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June 16, 2018 | Author: Riz Olarte | Category: N/A



HOW TO VIEW AND PRINT PHILGEPS CERTIFICATETo view and print the PhilGEPS Certificate on the supplier organization profile (Only the Supplier Coordinator can print the organization’s Certificate), please perform the following: 1. From the “My Organization” page (see Figure 1), click on the “View Certificate” link. Figure 1 2. The View Certificate window will appear and a preview of the organization’s certificate will be displayed (see Figure 2). Figure 2 Note: For best viewing, the user may use Mozilla Firefox version 19.0.2 browser. PhilGEPS Supplier User Guide Page 1 Upon clicking the View Certificate link. Google Chrome. Upon closing the window. Click “X” at the uppermost right corner to close this window. and Safari). he may perform the following: 1. if the user experiences difficulty in viewing their organization’s certificate because of the use of an incompatible browser (i. Internet Explorer.In some cases.e. Figure 3 2. Click the Print button (see Figure 4). Figure 4 PhilGEPS Supplier User Guide Page 2 . the View Certificate Pane will be displayed. a pop up window will appear (see Figure 3) prompting you to open in “Adobe Reader”. Figure 5 4. The Print Dialogue Box will appear with the display of the certificate. 3. To print. Figure 6 Note: The PhilGEPS Certificate is best printed using A4 size paper PhilGEPS Supplier User Guide Page 3 . then select “Open with” and click “OK’ button (see Figure 5). A pop up window will display again. simply select the “Print” button (see Figure 6).
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