Fusion 360 vs Inventor Pro

June 5, 2018 | Author: Muhamad Farith | Category: Autodesk, Portable Document Format, Microsoft Windows, Simulation, Application Software



Product ComparisonProducts Fusion 360 (Year 2016) Autodesk Inventor Professional 2017 (Year 2016) Deployment In order to deploy/install Fusion 360, an active internet connection is required. Can be deployed/installed locally or offline. Platform/OS Windows & Mac. Windows only. Mobile IOS & Android. Not available. Browser-Based Version Under development (Project Leopard), catching up with Onshape, Solid Works Online Edition, CATIA etc. Not available. Student Version Available Available User Interface Has been enhanced & simplified for fast learning. Similar user interface could be found in Autodesk Alias Speedform, Autodesk SimStudio Tools etc. Might be complicated for first time user. Need some time to learn & adapt to the user interface. Parametric Modelling Yes. Yes. Freeform Modelling Is more powerful, better performance when editing freeform objects, e.g. Extrude, Revolve, Sweep & Loft with freeform method, ability to convert mesh object to freeform object for further manipulation & editing. Basic freeform primitives are available to be manipulated to form the desired shape. Direct Editing Click & Drag / Push & Pull concept. Yes with history. Plastic Parts Design Yes, easy to use rib & web tools. Yes, with professional-use tools/functions to produce grill, boss, snap fit, rest etc. Sheet Metal Design For the moment, it is not available. But is already on the roadmap. Sheet Metal module is quite complete. It will be more powerful if it is being integrated with 3rd party add-ins. Rules-based Design / Automation Not available. Available, e.g. iLogic, iPart etc. Generative Design In Fusion 360, it is known as “Topology Optimization”. Is on the roadmap. Available, known as “Shape Generator”. CAM Up to 3-axis machining capability. 4-5 axis machining is on the roadmap, will be coming to Fusion 360 soon. Powerful & advanced if being integrated with Inventor HSM Pro. For basic CAM operation, up to 2.5 axis only. Frame & Weldment Design Not available, only weld symbols is on roadmap. Is available, with frame analysis. Mold, Tool & Die Not available. Available with basic mold simulation capability, e.g. Mold Fill Analysis. Tube & Pipe Runs Not available. Available with the capability to customize tube & pipe style. Electrical Systems Design Not available. (On the roadmap but will be integrating with other 3rd party ECAD) Available with AutoCAD Electrical for electrical systems design. Yes, simple & direct. Faster & easy to use joint type. Yes, for both small & large scale assembly design. For industrial-use purpose in assembly design, it is still the preferred choice because of more tools and functions in the assembly environment of Autodesk Inventor Professional compared to Fusion 360, e.g. shrinkwrap, levels of detail, positional representation tool. Simulation Capability Will be as powerful as or even better than the simulation in Autodesk Inventor. Nastran + Explicit Solvers & Cloud Simulation capability is on the roadmap. Moderate simulation capability with Nastran In-CAD if compared to Autodesk Simulation Mechanical. Rendering & Visualization Limited library of materials, but constantly being updated over the months. Rendering capability is powerful & impressive with 3ds Max or Showcase workflows. Data Management Everything is on the cloud through A360 account or Fusion 360 itself. Everyone that has been invited to the project have access to the file themselves. Complete with the integration of Autodesk Vault Professional. More control & file management capability with Vault Pro. Online Collaboration Great online collaboration capability with Autodesk 360 account. Anyone could be invited into the project easily, cross-platform. 3D or 2D files might need to be manually uploaded to a 3rd party site or Autodesk 360 site for online collaboration purpose. AnyCAD Technology Yes Yes with associative link. 2D Drawing Simply easy to use and understand. Complete & robust with lots of customization, e.g., ready-to-use template for different standards. 3D PDF Export Not available. Available with great functionality embedded into the PDF file, e.g. 3D measurement tool, step file as attachment in PDF. Assembly Design
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