Hanshin Hs 2321vd

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Tabletop STEAM STERILIZERVacuum Drying HS-2321VD SUBSTANTIAL AND ECONOMICAL STEAM STERILIZER WITH ADVANCED FUNCTIONS. VACUUM DRYING SYSTEM MINIMIZE THE WET PACK PROBLEM AFTER THE COMPLETION OF STERILIZATION. APPLIANCE TABLE AT-650 HS-2321VD 23 HANSHIN Vacuum Drying Tabletop STEAM STERILIZER HANSHIN MEDICAL HS-2519VD, 2321VD, 3041VD FEATURE 1. Five (5) types of cycle program that is composed of frequently using typical sterilization parameters are embedded in the controls of a sterilizer. Therefore the operator can select the needed cycle and change the programs with ease. In case that the liquid cycle would not exhaust the residual steam after sterilization, but cool down and condense into water naturally, consequently, the innovative method has been used which enables to prevent liquid from boiling up or breaking the bottle. In addition, the redrying cycle program is embedded for drying function only. 2. If door is not locked, the cycle would not start in any case. It has a door cover which enables to protect operator from thermal hazards and open/ close mechanism which enables to operate the door with ease. The safety valve opens to protect the chamber from exceeding its rated pressure. 3. User doesn't need to open the door when drying phase due to its use of vacuum pump, hence moisture retained by the fabric package shall not exceed 2% than original weight after drying. 4. The front panel of the sterilizer has a display unit which shows the process of cycle such setting values as pressure, temperature, time and the phase such as ready, water fill, heating, sterilize, vent, dry and complete. CYCLE No.2 WRAPPED CYCLE No.3 UNWRAPPED CYCLE No.1 UNWRAPPED CYCLE GRAPH PRESSURE TEMPERATURE ALARM When an error takes place,「Err」is displayed on the [TIME] and a number (1~6) correspond to the error is displayed on [TEMP.] with the audible signal by the self-diagnosis function of the microprocessor. Each of the error number means the following situation: CYCLE No.4 WRAPPED CYCLE No.5 LIQUID Error Code Err Err Err Err Err Err 1 2 3 4 5 6 Problem Low water level in reservoir Overheating of heater Door opens during cycle Deviation of exposure temperature Excess of water filling time Excess of heating time CYCLE PROGRAM CYCLE NO. LOADS TYPE 1 2 3 4 5 Unwrapped Wrapped Unwrapped Wrapped Liquids 5 min 15 min 15 min 30 min 20 min 30 min 30 min 30 min 30 min No Exhaust EXPOSURE TEMPERATURE 134.0 ℃ 134.0 ℃ 121.0 ℃ 121.0 ℃ 121.0 ℃ EXPOSURE TIME DRY TIME AIR REMOVAL Fast Exhaust SPECIFICATIONS MODEL OVERALL SIZE CABINET CHAMBER RESERVOIR TRAY POWER SOURCE POWER CONSUMPTION STERILIZING AGENT CONTROLS EXPOSURE TEMPERATURE VACUUM PUMP DRYING ABILITY AIR FILTER PRESSURE GAUGE PRINTER NET WEIGHT ENVIRONMENT CONDITIONS HS - 2519VD W483 X H403 X D607 mm W483 X H362 X D502 mm HS - 2321VD HS - 3041VD W581 X H468 X D703 mm W483 X H387X D613 mm W581 X H441 X D556 mm W483 X H360X D496 mm Ø254 X L375 mm / SUS 316 W225 X H225X D425 mm / SUS 316 W300 X H300 X D450 mm / SUS 316 Volume 40.5 ℓ, Rectangular Type Volume 21.5 ℓ, Rectangular Type Volume 19.5 ℓ, Cylindrical Type W238 X H233 X D117mm / 4ℓVolume W184 X H18 X D340mm / Qty. 4ea W216 X H44 X D405mm / Qty. 2ea W291 X H44 X D432mm / Qty. 2ea AC230 V, 50/60 Hz 2,000 W 1,600 W Saturated Steam of max. 2.10 bar Pressure Microprocessor 121.0 ℃~134.0 ℃ Flow Rate : 20 ℓ/min Flow Rate : 30 ℓ/min Less than 2.0% of the amount of moisture within porous loads Min. filtration efficiency : 99.97% for 0.3㎛ Particles Dial Type, 760 mmHg ~ 4 bar Optional : Model STP-103, Thermal Printing, 200 x 200 dpi, W58 x Ø60 mm Paper Roll 55 kg 40 kg 77 kg ・Altitudes up to 2,000 meters. ・Temperature range of +5 ℃ to +40 ℃. ・Maximum relative humidity of 80 %. ・Main supply voltage fluctuation of ±10 % of normal. ・Installation Category (Overvoltage Category) II, Pollution Degree 2. HANSHIN 25
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