IndiGo Cadet Pilot Program

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Proof of Documents.where you will be trained to become a successful IndiGo pilot.IndiGo Cadet Pilot Program IndiGo is India’s fastest growing low cost airline providing passengers with consistent on time performance. thrive on challenges. www. CAE is the place for you…. Have valid Indian Class I medical certificate* (No Limitations) Be fluent in English . Entry Requirements: Candidates must Be between 17 to 30 years of age and of Indian Nationality Have scored minimum 55% in Physics.caeoaa.both written and spoken. Mathematics & English each. believe in being part of a dynamic team and have boundless enthusiasm. Note: Candidates not having Indian Class 1 medical. IndiGo’s Cadet Pilot Program’ is a world-class ab-initio pilot training program for which IndiGo has partnered with CAE Oxford Aviation Academy. low fares and courteous service from the heart. world’s largest network of professional flight schools. They must have Indian Class 1 medical prior to start of the IndiGo training program. in (10+2) exam individually. Our Cadet Pilot Program is specifically designed to enable aspiring young pilots to receive both their initial Commercial Pilot License (CPL) and Airbus A320 Type Rating in focused and efficient . If you are diligent. can apply with a Class II medical.. Certificates/mark sheets to be produced at the enrollment stage. propeller-driven aircraft built with modern composite materials and featuring Garmin G1000 avionics. Aviation Consumer and Aero-News Network.caeoaa. CAE Oxford Aviation Academy Gondia / NFTI is proud to operate these technically advanced training March 2016 . Popular Science. Diamond DA42 The DA42 will be your first multi-engine piloting experience. as well as the U. It can achieve 180 horsepower for a cruise speed of 145 knots and has a range of more than 700 nautical miles. Air Force. according to a leading aviation publication. The DA42 has earned the Flying Magazine's Editors' Choice Award as well as awards from Flight International magazine. equipped with the latest "glass" cockpits.S. Upcoming Batch Commencement Months: December 2015 www.WANT TO KNOWABOUT YOUR AIRCRAFT??? CAE Oxford Aviation Academy Gondia / NFTI operates a fleet of Diamond aircraft. We also use simulation-driven flight and navigation procedures trainers as an integral part of the training program. Robb Report. Diamond DA40 CS The entry-level DA40 CS is a single-engine. Diamond users include other CAE Oxford Aviation Academy flight schools. which are renowned for having "one of the most remarkable safety records in all of light aircraft general aviation". 981 before From 8 months of Joining/ on or 817.caeoaa.000 89.981 before From 10 months of Joining/ on or 817.36% 1st Installment 728.36% as per prevailing rate Installment Installment Service Tax @ No.904 Duration of Payment 10 months from the date of Joining After 17 months of training.485.000 89. offer educational loans to aspiring pilots at a low interest rate along with a flexible repayment plan. FEES SCHEDULE FOR DECEMBER 2015 BATCH Installments Schedule :. Amount 12.000 89.000 + Service Tax (to be paid in easy installments).981 5th Installment 728.981 817.981 4th Installment 728.000 449.00 + applicable Taxes While an installment payment plan is available to students.981 before .000 89.904 Total Occurrence of Installment Amount From 4 months of Joining/ on or before From 6 months of Joining/ on or 817.COSTANDFINANCING The Training fees for the 17-monthCPL training program at CAE OAA Gondia / NFTI is Rs 36.981 Total Amount 3.981 3rd Installment 728.981 817.000 89. upon credit approval. For scholarships cadets may apply to the ministry of social welfare and justice directly. Selection Process All complete applications will be screened and eligible candidates will be processed further for selection process consisting of: Selection Phase I (Written test) based on 10+2 syllabus: Physics Mathematics English www.981 At the time of Joining/Admission 2nd Installment 728. applicants may contact the local bank for discussing financing options.640. at the start of A320 training: USD 32.40.with Service Tax @ 12. Most nationalized banks in India. . www. How to . Applications with incomplete DATA/expired medicals will not be processed.caeoaa.caeoaa..Let’s take the Step Together? ₃ Please complete the online application form on our website: www. Training program The unique IndiGo Cadet Pilot program involves two phases of training: Phase 1: Provides the cadets with the training required to obtain a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) with a Multi-Engine Instrument rating and required Multi-Engine experience. The duration of whole program from start of CPL course to completion of A320 training is 19 months. Phase 2: Provides cadets with Type Rating (TR) training to become a co-pilot on the Airbus A320 aircraft. a physical assessment. The list of successful candidates will be displayed online on