InDesign 2.0 Keyboard Shortcuts Default

March 27, 2018 | Author: Ionela Voinea | Category: Hyperlink, Letter Case, Page Layout, Quotation Mark, Text



InDesign 2.0 Shortcut Set - Default 1 InDesign 2.0 Shortcut Set Default Product area : Edit Menu Assign Profiles... --Clear --- Backspace, Delete Colour Settings... --Convert to Profile... --Copy --- Ctrl+C Cut --- Ctrl+X Deselect All --- Shift+Ctrl+A Dictionary... --Document CMYK --Document RGB --Duplicate --- Shift+Ctrl+Alt+D Find Next --- Ctrl+Alt+F Find/Change... --- Ctrl+F Keyboard Shortcuts... --Paste --- Ctrl+V Paste in Place --- Shift+Ctrl+Alt+V Paste Into --- Ctrl+Alt+V Preferences: Composition... --Preferences: Dictionary... --Preferences: Display Performance... --Preferences: General... --- Ctrl+K Preferences: Grids... --Preferences: Guides... --Preferences: Text... --Preferences: Units & Increments... --Preferences: Workgroup... --Redo --- Shift+Ctrl+Z Select All --- Ctrl+A Step and Repeat... --- Shift+Ctrl+V Undo --- Ctrl+Z Manage Workgroup: Verify State --Manage Workgroup: Work Offline --Manage Workgroup: Workgroup Servers... --New: Book... --New: Document... --- Ctrl+N Open... --- Ctrl+O Package... --- Shift+Ctrl+Alt+P PDF Style: PDF Styles... --Place... --- Ctrl+D Preflight... --- Shift+Ctrl+Alt+F Print... --- Ctrl+P Revert --Save --- Ctrl+S Save a Copy... --- Ctrl+Alt+S Save As... --- Shift+Ctrl+S Product area : Help Menu About InDesign... --Adobe Corporate News... --Adobe Online... --Configure Plug-ins... --Downloadables... --InDesign Help... --- F1 Online Registration... --Online Settings... --Top Issues... --- Product area : Layout Menu Create Guides... --First Page --- Shift+Ctrl+Page Up, TablesShift+Ctrl+Page Up, Text-Shift+Ctrl+Page Up Go Back --- Ctrl+Page Up, Tables-Ctrl+Page Up, Text-Ctrl+Page Up Go Forward --- Ctrl+Page Down, Tables-Ctrl+Page Down, Text-Ctrl+Page Down Last Page --- Shift+Ctrl+Page Down, TablesShift+Ctrl+Page Down, Text-Shift+Ctrl+Page Down Layout Adjustment... --Margins and Columns... --Next Page --- Shift+Page Down, Tables-Shift+Page Down, Text-Shift+Page Down Numbering & Section Options... --Previous Page --- Shift+Page Up, Tables-Shift+Page Up, Text-Shift+Page Up Ruler Guides... --Table of Contents Styles... --Table of Contents... --Update Table of Contents --Update table of contents using current style --- Product area : File Menu Close --- Ctrl+W, Ctrl+F4 Define... --Document Setup... --- Ctrl+Alt+P Exit --- Ctrl+Q Export... --- Ctrl+E File Info... --Library... --Manage Workgroup: Cancel Check Out --Manage Workgroup: Check In --Manage Workgroup: Check Out --Manage Workgroup: Logoff All Servers --Manage Workgroup: Open... --Manage Workgroup: Place... --Manage Workgroup: Revert --Manage Workgroup: Save --Manage Workgroup: Save As... --Manage Workgroup: Update --- --Book: Remove Document --Book: Repaginate --Book: Replace Document.Ctrl+] Arrange: Bring to Front --.Ctrl+Alt+C Group --.. --Character Styles: New Style.Ctrl+[ Arrange: Send to Back --.Shift+Ctrl+Alt+Left Arrow Nudge left duplicate --...Shift+Ctrl+Right Arrow Nudge right 1/10 duplicate --.Shift+Ctrl+P Add new topic --Clear Local Display Settings --.Ctrl+Alt+G Select bottom object --..Shift+Ctrl+[ Clipping Path.. Lock Zero Point --New default document --... --Book: Document Page Numbering Options. --Book: Close Book --Book: Document Information.Shift+Left Arrow Nudge left x10 duplicate --..Right Arrow Nudge right 1/10 --... --.Shift+Ctrl+G Unlock Position --..Ctrl+Alt+[ Select top object --..Default 