Note: Before each consecutive interval is performed, all maintenance from the previous interval must be performed. Note: If Cat HYDO Advanced hydraulic oils are used, the hydraulic oil change interval is extended substantially. S·O·S services may extend the oil change even longer. Consult your Cat dealer for details. The following guidlines shoud be followed if the service hours are not met: Items listed between 10 and 100 service hours should be performed at least every 3 months. Items listed between 250 and 500 service hours should be performed at least every 6 months. Items listed between 1000 service hours and 2500 service hours should be performed at least every year. 01/06/2012 Lubricate Bucket Linkage and Loader Cylinder Bearings .Replace Ether Starting Aid Cylinder .Inspect/Replace Bucket Hinge and Lift Arm Clearance Shims ..Clean Every 50 Service Hours or Weekly Bucket Lower Pivot Bearings .Fill Window Wiper .Lubricate Steering Cylinder Bearings .Lubricate Bucket Upper Pivot Bearings .Replace High Intensity Discharge Lamp (HID) .Inspect Radiator Core .966H WHEEL LOADER A6J01801-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY C11(XEBP..Check Every 100 Service Hours or 2 Weeks Axle Oscillation Bearings .Lubricate https://sisweb.Prime Fuses .Inspect Pallet Fork .Inspect/Replace Camera .com/sisweb/sisweb/techdoc/techdoc_print_page.Check Secondary Steering .Check Seat Belt . 01/06/2012 .Inspect/Adjust/Replace Bucket Tips .Drain Tire Inflation ..Check Windows .Replace Oil Filter .jsp?returnurl=/sisw.Inspect/Replace Every 10 Service Hours or Daily Backup Alarm .Clean/Replace Engine Air Filter Secondary Element .Test Cooling System Coolant Level .Drain Hydraulic System Oil Level .Inspect Transmission Oil Level .Replace Fuel System .Clean Circuit Breakers .Reset Engine Air Filter Primary Element .Check Fuel System Primary Filter (Water Separator) ..Check Quick Coupler .Check Engine Oil Level .cat.Lubricate Cab Air Filter .Clean Ride Control Accumulator .Test Window Washer Reservoir .Inspect/Replace Bucket Cutting Edges .Lubricate Logging Fork Clamp . Página 2 de 4 When Required Automatic Lubrication Grease Tank .Clean/Replace Fuel Tank Water and Sediment .Fill Battery or Battery Cable . Obtain Transmission Oil Sample . Refilled Systems. and Converted Systems) Cooling System Coolant Sample (Level 2) .Check Engine Valve Rotators .966H WHEEL LOADER A6J01801-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY C11(XEBP.Clean Hydraulic System Biodegradable Oil Filter Element .Change Fuel System Primary Filter (Water Separator) Element .Inspect Transmission Oil Filter .Replace Fuel System Secondary Filter .Replace Hydraulic System Oil Filter .Test Cooling System Coolant Sample (Level 1) .Lubricate Engine Crankcase Breather .Lubricate Every 250 Service Hours or 3 Months Engine Oil and Filter ..Replace Every 250 Service Hours Drive Shaft Support Bearing .Obtain Engine Oil and Filter .Obtain Every 500 Service Hours Transmission Oil Filter .Clean Belt .Replace Every 500 Service Hours or 3 Months Differential and Final Drive Oil Sample .Obtain Quick Coupler .Obtain Differential and Final Drive Oil Level .Lubricate Steering Column Play . 01/06/2012 ..Change Pallet Fork .Check Drive Shaft Spline (Center) .Check Initial 500 Hours (for New Systems.Replace Hydraulic System Oil Sample .Check Braking System .jsp?returnurl=/sisw.Inspect/Adjust/Replace Brake Accumulator .. Página 3 de 4 Initial 250 Service Hours Electronic Unit Injector .Obtain Engine Valve Lash .com/sisweb/sisweb/techdoc/techdoc_print_page.Inspect/Adjust Engine Oil Sample .Lubricate Every 250 Service Hours or Monthly Battery .cat.Replace Fuel Tank Cap and Strainer .Obtain https://sisweb.Clean Engine Oil Sample .. .Check Engine Valve Rotators .Change Every 2000 Service Hours or 1 Year Brake Discs .Replace Every 3000 Service Hours Steering Column Spline (HMU Steering) .Lubricate Every Year Cooling System Coolant Sample (Level 2) .Inspect Steering Pilot Oil Screen (Command Control Steering) . Página 4 de 4 Every 1000 Service Hours Drive Shaft Universal Joints .Lubricate Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS) .Inspect/Adjust Engine Valve Lash .Obtain Receiver Dryer (Refrigerant) .Replace Every 12 000 Service Hours or 6 Years Cooling System Coolant (ELC) .Add Cooling System Water Temperature Regulator .Check Steering Column Spline (Command Control Steering) .com/sisweb/sisweb/techdoc/techdoc_print_page.Lubricate Every 1000 Service Hours or 6 Months Articulation Bearings ..Tighten Roading Fender Hinges .Lubricate Hydraulic System Oil .Inspect Hood Tilt Actuator .Check Differential and Final Drive Oil .Change Hydraulic Tank Breaker Relief Valve . Private Network For SIS Licensees..Clean Service Brake Wear Indicator .Change Electronic Unit Injector .Lubricate Every 3 Years Seat Belt .Replace Every 6000 Service Hours or 3 Years Cooling System Coolant Extender (ELC) .Change Copyright 1993 .. Fri Jun 1 10:28:09 EST 2012 https://sisweb.966H WHEEL LOADER A6J01801-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY C11( Caterpillar Inc.Clean/Replace Transmission Oil .jsp?returnurl=/sisw. 01/06/2012 .Lubricate Battery Hold-Down . All Rights Reserved.
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