this page and will be notified personally. Selection Phase III The final selection phase consists of a Group Discussion and Personal Interview with IndiGo. Type Rating training will be conducted at one of CAE’s training Centers like Bangalore. Spain or Malaysia. Scanned copies of 10+2 mark sheet and medical certificate (FORM 35) are mandatory at the time of screening. psychometric test and a debriefing ₃ All applications will undergo screening and selection: Please note: Applications are accepted 5 months prior to batch commencement.Selection Phase II – CAE Aircrew Selection System (CASS) Candidates will perform 2 online profiling tests before presenting themselves at one of the test-centers spread across India for an Interview. With 09 flight academy schools spread across five continents. Our ab-initio training programs are taught by hands-on. we are the largest ab-initio flight school network in the world. instructors who bring real world experience into the classroom learning environment. applying the latest industry guidelines and regulations.caeoaa. Each phase of training is supervised to ensure safety is never compromised.Dear PARENTS CAE Oxford Aviation Academy is recognized for providing safe. Our classrooms and flight training facilities are equipped with the latest technology. We are committed to working with you and your child every step of the way to ensure their dream of becoming a successful pilot is fulfilled. state of the art ab-initio training for those aspiring to become pilots. CAE Oxford Aviation Academy is committed to provide our cadets with the knowledge and skills necessary to help them safely and efficiently fly aircraft for commercial airlines around the world. As a training leader in the industry our pilots are sought after to join airlines located around the . www. insurance etc. WHAT IS THE INDIGO CADET PROGRAM? The IndiGo Cadet Pilot program is for non-pilots aspiring to be pilots. WHO WILL PAY FOR MY MEDICAL INSURANCE DURING TRAINING? The candidate is responsible for the entire training. 6. post successful completion of his training (both CPL & Type Rating).1. insurance . WHO PAYS FOR THE TOTAL TRAINING (CPL/ME/IR AND A320 TYPE RATING)? The total cost of training is borne by the candidate. 4. WHERE WILL I BE TRAINED FOR CPL AND A320 TYPE RATING? The CPL phase of training will be conducted at CAE Oxford Aviation Academy Gondia /National Flying Training Institute Private Limited. WHO WILL MAKE MY TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS? The candidate is responsible for the entire training cost. travel. Co-pilot with IndiGo. 2. India. travel. 5. accommodation during type rating course. www. Gondia. The first phase is to provide the required training to obtain a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) with Multi engine Instrument rating and requisite Multi engine experience followed by the Type Rating training for qualifying on the Airbus A320 as a co-pilot. including cost of the training.caeoaa. IS THERE ANY PAPERWORK THAT I NEED TO SIGN WITH INDIGO? At the time of signing the Cadet Pilot Agreement. including cost of the training. It involves training the candidates in 2 phases so that he/she becomes a Jr. The A320 Type Rating training will be conducted at one of the CAE type rating training centers approved by IndiGo. accommodation during type rating course. 3. commits to serve IndiGo for a specified term. the candidate is required to sign a Specialized Training Agreement whereby the candidate. Maharashtra. [email protected] • shraddha. 11. HOW LONG IS THE PROGRAM? The duration of whole program from start of CPL course to completion of A320 training is 19 months. 8. WHO WILL MEET ME ON ARRIVAL AT NATIONAL FLYING TRAINING INSTITUTE. CAE may assist in arranging accommodation at candidate’s request at his/her own • copy of the transaction manisha. 9. uniforms will be Step 3 • Send the scanned copy of the transaction reciept & duely filled up form to the Admission Team: • shraddha. else contact our Admission team (+91-7182665023/36) Step 2 • Make the bank transaction for the Entrance exam. WHO WILL ARRANGE MY VISA FOR TRAINING (IF APPLICABLE)? If A320 type training is conducted outside India. 12. During A320 type Rating Training the candidate is responsible to pay for his accommodation. [email protected]@cae. AM I PAID ANYTHING DURING THE TRAINING PERIOD? Yes. WILL I BE PROVIDED UNIFORM? Yes.7. www. WHERE WILL I STAY DURING TRAINING AND WHO WILL ARRANGE IT? CAE Oxford Aviation Academy Gondia will make arrangements for your stay during CPL phase. Stipend is paid to the cadets. GONDIA? Student Counselor at Gondia will coordinate arrival schedule and transportation. .caeoaa. HOW TO JOIN? Step 1 • Fill up the entarnce examination form enclosed along with the email. CAE will facilitate the Visa process for the cadet but the cadet will be liable to pay visa cost & other necessary travel related documents in relation to the training.
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