2 Product area : Object Menu Arrange: Bring Forward --... --Character Styles: Redefine Style --.Shift+Ctrl+W Convert Clipping Path to Frame --Create outlines without deleting text --Shift+Ctrl+Alt+O Decrease size / scale by 1% --.Down Arrow Nudge down 1/10 --...Shift+Ctrl+Alt+E Fitting: Fit Content to Frame --..Ctrl+Alt+R Display: Use View Setting --Drop Shadow.Shift+Ctrl+Alt+Down Arrow Nudge down duplicate --.Alt+Right Arrow Nudge right x10 --..Shift+Ctrl+Alt+W Close document --..Shift+Alt+Down Arrow Nudge left --.Shift+Ctrl+Down Arrow Nudge down 1/10 duplicate --. Increase size / scale by 5% --.Shift+Ctrl+Up Arrow Nudge up 1/10 duplicate --. --Fitting: Centre Content --. --Transform: Shear.Alt+Up Arrow Nudge up x10 --..Ctrl+Alt+..Shift+Alt+Left Arrow Nudge right --. --Character Styles: Load Character Styles.Ctrl+Alt+M Feather.Ctrl+Alt+E Fitting: Fit Frame to Content --. --.Alt+Down Arrow Nudge down x10 --.Shift+Ctrl+K Character: Ligatures --Character: No Break --Character: OpenType: All Small Caps --Character: OpenType: Contextual Alternates --Character: OpenType: Default Figure Style --Character: OpenType: Denominator --Character: OpenType: Discretionary Ligatures --Character: OpenType: Fractions --Character: OpenType: Numerator --Character: OpenType: Ordinal --Character: OpenType: Proportional Lining --Character: OpenType: Proportional Oldstyle --Character: OpenType: Subscript/Inferior --Character: OpenType: Superscript/Superior --Character: OpenType: Swash --Character: OpenType: Tabular Lining --Character: OpenType: Tabular Oldstyle --- Product area : Other Add new index entry --. --Book: Save Book --Book: Save Book As.InDesign 2.Up Arrow Nudge up 1/10 --. --Book: Book Page Numbering Options..Ctrl+Alt+8 Content: Graphic --Content: Text --Content: Unassigned --Corner Effects. --Ungroup --. --Transform: Move.Shift+Ctrl+Left Arrow Nudge left 1/10 duplicate --.Text-Shift+Ctrl+F8 Add New Page --.Shift+Ctrl+Alt+Right Arrow Nudge right duplicate --.Ctrl+Alt+..Ctrl+8 Compound: Release --.Shift+Ctrl+E Fitting: Fit Content Proportionally --..Shift+Ctrl+Alt+C Character Styles: Style Options.Ctrl+Alt+L Nudge left x10 --..Shift+Alt+Up Arrow Open index entry dialog --...Shift+Ctrl+Alt+K Compound: Make --..Shift+Up Arrow Nudge up x10 duplicate --. --.Shift+Ctrl+Alt+S Select all guides --.Ctrl+L Reverse Path --Text Frame Options.Ctrl+B Transform: Move Guides.Text-Ctrl+Alt+U Add new index entry (reversed) --.Ctrl+Alt+] Select next object below --.Shift+Ctrl+Alt+] Unlock Zero Point --- Product area : Palette Menus Book: Add Document..Shift+Ctrl+Alt+[ Select next object above --.Text-Ctrl+U Save all --. --... --Book: Synchronise Options.Left Arrow Nudge left 1/10 --. --Transform: Rotate. --Character: All Caps --... --Lock Position --.0 Shortcut Set .. Ctrl+Alt+N Nudge down --..Alt+Left Arrow .Shift+Ctrl+Alt+Up Arrow Nudge up duplicate --. Decrease size / scale by 5% --.Shift+Ctrl+] Arrange: Send Backward --.. Increase size / scale by 1% --.Shift+Alt+Right Arrow Nudge up --.Shift+Ctrl+N..... --Character Styles: Delete Styles --Character Styles: Duplicate Style.Shift+Down Arrow Nudge down x10 duplicate --.Ctrl+... --Transform: Scale.Ctrl+.Ctrl+G Image Colour Settings...Shift+Right Arrow Nudge right x10 duplicate --.Shift+Ctrl+F2 Close all --. . --.. --Trap Style: New Style. --Swatches: Large Swatch --Swatches: Merge Swatches --Swatches: Name --Swatches: New Colour Swatch... --Index: Delete --Index: Duplicate.. --Index: New...... --Swatches: Select All Unused --Swatches: Small Name --Swatches: Small Swatch --Swatches: Swatch Options..... --Strokes and Fills.Tables-Ctrl+Alt+B ............ --Index: Go to Selected Marker --Index: Import Topics. --Links: Relink.. --Links: Update Link --Links: Workgroup: Cancel Link Check Out --Links: Workgroup: Check Out Edit Original --Links: Workgroup: Embed Content --Links: Workgroup: Save Link --Links: Workgroup: Save Link As. --Swatches: Duplicate Swatch --Swatches: Hide Options --Swatches: Ink Manager..... --Paragraph Styles: New Style...Shift+Ctrl+= Character: Underline --.. --Rows and Columns. --Links: Workgroup: Update All Links --Links: Workgroup: Update Link --Links: Workgroup: Verify All Links --Links: Workgroup: Verify Link --Pages: Apply Master to Pages. --Pages: Remove All Local Overrides --Pages: Save as Master --Pages: Transparency Flattener Styles.. --Paragraph Styles: Load Paragraph Styles.Shift+Ctrl+Alt+= Character: Superscript --. --Pages: Custom.Text-Shift+Ctrl+/ Character: Subscript --.... --.. --. --Paragraph: Adobe Paragraph Composer --Paragraph: Adobe Single-line Composer --Paragraph: Hyphenation. --Paragraph Styles: Delete Styles --Paragraph Styles: Duplicate Style..Default 3 Character: OpenType: Titling Alternates --Character: Small Caps --..... --Swatches: New Tint Swatch..Ctrl+Alt+K Paragraph: Paragraph Rules. --Pages: None (Ignore Transparency) --Pages: Numbering & Section Options... --Index: Find --Index: Generate Index..... --Swatches: New Gradient Swatch.Shift+Ctrl+U Clear All --Colour: Add to Swatches --Colour: Hide Options --Hyperlinks: Delete Hyperlink --Hyperlinks: Go To Destination --Hyperlinks: Go To Source --Hyperlinks: Hyperlink Destination Options... --Transform: Flip Both --Transform: Flip Horizontal --Transform: Flip Vertical --Transform: Rotate 180° --Transform: Rotate 90° Anticlockwise --Transform: Rotate 90° Clockwise --Transform: Scale Text Attributes --Transform: Transform Content --Transform: Transform Group Content --Trap Style: Assign Trap Style...InDesign 2.. --Layer: Paste Remembers Layers --Library: Import Library Document.... --Hyperlinks: Hyperlink Options... --Index: Remove Unused Topics --Index: Show Unused Topics --Index: Update Preview --Layer: Hide All Layers --Layer: Layer Options for "Layer 1"..Shift+Ctrl+H Character: Strikethrough --. --Pages: Master Options. --.. --Hyperlinks: New Hyperlink Destination.. --- Pages: New Master.... --Index: Options. --Trap Style: Load Trap Styles.Ctrl+Alt+J Paragraph: Show Options --Repeat Tab --Show Options --Stroke: Show Options --Stroke: Weight Changes Bounding Box --Swatches: Add Unnamed Colours --Swatches: Delete Swatch..TextShift+Ctrl+Alt+R Paragraph Styles: Style Options........ --Hyperlinks: Reset Hyperlink --Hyperlinks: Update Hyperlink --Index: Capitalise.Text-Ctrl+Alt+H Paragraph: Justification.Shift+Ctrl+Alt+J Paragraph: Keep Options..... --Links: Edit Original --Links: Edit Original --Links: Embed File --Links: Go To Link --Links: Link Information. --. --Hyperlinks: New Hyperlink From URL --Hyperlinks: New Hyperlink.. --- Product area : Tables Menu Cell Cell Cell Cell Options: Options: Options: Options: Diagonal Lines......0 Shortcut Set .. --Trap Style: Delete Styles --Trap Style: Duplicate Style. --Paragraph Styles: Redefine Style --. --Layer: Lock All Layers --Layer: Merge Layers --Layer: New Layer..... --Text... --Pages: Default --Pages: Detach All Objects From Master --Pages: Duplicate Spread --Pages: Insert Pages. --Trap Style: Select All Unused --Trap Style: Style Options.. Text-Shift+Down Arrow Select one paragraph before --.Text-Ctrl+Alt+Right Arrow Increase leading --.Tables-Alt+Home Move to First Row in Frame --.Tables-Tab Move to Previous Cell --.Ctrl+Alt+\ Increase word space x 5 --.Tables-Right Arrow Move to beginning of story --.Tables-Page Up Move to Last Cell in Column --.Tables-Ctrl+/ Select: Column --.Text-Ctrl+Down Arrow Move to the previous paragraph --.Text-Ctrl+Alt+Left Arrow Decrease leading --.Tables-Down Arrow Move down one line --..Text-Alt+Right Arrow Increase kerning/tracking x 5 --.Tables-Ctrl+Alt+A Split Cell Horizontally --Split Cell Vertically --Table Options: Alternating Column Strokes. --Table Options: Table Setup.Default 4 Convert Table to Text --Convert Text to Table --Delete: Column --.Shift+Ctrl+F Align justify --. --Insert Table.0 Shortcut Set .Text-Shift+F2 Increase baseline shift --.Tables-Ctrl+Backspace Delete: Table --Distribute Columns Evenly --Distribute Rows Evenly --Go to Row.TextShift+Ctrl+Down Arrow ..Ctrl+End Move to First Cell in Column --.Shift+Ctrl+.Shift+Ctrl+Y Auto leading --.Tables-Ctrl+Alt+3 Select: Row --. Increase word space --.Text-Shift+Up Arrow Select one line below --.Tables-Ctrl+Alt+T Product area : Text and Tables 0° --180° --270° --90° --Align centre --.Shift+Ctrl+R Align to baseline grid --..Text-Shift+Right Arrow Select one line above --.Text-Down Arrow Move Left --.Shift+Ctrl+B Apply italic --...Tables-Up Arrow Move up one line --.Shift+Ctrl+Alt+A Auto-hyphenate on/off --.Text-End Move to the left one character --.Ctrl+Alt+Backspace Decrease word space x 5 --Shift+Ctrl+Alt+Backspace Delete --.Tables-Delete Find Next --.Text-Ctrl+Alt+Q Select Cells Above --.Shift+Ctrl+L Align right --.Ctrl+Home Move to end of story --.Text-Alt+Left Arrow Decrease kerning/tracking x 5 --.Shift+Ctrl+X Normal vertical text scale --.Tables-Page Down Move to Next Cell --. --Table Options: Alternating Row Strokes.Tables-Shift+Right Arrow Select line --.Tables-Shift+Down Arrow Select Cells to the Left --.. --Table Options: Alternating Fills.Text-Right Arrow Move to the right one word --. --...Shift+Ctrl+Alt+H Clear --.Shift+Ctrl+.Shift+Ctrl+Alt+\ Insert Column --Insert Row --Keep with Next Row --Load Find and Find Next instance --.TextShift+F3 Reset kerning and tracking --.Tables-Shift+Up Arrow Select Cells Below --.Tables-Alt+End Move to Last Row in Frame --.Text-Up Arrow Normal horizontal text scale --..Tables-Shift+Backspace Delete: Row --.Text-Alt+Up Arrow Decrease leading x 5 --.Text-Left Arrow Move to the left one word --.Text-Ctrl+F2 Move Down --.Text-Home Move Up --. --.Shift+Ctrl+Alt+..Text-Shift+Ctrl+\ Select one character to the left --.Tables-Ctrl+9 Merge Cells --Select: Cell --.Text-Ctrl+F1 Load Replace with selected text --.Shift+Ctrl+Alt+G Apply bold --.Text-Ctrl+Right Arrow Move to the start of the line --.Text-Shift+Ctrl+Alt+Up Arrow Increase kerning/tracking --.Text-Ctrl+Alt+Down Arrow Increase point size --.Tables-Left Arrow Move Right --.Text-Shift+Alt+Up Arrow Increase baseline shift x 5 --.Tables-Shift+Left Arrow Select Cells to the Right --.Tables-Shift+Tab Move to the end of the line --. --.Text-Shift+Alt+Down Arrow Decrease baseline shift x 5 --.Text-Ctrl+Alt+Up Arrow Decrease point size --.Shift+Ctrl+J Align left --.Shift+Ctrl+I Apply normal --.Text-Shift+Left Arrow Select one character to the right --.. Increase point size x 5 --..Text-Shift+Ctrl+Up Arrow Select one paragraph forward --.Text-Shift+F1 Load Find with selected text --.Tables-Ctrl+Alt+9 Insert: Row...Tables-Alt+Page Down Move to Last Cell in Row --. --.TextShift+Ctrl+Alt+Down Arrow Decrease kerning/tracking --.Text-Ctrl+Up Arrow Move to the right one character --.Tables-Backspace Decrease baseline shift --.Ctrl+Alt+/ Recompose all stories immediately --Replace with Change To text --.Text-Alt+Down Arrow Increase leading x 5 --.Tables-Alt+Page Up Move to First Cell in Row --. Decrease word space --.Tables-Ctrl+3 Select: Table --.InDesign 2.Shift+Ctrl+C Align force justify --.Text-Ctrl+F3 Replace with Change To text and Find Next --.Text-Shift+Ctrl+Alt+T Insert: Column. Decrease point size x 5 --..Shift+Ctrl+Alt+X Only Align First Line To Grid --Recompose all stories --.Text-Ctrl+Left Arrow Move to the next paragraph --..Shift+Ctrl+Alt+. ..D Apply gradient --.Text-Shift+Alt+Insert Special Character: En Dash --.TextShift+Ctrl+Insert Special Character: Double Left Quotation Mark --.TextShift+Ctrl+Alt+8 Insert White Space: Flush Space --Insert White Space: Hair Space --. / Convert Direction Point Tool --.F Rectangle Tool --.G Hand Tool --.O Smooth Tool --Swap fill and stroke activation --.TextShift+Ctrl+Alt+N Insert Special Character: Section Symbol --.TextAlt+8 Insert Special Character: Copyright Symbol --.= Apply colour --.Text-Num Enter Insert Break Character: Even Page Break --Insert Break Character: Forced Line Break --.Text-Ctrl+Num Enter Insert Break Character: Paragraph Return --Insert Glyphs.Text-Shift+Alt+[ Insert Special Character: Ellipsis --. Apply None --.Text-Alt+.Num /.I Free Transform Tool --.Text- .TextShift+Ctrl+Alt+I Insert White Space: Nonbreaking Space --.Text-Shift+Ctrl+Right Arrow Select to beginning of story --..TextShift+Tab Insert Special Character: Section Name --.Text-Alt+6 Insert Special Character: Single Left Quotation Mark -. --Insert Special Character: Auto Page Number --.R Scale Tool --.A Ellipse Frame Tool --Ellipse Tool --.Shift+Ctrl+Alt+/ Product area : Tools Add Anchor Point Tool --.N Polygon Frame Tool --Polygon Tool --Rectangle Frame Tool --.P Pencil Tool --.Shift+F11 Check Spelling..Shift+T Pen Tool --.Text-Shift+Ctrl+Home Select to end of story --.Shift+X Toggle Text and Object Control --.Text-Shift+Home Show Options --Start Row on Next Column --Start Row on Next Frame --Switch composer --Toggle Autogrow --Toggle Cell/Text Selection --.Text-Shift+Ctrl+Left Arrow Select one word to the right --.TextShift+Ctrl+Alt+] Insert Special Character: Nonbreaking Hyphen --Text-Ctrl+Alt+Insert Special Character: Paragraph Symbol --..Ctrl+I Create Outlines --...Text-Shift+Ctrl+End Select to the end of the line --.Text-Shift+Ctrl+M Insert White Space: En Space --.Text-Alt+] Insert Special Character: Single Right Quotation Mark --.V Shear Tool --. Insert Special Character: Em Dash --.TextAlt+7 Insert Special Character: Previous Page Number --Text-Shift+Ctrl+Alt+[ Insert Special Character: Punctuation Space --Insert Special Character: Registered Trademark Symbol --.S Scissors Tool --.Text-Shift+Alt+] Insert Special Character: Tab --Insert Special Character: Trademark Symbol --..InDesign 2.Direct Selection Tool --.X Swap fill and stroke colours --.Text-Ctrl+\ Insert Special Character: Next Page Number --.\ Path Type Tool --.Text-Alt+R Insert Special Character: Right Indent Tab --.Text-Alt+Insert Special Character: Indent to Here --. Apply default fill and stroke colours --..C Selection Tool --. --Insert Break Character: Column Break --.Tables-Escape Toggle Typographer's Quotes preference --Shift+Ctrl+Alt+' Update missing font list --..0 Shortcut Set .T Zoom Tool --.Z Product area : Type Menu Change Case: lowercase --Change Case: Sentence case.Shift+C Delete Anchor Point Tool --.Text-Shift+Ctrl+N Insert White Space: Figure Space --.Text-Alt+[ Insert Special Character: Double Right Quotation Mark --.H Line Tool --. --.Default 5 Select one word to the left --.Text-Shift+End Select to the start of the line --.TextAlt+2 Insert White Space: Em Space --.Ctrl+T Character Styles.J Toggle view setting between default and preview --.E Gradient Tool --. --..L Erase Tool --Eyedropper Tool --.TextShift+Enter Insert Break Character: Frame Break --.M Rotate Tool --. --. --Change Case: Title Case --Change Case: UPPERCASE --Character.W Type Tool --..TextShift+Num Enter Insert Break Character: Odd Page Break --Insert Break Character: Page Break --.Shift+Ctrl+O Fill with Placeholder Text --Find Font.TextCtrl+Alt+N Insert Special Character: Bullet Character --.TextAlt+G Insert Special Character: Discretionary Hyphen --. Ctrl+0 Fit Spread in Window --. --. Navigation 200% size --.. --Proof Setup: Document CMYK --Proof Setup: Working CMYK --Show Baseline Grid --.TextShift+Ctrl+Alt+M Paragraph.Shift+Ctrl+T Type on Path: Delete Type from Path --Type on Path: Options.Shift+F9 Text Wrap --.. Hide Hyperlinks --High Quality Display --.Shift+Alt+Page Up .Shift+Alt+Page Down Next spread --.Ctrl+R Show Text Threads --.Tab Show/Hide all palettes except toolbox --.F5 Table --.Ctrl+2 400% size --.Ctrl+. --First spread --..Ctrl+5 Access page number box --.Shift+Ctrl+Alt+Page Up Go to last frame --.Ctrl+` Actual Size --.Ctrl+Alt+W Tile --Tools --Transform --.Shift+Ctrl+.Ctrl+M Paragraph Styles.Shift+F10 Trap Styles --- Product area : Views.Ctrl+- Fit Selection in Window --.Page Down.Page Up.Ctrl+J Access zoom percentage box --.Shift+Ctrl+Alt+U Product area : Window Menu Align --..Ctrl+Alt+= Force redraw --.Shift+Ctrl+Alt+Page Down Go to next frame --. --- Product area : View Menu Display Master Items --.Ctrl+Alt+' Show Document Grid --. Ctrl+Left Arrow Previous window --.Shift+Ctrl+Alt+0 Fit Page in Window --.Shift+Ctrl+F6 Ruler On Spine --Ruler Per Page --Ruler Per Spread --Scroll down one screen --.Ctrl+Alt+H Ignore Local Display Settings --Lock Guides --.Ctrl+Alt+O Overprint Preview --Proof Colours --Proof Setup: Custom.Shift+Ctrl+D Navigator --New Window --Pages --.F11 Show Hidden Characters --.Ctrl+1 Custom... --Story. --...Ctrl+Alt+.Ctrl+Alt+Page Down Go to previous frame --..F12 Stroke --.F8 Attributes --Cascade --Clear Local Display Settings --Colour --. Text-Page Up Show/Hide all palettes --. --Tabs.Ctrl+Alt+I Size: Other: Other.Ctrl+Alt+0 Hide Frame Edges --.F7 Links --.F9 Transparency --.Ctrl+' Show Rulers --.Shift+F5 Go to first frame --.Alt+Page Down. Optimised Display --...Ctrl+= Zoom Out --...Shift+F7 Index --.Alt+Page Up.F6 Gradient --Hyperlinks --.Ctrl+H Hide Guides --.Shift+Tab Toggle between current and previous views --Ctrl+Alt+2 Toggle Measurement System --.Ctrl+Alt+Z Zoom In --.Default 6 Ctrl+Alt+X Insert White Space: Thin Space --.Shift+Ctrl+' Snap to Guides --.Ctrl+Alt+Y Snap to Document Grid --.Ctrl+F6 Previous spread --.InDesign 2.Ctrl+Alt+5 Activate last-used field in palette --.0 Shortcut Set .Ctrl+Alt+Page Up Grids in Back --Guides in Back --Last spread --.Shift+F8 Layers --...F10 Swatches --. --. Typical Display --.Ctrl+Y Entire Pasteboard --. Text-Page Down Scroll up one screen --..Ctrl+4 50% size --. Ctrl+Right Arrow Next window --.
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